Chapter 37: Toffee

Jiang Yang glared at the person who wouldn’t budge no matter how many times he tugged and no longer wanted to care. If he wanted to be late, then so be it. He wouldn’t care if he has trouble trying to find the classroom by himself later.

Jiang Yang threw off Qin Xu’s arm and headed over to the balcony to do his laundry.

The spoiled child who was reluctant to shower earlier quickly froze up. He looked over at Jiang Yang with wide eyes and quickly attached himself to him while asking cautiously: “Are you angry?”

Jiang Yang ignored him and did not respond.

Qin Xu immediately revealed a bitter expression. He started panicking: “You’re really angry……..”

That pitiful appearance and those red eyes…It looked like he would start crying the next second.

When Jiang Yang saw this, he could feel a headache coming. Why didn’t he realise that Qin Xu had a hidden cry-baby attribute before? It really drove him crazy!

As Jiang Yang looked at him, tears started welling in his eyes. It was as if he would soon start crying a river.

“Stop.” Jiang Yang said in a cold voice.

Qin Xu immediately pursed his mouth tightly. He stared with his eyes wide open as he tried to hold back his tears. This look of restraint only made him look even more pitiful and Jiang Yang couldn’t help but feel like the villain.

Qin Xu pouted and looked at him pitifully. Tears swirled around in his eyes but, because he was afraid that Jiang Yang would be annoyed by it, he did his best to suppress it. He said cautiously: “I’ll go shower so can you not be angry at me?”

Jiang Yang: “……..”

If he didn’t agree, it looked like he would be stared at like that for the rest of his life. Jiang Yang felt uncomfortable being started at and could only stiffly nod his head.

Qin Xu finally broke into a smile. Wiping away his tears, he picked up his clothes and obediently went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Jiang Yang stood before the sink and looked down at the water basin in front of him as he let out a sigh of relief. He felt that the present Qin Xu was scarier than before. He couldn’t yell at him or fight him and if he got angry, he would cry! He really didn’t know how to deal with this!

Returning back to the dormitory room after washing his clothes, Huang Shao excitedly came over and asked: “Xiao Yang Yang, what happened between you and Qin Xu? Why is he acting so strange? Did he lose a bet?”

 Jiang Yang immediately recalled the reason for Qin Xu’s change; the failed task. Could his tone-deafness be the cause? Qin Xu also didn’t teach him well and only yelled at him so he also has partial responsibility for it okay?!

He frowned unhappily and suddenly patted Huang Shao’s shoulder. He picked up his phone and said: “Let’s play a few games.”

Huang Shao had not played games with him for many days and he was naturally very eager.

Jiang Yang immediately casted several moves and mercilessly killed his character over and over again.

Jiang Yang smiled and asked: “Are you still curious?”

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Seeing that deep and meaningful smile, that terrible look, Huang Shao who saw this couldn’t help but feel the hairs on his back stand. He quickly shook his head, “I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know at all. Even if you force me, I definitely won’t listen.”

Jiang Yang was speechless. Who was the one who wanted to know earlier?

After playing a few games, his mood had improved.

Huang Shao quickly left the room and left Jiang Yang alone to wait for Qin Xu.

When he came out of the bathroom, he came out in a rush and had not even put on his top. Holding onto his waistband and with his hair still dripping wet, he rushed out and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Jiang Yang was still there.

Jiang Yang saw this appearance of his and irately said: “Put on your shirt. Dry your hair.”

“Oh.” Qin Xu nodded his head and clumsily put his head through his shirt. The water on his hair couldn’t help but make his shirt wet.

Jiang Yang couldn’t watch this any longer. He took a deep breath and said: “Where’s your towel?”

Qin Xu pointed to the washbasin in the sink on the balcony where a towel dripping with water laid.

 Jiang Yang sighed internally. No longer able to hold himself back, he knocked onto Qin Xu’s head and then angrily headed over to grab his towel. After squeezing it dry, he threw it over Qin Xu’s head and roughly dried his hair. Very quickly, his hair was half dry, but it had also become a bird’s nest.

Qin Xu wasn’t angry at all and, instead, he was quite happy. He smiled at Jiang Yang and revealed a small canine. It was a silly and cute expression and he looked completely harmless.

“Thank you~”

Jiang Yang’s expression stiffened and all the annoyance inside him disappeared in an instant. Feeling very uncomfortable, he subconsciously looked away. He pretentiously coughed a few times and said with a cold expression: “We’re going to be late. If you don’t hurry up, I’ll head off first.”

Qin Xu heard this and immediately panicked. He ran over to his wardrobe to find his socks and then hurriedly wore his shoes. As he tied his shoelaces, he was afraid that Jiang Yang would leave him behind so he constantly looked up to check.

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Jiang Yang felt helpless, “I’ll wait for you. Wear your shoes properly.”

“…..Oh.” Qin Xu responded but he still couldn’t help but sneak glances at him. Despite trying make his actions a small as possible, it was still very obvious. He would have to be blind if he didn’t notice it.

Jiang Yang shook his head and a small smile form on his lips without he himself even noticing.

Leaving the dormitory, Qin Xu once again became very clingy and his hand quietly reached out to grab onto Jiang Yang’s shirt.

Jiang Yang felt the movement, looked back at him and stared silently.

Qin Xu quickly held his breath and in anxious manner, he looked back at him with doe-like black eyes. It was as if he was afraid of being rejected.

A moment later.

Jiang Yang expressionlessly turned back and continued moving along as if nothing had happened. He directly ignored Qin Xu’s little actions.

On the way to the teaching building, the sky had already darkened so the path was illuminated by several street lamps. The two walked along it together in the dimly lit environment. If they walked closely together, it wouldn’t be obvious that Qin Xu was holding onto his short so Jiang Yang just chose to let it go after a moment of hesitation.

But as they neared the teaching building and stepped into the bright moonlit field, there were still several students hanging around the stairs in front of the building. Jiang Yang didn’t hesitate to pry off Qin Xu’s hand and, ignoring his sad expression, he ruthlessly continued walking ahead to class.

Qin (pitiful) Xu could only sigh and follow him closely from behind.

Evening self-study class.

Perhaps it was fortunate that they came to class late because as soon as they arrived, the class bell rang and there wasn’t a chance for anyone to go up to Qin Xu to talk. Like this, they were able to avoid exposing Qin Xu’s amnesia. It’s just that after losing his memory, Qin Xu had become difficult to deal with. Normally he would just concentrate on his homework or play on his phone but tonight he enthusiastically tried to find excuses to talk to Jiang Yang. From time to time he would use his elbow to nudge Jiang Yang and then pass small paper notes over with nonsensical questions written inside.

The already irritated Jiang Yang lost his patience. He grabbed Qin Xu’s shirt collar and pulled it towards him. Glaring at him coldly, he gave a word of warning: “Don’t bother me. Otherwise I’ll beat you up.”

Qin Xu was suddenly pulled over and, with such a big movement like that, the chair he sat on also scrapped against the ground creating a harsh scraping sound. For a moment, the whole class heard this sound and turned around to look at the source.

They all took a deep breath in ——- Your mum. Don’t tell me they’re about to start a fight?

What they didn’t know, however, was that the moment Jiang Yang said those threats, Qin Xu’s tears instantly started flowing out. With his eyes all red, he looked extremely pitiful. This scared the life out of Jiang Yang and all the anger inside him was scared away.


Because this look of his couldn’t be seen by the others, Jiang Yang instinctively pushed his head down and forced him onto the table. He didn’t control his strength well and ended up slamming his head. The other students saw this and grimaced. Although they didn’t know how Qin Xu was, they could tell that it must’ve been very painful from the sound alone.

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As for the culprit, Jiang Yang felt his eyebrows twitch from guilt. With a dark expression, he glared at the classmates who quickly turned back and resumed working on their homework.

Like this, Jiang Yang finally had the opportunity to check on Qin Xu. He hesitated for a second and reached out to pat him on the shoulder. He whispered: “……Hey, you okay?”

Qin Xu had long started sobbing wordlessly in his arms with his body shuddering with every breath.

Jiang Yang sighed helplessly. His hand stiffened mid-air and, while licking his lips, he uncomfortably patted him on the shoulder while apologizing awkwardly: “Look up. Let me take a look.”

After becoming silent for two seconds, Qin Xu slowly lifted his head from within his arms. His forehead had turned red and his eyes were filled with tears. It was as if it was just washed with water and that clear, child-like appearance of his made people seeing it unable to deliver a blow. But the fact is, Jiang Yang did just that and it wasn’t exactly a light blow. Luckily, Qin Xu is quite sturdy, so his forehead only became red and a bump did not form.

Jiang Yang thought that he was crying from the pain, but Qin Xu was actually upset about Jiang Yang disliking him, treating him coldly and even hitting him. Thinking this, he felt particularly wronged and tears continuously flowed out.

Jiang Yang naturally did not know how to coax another person. He patted him a few times and slowly retracted his hands. He then pulled out two candies out and said stiffly: “Don’t cry. Is it okay if I apologise?”

Qin Xu tightened his lips, looked up at him with a clear pair of dark eyes adn then reached out to take the two toffees. Like a small animal storing their winter food, he buried himself back into his arms. His arms moved slightly, and Jiang Yang guessed that he was probably opening the candy wrapping.

Seeing that he accepted it, Jiang Yang thought that it was probably a good sign and that his mood had recovered.

But as it turned out, Jiang Yang’s thoughts were too naïve, too simple. How could something as simple as two toffees be able to placate a spoiled child like this?

Just as he breathed a sigh of relief, a small note was pushed over to his side. The words written on it were of the familiar, elegant handwriting but the words……

“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

Jiang Yang inside: “……..?!!!”

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KK has something to say:
Qin Xu the cry-baby HAHAHA
It’s so funny watching Jiang Yang not knowing what to do when he’s suddenly faced with this side of Qin Xu

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