Chapter 7

The two were unable to find a solution to the problem and could only replace each other for more than a month.

Qiao Yu no longer mentioned that he is Qiao Yu. Every day, he would quietly stay in his room and secretly work on his homework. He acted particularly obedient and even occasionally brought tea for Feng Hui and helped with massaging his shoulders.

Under the guidance of Doctor Li, Feng Hui gradually accepted this well-behaved son of his. He also decided to slowly bring up his plan for his son to find a wife

On Feng Shou’s end, the twenty-four year old rebellious man had also come to an understanding of the responsibilities of the younger generations.

Qiao Yu’s grandmothers life was meticulously taken care of by him and, for the first time, the young master spend his money properly.

After Qiao Yu had dinner and returned to his bedroom, Feng Shou would also send him videos on a timely schedule. Seven o’clock would be a video of grandmother. Eight O’clock would be a video of his teachers lecture. Eight thirty would be when Feng Shou would give him a call and the two would talk until eleven in the evening.

Qiao Yu had already finished watching the recordings of his grandmother and his teachers lecture. In all honesty, he didn’t need to watch the video of his teacher’s lecture as he is currently in third year of high school and had already finished covering all the high school topics. All that was left for him was revision. Feng Shou had also brought him a few essays that he had his eyes on for a long time. In his heart, he really felt grateful to Feng Shou.

After watching his grandmother, he began to hug his legs while holding his phone waiting for Feng Shou to video call him. For some unknown reason, recently whenever he thought of Feng Shou he would blush and when Feng Shou spoke his heartbeat would accelerate.

At half past eight, Qiao Yu’s phone lit up. He quickly opened it up and saw that Feng Shou had sent him another video.

He didn’t think much of it. He thought that it was something that Feng Shou had sent and played it.

In the video, two men were shirtless. As if they were fighting, the scene looked quite intense.

Action movie?! Qiao Yu didn’t know why the video was sent but since it was sent by Feng Shou, he continued to watch it seriously.

The two men fought for a while before hugging each other. After hugging for a while, they started kissing.

Qiao Yu’s face slowly went red. This, what kind of plot is this?! Why did Feng Shou send me this?

When the two men began tumbling around, Qiao Yu’s face was already red to the point that it could bleed. His hand shook and he quickly threw the phone aside. He finally realised that that video was doing and covered his face with a pillow embarrassed.

At this time, Feng Shou’s video call came.

Qiao Yu pressed the answer button but didn’t speak.

He was a little angry. Why did Feng Shou send this for him to watch? His teacher didn’t want them to deal with porn/gambling/drugs.

“Where did you watch until?” Feng Shou raised his eyebrows and asked awkwardly.

Qiao Yu stared at the face on the phone that didn’t look at all like himself. He himself wouldn’t make that kind of expression. He snorted and didn’t speak.

Feng Shou continued ask: “Did you watch until there?”

“No!” Qiao Yu quickly denied.

“Do you know where there is? Saying no like that.”

Qiao Yu tugged at the corners of his blankets and pouted: “You! I’m not going to call you!”

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Afraid that he would hang up, Feng Shou changed the topic to slowly calm Qiao Yu down. “Grandmother said that in another two months it’s your birthday. You’re soon going to be eighteen.”

Qiao Yu was still emotional from the prior incident and his mood had not improved. His tone mixed with some anger, “What does that have to do with you!”

“You, do you have a girl that you like? Or even in the past?” Feng Shou suddenly asked. His roguish voice had a hint of inquiry.

Qiao Yu blushed and didn’t speak. In his mind, someone appeared but it wasn’t a girl. It was Feng Shou who currently occupied his body. He also didn’t know why but he would often flip through Feng Shou’s photos and often imagine what if would be like once he returned to his own body.

“Would you be able to like men?” Feng Shou continued to ask. The tone of inquiry in his voice was stronger this time.

If it was just Feng Shou’s earlier sentence, then he would be able to find an excuse and reassure himself with it but with the second question, it clearly exposed his intentions.

Qiao Yu’s face began to heat up but he continued to keep his lips shut and didn’t speak.

Feng Shou asked him again but didn’t reveal his reason for asking and the other party was rendered nervous to the point that he had the blanket half covering his face.

He liked it when Qiao Yu is shy. For more than a month, he looked at this obedient boys face in the mirror every day. He imagined his soft voice and obedient look and occasionally even practiced putting on a shy expression. He was already used to being rebellious and would not be able to learn the essence of obedience but just the expression was enough to make him fascinated.

In the drawer of this obedient man were photos of him when he was a child. Feng Shou looked through them one by one and felt that this little cutie had been cute since birth. He couldn’t help but want to love and spoil him

When taking a shower, when going to the toilet, Feng Shou would always touch a particular place on this good boy. The touch was soft and smooth and every time he touched it, he had to watch the news for a while to neutralise his growing desire.

He actually could secretly take care of himself and Qiao Yu wouldn’t know. However, couldn’t bring himself to as it made him no different to taking advantage of a soulless body.

In the small man’s body, he had a reason to peek at his intimate place. The reason was for the sake of daily life but he didn’t have any reason to use this body to take care of his inner desires. He looked at his body as he exchanged secrets with the owner of the body at night.

From talking to a person until confessing, from meeting to becoming acquainted, they lived in each other’s space and was able to understand and breathe everything the other party had. Feng Shou knew inside that the reason for his increasing desires was because he wanted the soul of this body’s master.

He likes him doesn’t he?!

Although he didn’t know when it started, the seed was probably planted when he first teased him.

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