[Lu Ning (Shou) Perspective]

01. Lu Ning 
My name is Lu Ning and I am a straight man.
02. First Encounter 
When I was a freshman, I pushed open the dormitory door and saw that a roommate and already arrived before me. He heard the sound of the door opening and looked at me.

His eyebrows were straight, his nose was tall, his lips not too thin or too thick and his appearance very charismatic. Even as a straight man, I couldn’t help but be attracted. He really is handsome.

Although he was sitting, I could tell that he is very tall. He stood up after I greeted him.

He really is tall. I estimated that he was probably one metre eighty-five. Later on, I stood on my toes and measured him properly: one metre eighty-seven. I, who is one metre sixty-seven, really wanted to cry but I won’t because us straight men shouldn’t act so gay.

I greeted him. Although he returned my greeting with a “Hello”, his tone didn’t sound good and I saw him slightly wrinkling his brows. I think he may not like me or he probably found me annoying.

I know the reason why. It’s because I look too girly. Since I was young, I’ve had many boys and girls hate me purely because of my looks. But there were also many boys who had confessed to me.

I refused them of course, because I am straight. If the one confessing to me was a girl, then I might’ve considered it but unfortunately, there was not even one!

I am not angry at all. Not angry!

I always felt that the boys who confessed to me are actually not really gay because if they are really gay, then they should like men who are big and rough like themselves instead of someone like me.

Humph! What’s the big deal. If you don’t like me, then I hate you too! 

Since he doesn’t like me, I won’t continue stick my face in front of him.
Because of his influence, my mood wasn’t great. When the other two roommates came, my attitude towards them was very cold. To treat them like this at our first meeting, it was natural that we could not warm up to each other.

I am very upset. It looks like I won’t have a good relationship with my roommates for my next four years in university. This is all because of him!

03 Name 
He actually asked me out to eat. Doesn’t he hate me? I hesitated for a bit and eventually agreed. Maybe he isn’t what I thought he was like and I had misunderstood him. At the same time, I wanted to work hard and develop a good relationship with my classmates.

On the way there, he said that my name is nice. Hehe, although I didn’t show it, I was actually really pleased. Forget it, I will forgive him.

“Lu Ning.” Shao Zhuo said this beside my ear as he lowered his head….ok fine, he also bent down too.

Well, his voice was very…..husky. Please forgive this science department guy for having very limited vocabulary.

I wonder why my ears felt very hot?

I couldn’t help but walk faster. I wanted to get away from him. It must be because he is so tall and blocked the wind causing no air to circulate on such a hot summer’s day. It must be like this.

He is taller than me and his legs are longer than mine. Even if I walked fast, he easily caught up.

It really made me angry

04. The Amount of Food 

Afraid of being made fun of because of my large appetite, I deliberately got less yet the result was that I was still made fun of. So angry!

He actually said with a face of sincerity that I should eat more because I am still growing.

Although he didn’t laugh, I knew that he was internally making fun of my height. So annoying!

Us straight men will never say hate.

Afterwards, I really grew taller, but only by two centimetres. Two centimetres! Just a little more and I could pass one metre seventy! So angry!

The height difference between Shao Zhuo and I also remain unchanged. It was still a full 20cm difference because he also grew two centimetres! So angry!

Only because his height was something that he could not control, otherwise I really think he did this deliberately to anger me. Really, what’s the point of being so tall, you’re just wasting fabric.

05 Getting Up 
When school first started, I had thought that Shao Zhuo hated me but it actually wasn’t the case. It looks like I had overthought things and was being too sensitive.

He is actually a really good person.

I have a sickness called ‘Unable to get out of bed’.

Shao Zhuo would wake me up every morning and drag me to class. I didn’t find it annoying, it was just that the way he wakes me up is a little gay and not at all like a straight man.

Sometimes because I played games late at night and ended up sleeping late, I couldn’t get out of bed the next day. He would then bring me breakfast so that when I wake up hungry, I would have something to eat immediately. It was true happiness.

This Shao Zhuo is a really good person.

06 Basketball 
Shao Zhuo has long legs, is very good at playing basketball and is very handsome.

And so, I asked him to teach me basketball. When our bodies touched, I felt a little strange. My whole body felt weak and I felt as if something was not right about me.

It was probably because I had exercised too much.

That night, I had a dream. I dreamt that Shao Zhuo was slowly approaching me, robbing me of my air and leaving me breathless. With a low and husky voice he whispered, “Ning Ning”. I was instantly awakened by the gay.

When I woke up, I saw Shao Zhuo’s handsome face close to my face. At the same time, I also felt a slight dampness in my underwear.

I stayed in bed, waiting for the other roommates to leave for class before climbing out to wash my underwear. My mind, however, replayed my interactions with Shao Zhuo until now.

Finally, using my Science major straight man mentality, I was able to come to a conclusion: I am now a 180 degree straight man.

That’s right, us straight men will never admit that we are gay!

When you like someone, it is very hard to hide it. Before this, I was blinded by our friendship. Now that I have changed my perspective, this straight man realised that Shao Zhuo had always had intentions towards me and had been working to turn me gay! To think that a straight man like myself had been turned into a 180 degree straight man… so annoying!

Us straight men will never say hate.

When I accompanied him to play basketball, I heard Shao Zhuo’s teammate say that I am Shao Zhuo’s little wife.

What f*cking little wife! You’re making this straight man embarrassed! So annoying!

07. Lollipops
On the way back, I saw someone eating a lollipop and I suddenly felt nostalgic. I casually said that I wanted to eat one and didn’t expect Shao Zhuo to leave without a word to buy me one.

On such a hot day, most people would say that it’s a hassle and to buy it next time we pass the stores but Shao Zhuo didn’t hesitate to go buy it despite almost arriving at the dormitory.

It looks like he really likes me. Because of him, I had already tossed aside my preconception that the men who liked me were not really gay.

Ugh! To think that I was turned into a 360 degree straight man. It’s so annoying! Hehe

The weather was very hot as I walked towards the dormitory. As I approached, I saw a man holding a large bouquet of bright red roses.

Hey, it looks like something interesting is going on! I suddenly became excited but it was gone the next second. This is entrance to the male dormitories so…..

Tsk tsk. Even if society has become more accepting, can gays act like this so blatantly?

Just as I planned to head upstairs and watch from the balcony, I was stopped.

That’s right, I was stopped by the man holding the bouquet.

“Lu Ning…you…” The boy spoke hesitantly, but clutched my wrist very tightly.

I had a very bad hunch and tried to break free: “Do you want me to help get someone from the dormitory?” Perhaps the person he wanted to confess to is someone I knew.

“No. Lu Ning, I like you! Will you go out with me?” It looked like he had managed to gather his courage and spoke those words very loudly.

I was shocked by his loud words. It looks like gays nowadays are getting more and more courageous. I don’t even know who he is and he still came up to confess.

“Sorry, I am straight.” I replied with a sincere expression.

As I have said before, since I was young, I have received not a single confession from a girl but I have received many from boys.

With my extensive experience with rejecting confessions, I found that telling them that I am straight was the most effective method of rejection.

Sure enough, the boy looked down with a face filled with disappointment: “I’m sorry for bothering you.” He then ran off with the flowers.
I felt a little embarrassed as I watched him leave. When I turned around, I saw Shao Zhuo who also looked dejected.

Oh no.

08. Confession 
Although I like Shao Zhuo, I had always been waiting for him to confess to me first. After all, us straight men will never admit that we’re gay.

But now, seeing Shao Zhuo who is all sweaty and standing there, despite being so big, he looked dejected, like an abandoned dog. His appearance made me also feel very distressed.

When I saw the two colourful lollipops in his big hands, I steeled my heart and made a decision.

Eat the apple flavoured one first.

Returning to the dormitory, fortunately the other two roommates had not returned. As Shao Zhuo soullessly followed inside, I slammed the door shut and, before he could react, pressed him against the door.

My hands hovered around for a moment before finally resting on his shoulders – this damned height difference!

I held the lollipop in my hand and immediately kissed Shao Zhuo’s mesmerising lips. Shao Zhuo became dazed for a moment before he started hugging me and fiercely kissing me. He even inserted his tongue and stirred it around in my mouth……..

“Hey? Why can’t I push it open?” The voice of a roommate rang from outside the door. 

As if I had woken up from a dream, I pushed Shao Zhuo away. I didn’t expect Shao Zhuo to open the door, tell the other roommates to wait, and then shut the door again. To think that you could actually do something like that?

I let him hug me again. As he looked into my eyes, if felt like the burning passion in his eyes were about to engulf me. I couldn’t help but kiss him and say, “Straight men like myself don’t want roses, just lollipops.”

“Straight men?” Shao Zhuo laughingly asked. 

“Because it was always men who confessed to me. As long as I say that I am straight, I can easily scare them away. But I am a 24 karat pure straight man who only belongs to you.”

I felt that what I had just said was super romantic, and very manly. Shao Zhuo was definitely turned straight by me!

09. Straight Man 
I recently noticed something. Shao Zhuo really likes it when I call myself a straight man. It must be because I had turned him straight when I confessed to him.

Since he likes it, then I will say it more often. After all, us straight men likes pampering.

Yup, this is what it’s like to be straight!

Today, I registered my marriage with Shao Zhuo. After all, straight men like myself need to get married! 
My name is Lu Ning. I am a straight man.

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KK has something to say:
THE END! A doting husband and a pampered wife couple~
Love it that it’s the wife confessing first and taking the initiative to ‘propose’ haha

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