KK has something to say:
I wanted to challenge myself a little so I translated this series while taking a break from translating GTHWL (The novel is mostly written ‘web-forum’ style). I did my best trying to translate most of the internet slang and whatnot but some still just flew over the top of my head… Anyway, please enjoy this story about a proud shou and black-bellied gong ❤
Recently I have been taking a liking to proud shou’s 🤭

Again, for those who are new to my translations, please read THIS first.

Anyway, here’s Chapter 1~~~

Chapter 1

Topic: My roommate did that to me
Poster ID: I am a straight steel pipe
Content: As seen in the title. This is what happened

Level 2 [OP]: (KKnotes: OP = Original poster = MC)
My brother and I basically grew up together. We had been together for more than ten years. We practically grew up wearing the same pants and were closer than blood related brothers.

Level 3:
Please start your performance

Level 4 [OP]:
How should I put it. He has pretty good looks, has a calm temperament and is clean and tidy. Since young, he was very popular. When he was in middle school he would often receive love letters and everyday his desk would be filled with red and green paper, but he had never dated anyone. He said he didn’t have time and that it is too troublesome.

It would have been fine if this guy himself is single, but he had to drag me in as well. When a girl confesses to me he will definitely interfere with it. Fuck! Now I’m a little suspicious that he had long been interested in Laozi!

(KKnotes: Laozi = Arrogant way of a guy to refer to himself)

Level 5:
Watching this

Level 6:
So exciting already?

Level 7:
Done what? Please clarify. [Smirk]

Level 8 [OP]:
The more I think of it, the angrier I become

Level 9:
Don’t panic, we are here with you

Level 10 [OP]:
The evening before, the entire dorm went out. It was understandable because we wanted to enjoy our last bit of freedom before school started but I fucking shouldn’t have competed with those rascals in drinking.

If it was just beer, then it would have been okay but they insisted on Baijiu. Things like Sprite and Coke were mixed in and one even mixed in goji berries!

Anyway, in the end I drank until I blacked out.

(KKnotes: Baijiu – Chinese liquor that can be pretty strong)

Level 11:
I have a feeling that something good will happen [Smirk]

Level 12 [OP]:
And then, and then! The main focus is here!

Level 13:
Sitting here eating sunflower seeds

Level 14:
Sitting here eating sunflower seeds +1

Level 15:
Sitting here eating sunflower seeds +2

Level 16:
Those eating sunflower seeds below don’t post it. I’ll post for you all +10086

Level 17 [OP]:
When I fucking woke up, it felt like I had just gone through a war and my body ached all over. Laozi sobered up and noticed that I wasn’t in our small and old dormitory room [Black face] [Black face]

Laozi looked around the whole room and finally noticed that the bathroom door was semi-transparent. He then suddenly pushed the door open and walked out naturally while drying his hair with a towel.

At that time, I was still confused and casually greeted him good morning asking him why he was walking around naked.

As a result, that scum fucking smiled deviously while throwing his towel away and climbing into bed.

Level 18:
So to say, you guys are [Smirk]

Level 19:
Fuck. Covers face [Shy] [Shy]

Level 20 [Reply from OP]:
What are you thinking?! The poster above please straighten up your thoughts!

Level 21 [OP]:
Let me continue. At that time, I didn’t think much of it. I mean, it wasn’t like we haven’t slept together before but this time his hands were particularly mischievous. It kept on moving down to my waist.

Level 22:

Level 23:
Wow, I actually made it to the live broadcast.

Level 24 [OP]:
Your mom, this Laozi was so uncontrollably ticklish. I immediately pushed his arm away and told him to cut it out. In the end, that idiot actually fucking reached in and touched this Laozi’s thigh!!!

Level 25:
OP are you sure it’s the thigh? It didn’t go in a few more centimetres? [Smirk]

Level 26 [Reply to Level 25]:
Fuck you’re so dirty! But I like it~ [Smirk]

Level 27 [OP]:
But am I someone that’ll easily give in? I immediately pinched him back.

Level 28:
OP, how did it feel? [Smirk]

Level 29:
Who barricaded the door? I want to get out! Get out!

Level 30:
Shocked! University boys actually do things like this at a hotel….

Level 31 [OP]:
Just as I wanted to fight back, I felt a strange but familiar sensation from where my hands were. As an adult man, it wasn’t like I haven’t masterb□ □ted before, but this…..em…..

Level 32 [Reply from Zhou Cheng Network Police]:
Hello, I am a police from the Zhou Cheng City Public Security Bureau. Your post consists of XX and XX content. In order to create a safe online environment, please delete it. Police advice: According to the “Public Security Administration Law”, “Computer Information Network: Measures for the Administration of International Network Security Protection”, using the Internet to publish or share XX and XX information is illegal and can be legally punished.

Level 33 [Reply to Zhou Cheng Network Police]:
Fucking hell hahahahaha!

Level 34 [Reply to Zhou Cheng Network Police]:
Fuck is it that serious?!

Level 35 [Reply to Zhou Cheng Network Police]:
You are also from Zhou Cheng! Comrade! Big brother, let’s talk more!

Level 36:
I want to know how the OP was caught by the internet police HAHAHAHA!

Level 37 [OP]:
Although we’re close but we were not close enough to help solve each other’s physiological problems. I awkwardly retracted my hands and even stupidly said to him, “Why don’t you take a shower first.”

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Level 38:
HAHAHAHA OP you are so simple!

Level 39:
OP you sure are an idiot. You are worthy to be my internet friend!

Level 40 [Reply from OP]:
I also really regret it. At that time, I wanted to slap myself to death.

Level 41:
And then and then?

Level 42 [OP]:
And then just when I finished speaking, he suddenly turned around and pressed me down. He even pressed onto my thighs……


Level 43:
I can sense it [Covers mouth laughing]

Level 44:
The one above understands [Smirk]

Level 45 [OP]:
He didn’t speak and I also didn’t know what to say. In the end we just awkwardly stared at each other for two or three minutes. Eventually, I couldn’t endure it anymore and pushed him away  and said “Can you get up first? It’s uncomfortable with that thing poking me.”

In the end he actually fucking replied, “You really liked it last night.”

For the first time, Laozi suspected my hearing ability. Fucking hell what nonsense is he spouting?!

I was completely dumbfounded. I raised my leg and gave him a kick “Are you sick?”

With that kick, it brought along deep pain that felt like my insides were torn apart.

The pain that came from that particular area sobered me up. We….no way….

Level 46:
You~really~liked~it~last~night~ [Nosebleed] Imagining so many H scenes!

Level 47 [Reply to Level 46]:
Don’t just imagine. Write it out [Smirk]

Level 48 [Reply to Level 46]:
I concur

Level 49 [Reply to Level 46]:
I concur +1

Level 50:
To the above rotten women, take it easy. The OP is already very miserable after getting [Beeep——] so stop agitating him even more. Therefore, please continue OP [Smirk]

Level 51 [Reply to Level 50]:
Quick. Give this one the jade stick to smash it onto this walnut!

Level 53:
The ruined chrysanthemum, the scattered injuries, hammered.

Level 56:
Waiting here. OP please continue!

Level 57 [OP]:
At that time I was suspecting a little that it was haemorrhoids, but that bastards’ next actions immediately confirmed my speculation.

He sullenly climbed up from the bed and, like a virgin ghost, he jumped onto me, held my face and kissed me. He even knocked my teeth [Black face]

His actions were very overbearing and didn’t feel good at all. Laozi is also not his fucking Mary Sue female protagonist. Don’t you feel disgusted kissing a man like me?

Anyway, that was what I thought at that time. Also….it really hurt when the teeth knocked together.

Level 58:
Feeling distressed for OP [Laughing to tears]

Level 63:
Knocking teeth HAHAHAHA You guys are hilarious! HAHAHAHA!

Level 64:
And then? Did you continue to get knocked by him? [Laughing to tears]

Level 65 [Reply from OP]:
How can that be? Laozi instantly responded with a slap.

The first kiss that I had preserved for so many years was taken by him. How woeful is that?

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Level 66 [OP]:
So I cursed at him and asked him if he was crazy. In the end, he looked at me looking wronged as he held onto one half of his face while his eyes reddened.

This side of him was something I had not seen before. He had always been a manly and tough man. Once, he broke a bone and didn’t even make an expression like this. Seeing this, I suddenly felt a little scared.

I timidly asked him if he was okay, and then he suddenly burst into tears.


Level 69:
Although I feel bad for the OP, but for some reason I find that the OPs brother is very cute! What kind of phase is this!

Level 70:
Upstairs, you are not alone!

Level 72:
Hey OP, you went too far this time. That person even cried. That’s how serious they are about you!

Level 73 [OP]:
Sigh, I was also very flustered. I quickly asked him why he was crying and that it was just a slap so he didn’t have to be so upset. Also, if he didn’t do something like that….then I wouldn’t have hit him.

And then, under this strange atmosphere, he confessed to me.

Blah blah blah He said a whole bunch of things. It was all about how he had liked me since we were young. His eyes looked pretty sincere and I couldn’t tell if he was faking it. In the end, he asked me if I could be with him.

Level 76:
You guys progressed so fast!

Level 77 [OP]:
What could I say? In the end, he again told me what happened last night.

Level 78:
Hammered. Is OP’s chrysanthemum okay? [Laughing to tears]

Level 79 [Reply from OP]:
Of course it’s not okay. Why don’t you give it a try yourself? At that time, I was so angry I wanted to slap him again but, seeing his pitiful appearance, I didn’t have the heart to do it.

I had really regarded him as my brother. I didn’t expect that this beast dressed in human clothing would actually do those things to me!

Level 80:
Poor OP. Pats head.

Level 83:
From the OPs recount, you can see what his psychological state is: I regarded you as a brother but you actually top me! Ah, no, you already topped! [Smirk]

Level 84 [Reply to Level 83]:
The level above is amazing!

Level 85 [Reply to Level 83]:
HAHAHAHA Are you a devil?

Level 89:
Can’t help but smile [Smirk]

Level 90 [OP]
Ever since then I haven’t spoken to him. Something like homosexuality was something that I had never considered.

He didn’t seem to be too well off and looked like he had lost his soul. He tried to talk to me several times but could only be lost for words.

This is karma for his sin.

Sigh. Let’s leave it here for today. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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  1. acascia 9th July 2019 / 1:33 pm

    Thanks for the chapter ^_^
    That scum! Taking advantage of a drunk person! Really the worst!

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  2. whitespadeblog 16th July 2019 / 1:33 am

    Wow what a scum rapist gong. Dont rape people when they are drunk or asleep…


  3. vivianserenity 20th July 2019 / 3:29 am

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    Sorry but this isn’t my cup of tea if is raped I hated , the way to show it too.
    Thank translatersan but I going to I accompany any other proyect 🤩😘


  4. nekogeminis 14th October 2019 / 5:00 am

    realmente disfruto las novel estilo foro son bastante animadas, gracias por la traduccion ahh que afortunada encontrar tal tesoro xd ^﹏^


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