Chapter 5

Level 650 [OP]:
He just kissed me!!! KISSED! ME!

I am now in urgent need of a bottle of heart medications [I should just die.jpg]

Level 651:
Just turned on my phone and it’s already this exciting?

Level 652:
OP this progress is too fast!

Level 653:
I am commending the little childhood friend. What a beast!

Level 660 [OP]:
You shouldn’t go behind the stairs, believe me [Black face]

Level 661:
Behind the stairs. Oh~ [Smirk]

Level 664 [OP]:
He was video calling his mum and it was too loud inside the dorm so he said he was going to go outside and find somewhere quiet.

It wasn’t anything unusual, so I just expressed my understanding. In the end, he dragged me along and said that I should also say my greetings.

That bastard then pointed the phone in my direction with auntie’s kind face on the screen. At that moment, I realised that I was forced into a difficult situation [Forced laugh.jpg]

Level 669:
To the extent of meeting the parents!

Level 670:
HAHAHA Little childhood friend’s trap this time was very well thought out!

Level 675:
He is too black-bellied! Your mum this gong is loved by the gods!

Level 676 [OP]:
While I chatted with aunty, he took me behind the staircase on the first floor. It was a very small and dark space with a low ceiling.

Aunty was also very straightforward. She chatted for a while about the happenings at home and then hung up as she was afraid of waking up his father.

Level 678:
I feel like something good will happen [Smirk]

Level 680:
I feel like that aunty is helping create opportunities! [Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 684 [OP]:
Since the call had ended, why should Laozi wait around? I immediately turned and prepared to return. Staying here with him was too dangerous and I couldn’t help but feel my chrysanthemum tighten.

In the end, before I could take half a step, I was pulled back by him. I fucking didn’t dare to call out, but would I just sit there and accept it? Of course not. As a man with courage, I had a small premonition that this may happen, but he really rendered me fucking powerless [Pitiful.jpg]

Level 685 [OP]:
He fucking had one of his legs between my legs!

Level 686:
Fuck, what a pose!

Level 689:
Wall, here I come!

Level 691 [OP]:
And then he took the opportunity before I could react to pinch my chin and kissed me.

Your grandma, he even used his tongue!

Level 693:
You should bite him [Smirk] [Smirk]

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Level 694:
Upstairs what nonsense are you spouting! How could OP be willing to bite him [Smirk]

Level 695 [OP]:
I wasn’t able to react properly at that time! [Cry]

And what was even more irritating was that I actually thought that he tasted a little sweet [Cry] [Cry]

I don’t even know how I got back. Even just thinking back to it I……

Level 696:
OP you’re finished. Eat some jujube. (KKnotes: Roughly means that he is done for)

Level 698:
Eat some jujube.

Level 699:
Eat some jujube.

Level 700 [OP]:
I can’t do that. I urgently need to watch some [X] to consolidate my orientation!

Level 701:
OP stop struggling. Just accept him!

Level 703:
701 understands.

Level 705:
Waiting for the follow-up.

Level 709:
I feel like I’m watching the process of OP getting bent.


Level 736 [OP]:
Just went to shower. Unsurprisingly, it was with him.

Level 739:
You have already reached the stage where you shower together?

Level 740:
[Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 746 [OP]:
Actually, all the residents of the dormitory went together. We went to a public bath-house and coincidentally arrived there on a Friday night when it is at its peak hour.

It was my first time seeing a group of people lining up to shower [Black face]

Between him and I was another roommate of ours who acted as a barrier for me.

The bath-house at our school is the type that is lined horizontally and had no private cubicles.

If you wanted to reach over to help wash each other’s’ back, it wasn’t a problem. I could feel his gaze staring at me and if I described it figuratively, he probably could peel of several layers of my skin with his gaze.

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Level 749:
Filling up my imagination with his wolf-like gaze [Smirk]

Level 753 [OP]:
I was afraid but I didn’t dare look at him. I found the closest person nearby with an acceptable appearance to stare at and didn’t move my gaze.

Afterwards, as if he felt my affectionate gaze, he turned around at glanced at me. Who knew that such a warm scene could happen at a small bath-house like this? I figured that he was shy as he kept his head lowered while showering. Jeez, he must be such an innocent guy to be moved by a strangers’ kindness.

Just as I thought this, I suddenly saw a figure coming towards me and alarm bells went off in my mind.

His expression was dark as he shoved a towel into my arms and in a very unfriendly manner he asked me to help wash his back.

Level 756:
OP you are so dense. He is clearly jealous!

Level 758:
Things like ‘the only one in your eyes should be me’ is too sweet! Quick, someone give me a bottle of insulin!

Level 761 [OP]:
Why isn’t he asking politely if he is making a request? Did his manners get eaten by the dog? Although I was pissed, I didn’t want to pick a fight in front of so many people, so I suppressed my anger and expressed it with my strength. With as much power as I can, I wanted to kill him with pain!

Once I was out of energy, I heavy-handedly slapped his red back and said that I was done.

The moment the slap landed, I felt him shudder slightly. I guess it was probably from the pain.

Level 767:
OP you….you’re lucky little childhood friend loves you

Level 768:
Upstairs understands.

Level 769:
Fuck! OP you are so gong!

Level 770:
Upstairs don’t mix up the gong and shou. Little childhood friend is caring for his wife.

Level 773:
[Watching quietly] [Watching quietly]

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Level 776 [OP]:
There is a say that goes, ‘Injustice will be met with misfortune’. Soon I also got my retribution.

Until now, I had never been so disgusted with the words reciprocity and returning a favour;

Level 777:
Believe me OP. You will love it in the future.

Level 779:
He naturally said through his gritted teeth that he would help me too. Before I could refuse, he had already pushed me up against the wall. This bastard definitely did this on purpose as revenge. That push made my knees hurt TvT

Speaking of which, where did all that strength of his come from? Was it because I had used all my energy earlier that I felt the change?

Just as I felt the rough touch of the towel on my skin, I felt deep fear inside. With his strength and his anger, he could take off several layers of my skin TvT

Level 780:
OP go well. Lighting candles.

Level 782:
OP go well. Lighting candles.

Level 786:
OP go well. Lighting candles.

Level 789 [OP]:
Unfortunately, I have to disappoint everyone.

The strength he used was pretty good. Although I didn’t want to admit it, it was….comfortable.

Level 790:
So caring?!

Level 793:
OP you are so blessed. Heavens, please grand me a little childhood friend! [Filled with envy.jpg]

Level 798 [OP]:
If it was just this, then it would have been good but I really cannot understand what is going on in his brain of his. After washing my back, he suddenly pinched my waist. A very mischievous type of pinch

I was shocked out of my mind! Under his gentle attack, I had almost forgotten that he had impure thoughts about me! I immediately pinched his hand back.

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Level 790:
Sure enough, outspoken men are too scary [Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 795 [OP]:
But before I was able to relax, he reached out and slapped my butt [Black face]. Although the sound was muffled up by the water sounds, several people nearly still turned to look at us.

All the face in my life was lost at this moment [Forced smile]

I withered up TvT

And that damn culprit wasn’t fazed by it and only continued pinching my face. It was as if a male classmate is flirting with a female classmate but in a very gay setting. The scene had lost control.

What could I do?! I could only fake it! Anyway, when dormitory boys are close they sometimes jokingly call each other husband and wife. In a situation like this, I should play along naturally. Forcing myself to remain calm, I said whiningly that he was hurting me.

Level 798:
HAHAHAHAHA Laughing my head off!

Level 800:
OP You must be great at acting!

Level 803:
OP might be a good actor whose talent had not yet been discovered.

Level 805 [OP]:
Saying these words as a straight man made me feel fucking uncomfortable! But with sacrifice comes great rewards. Everyone laughed and then proceeded to continue showering as he continued standing in the same place. I guess he was impressed by my acting skills.

Going outside, the more I thought about it the angrier I got. In the end he smiled and ruffled my hair saying that I’m very cute.

Cute your head!

Level 806:
OP is very cute!

Level 807:
That’s right. If you’re not cute, who is?

Level 809 [OP]:
Why are you two saying that I’m cute? I’m clearly a man. Calling me cute is too much!

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Level 810:
OP is throwing a tantrum!

Level 817 [OP]:
I instantly gave him a death glare but the moment I met his eyes, I actually thought that he was handsome and couldn’t help but blush.

Level 819:
OP You’re in love!

Level 820:
OP You’re in love!

Level 824:
OP You’re in love!

Level 825:
Am I the only one who finds OP who is being trapped daily pitiful?

Level 828 [OP]:
Don’t tell me I was fucking bent?!

Level 830:

Level 831:

Level 832:

Level 840 [OP]:

I shouldn’t stop with my psychological counselling! I should extend the counselling time (_ _)

Level 824:
OP you should study up on the 38 sex positons [Smirk]

Level 843:
HAHAHA Upstairs you’re a devil!

Level 844:
Coming here every day to eat something sweet!

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