Arc 4 – Slag that Prince Regent
Chapter 95

Even if he managed to sort out some things in his mind, the prince regent was still as usual a man of few words. The young Emperor didn’t speak, and he naturally wouldn’t raise a new topic to talk about so after the two exchanged a short conversation, they soon fell silent. Shen Wumian moved his gaze away and looked at the burning candle in the distance.

His voice was very low. Even in the already very quiet room, Chi Zhao who was close to him heard him very clearly, “Your Majesty, please rest. This official will step out for a moment and will return soon.”

Chi Zhao was left speechless. He really wanted to say, Imperial Uncle, it’s actually okay if you don’t come back!


After saying this, Shen Wumian got up and left. Chi Zhao blankly watched him leave and felt that his brain that had turned into paste was now a pot of greasy and fragrant rice porridge.

After the prince regent left, a shadow guard quietly entered and looked inside only to see the thin Emperor lying in bed, looking blankly and foolishly at the ceiling above.

This shadow guard had been in the palace for a long time, so he already knew about the young Emperor’s feelings towards the prince regent. Seeing him in that state, it didn’t require much thought for him to be able to understand the situation.

Anyone would naturally hope that their loved one would care for them while they are sick. With his master rushing over so quickly after hearing about His Majesty’s condition and also not concealing his concern and anxiousness, His Majesty naturally noticed it let alone anyone else.

Look, he has already turned foolish with joy.


Chi Zhao had indeed turned foolish. Not only himself, the system in his mind had also turned foolish.

Compared to Chi Zhao, the system had already mentally prepared itself in advance but no matter how prepared it was, it didn’t expect something like this to happen so quickly. It had been less than two months since Chi Zhao came. In just those two months, how did the plot that was deemed absolutely impossible to fail and absolutely impossible to go off rail suddenly become like this?!

The system could even feel its data shaking and there were even faint signs of data corruption.

【No…..that’s impossible….How could it be, it’s impossible. How did this happen…….】

The system couldn’t believe what it saw, even Chi Zhao couldn’t believe it. He was in no better shape than the system. He collapsed and cried out, “I really didn’t fucking do anything! The number of times I met him could be counted using two hands. What the hell is going on?!”                                                      

Chi Zhao felt a that things were a little strange after his outburst but as for what was strange, he couldn’t tell. It was just faint feeling that something was off. After shouting a few times inside, Chi Zhao finally calmed down. He frowned in thought for a while and slowly spoke up, “Forget it. I think I’m really not made for this. This is already the fourth world and I still haven’t succeeded once. With the plotline collapsing the moment I arrive, I’m even wondering if I have a ‘Plotline Destructor’ skill…..”

The more he spoke, the more depressed he became. Chi Zhao felt that his future didn’t seem bright and may have already become completely dark. He decided to give up, “Since there is no hope, let’s just forget about it. I’m not going to follow the plot anymore and I’m not going to care about my task. I have already lived long enough, and I have enough money. Although it’s unfortunate that I can’t return and my parents will be very sad, I can’t do much about it. Haa, after I die, I’ll try and appear in their dream and let them know that it’s not that their son is not filial but because he’s useless…….”

To emphasise how emotional he was feeling, Chi Zhao even moved to wipe away his non-existent tears. Suddenly, an astonishingly loud ding-dong sounded in his mind. Chi Zhao looked over suspiciously but before he could make out what it was, fluttering ribbons and gold confetti scattered about in his mind. The effect resembled the effects one would see when they managed to win a prize.

Chi Zhao, “…..What’s going on?”

As if it heard his question, the colourful celebration special effects slowly faded and, without the system doing anything, a panel with Chi Zhao’s success points suddenly appeared. On the original panel with two numbers, there was now a third number. On the third line, two Arabic numbers shone brightly. When put together, it formed the number 10.

It seemed to be the success points issued for the last world. It just had to be issued while his mood was at its lowest and it even happened to be a perfect score…..

Chi Zhao suddenly felt that it may have been done deliberately to coax him.

Chi Zhao called out hesitantly, “System, look at this…..”

Before he could finish speaking, an earth-shattering cry suddenly sounded.

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【Wahhhhhh! —— Even if success points are given, it’s useless! I already have no reason for existing. I’m sorry for my name, I’m sorry for the engineer who worked so hard to maintain the server. Ohhh, I’m such a useless system——】

Chi Zhao: “…………..”

In all honesty, he had always felt that the systems so called dignity and pride for its title was just an act, a lie, but now that he heard the system’s cries, he felt that this system seemed to really care about its work and responsibilities.

In the past, the system had used its data strand to comfort Chi Zhao but today, it was the other way around. Chi Zhao tried to mobilise his own spirit. This was a skill he had learned in the second world but ever since he left the world where his spiritual powers could be manifested, it had basically become useless. Since then, he had only used it occasionally to threaten the system.

Despite threatening the system so many times, Chi Zhao never did anything to it. Today was an exception. His spirit swayed gently, like a mother swaying her own child; carefully and gently. “Alright, alright, don’t cry. Didn’t we manage to get your favourite success points? Although the plot has collapsed, we still have an alternative. Uh…..From now on, I will do my best to abuse the protagonist! Don’t you worry!”

The system sniffled a few times and was still suspicious.


“Really.” Chi Zhao nodded. “Alright, I’m sleepy so I’m going to sleep. Don’t you like to sing? You can go sing. Sing until you’ve sung enough and then come back. I’ll watch over the task here.”

Chi Zhao’s soft tone moved the system to tears.

“Wuu Thank you host…”

Chi Zhao smiled slightly and relaxed his body. Seeing that he was getting ready to sleep, the system also slowly moved into the depths of Chi Zhao’s mind. It however didn’t sing and just very quietly and very well-behavedly began to do some self-cleaning.

After about half an hour, Chi Zhao didn’t open his eyes, but his mind moved, making a panel with his success points appear again. He stared at the three numbers on it with a slight frown before closing the panel.

This time, he really fell asleep.

On the other side, the prince regent who had returned to the Criminal Interrogation Bureau bought Lord Wei out and the two talked about something behind closed doors. Those guarding outside turned a blind eye and deaf ear to this and only did what they needed to do with no intentions to disturb the two inside.

Just after midday, Lord Wei personally opened the door. He was still wearing the pale linen prison uniform. When they saw that the person who came out was Lord Wei, the people outside revealed a faint look of surprise. Closely following Lord Wei was Shen Wumian.

He commanded, “Send the left prime minister back.”

Just that sentence answered a lot of questions. For example, Lord Wei was still a high ranking official and had not been demoted and for example, the prince regent did not have any intention to kill the prime minister.

No one knew what agreement the two had reached but the left prime minister’s expression was much better now compared to when he first entered the room. As he left, he turned and glanced at Shen Wumian with a complicated look which seemed to also hold some pity.

Shen Wumian saw that look but he didn’t give any response. He passed the prime minister and also strode off. The path the prime minister headed in was the only way out the palace while the path Shen Wumian took was in the opposite direction, leading directly to the depths of the palace.

Please read this from kk translates

Watching the prince regent’s figure gradually disappear along this long red brick path, the prime minister sighed imperceptibly.

Regardless of whether the prince regent supported their Emperor, as long as Shen Wumian was around, their Emperor would not be able to have any queens. It is said that the two princesses already have children. Should he go and take a look at those children and then bring one back…..?

The prime minister Lord Wei slowly walked away as he worried about the future of the country and its people. Afternoon passed by very quickly. When Chi Zhao woke up, unsurprisingly, the first thing he saw was Shen Wumian.

He was still sitting on the side of his bed, looking as if he hadn’t left since the morning. Seeing that he was awake, he revealed a smile, “Your Majesty would like to get up?”

The young Emperor laid in bed, looking at him without blinking. His current appearance was a little different from his usual appearance. His eyes were empty, without the usual warmth and vitality. It was completely different from the ones Shen Wumian was familiar with.

Shen Wumian’s heart sank. He pursed his lips. However, in a blink of an eye, that unfamiliar young Emperor was gone and the young man before him smiled faintly, “Imperial Uncle is here again.”

The young Emperor didn’t usually see Shen Wumian and now that he was seeing him so many times the past few days, it was normal for him to be surprised. Shen Wumian however lowered his eyes slightly and didn’t respond for a while. He comforted himself inside. It takes more than one cold day for the river to freeze three feet deep so melting that ice will take more than a day of warmth. As long as he slowly persevered, Chen Yi wouldn’t say that again.

As he optimistically reassured himself, Chi Zhao on the other end weakly sat up. Shen Wumian who saw this hurriedly tried to help. Chi Zhao didn’t refuse but after he managed to sit up with his support, he looked outside. Seeing that it was already dark, he smiled faintly, “It is already night.”

The delicate young man speaking so softly to him was just too obedient. Shen Wumian’s naturally cold and stiff expression couldn’t help but soften slightly, “How is Your Majesty feeling? Still dizzy?”

The young gently shook his head, “Not dizzy anymore.”

Although he said he was no longer dizzy, after he shook his head a few times, his actions still stopped for a moment, as if he was stabilising himself. Shen Wumian’s hands around the young Emperor tightened a little and the expression that softened slightly earlier once again turned a little ugly. But taking into consideration the person next to him, he didn’t reveal that and just forced himself to smile, thinking inside that he still needed to appease that young Emperor’s fragile and sensitive heart.

If the other party was really the young Emperor, it would naturally work. Chen Yi may be the Emperor, but he was in fact still a teenager. He was still growing so no matter how emotionally or mentally mature he was, he couldn’t compare with Shen Wumian who had spent his life in military. Chi Zhao however was different.

Chi Zhao looked at Shen Wumian with a smile. Seeing that had recovered somewhat and no longer felt uncomfortable, he received the teacup Shen Wumian handed over and took a sip.

“Imperial Uncle, it is night now. Why has Zhen’s tonic not been delivered yet?”

Seeing the colour on Shen Wumian’s face slowly fade away and him sitting there stiffly, unable to speak, Chi Zhao smiled faintly and struck while the iron was hot to plunge another knife into his heart.

“The servants must have forgotten. If Hong Lei was here, it wouldn’t be like this.” Chi Zhao lowered his head and rubbed the teacup in his hands, “Hong Lei is good. She can always remember Imperial Uncle’s orders. Imperial Uncle…….”

The young man raised his head timidly. After the prince regent’s attitude changed drastically since his rebirth, the young man made his first ever request, “Can you bring Hong Lei back? Zhen will be good and won’t do anything to make Imperial Uncle angry again so……just like before, bring Hong Lei back to serve Zhen. Don’t send over so many people, okay?”

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