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Bustling World
Chapter 162: Winter

This is a hospital in a very remote location, but its natural setting made it a good place for recuperation.

More than a month ago, a group of patients were transferred here into the intensive care unit. Since then, there have been many military personnel occupying the upper two floors — Those on duty, those visiting, as well as specialists coming to examine them.

Many are curious about these ‘patients’ and would often ask the nurses during their usual rounds. The nurses in the intensive care unit were all very tight-lipped and would just smile and change the topic without revealing anything.

But this didn’t stop them from discussing it amongst themselves.

In fact, as soon as these patients were transferred here, they have become the most talked about topic amongst the nurses on duty. Afterall, they were indeed special.

Most of them had wounds both large and small, deep and shallow. These wounds weren’t fatal in theory and under normal circumstances, as long as they’re cleaned and disinfected and dressed properly, they should heal quickly.

But this wasn’t the case.

The injuries on this group of patients, even the very small superficial cuts, would constantly appear and disappear. Even their physical stats —— It was completely chaotic.

The fluctuations on the screens would always be quite frightening.

Based on the stats alone, nurses often feel one minute that their immune system had completely broken down and then the next minute think that they’re extremely healthy.

Even after a month, these patients were still alive. The young nurses however were about to get a heart attack. Just the thought of having to go up to the ninth floor gave them anxiety.

This group of special patients who became the nurses’ nightmares weren’t anyone else, but the group of people from the system.

Among them, most were the early invigilators and the rest were invigilators that had joined later as well as examinees. In total, there were about 53 people.

Most woke up one after another within the first two weeks and immediately followed the doctor’s advice and began working on recuperating but there were a few who still did not show signs of waking up. Eventually, these wards became the holy place for nurses to slack off……

On a Friday night, the nurse on duty Xiao Li came for her routine rounds.

When she turned the corner, she saw that the door to ward 902 was open and the sheets on the bed was rolled up. At first glance, it looked like someone was wrapped in it, sleeping soundly.

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“……..Again.” Xiao Li mumbled with annoyance.

She had fallen for this several times, so she had also become more experienced. Without even entering the door, she turned around with her tray of medicine to catch the culprit.

The troops arranged to stand on duty are usually the same ones rotating around. After guarding this place for more than a month, Xiao Li had already become familiar with them. They continued to stand guard in the corridor as if nothing was wrong.

But when Xiao Li looked over, the two guarding outside ward 906 pointed with their chins.

Xiao Li angrily strode over.

As soon as the door opened, as expected, a dishevelled man was standing next to the bed with his hands clasping his head as he bent over looking at the data on the screens. “902.” Xiao Le called out, “Why are you always going into other people’s rooms?”

The man was unhappy the moment he heard this. He hissed back, “Young lass, do me a favour and don’t call me by a number. If you really have to, call me 1006. If it’s something else, I won’t be able to react.”

Xiao Li was taken aback for a moment. She subconsciously asked, “Why?”

As soon as she finished asking, she remembered the hospital director’s warnings.

He had said that most of the transferred patients were from the army and that they had been working on a secret mission for the past few years in a special place. It is said that the environment of that place was very different from here ——- Cramped, dull, deadly, and there was also a large time difference. As a result, as soon as these people left that place, their bodies and their immune systems were disrupted to varying degrees causing them to wander back and forth many times between life and death. It could be understood as their bodies being unable to adapt.

In short, it definitely wasn’t a great experience and it might even leave them with some trauma. It was probably better not to mention anything about the past to these patients.

And so, Xiao Li immediately swallowed those words back and changed her words, “Then what should I call you?”

“Gao Qi.”

Xiao Li nodded, “Alright. I’ll remember it.”

Gao Qi then waved his hand and said, “Forget it, there’s no need to remember. I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon anyway.”

When Xiao Li heard this, her eyes widened and she started to flip through her chart, “Are you being discharged? I don’t remember seeing it.”

“I haven’t applied for it yet.” Gao Qi indicated outside the door with his lips, “Not just me, all the people who are almost all better will be leaving soon.”

“Why are you leaving in such a hurry?” Xiao Li asked with confusion.

“Army rules, young lass.” Gao Qi said, “The place I stayed at the past few years was too complicated. Need to go through a review first before deciding whether it can continue.”

He didn’t reveal anything specific and Xiao Li didn’t make any attempt to ask. She just nodded, “No wonder everyone has been coming to 906 and 907 today. They’re even more diligent than me checking in to work.”

Gao Qi said, “Just here to say goodbye.”

Xiao Li muttered, “Anyway, too many people aren’t allowed.”

She wanted to say that the patient requires rest and that too many visitors wasn’t good, but she then thought about it. The two in 906 and 907 haven’t shown any signs of waking up so they didn’t need to ‘rest’.

“He and A…..uh, 907. How long will they be like this?” Gao Qi indicated at the bed with his chin.

Xiao Li looked over.

The nurses had joked in private that the patients in 906 and 907 were the most handsome patients they had ever seen. They must’ve received too much attention in the past to the point that they have become unmoved by it and wouldn’t even lift a lid despite getting so many visitors each day.

But in all honesty, they were indeed good-looking.

The complexion of the patient in 907 next door was as pale as paper and almost the same colour as the frost outside the window. It made others can’t help but take a few more glances.

As for 906, his features were sharp and defined, and he also didn’t look very sickly. At first glance, he looked more like he was just taking a nap and would wake up any moment.

Xiao Li recalled the director’s words and asked, “Did they stay in that place the longest?”

Gao Qi wanted to say that it wasn’t the case but he then remembered the relationship between You Huo and the system as well as the number of times Qin Jiu’s memory was tampered with. He finally nodded and said, “Something like that, I guess.”

“The director said that they actually don’t have any problems but it seems that the disturbances to their bodies was more severe than the others so its taking more time for them to recover. It should be soon though.”

Gao Qi nodded. He looked up again and pointed towards the ceiling, “That…….”

Xiao Li let out an ‘oh’, “You’re asking about room 1006?”

Gao Qi didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry hearing this. He rubbed his face and looked up again, “Yes, what will happen to her? I asked your director yesterday and he said that he would have to take a look at this afternoons’ results first.”

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Xiao Li considered it and said habitually, “Yes, the results seem optimistic for now, but it doesn’t rule out——-”

“Okay, I’ll get you to stop here. You don’t have to talk about the other possibilities.” Gao Qi plugged his ears with his fingers. As he did this, he exuded a strong ruffian-like vibe. If Zhao Jiatong was here, she would probably slap some sense into him.

Xiao Li couldn’t hit him so she could only purse her lips and stare wide-eyed at him. When Gao Qi lowered his hand, she continued, “It doesn’t rule out the possibility of rejection. Stop blocking your ears. Anyone who undergoes this kind of surgery will need to be psychologically prepared and you need to be clear on all the risks. You are her friend so having you help her listen to this may be better. If she came by herself, I would have to tell her this and it would make her feel even more uncomfortable. The probability of rejection is probably 13% and that is in the most optimistic case.”

Gao Qi was quiet for a while. He then said in a serious tone, “I know. Please help her reduce the risks as much as possible and let her suffer less.”

Xiao Li said, “Rest assured.”

She looked at the data displayed on the monitors. She made some adjustments and checked the drip before turning around and seeing that Gao Qi was still there.

“What other orders does this leader have? Please speak.” Xiao Li asked.

Gao Qi had thick skin. Even after being spoken sarcastically to, his expression didn’t change. He instead thought seriously and said, “Oh yes, I have a small suggestion.”

Xiao Li picked up her records and looked silently at him, “Talk.”

Gao Qi hummed and hawed for a long time before scratching his face and asking, “Do you have double rooms here?”

Xiao Li: “We originally did but later in order to have room for the equipment for you all and to make it more comfortable, many of the beds were removed.”

Gao Qi: “Can you add it?”

Xiao Li: “?”

Gao Qi walked to the door and pushed open the door to 907. He looked around and said, “This room is empty. Add a bed here.”

Xiao Li: “???”

“As a friendly suggestion, you should put both of them in the same room. It’s even better if it’s the type where they will see each other the moment they open their eyes.” Gao Qi said.

Xiao Li: “Huh? Why?”

Gao Qi: “For your purity.”

Xiao Li was confused. A moment later, her expression changed.

“Oh……….” She dragged out her tone.

Before she could finish, Gao Qi continued, “And when the other room becomes vacant, I suggest you move the one upstairs down here too. It’s best to settle her next door or opposite their room and leave a noticeable sign on the door with the name: Chu Yue.”

Xiao Li was at a loss again, “And why is this?”

Gao Qi said, “It is also for your purity. These two will definitely anxiously look for her after waking. It’ll be better to have it prepared in advance.”

Xiao Li looked at the person on the bed and then at 907 and up at the ceiling. Her expression was very complicated.

The thick-headed Gao Qi who had no idea what kind of misunderstanding he had caused walked out unhurriedly.

Xiao Li closed the door after finishing her check of the room.

With a click of the door, the room once again fell into silence.

Faint light from stars from who knows how many light years away travelled through the windows and curtains before falling into the room.

It fell onto their beds and it also fell onto the gauze covering Chu Yue’s eyes.

Soon afterwards, Gao Qi and the others would leave first, and the group of returned troops would cooperate with review and provide their accounts of their experiences. The little nurse was a little confused, but she still did as he had suggested and placed 907’s Qin Jiu and 907’s You Huo into one ward before moving Chu Yue down to the same floor.

Since then, all physical stats seemed to have stabilised and all dangers seemed to have passed. In the near future, they will wake up in the early morning.

That day was December 7th, winter, heavy snow.

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