Misplacement Game – CH131

Arc 5: The Seventh Sanatorium
Chapter 131

The journey to the Fourth Sanatorium was no different from the previous few times with the exception that Xu Ziyue felt like he was being watched by someone. This feeling however was gone when he finally reached the Fourth Sanatorium.

The things placed in the underground floor of the Fourth Sanatorium was somewhat different from the previous ones. The entire floor space was taken up by shelves of the same style which were filled with glass jars containing various body organs.

Xu Ziyue shuddered. He was however not too afraid since he now had gained more experience from the different worlds.

Xu Ziyue pumped himself up. He shuttled through the rows one by one before finally running head on into a player wearing a patients gown.

Not only Xu Ziyue, that player who was startled by Xu Ziyue’s sudden appearance almost let out a scream.

Xu Ziyue’s mouth worked faster than his mind. He immediately blurted out, “I’m a player!”

The player’s heart had not yet calmed down from the shock earlier but those words of Xu Ziyue’s instantly made him more relieved.

The player said, “I thought I was the only one who figured out a way to come in……Why are you not wearing a patient’s gown?” After calming back down, the player noticed this strangeness.

Xu Ziyue looked down at his clothes…….These clothes were something Shen Ci had given to him to change into after washing up yesterday.

It was a very ordinary T-shirt and pants.

But in this game world, all players should be wearing patient gowns.

Xu Ziyue’s mind worked quickly. He soon managed to find an excuse, “I stole it. The gown makes it too obvious that I’m a patient. How else could I slip in here?”

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“Looks like you’re quite good.” He looked at Xu Ziyue and smiled, “Let’s team up?”

That might not be a good idea……

“I’m still waiting for someone to come.” How could Xu Ziyue go together with this player? He naturally found an excuse to part ways.

Fortunately, this player had managed to escape after much difficulties so he naturally wouldn’t give up this opportunity just because he ran into another player like Xu Ziyue. He didn’t hang around for long and soon set off.

The corners of Xu Ziyue’s lips twitched a few times as he watched the player’s parting figure.

This time, one could easily get lost on this floor because of the densely packed shelves. Xu Ziyue didn’t ask that player how to get out of the underground floor.

Afterall, that question itself was too strange.

What’s more, Xu Ziyue also wasn’t very worried. He slowly walked through the shelves, paying attention to his surroundings.

Before Xu Ziyue could reach the exit of the thirteenth floor, that player had reached it first.

But what awaited him wasn’t the chance to escape, but a doctor who led a group of monsters.

That player wanted to escape but fear had rendered his legs soft. Not to mention, it would be impossible for him to escape from those monsters anyway with his speed.

“Found an escaped patient.” The doctor leading the monsters said through a radio transmitter.

After that, the doctor listened to something and nodded, “Yeah, okay.”

The player whose face was bright and sunny just moments earlier was now completely dull and lifeless.

He watched the doctor raise his hand and a monster slowly approach him…….

“Wait! Don’t kill me! There’s also another player who has escaped here! He’s inside!”

The doctor signalled for the monster to stop. He lowered his head slightly and brought the transmitter to his mouth, “This patient said that there is another patient who has escaped.”

The person on the other end said something and he nodded in response before looking at the player, “Where is that patient?”

“I ran into him on the way here……..He said he was waiting for his companion, so he shouldn’t be alone.”


Xu Ziyue looked carefully left and right before walking out. Caught off guard by a monster, he was taken aback and subconsciously turned around to escape only to see that there was another one right behind him.

Xu Ziyue: “……….”

A doctor in a white coat appeared from behind the monster. Xu Ziyue stayed silent for a moment before forcing out a smile and greeting, “Hi~”

The doctor looked at Xu Ziyue up and down, “Which ward are you from?”

Xu Ziyue didn’t know if this was a sanatorium. Faced with a situation like this, he didn’t know how to answer, “I just want to see your director. I have something……..to ask him.” Xu Ziyue naturally wanted to gamble a little and see if the director knew about the connection between game boss’s and himself.

The doctor nodded, “It just so happens that the director wants to see you too.” With that, those monsters made way for them, allowing the doctor to take Xu Ziyue over to the thirteenth floor.

The same place, the same room.

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After watching the doctor leave, Xu Ziyue stood before the door and took a deep breath.

Just as he moved to knock on the door, the door in front of him opened.

The person inside and the person outside were both taken aback.

“I thought you should be here soon.” The man in the room with Shen Ci’s appearance said, “Where’s your companion?”

This Shen Ci didn’t make any attempt to hide his familiarity with Xu Ziyue. He spoke to him as if they are friends who have known each other for many years.

Although Xu Ziyue still had some doubts, he answered, “I don’t have a companion with me.”

“But the person who told me you were here said…..that you weren’t alone.”

So that player had sold him out…..Xu Ziyue felt that he had found the answer as to why he was discovered.

Xu Ziyue said, “I told him that lie because I didn’t want to go with him.”

Shen Ci let Xu Ziyue into the room. The director’s room in the Fourth Sanatorium seemed more liveable. There was a bed near the wall in the distance and a small living area furnished with a sofa, coffee table and TV. Although it wasn’t very big, it looked like a complete home.

This Shen Ci led Xu Ziyue over to the sofa. He then poured water for Xu Ziyue, as if he were treating a guest who had come to visit.


“There is only one missing patient in the sanatorium.” Shen Cu interrupted Xu Ziyue’s words. “I know very well.” He looked up at Xu Ziyue and smiled faintly, “You came from another sanatorium?”

Xu Ziyue looked at Shen Ci carefully…….Based on his words just now, Xu Ziyue was even more certain that this Shen Ci must have some association with him.

But with the boss data all mixed up, Xu Ziyue couldn’t tell which boss it could be.

If he rushed in and made a mistake…….

There will probably be serious consequences.

So Xu Ziyue just affirmed Shen Ci’s conjecture and nodded.

“Although I hope that you went out of your way to look for me, but that seems unlikely…” Shen Ci smiled with some disappointment, “Do you need any help?”

Xu Ziyue didn’t expect something like this. Of course, he felt that right now he should figure out which boss part the Shen Ci before him could be.

“I do need some help but as you already know, I have been to the other sanatoriums and met the other Shen Ci’s there. You all look exactly the same, I find it difficult telling who’s who. But I think I know you….” Xu Ziyue almost blurted out ‘Who are you?’.

Fortunately, Shen Ci understood what Xu Ziyue wanted to ask.

Shen Ci smiled and gently curved his eyes, “I am Gu Ze. For some reason even after the game had ended, I wasn’t completely destroyed.”

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It’s now Gu Ze’s time to shine!


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  1. Gluttont 23rd October 2020 / 1:36 pm

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