GUEE – CH165

Bustling World
Chapter 165: Summer

Doctor Wu said that based on their observations, most people whose consciousness was pulled into the system are forgetting their experiences. It may be due to their instinctive desire to avoid danger and everything would become something like a dream that they forget when they wake up.

This wasn’t a bad thing.

On the contrary, even those in the army who were not very involved had a strong impression of the system. Some even were a little traumatised and didn’t want to be involved with anything related to it for the time being.

It wasn’t until this matter had passed for more than half a year, when it was almost July, that someone proposed to use the remaining parts of the system to build a new one whilst ensuring that all hidden dangers are addressed, leaving only the basic but useful parts. Rather than a screening and training system, they proposed to transform it into a ‘scene simulator’ which can be used to assist with training.

This was a very reasonable proposal, and it meant that the previous efforts weren’t wasted.

So soon, the project was put on the agenda and they planned to start it officially in early August. To avoid making the same mistakes again, the project this time was not so secretive. Two related military teams participated as well as a research team and an expert consultation team. The number of people who could watch over the process was countless.

As one of the participants, the special training grounds became the base for this new project.

At the end of July, when it was at the hottest time of the year, the demonic training period at the special training grounds had only just begun.

The sun scorched the training grounds as the people who have been sent over to train stood there sweating and exhausted. While gritting their teeth and persisting, they secretly cursed at the trainers, especially the chief instructor.

They were both standing out here being barbequed by nature, but they were the only ones about to melt while that chief instructor appeared unfazed.

Who could stand this comparison?

Suddenly, someone jogged over to the chief instructor’s side and said a few words. The trainees suddenly became spirited, thinking that something may have happened which may possibly interrupt their training session.

When they neared them, they listened intently. They heard that person say, “A, the S Brigade are here.”

Perhaps it was just an illusion, but they felt that the chief instructor for a moment seemed to look less cold-hearted. But this was gone the next second and he immediately returned to his usual heartless look.

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He grunted in response and asked, “How many came?”

The informant said: “10 cars.”

The chief instructor finally froze for a moment, “It takes ten vehicles to transport the systems disks?”

“Right?! I was wondering about that too. They’re almost here. Do you want to take a look?”

The chief instructor nodded. He patted the other trainers, gave them a few instructions before turning and leaving with the informant.

The person who came to inform him was none other than Gao Qi. As for the chief instructor, it was naturally You Huo.

When You Huo left with Gao Qi, everyone on the training ground breathed a sigh of relief. Some even almost cheered. But they soon realised that this damned place was getting hotter……

Perhaps a certain chief invigilator also carried with him a cooling effect with his icy temperament.

Due to the particularity of the recent training, even though the sun was shining brightly, all trainees and instructors were still wearing shirts and trousers. Gao Qi who had ran back and forth felt a little hot so he couldn’t help but unbutton his collar.

As soon as he popped one open, You Huo glanced at him.

Gao Qi’s fingers paused. He then let out a long sigh, “You’re training them, not me. I can’t even unbutton a button?”

You Huo, “Alright, unbutton it.”

Gao Qi: “………”

He pinched his fingers and blinked a few times before obediently buttoning his collar again, “Alright, alright. You have the final say.”

Soon, they had reached the gates of the special training grounds.

You Huo stood before the barrier, his figure straight and tall. The clothes of the special training grounds were very similar to the uniforms of the early invigilators, highlighting his sharp, resolute nature.

He didn’t bring anyone else. Only he and Gao Qi waited there but that didn’t reduce their overwhelmingly oppressive presence.

As soon as they stood still, there was a rumble of cars at the end of the bend not far away.

“They’re here.” Gao Qi said.

Cars turned the corner one after another. Just as Gao Qi had reported, there were ten vehicles in total. It could be seen that the first three were equipped with some system-related things and various instruments could be seen through the gaps in the hood. The remaining seven cars all carried humans……….

“What is this? They need so many people to deliver some instruments?” Gao Qi muttered.

As soon as he finished saying this, the leading car stopped outside the barrier.

The tyres scattered some dust behind it. A figure opened the door on the passenger side and jumped off the tall car cleanly. Through the dust, he squinted his eyes and looked over.

When he saw You Huo, he smiled lazily, “Good afternoon.”

You Huo continued to maintain a business-like expression but there will always be someone who can tell that he was actually in a good mood……for example, the Qin Jiu standing before him.

“What are you doing bringing along so many people?” He raised his chin at Qin Jiu with no intention to open the gate.

Gao Qi originally wanted to remind You Huo to open the gate but when he turned and saw that the one standing outside didn’t seem to be in a hurry either, he stopped himself.

“Forgot to mention that we’re here to hand over the information and equipment, and along the way——-” Qin Jiu took out a piece of paper and shook it open. He passed it over to You Huo with one hand, “Train together.”

You Huo was stunned, “Train together?”

“Yes.” He tilted his head towards the team behind him and said, “These are the people I have picked out, 300 in total. They came over to join you for training. This is the first group. While this project is in progress, we will be stationed here and send a new group of students over every three months until the project is completed. The tentative estimate is a year and a half. This is the official document.”

Qin Jiu waited for You Huo to finish reading before putting the official document away unhurriedly. He asked, “Does this count as a surprise?”

You Huo looked at him through the barrier, “It’s alright.”

Qin Jiu laughed.

You Huo turned and raised his hand to the person in the guard room, “Open the door.”

The barrier was lifted, and the convoy of cars drove in with a rumble.

The group of people in charge of logistics at the special training grounds rushed over quickly. They brought the newly added members to the dormitory, the library as well as the research rooms before settling them in properly.

Qin Jiu followed You Huo and Gao Qi through the training grounds only to see that it was complete chaos. Not only were the trainees like that, even the trainers were too.

“What’s going on here?” Gao Qi was confused.

“Take a look.” You Huo said.

The three of them walked to the training ground and pushed over the glass barrier. Strong heat waves rushed in.

“What are you doing?” Gao Qi caught a trainee.

The other party glanced at You Huo and shrank back in fear. He soon toughened himself up and said, “We’re not accepting this!”

Gao Qi turned and exchanged a look with You Huo and Qin Jiu. He asked blankly, “What is this about accepting? What don’t you accept?”

“The trainer said just now that we need to go through all the obstacles on this field within two minutes.” The trainee said, “What a joke that is. We…..”

He turned and glanced behind him. Everyone else had stopped and were standing their supporting him.

“We just think that you must be feeling bored standing around giving us impossible tasks. If you have the ability, why don’t you do it in two minutes and prove it. Don’t just blindly set unachievable goals.” The trainee wiped away the sweat from his forehead and complained, “We’re panting like dogs here while your lot isn’t. It’s not fair.”

The people behind him began to rebel, “That’s right! It’s not fair! We don’t accept this! You must sweat!”

Gao Qi: “……..”

Just as he wanted to refute, he saw Qin Jiu hook his arm around You Huo’s shoulder and wave at the trainee, “Do you know why your chief instructor can be standing here?”

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The trainee glanced at him, his eyes lingering on his arm badge for a few seconds. He then thickened his skin and said, “I don’t know. Why is it?”

Qin Jiu said: “Because this training ground can make you tired until you are panting for air but it’s not enough to even make him sweat.”

Trainee: “…….”

Bullshit! Who are you trying to scare!

A young brash man behind him had already shouted, “Forget about the sweat. As long as he can do it in less than two minutes, I’ll willingly give up my head!”

Another said, “No, you do it too! You can add my head too!”

In an instant, the atmosphere became very hot.

Not only the trainees were like this, even the early group of invigilators started to yell with the intention to pull Qin Jiu off his high horse. It was probably because they still felt some residual rivalry from the past.

You Huo stared at Qin Jiu. The other party raised his hand to surrender, “I didn’t deliberately provoke them. It was your old underlings adding oil to the fire.”

He said this with his back facing the others. He winked his right eye at You Huo.


Our cold and indifferent chief instructor remained expressionless for a few seconds before turning and saying to Gao Qi, “Turn on the bombing simulation.”

Gao Qi’s eyes widened. His expression was filled with excitement. He hurriedly ran off to start it up.

Qin Jiu raised a brow, “So fierce?”

You Huo unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled his sleeves up to his elbow, “Since you started it, you can’t back down.”

“I won’t.” Qin Jiu said, “Since you’re doing it, I’ll naturally accompany you.”

After a while, You Huo and Qin Jiu stood in the training ground. More than one hundred simulated tank muzzles protruded out from every corner of the wall.

The trainees present were all dumbfounded. Although this thing was just a simulation, it would feel like a real explosion when it lands and there would be no less firepower, impact and smoke compared to the real ones.

The training ground was originally quite battered. With this on top of that, it made it all the more dangerous.

After they came to this special training ground, they were most afraid of this program.

They retreated out and watched over the two people in the arena with a bated breath.

Hearing Gao Qi’s order, the more than one hundred muzzles opened fire at the same time, blasting the training ground into disarray. For a moment, it really smelt like there had just been a rain of bullets.

The faces of the trainees were held taut. Compared to them, the trainers weren’t nervous at all.

Afterall, they had seen more intense bombing than this. The more than a thousand firing points in the systems core didn’t affect them so why should they be worried about a mere one hundred here.

The two inside moved very quickly and every reaction seemed to be well calculated. They would always land somewhere just before the gunfire hit and avoid it in time.

When they reached the end and hit the ‘Stop Attack’ button, everyone outside turned their heads and checked the time.

1 minute 42 seconds.

You Huo stood in place to catch his breath for a moment before taking the water from Gao Qi and passing one of them over his shoulder to the person behind him. Those actions of his seemed habitual and normal, as if he often did this with the person behind him, as if they had developed tacit understanding to the point that they didn’t need to speak or look at each other’s eyes to know.

He slowly took a few sips of water and walked up to the trainee who was shouting earlier. He stretched out his thin, pale and beautiful hand, “You said it. Give me your head.”


The trainees were all dumbfounded.

The chief instructor raised his thin eyelids, his light-coloured eyes sweeping across the crowd. Just as he was about to speak again. Qin Jiu grabbed both his shoulders and pushed him away, “Alright Big Invigilator, you’ve scared them enough.”

Qin Jiu’s words carried some teasing and the iceberg instructor was actually successfully pushed away.

The students watched their departing figures with shock. It was only a long time later that they were able to let out a long sigh of relief.

Gao Qi held open a door and pointed at the training ground with his chin, “The intermission is over. Can we continue now?”

The trainees all trickled back inside.

When Qin Jiu and You Huo was a certain distance away, they suddenly heard loud howling behind them.

Qin Jiu turned and looked in the direction of the training ground and asked, “Why does it sound worse than before?”

You Huo said indifferently, “I asked Gao Qi to leave fifty tank muzzles and start the evening training program earlier. Who asked them to rebel?”

As the chief instructor, You Huo had a separate place of residence and as a guest who was of equal status to him, Qin Jiu’s room was next to his. It was also probably something Gao Qi had deliberately arranged.

They had gathered up some dirt on them at the training grounds, so they naturally had to go back to wash up and get changed. As they washed and washed, they eventually got entangled with each other.


As he gripped the edge of the bathtub, You Huo raised his head. Water from inside the tub overflowed, falling out the edge and wetting the floor.

His long, straight legs tensed suddenly, and he gasped a few times.

The fingers grabbing the edge of the bathtub were impatiently taken away. They were suddenly pressed onto Qin Jiu’s shoulders before moving to grab the hair on the back of his neck. He raised his head and kissed him, muffling the sounds in the kiss.

They entangled from the bathroom to the bed. Qin Jiu grabbed his hand, interlocking their fingers. Under his thrusting actions, You Huo’s eyes narrowed. A thin layer of ambiguous mist filled his eyes.

The chief instructor who could remain calm and unmoved on the training ground had made an exception this time. Sweat poured endlessly as they entangled.

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