Chapter 38: Sleeping together

Jiang Yang was too lazy to write a reply, so he just refused through gritted teeth: “No.”

Qin Xu immediately raised his head while tears flowed down his face. There wasn’t much expression on Qin Xu’s face, but you couldn’t help but feel bad for him when you see it. With a red forehead he asked: “Why not?”

Jiang Yang was irritated: “No just means no.”

Qin Xu said with defiance: “I want to sleep with my father.”

Fuck. How old are you?

Jiang Yang supported his forehead and the veins at his temples throbbed as he was at the verge of exploding. He regretted his earlier action of claiming that he was his father. He didn’t realise that he had dug his own grave with those reckless words of his.

Qin Xu had become an amnesiac child, but his wilfulness had not changed. Instead, he had become even more stubborn and he didn’t understand what was wrong with his actions. He continued to stare at Jiang Yang with his pair of black and shiny eyes and wouldn’t give up until he agreed.

Jiang Yang rolled his eyes and pushed his face away, “Do your homework first. Let’s talk about it after you’re done.”

Qin Xu continued to look at him, but he saw that Jiang Yang had returned back to concentrating on his own homework and no longer paid him any attention. He pouted and proceeded to pick up his pen. Perhaps because he now has a source of motivation, he finished it very quickly. Qin Xu had only lost memories of things that had happened, but he didn’t lose his life skills. Otherwise, jiang Yang would surely go crazy with frustration.

Half an hour later, Qin Xu said excitedly: “I’m done!”

Jiang Yang was still writing, and he turned to look at him in surprise. Seeing Qin Xu’s expectant look as he waited to be praised, he was at loss for words. He took Qin Xu’s homework, scanned through it quickly and saw that he didn’t answer randomly and actually did it properly. To be able to finish it so quickly while doing it properly, was he just slacking off in the past?

Jiang Yang saw that he still had a section he had not finished and couldn’t help but feel unhappy when he compared himself with Qin Xu. He casually made a sound of recognition and threw his homework back before continuing with working on his.

Qin Xu was a little stunned. He had finished his homework but why did the other person seem unhappy about it? Are they still going to sleep together?

He nodded to himself with self-affirmation. Jiang Yang had already agreed so he can’t go back on his words.

This logic of his, if Jiang Yang heard it he would definitely, 100%, absolutely, beat that person up within minutes.

As soon as Qin Xu was satisfied, he became more obedient. Fearing that Jiang Yang would get annoyed and take back his words, he no longer bothered him. As for Jiang Yang, he saw that his desk partner had finally become quiet and just resumed back to finishing off his homework.

After the evening self-study session, they returned to their dormitory to wash up and go to sleep. Only when Qin Xu tried to follow him and climb up to his bed, Jiang Yang finally noticed that there was a misunderstanding between them. Luckily, he had already thought of a countermeasure beforehand.

Half-way up the ladder, Jiang Yang climbed back down. He then pulled Qin Xu aside to the balcony and said his lie in a small whisper: “You go sleep in your own bed first and pretend to sleep. When everyone else has fallen asleep, I’ll come down and join you okay?”

Jiang Yang naturally wanted to ignore him but if the other roommates saw Qin Xu climbing into his bed, what should he say to explain? It was better to him to suppress his angry and trick Qin Xu. When he falls asleep, he could just say that it wasn’t because he didn’t want to, but he couldn’t do it because he had already fallen asleep. Like this, he would be able to perfectly push away the responsibility.

He only managed to convince him after coaxing him for a long time. Both physically and mentally exhausted, Jiang Yang climbed back into his bed. He didn’t pay any attention to the chatter between Huang Shao and Xiao Yuxin who were gossiping over what they were doing outside on the balcony so secretively. A flash of light passed though Xiao Yuxin’s eyes and he quickly moved Huang Shao on to another topic.

More than an hour later, Jiang Yang placed down his phone in the silent darkness and could only hear soft breathing sounds in the room. He poked his head out to check the lower bunk of the bed next to his and felt relieved when he saw that Qin Xu had also fallen asleep. Thinking that he could finally have a good night’s rest, he closed his eyes and slowly entered his dreams.

An unknown amount of time passed, and Jiang Yang felt an itchy sensation on his face. It was as if something was poking him. He dazedly opened his eyes and saw a human shadow at the edge of his bed. Seeing that the moment he opened his eyes, he was scared to the point that he almost pissed himself.

Qin Xu smiled without a hint of guilt and chuckled while whispering in a small voice: “You’re afraid of ghosts.”

For a moment, Jiang Yang thought that this bastard had recovered and had the urge to drag him out and give him a beating.

But in the next second, Qin Xu’s actions contradicted his thoughts.

Qin Xu agilely dove into his blankets and very tightly held onto his waist. With his face pressed against his chest, he nuzzled his head like a small puppy and yawned while saying in a small voice: “I waited for a long time, but you didn’t come. I’m so sleepy.”

If you’re sleepy then just sleep! Why do you fucking have to climb into my bed to sleep!

Jiang Yang ruthlessly pulled the other person off and pressed him against the iron railings. Through gritted teeth he said: “Go back.”

Qin Xu protested: “Not going back!”

If he only didn’t listen to his words then it was fine, but he even reached out and pulled Jiang Yang into his arms, unwilling to release his hold. The single bed that the school provided wasn’t very big so with two men lying on it, it was very cramped. No matter how much he tried to struggle, the bed would make various squeaking sounds that would easily wake the others up.

Jiang Yang furrowed his brows and grabbed his shirt collar, “You’re really not going?”

“Not going.” Qin Xu was very determined.

Jiang Yang let out a deep sigh of frustration as he supported himself up, “Then I’ll sleep on your bed.”

Qin Xu immediately reached out to hold onto him. His hands looped around Jiang Yang’s shoulders and his legs hooked around his waist. Like a iron chain, he clung onto Jiang Yang firmly.

Like this, it made it difficult for Jiang Yang to move. He was also afraid of waking the other roommates up.

Jiang Yang was forced to be held in Qin Xu’s arms. Gnashing his teeth in anger, he had never felt this wronged. He lowered his voice and threatened: “Let me go!”

“No. If I let go you will run.” Qin Xu childishly retorted as held onto him as if he was afraid that his precious toy would be taken away.

Run, run, run. Run your big uncle! I’ll be an idiot if I don’t run okay?! Who would enjoy being wrapped around like this and be unable to have a good nights’ sleep?

Jiang Yang was almost about to explode in anger. He had no way of communicating with this guy in front of him. Threats were useless, he would only cry in response, and if he treated him nicely and gave him an inch, he would immediately take a mile.

Jiang Yang had no other options. He could only sigh and make a compromise, “Let go of me first. I’ll let you sleep here.”

“Really?” Qin Xu was elated. He held onto Jiang Yang, rested his chin onto the top of his head and nuzzled against him a few more times. It was like a large dog suddenly given the opportunity to go out and play.

Jiang Yang gritted his teeth while smiling, “Yes but if you don’t let me go now, I’ll take it back.”

Qin Xu heard this and immediately released his hold while maintaining his eager gaze on Jiang Yang.

Jiang Yang was extremely sleepy. He replied irately: “Let’s just sleep like this. Don’t get to close or I’ll kick you out immediately.”

“…….Oh.” Qin Xu nodded his head pitifully. He then extended his finger over to Jiang Yang and touched Jiang Yang’s arm a few times: “Is it okay if I touch you like this?”

Jiang Yang glanced over and could feel the body heat passing through his skin. Along with the warmth, a strong wave of sleepiness came over him. He just closed his eyes and didn’t say anything.

Qin Xu understood that he had silently accepted it and proceeded to close his eyes with satisfaction. However, the moment his consciousness was about to fade, in a half-asleep and half-awake state, he had completely forgotten about Jiang Yang’s earlier threats and once again held the other person in his arms. Like a body pillow, he snuggled his head against him and smiled while sleeping very comfortably.

Jiang Yang at this moment had already fallen asleep but he felt his body become restrained. In his dreams, he dreamt that he was running through a rainforest and eventually got captured by a giant python. The python didn’t eat him and only continued binding around him like he was holding onto him as a reserve food supply. Faced in a situation where he did not know when he would be eaten up, Jiang Yang lamented that fast pain would be better than long term pain and he would’ve liked it if he was just eaten immediately.

The next morning, the morning bell rang, and everyone subconsciously tried to laze in bed for a little longer. Jiang Yang sat up in a dazed state but continued to keep his eyes closed and sleep. He shrank into a ball and his body leaned slightly to one side.

Huang Shao woke up and noticed that the bed below his was empty. He wondered ——— Why did Xu brother wake up so early today?

He checked the balcony and didn’t see anyone there. Huang Shao walked back in while brushing his teeth. With a mouthful of foam, he mumbled: “Where’s Xu brother? Did he come back last night?”

At this moment, Qin Xu who was still lazing in the upper bunk sat up and said grumpily: “What are you on about?”

Huang Shao looked up and saw Jiang Yang and Qin Xu looking half-awake while sitting on the upper bunk. He was shocked and nearly swallowed the foam in his mouth, “You-you why are you two sleeping together?!”

Only now Jiang Yang sobered up. He secretly cursed but he didn’t reveal any change in emotion on his face. If he did, he knew that Huang Shao would grab onto to and never let it go. Instead, he climbed down the bed with a calm expression, as if nothing had happened. This made Huang Shao start to doubt himself. Was he just making a fuss over nothing? But that’s Jiang Yang and Qin Xu, Jiang Yang and Qin Xu okay?!

Huang Shao who was ignored felt extremely hurt. He ran into Xiao Yuxin’s arms and complained: “Those two are too much. Behind our backs, they got together and left the two of us to fend for ourselves. Tonight, I also want to sleep with Xiao Xin to console my damaged heart.”

However, Xiao Yuxin didn’t hesitate to push him away. With a look of seriousness and a hint of disgust he said: “Go rinse your mouth.”

The dramatic Huang Shao had almost sprayed foam onto his bed but fortunately he had pushed him away in time.

Huang Shao was ‘super sad’. He could only complain as he headed over to the balcony to rinse out his mouth.

When they left the dormitory, Jiang Yang obviously was not able to get rid of that tail that constantly tagged along behind him. After being clung onto for so long Jiang Yang had become used to it, but he still felt a little awkward inside.

Jiang Yang saw Qin Xu, who thought he was doing it very secretively, touch him carefully several times and could only try to console himself; he will recover to his normal state this afternoon. At that time, he would definitely enjoy seeing his reaction.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yang suddenly had a good idea.

His lips rose, and he said to Qin Xu: “Baby, let father take a couple of photos of you.”

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