Chapter 8: Playful Antics

Jiang Yang was pushed down by Huang Shao and was once again forced into Qin Xu’s arms. Despite wanting to get back up, both his legs couldn’t move and after struggling for a long time he even crashed into him another two times. The pain made him curse internally at Qin Xu, is your body made out of metal? Why is it so hard!

Naturally the soft nose cartilage is incomparable to the sturdy shoulder bones and Jiang Yang was in a very disadvantageous position. His nose had become red from the impact and there were even tiny hints of teary residue at the corners of his eyes from the pain.

Seeing this, Qin Xu helped him stand up and said with a smirk: “Huang Shao that’s enough. Can you see that you’ve even made Jiang Yang cry?”

Those words may have sounded like he was trying to help Jiang Yang out of this predicament but it was clearly said without a trace of good intentions. His eyes were filled with teasing and provocation.

Jiang Yang obviously didn’t appreciate this and yelled out with a dark expression: “Cry your mother!”

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Qin Xu responded annoyingly: “My mum’s not even here, what is there to cry about? She didn’t hit her nose.”

As if it wasn’t enough, he even smiled and ruffed the top of Jiang Yang’s head while speaking as if he was comforting a child: “Ok, ok. Don’t cry. If you continue crying then you get no candy.”

Jiang Yang……exploded!

This could be said to be a big insult to him!

Jiang Yang’s eyes squinted into a glare and he brought his light brown eyes closer. At this distance, Qin Xu realised that his eyes looked round like a cats and his eyes were of a very pretty colour, like a rare glass bead glistening in the sun.

At this moment, the bell rang signalling the start of class. The system also spoke up in Jiang Yang’s mind: “Punishment has ended. Returning to normal.”

Jiang Yang immediately found that his feet could now move. He didn’t stop to think and just went up to punch Qin Xu in his stomach and even furiously messed up his hair before plastering on a fake smile: “Baby don’t cry.”

After completing these actions to avenge himself, he turned and walked away. He walked away in a very imposing manner as if every step of his would cause a hole to form in the ground.

Huang Shao looked at Qin Xu’s birds nest on his head and, seeing the contrast with his handsome face, he couldn’t help but clutch onto his stomach and laugh out loud.

Soon, a sharp dagger like glare swept across to him and he immediately shut his mouth and tensed up. It was as if someone had pressed the stop button on him. After all, he still remembered Qin Xu’s reputation and his earlier close encounter with death when he accidentally slapped his ass.

Huang Shao ——– being able to acutely sense the danger that he is in and instantly changing his demeanour —- It could be considered a talent.

Qin Xu turned around and casually rearranged his hair before sauntering upstairs with his face void of any emotions. Only after turning the corner did his expression gradually morph into an inexplicable smile.

Huang Shao who followed behind him was dumbfounded — Could Qin Xu perhaps be an M? If not why would he still be able to laugh after getting just beaten?

Huang Shao who wanted to laugh at this ridiculous thought was once again glared at so he quickly bowed his head back down and acted obedient.

The two arrived to class late were reprimanded by the teacher before they were allowed to return to their seats.

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Forty minutes passed very quickly and soon the crisp sound of the bell rang. The math teacher standing at the podium said: “Let’s finish this question first before class is dismissed.”

This took another seven minutes until class was officially over. The impatient students couldn’t sit still and instantly shot out of the classroom.

Xiao Yuxin who sat in the second row quickly walked up to the podium. His thin figure, along with the round black-rimmed glasses, give him very little presence. He watched the rowdy boys below playing around and could only smack onto the table a few times to draw the attention. He then loudly said: “Tomorrow we will be changing seats. If anyone has any issues with this speak up now. We have to decide on the seating plans by the end of today.”

The moment he passed this message on, the class exploded into action and the students instantly went around asking their close friends to be their desk partner.

Desk partner – This is a very special and valuable relationship. Not only are they only an arm length away and is the closest person to you, they can also have secret conversations with you in class, secretly pass paper messages over, let you copy their homework, be on the lookout for the teacher when you’re sleeping, help you out when the teacher asks you a question, lend you a pen when you need one, help you get your homework…….

Perhaps because the school understood the power of desk partners, they generally would not put boys and girls together on the same desk to prevent the emergence of early romance which could potentially be a bad influence to their studies.

But this didn’t stop the students from joking around and teasing each other. When someone has a crush on another person their so-called friends would hook their arms around their shoulders and chuckle: “Hey here’s your chance. Do you want me to write your name together with theirs~”

The tilde waves at the end demonstrated the beauty of youth.

The boys at the back rows were currently joking around like this and the boy involved blushed madly. He angrily pushed away those heartless friends of his but his eyes couldn’t help but steal a glance at the girl of concern secretly wanting to see her reaction.

The girl lowered her head and, grabbing onto her friends hand, hurriedly escaped out of the classroom. Many of the classmates however could see the blush forming on her cheeks.

The three minute break between classes soon ended.

The English teacher walked in and smiled:  “Class begin.”(KKnotes: This was said in English)

With the class representatives’ prompt, the students stood up, greeted the teacher before sitting back down and pulling out their textbooks.

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As the teacher lectured, many students were lulled by cool breeze from the overhead fans and felt uncontrollable drowsiness.

Halfway through the class the teacher asked the students to take out the quiz they had done in the morning. Sweeping her eyes across their heads she commented: “Seeing that everyone is not very enthusiastic, let’s have someone start things off.”

The teachers’ bright eyes slowly scanned across the class and for a moment it seemed like she was making a difficult decision.

In an instant, many of the classmates were startled awake like they were just dumped with ice water. They watched their teacher nervously fearing that she would pick their group at while at the same time fearing that their nervous gazes may attract her attention.

“Then….the second group.”

As if they had just rode on a rollercoaster, their hearts rose and fell, and were finally able to settle. Some cried out in complaint while others breathed a sigh of relief.

The first student of the second group stood up with a bitter face. Just a he wanted to read out his answer the English teacher interrupted: “No I meant the second group from the back.”

The student froze and debated over whether he should sit back down while the students at the back snickered.

“Forget it. Then this group will do. Read out your answer and explain why you chose this.” The English teacher waved her hand and casually made her decision.

The students in this group: “……..”

Life really has its fucking up and dowwwwwwnnnns!!

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  1. Angie chan 6th August 2019 / 11:47 am

    What I wonder is that … Will JY and QX sit together? Lol … That would be like pouring cold water to both of you … or maybe the system orders JY to sit next to QX … That would be fun xD

    Thanks you for chapter!


  2. onefallenleaf 29th September 2019 / 9:02 am

    I have a bad feeling😂.
    Will the next task consisted of JY asking Qin Xu to a date?//slap
    Jk, ofc it’d be to be a deskmate, right? ~
    Pffft, poor Yangyang

    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀


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