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KK: Hi everyone! This is just another very cute and very short, short story written from the Gong and Shou’s perspective. Just thought that it would be nice to share it so that you guys can read it whenever you’re craving something short and sweet

Again, I translated as I read it and didn’t go back to edit so expect mistakes~

Happy reading ❤

[Shao Zhuo (Gong) Perspective]

01. Shao Zhuo
My name is Shao Zhuo. Gender: Male, Orientation: Gay. I am 26-years-old this year and career-wise, I am rather successful.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not here for a blind date. I have a boyfriend, he is called Lu Ning. We were university classmates. We have known each other for 8 years and have been in a relationship for 7 years.

My relationship with my boyfriend is very good and we seldom quarrel. But there is a problem that has been bothering me for a long time: My boyfriend keeps claiming that he is straight even though we have been together for 7 years.

As we are about to reach the legendary 7-year-itch, I am starting to feel even more anxious.

02. First Encounter
The first time that I met him was when we were in freshman year of university. I had just finished unpacking my belongings and turned on my computer wanting to play some games to relax when the door to my dormitory room opened from the outside.

The person who came in was slim and short, but his appearance was…..very beautiful. I know, the word “beautiful” shouldn’t be used to describe a man but that was the only word that came to my mind at the time.

“Hi! Hello.” He smiled widely after seeing me. 

My heart skipped a beat. It looks like the child called Cupid had finally remembered me who had been single since birth.

“Hello.” I felt my vocal cords stretch tightly. After responding, I frowned and scrunched up my eyebrows. My tone sounded too harsh, and was nowhere near as enthusiastic as the others greeting.

As if he had noticed my “cold attitude”, the smile on his face faded and he proceeded to tidy up his things without sparing me a glance.

At that moment, I sincerely wished for a way to turn back time. My heart was moved for the first time in my 18 years of life, and, in the end, it was messed up by a single word coming from my mouth.

At noon, I decided to make up for my mistake and tried to salvage my image in his heart. I went over to him and asked: “Do you want to go to the cafeteria and eat together?”

He froze, as if he was surprised that I would ask him to go eat together.
“Okay, wait for me, I’ll go change my shoes.” 

03. Name
On the way to the cafeteria, I took the lead to break the silence between the two of us: “I still don’t know what your name is.” 

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He looked up and said to me: “Lu Ning, the Lu in road and the Ning in tranquillity. What about you?”
“My name is Shao Zhuo, the Shao Yifu’s Shao and the Zhuo in outstanding.” I thought for a bit and added, “Your name sounds nice”. I tried my best to express my goodwill.

Lu Ning looked up at me and tilted his head: “Sounds nice? Don’t you think it’s a little too feminine?” 

I was instantly killed by his head tilt. How can that gesture be so cute?As expected, love-blindness is real. This really is the power of love.

“No I don’t. Why? Did someone say that?”
Although my mind was still muddled by his cute attack earlier, my desire to live and to leave a good impression made me provide him with a very satisfactory answer.

Lu Ning laughed and said: “No, I just think that my name doesn’t sound masculine enough” 

When Lu Ning laughed, his eyes bent like the crescent moon, making him appear even more beautiful. I thought internally, you look so soft on the outside, why would you want a masculine name?

I laughed and said: “I think Lu Ning is very good.” 

“Lu Ning.” I called again as I bent my head down and leaned closer to him.

“Okay, why do you keep saying my name.” He quickly took several steps and walked ahead of me.

I think he was be embarrassed to hear his name come out of my mouth. I know that my voice sounds nice. I had once been told by my rotten female classmates that it was a low and husky gong’s voice. I had also deliberately controlled my voice earlier.

Lu Ning had a tendency to drag his words a little. Just like earlier, although he was complaining, it sounded more like he was acting spoiled. Hearing his voice made my heart tickle.

I had never thought that my heart would be moved by a boy that I had not known for even a day.

04. Meal 
When Lu Ning carried his tray over and sat down, I was a little surprised. The amount of food in his tray was much more than mine.

“So much. Can you finish it?” 

“I… I am growing so of course I’ll eat this much.” Lu Ning embarrassedly replied.

I looked at him sincerely and said: “Yeah, you should eat more if you’re still growing.”

After about half an hour, Lu Ning proved that he really could eat it all. Later on I found out that, compared to his usual amount, the amount that he ate that day was considered very little.

After eating, I couldn’t help but ask him: “You eat so much yet you’re not fat or tall. Where did all the food go?”

Unable to hold myself back, I placed my hand onto his soft hair and ruffled it a little. His hair felt nicer than I imagined.

“Hey! Don’t touch my hair. If you rub it like that, I won’t grow taller. If I don’t grow taller, in the future I will rely on you.” Lu Ning struggled under my hands like an angry kitten.

After listening to Lu Ning, I laughed inside and said: Then you must rely on me. 

05. Getting Up
I like Lu Ning. Although I am gay, I don’t have the ability to discern other like-minded people so I don’t know if Lu Ning is also gay.

I dare not to let Lu Ning know about my feelings for him, afraid that I may not even be able to be his friend.

I could only do my best to treat him well, hoping that he can rely on me, and eventually come to like me.

My family’s Ning Ning is particularly lovely in the morning when he tries to sleep in. He would groan while twisting his little body around, unwilling to get up. Everyday, I would have to coerce him to wake up. Of course, I am very willing to do this.

“Get up little lazy pig.” Relying on my height advantage, I reached over to the upper bunk and easily pinched his nose while saying the words into his ear.

“Sleepy… I don’t want to get up.” Lu Ning grumbled dissatisfiedly. He broke away from my hand and rolled towards the wall, his body curling up to hide from me.  

Looking at his small buttocks, I restrained my sinful hand: “Then I will go buy you breakfast and bring it back. You can eat it when you wake up. What do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll bring it for you after class.”

“Anything.” answered Lu Ning who only wanted to sleep.

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The other two people in the dormitory had long grown accustomed to the actions from the both of us. They busied themselves as they got ready and were very calm. I guessed that they probably could tell that I like Lu Ning. Only Lu Ning that idiot had no idea.

06. Basketball 
I joined the school’s basketball team and would often go to the gymnasium to play. Lu Ning doesn’t know how to play basketball so I originally wanted to teach him.

Using the gymnasium while it is relatively empty, the two of use occupied a venue and I taught him how to play.

While I taught him, there were frequently occasions where physical contact and collisions were inevitable. That, plus Lu Ning’s heaving breathing caused by all the running….I was so bothered by it to the point that I could no longer continue coaching him.

“I don’t want to learn. So tired.” Lu Ning held his knees and gasped, not willing to continue.
“Then let’s stop.” I was relieved inside. Secretly, I didn’t want him to have a close contact with other men while playing basketball after he learnt how to play. 

Afterwards, somehow whenever I play basketball, Lu Ning would also sit to one side and cheer for me. He would also bring me a drink.
A brother on the basketball team jokingly said: “Shao Zhuo, your little wife is so virtuous.” 
His voice was not small and I think Lu Ning must have heard it. Being with him for so long, I knew that he hated others calling him girly the most.

I looked at my teammate unhappily and walked away towards Lu Ning, fearing that he was angry. 


“Here, your water.” Lu Ning interrupted me and handed me a bottle of water. His expression on his face wasn’t angry, only slightly red.
I breathed a sigh of relief. He probably didn’t hear it. If he heard it, then he would have exploded in anger. As for his red face; with the sun so strong, it’s probably from the heat.

“Next time come with an umbrella. Your face is all red from the sun.” 

“Don’t want to. It’s too girly.” 

See? It looks like he didn’t hear it earlier.

07. Lollipops 
On the way back to the dormitory at noon, a couple walked past us and the girl was sucking on a lollipop.

Lu Ning suddenly said: “I just saw that person eating a lollipop. Now I suddenly want one too.”
To say that he wanted to a lollipop at this age, my family’s Ning Ning really is cute.

“I’ll go buy it for you. Go back to the dormitory first.” I turned and headed towards the store located to the side of the cafeteria. 

When I retured, I saw Lu Ning rejecting a boy who was confessing to him. Lu Ning coldly said to him that he was straight.
08. Confession 
“So fast. I’ll have the apple flavoured one first.” 

Lu Ning said this as he took a lollipop from my hand. Even now, I still don’t remember how I went upstairs and back to the dormitory after witnessing that scene. 

After entering through the door, Lu Ning suddenly pressed me against it. His strength was very strong. Afterwards, when I thought back to this event, I realised that the food that he ate must have all gone to his strength.

But at that moment, I couldn’t think of anything because Lu Ning had kabedon’ed me.

His hands were on both sides of me and he tiptoed to kiss me.

I froze for a moment and then quickly reacted. I immediately wrapped my arms around Lu Ning’s waist and fiercely kissed the lips that I had fantasised about countless times.

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I used my tongue to guide him to open his mouth and was immediately intoxicated with the sweet taste of apple flavoured lollipops.

There was a touch of sourness in the sweetness, which is probably just like the taste of first love. 

“Hey? Why can’t I push it open?” The voice of a roommate rang from outside the door. 

Lu Ning pushed me away and I reluctantly released him. Slowly calming down my accelerating heartbeat, I opened the door and said to the two standing outside: “You guys wait outside for a while.” And then closed the door again.

I pulled Lu Ning back into my embrace and looked down at his eyes.

Lu Ning’s eyes swam around for a while before he quickly kissed me on my lips and escaped from my arms equally as quickly: “Straight men like myself don’t want roses, just lollipops.”

“Straight man?” I stared at him and laughingly asked. 

“Because it was always men who confessed to me. As long as I say that I am straight, I can easily scare them away.” Lu Ning smiled. “But I am a 24 karat pure straight man who only belongs to you.”

I immediately understood what he meant. Our family’s Ning Ning is so infinitely cute. 

09. cpy (KKNotes: AKA sex-friends/casual sex) 
When we became sophomores, we moved out of school. As both of us are young, hot-blooded men, and are even in a relationship, we naturally couldn’t help but want to get closer. 

Once, while I rapidly pounded into him, I wickedly asked him: “Do you straight men cpy?” I knew that Ning Ning liked occasional rough sex and dirty talks in bed. After all, our family’s Ning Ning is straight…

Lu Ning’s whole body flushed as he breathlessly replied: “We…en, straight men only make…mmm….love….ahh!”

I got out of bed and stood up with both hands holding Ning Ning’s ass and held him in my embrace. Using this position, I continued with my movements. Because Lu Ning is short, this position was particularly comfortable.

“Baby, I love you.” I kissed Lu Ning wildly. 
Afterwards, Ning Ning laid lazily in my arms and said, “Us straight men are never called baby.” 

“Then what should I call you?” I asked. 
“We are all called husband and wife.” Once Lu Ning finished saying this he leaned towards my ear like how I had first called his name on our first meeting, and whispered,”Husband.”

I turned around and once again pressed him under me……

Lu Ning said to me: “Straight men like myself need to get married.” 
So today, just now, on my 7th anniversary with my wife, we got a marriage certificate. Yes, it is the one I’m holding right now.

I guess you probably already found out by now, I am actually not worried about our relationship at all. I just wanted to show off our love.

My name is Shao Zhuo and my wife is a straight man.

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KK has something to say:
A trope that I really love are doting husbands ❤ ❤ Isn’t it so cute that he just wanted to show off cos he just so happy and in love with his little wife???

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