Arc 4 – Slag that Prince Regent
Chapter 93

Falling into an ice cave with thunderstorms rumbling overhead. That was probably how he felt right now.

When he discovered that Chen Yi had betrayed him in his last life, Shen Wumian didn’t lose his mind like how he did now. He stood there stiffly, unable to speak. His face that was already pale due to blood loss was now even more pale. Chi Zhao picked up the other bowl of medicine but before he could even give it to Shen Wumian, he noticed the abnormality in him. Holding the bowl, Chi Zhao subconsciously frowned and then his expression froze briefly.

But compared to Shen Wumian’s pale and frozen appearance, Chi Zhao was a lot calmer. Even if his expression did change, it was only for an instant. Very soon, he returned to his usual appearance. He gently placed the bowl back down and his eyes glanced at the stained carpet on the ground.

That act of his told Shen Wumian that he was brewing over his words. After lowering his head for a moment, Chi Zhao raised his overly thin face and opened his mouth but before he could say anything, he saw Shen Wuman take step back as if he was avoiding a torrent of monsters. The eyes he used to look at Chi Zhao were filled with avoidance and disbelief and there were also a lot of other emotions in there that Chi Zhao couldn’t understand.

Something like this also happened a while ago but at that time Chi Zhao was the one who retreated. At that time, Chi Zhao had knocked into a low stool and as a result required bed rest for several days. Shen Wumian this time also knocked into something. He directly knocked into the table, causing it to fall over. Following the sound of a loud crash, the four guards outside immediately rushed in.

Their expressions were filled with vigilance and killing intent and their well-trained behaviour stunned Chi Zhao such that he even forgot what he was going to say.

When he turned his attention back to Shen Wumian, he saw that there was no longer anyone in front of him. Shen Wumian had put on his coat and quickly left the inner hall of the palace. His pace was no longer the usual calm pace and he even staggered a few times. It was the guards first time seeing their master like this. After exchanging a look, they didn’t know what to do and could only quietly retreat, closing the door behind them.

Chi Zhao looked over at the table Shen Wumian knocked over as well as the two bowls of medicine that were toppled over as a consequence. The expression on his face slowly sank.

That unintentional slip up just now seemed to have revealed to Shen Wumian that he already knew about the poison in the medicine. That wasn’t anything major yet why did Shen Wumian react like that after he discovered that fact? It was as if…..he couldn’t accept it.

Thinking of a possibility, Chi Zhao’s face turned green.

Everything was already set up for him, but he still managed to ruin it all?!

【The common people are so happy~】

Chi Zhao: “……The plot has collapsed again. Can you really be happy?”

【So what if the plot has collapsed again? It doesn’t matter, I’m used to it now. Moreover, we’re no longer relying on following the plot to get success points, we’re making the protagonist suffer. Besides…….】

The system deliberately paused for a moment, successfully raising Chi Zhao’s curiosity. Its alluring laughter rang in Chi Zhao’s mind and ears.

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【Hahahahahahahaha I don’t care anyway. As long as the protagonist is not happy, I’m very very happy! Just like this, keep it up and torture him to death. Don’t stop! Hahahahaha!】

Chi Zhao: “………..”

Chi Zhao was very frightened. He didn’t know when the system had gone mad.


He clearly knew that it was poison but he still drank it. He clearly knew what he was doing but he didn’t say anything. As it turned out, Chen Yi knew everything from the very beginning. He was indulging him, accommodating him. Everything he was doing probably looked like a joke to him.

No. That’s not it. It wasn’t even a joke.

He only did it because he thought he liked him but in fact the person he likes was still locked up in the dungeon. He—–Shen Wumian, the so-called prince regent, is a liar, a substitute’s substitute, the most despicable and ignorant pitiful creature.

Shen Wumian stumbled back to his mansion. Someone behind him wanted to approach him. Shen Wumian’s inner irritation and anger finally had an outlet. He turned around and shouted angrily, “Scram!”

There was a group of people kneeling behind him. Everyone had their heads hanging low as they kowtowed on the ground, fearing the prince regent’s wrath.

But Shen Wumian became even more angry after seeing this.

No, it’s all wrong!

They shouldn’t be doing this to him. They should be kowtowing to their king and he wasn’t the king, he was just an official who assists the king. Chen Yi also shouldn’t be acting humble and obedient to himself, let alone remain so silent. He was the Emperor, the most noble person in the worlds. Why…..why…….

Why was he able to so easily……give up his own life?

——- It was because the person who wanted him to die was the ‘loved one’ who was more valuable than his own life.

The hideous and terrifying expression slowly returned to normal and the prince regent quietly stared at the group of people before him on the ground. Just like the current environment, his heart was very silent.

Time trickled by hellishly slowly. Finally, they heard the tyrant who was still standing there speak: “Send all the people who were locked up last night to the Criminal Interrogation Bureau. I will personally interrogate them.”

The Criminal Interrogation Bureau was the first place the prince regent took control over and was now completely under his command. Once inside, one cannot get out again. The officials who are still alive in there are destined to be met with tragic ends.

The palace was too big, and one person’s ability was too limited. Chi Zhao sat in his room unable to calm down. He always felt that something was about to happen, but it was also outside of his abilities to stop it. He was just a puppet Emperor. Except for sitting around and waiting, there was nothing he could do.

The palace was silent at night. Although he knew that there were countless guards outside guarding the door, the surroundings were so quiet, it felt as if Chi Zhao was the only one left in the world. Sitting next to a lit bookcase, Chi Zhao suddenly reached out and pressed a spot slightly below the collarbone.

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

【Feeling uncomfortable?】

Chi Zhao was silent for a moment, “A little. Probably ate something strange earlier and feels a uncomfortable in the stomach.”

The system quickly scanned Chi Zhao’s body when it heard this. In fact, it also has a function of diagnosing illnesses, it was just that it didn’t need to be used before. With this scan, it would be able to know what kind of problem Chi Zhao was experiencing. After confirming that it wasn’t anything dangerous, the system smiled mysteriously and didn’t tell Chi Zhao the truth.

【Don’t worry, it’s nothing. Go to sleep. You’ll be better after a nap.】

Chi Zhao shook his head, “Forget it. I’ll wait it out first.”

The system didn’t insist and accompanied Chi Zhao as he sat there. On the other end, Shen Wumian personally watched the officials who had colluded together to kidnap the young Emperor be tortured until they no longer resembled humans. It was only when the smell of blood filled his nose and the anguished cries echoed in his ears did Shen Wumian finally feel a little better inside.

Among the group of assassins and officials captured by him, not all of them went through the torture. There was one person who had not been tortured until now and was just tied up to the side in silence, watching his former colleagues and subordinates be tortured with a deathly pale face.

At this moment, the sky was about to brighten up. Shen Wumian stood up and approached this person as he looked at the other bloodied humans in the room, “Lord Wei, this one here has presented you with this return gift. How do you like it?”

Lord Wei was a left prime minister and he was also the one who had asked for Chi Zhao’s opinion during court the other day. He’s expression was gloomy, and he didn’t make any attempt to look at Shen Wumian. The latter let out an inexplicable laugh, “I heard that Lord Wei has a young son who is currently studying martial arts at Qinghe Xietaifu’s place. This one here plans to invite the young master back and allow him to reunite with his family. What does Lord Wei think about this?”

The left prime minister quickly raised his head. The two of them looked at each other. Although they were a few dozen years different in age, the eyes of the two were surprisingly similar, both cold and cruel. After a long period of silence. The left prime minister suddenly laughed.

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“Shen Wumian.”

Since he had already reached this stage, the prime minister no longer had any plans to return alive. He simply decided to call the prince regent by his name. Hearing his name uttered, Shen Wumian narrowed his eyes. Soon following that, he heard the prime minister speak: “You are this angry, is it because this old man here tried to pull you off your high horse or is it because this old man here almost took His Majesty away from your side?”

Shen Wumian’s subordinate was still standing beside him. Upon hearing those words, his eyes widened slightly in surprise, but he controlled his body firmly, not allowing himself to move a single inch and reveal his true emotions.

The prince regent and the young Emperor…….

He wished that he was deaf at this very moment. He didn’t want to hear this secret and then be silenced later on!

The prince regent also laughed. His laughter was clear and deep, very pleasing to hear.

“As expected of Lord Wei, those eyes of yours are very sharp. So what if that is the case? You are now my prisoner.”

Lord Wei’s voice let out an unintelligible sound. It sounded like a laugh, but it also sounded like a snort. Facing such an indifferent looking Lord Wei, Shen Wumian couldn’t help but furrow his brows. The latter just hung his head, the curve in his lips growing wider and wider.

At first, it was just a low snicker and then it later turned into loud laughter. Shen Wumian’s expression turned uglier and uglier as he laughed. When he finally laughed enough, Lord Wei turned his head and looked and the twenty something year old young prince regent who was still clueless about love.

His eyes were sharp like an eagle and the words he spoke next were like a curse, “How pitiful! His Majesty can like anyone but he will never like someone like you! You restrained his freedom, seized his authority, controlled his life and erased all of his connections with others. Hahahaha, His Majesty can fear you and hate you but the love that you want from him is impossible!”

The subordinate’s head lowered even further. He didn’t dare look at the prince regent’s face at this very moment. He didn’t dare but Lord Wei dared. Despite hearing those words of his, Shen Wumian was not as angry as he thought he would be and was instead calmer than before.

Looking at those deep eyes that showed no fluctuations in mood, Lord Wei was a little surprised.

For Shen Wumian, this left prime minister’s words indeed hit him in a sore spot, but he wasn’t angry. It was because that was the truth.

If Chen Yi didn’t mistake him for someone else, if Shen Sixteen had not saved Chen Yi at that time and they were strangers who met by the water, then Chen Yi would definitely not come to rely on him, let alone admire him. Their relationship would instead be like all the other Emperor and official relationships, supporting the Emperor as he grew up and then slowly drifting away. The moment the young Emperor has grown his wings, the first person he would want to kill would be the prince regent who had supported him and at the same time have the ability to govern the court and country.

The left prime minister still wanted to say some more things when someone entered. Shen Wumian saw that person come in and went over without a thought. For the master to take the initiative to greet his guard, this was the first time.

Th guard who had come over was one of the four left to guard the Emperor. He whispered a few words causing Shen Wumian’s expression to change and immediately leave.

The shadow guard had come over to report on the young Emperor’s situation. The young Emperor had not slept for the first half of the night and, although he was able to fall asleep in the second half of the night, he woke up less than two hours later. Right now, he was sitting dispiritedly in bed. The guard had wanted to call the imperial doctor over out of concern, but the young Emperor just waved his hand and said that he was okay, that he just couldn’t sleep.

The guard didn’t know whether this was something necessary to be reported to his master and debated over it for a long time. It was only when he saw the young Emperor hold a spittoon and dry heave a few times that he decided to notify his master while another guard called for the imperial doctor.

In the end, his master arrived faster than the imperial doctor.

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