This time I’m translating a slightly different type of novel because I wanted to try something that’s not school life. The ML here may seem like a psychopath at first but the ML’s short diary entries at the end of each chapter are what I find myself looking forward to the most while I’m translating/reading it HAHA

Happy reading~

DISCLAIMER: I am only translating for fun as a fan. My translations are not 100% accurate nor is it perfect. Thank you for your understanding.

Chapter 1: Beginner’s Instance (1)

Cheng Zhi Chu was awakened by a bout of violent shaking.

He opened his eyes and found himself faced with darkness. Cold wind filled with the scent of grass and wood stimulated his senses and instantly cleared his mind up. To his surprise, he noticed that his arms were firmly tied behind him by a rope and his legs were also tied together. Like this, he was rendered immobile.

The sky was dark and there weren’t any stars visible. There were only dim streetlights that lightly illuminated the surroundings allowing him to make out that he was currently tied up inside the rear compartment of a truck. The truck sped through a quiet road nestled inside a forest of trees. There were no signs of human life and the truck appeared to be going though a mountain road and heading to the peak.

“Recently there have been many vicious murders occurring in the city. Police believe that it is the work of the same culprit………”

“The culprit’s method of crime is extremely cruel. Before their death, victims underwent horrendous torture. Organs, limbs and reproductive organs were mutilated and missing to varying degrees……The police force is currently working hard to solve this case……….”

 “We once again remind the public to pay attention to personal safety and to avoid venturing outside at night…….”

Accompanying the loud engine sounds, an intermittent radio broadcast could be heard from within the car. Cheng Zhi Chu realised that something wasn’t right and started to panic. He didn’t know what had happened —– Clearly, he was in his dormitory with his roommates earlier. He was struck suddenly with sleepiness and, when he woke up again, he had found himself on this truck.

This wasn’t a dream. He was certain about this because he could feel it with all his senses. If this wasn’t a dream, then how did he end up here? Only a few seconds ago, he was still in his dormitory. How did he suddenly end up in the middle of the forest and tied up on the back of a truck?

Everything had happened too suddenly, and Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind was a complete mess. It took him a while to be able to reluctantly accept his current predicament.

Although he didn’t know what was going on, but seeing that he was tied up, it seemed likely that he was kidnapped. If he didn’t do something now, there would definitely be something worse awaiting him later. He must escape!


The truck made a heavy sound as it rumbled along. Cheng Zhi Chu pushed back his fear and started examining the back of the truck. Finally, he found a small piece of metal that stuck out and he desperately moved over. Using the sharp edge of the metal, he repeatedly ground the rope around his hands against it.

…………Faster! Must hurry!

The temperature in the mountains in the middle of the night was very low but, in a blink of an eye, Cheng Zhi Chu was covered in sweat. He clenched his teeth and endured the pain as he repeatedly ground the rope against the metal.

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About ten minutes had passed but for Cheng Zhi Chu it felt like the longest ten minutes he had ever experienced. When the rope was finally cut, he struggled a few times and succeeded in freeing himself.

“Huff, huff……………”

Cheng Zhi Chu was already exhausted at this point and his arms were sore, but he didn’t dare delay things any longer. Enduring the pain, he quickly pried off the rope around his legs and then patted himself down. Sure enough, his phone and wallet was missing. It must’ve been taken away by the person driving the truck.

If he could, Cheng Zhi Chu wanted to just jump off the truck and run off without a care but unfortunately this desire of his could not be realised. Although the back of this truck was open-aired, it was surrounded by iron frames that formed a metal cage around him. It was one of the trucks that was used to transport livestock, so the frames were particularly sturdy. It would be impossible for him to pry it apart and escape.

The only way out would be to open that door at the back………

Cheng Zhi Chu climbed over on his hands and knees and anxiously tugged at the lock on the metal frame, but the lock was very strong and he couldn’t pull it apart. The keyhole was also very small and he didn’t have a wire to use. Even if he had one though, he didn’t have the ability to open a lock using a wire. After struggling for a long time, the lock still remained unmoving on the door.

Cheng Zhi Chu was anxious to the point that his hands and feet felt cold. At this point he started to think; if he cannot escape then he should choose to obediently cooperate with the kidnapper. Afterall, the other party probably kidnapped him for money. As long as he is obedient, he may still be able to guarantee his safety. However, at this moment a faint smell of blood reached his nose.

The truck slowed down, and a light lit up in front of it. The truck slowly drove into a spacious yard as the smell off blood in the air got more and more intense.

Large patches of blood, both old and new, were scattered across the floor. Some were brownish-red while others were still of a fresh, bright red. Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned for a moment and subconsciously thought that this was probably a livestock slaughterhouse but when he once again examined the scene before his eyes, his face quickly turned pale.

On the ground not far from the truck was the body of a young woman. The expression on that corpse was filled pain and agony and at this point her skin had already started to rot. Her limbs were twisted at awkward angles and her chest was cut open all the way down to her stomach exposing her white ribcage. Her internal organs were missing, and the body emitted a strong stench that attracted a swarm of flies. Maggots wriggled about as it feasted on the rotting flesh.

Seeing this horrible scene, Cheng Zhi Chu’s legs went soft. He fell back onto the floor of the truck with his face covered in cold sweat and he covered his mouth to stop himself from vomiting.

He suddenly recalled the radio broadcast that he had vaguely heard from within the truck and instantly realised that his current predicament was worse than what he had thought ——– This wasn’t just an ordinary kidnapper, this was a psychopathic murderer. If he doesn’t escape……..only death awaited him!

Alarm bells went off like crazy inside Cheng Zhi Chu and his mind went almost completely blank. He only had that one thought in his mind. Despite the desire to escape, his body couldn’t cooperate. He trembled violently and every muscle in his body was stiff to the point that he couldn’t even make the simplest of movements.


At this moment, the truck stopped at the centre of the courtyard and he heard the forceful sound as the truck door was slammed shut. The heavy crunch of footsteps against the gravel on the floor could be heard, alarming Cheng Zhi Chu who was still in a state of deep panic and allowing him to restore a bit of his reason.

It was just one person’s footsteps. It probably belonged to the driver. There probably was just that person alone in the car; the murderous maniac, but that also doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other accomplices inside the building………

These thoughts flashed through Cheng Zhicu’s mind, but he didn’t have the time to think too deeply into it. He immediately hid the rope that he had cut apart behind him and returned to the position that he was in when he woke up initially. He closed his eyes and suppressed the trembling of his body as he pretended to still be out cold. He hoped that, like this, he could allow the other person to lower his guard and then he would find an opportunity to get away.

“Clack, clack……….”

A dark shadow moved around slowly under the pale light. One by one, the terrifying sound of his footsteps seemed as if it was stepping onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart. The hands hidden behind him stiffened up and he did his best to suppress his quickened breathing to hide the fact that he was awake.

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The dark shadow moved over to the front of the cage door. Cheng Zhi Chu peeked out though a small opening in one eye and was shocked. The driver’s body was even more well-built than he had imagined. He was almost two metres tall and his figure was like those of a brown bear. With just one hand, he could easily render him dead.

………How was he going to escape like this?!

Cheng Zhi Chu was a little at loss. At this moment, the driver opened the door with a key. With a loud creak, the door to the cage was opened and he held onto the metal frame on the side before jumping onto the truck. The moment he got onto the truck, the entire truck sank down.

Seeing that the driver was getting closer and closer, Cheng Zhi Chu’s nerves were extremely tense and he could no longer hold back. He quickly rolled over and jumped up before proceeding to try and slip through the gap on the side.

He had originally thought that the driver was large built so his reactions would probably be slow, and he wouldn’t be able to immediately turn around in such a narrow space to chase him. However, what he didn’t expect was that the driver didn’t even need to turn around. He just swiftly threw his arm back to hit him in the head and rendered him unconscious. His body softened and he collapsed directly to the ground.

………It’s over.

This was the last thought that went through Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind before he lost consciousness.


When he woke up again, Cheng Zhi Chu almost couldn’t open his eyes because the light before him was too blinding. He later noticed the hard sensation behind him and guessed that he was probably tied up against a wall.

For a moment, Cheng Zhi Chu was in confusion and thought that he was probably still in his dormitory and that everything that had happened earlier was just a nightmare. But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the suffocating smell of blood around him reminded him that he was still in the same place as before. He could also feel metal rings around both his arms and legs that pinned him up against the wall.

At this moment, something warm suddenly fell onto his face. It was someone else’s finger. Cheng Zhi Chu wasn’t mentally prepared for this and instantly let out a shriek which he soon regretted afterwards. No longer able to continue pretending to be unconscious, he could only fearfully open his eyes.

Through his blurry and distorted vision, he could see a hand belonging to a man. Its joints were sharply defined, the complexion fair and the fingers were long and slender. It was a very good-looking hand.

The hand moved down slowly as it gently touched his cheek. This was then followed by a pleasant voice that held a hint of smile.

“You’re awake.”

Cheng Zhi Chu’s body trembled. When his vision was finally restored to normal, the hand touching his face had also moved down to reveal the other person’s appearance.

When he was able to clearly make out the other persons’ appearance, Cheng Zhi Chu was momentarily surprised. The man standing before him was unexpectedly young. He had a slender, lean figure and his appearance was neat and handsome. The man was looking at him with an exceptionally soft smile on his lips.

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If not for his pale skin that was stained with fresh blood, the fact that he was holding a scalpel dripping with blood in the other hand and the terrifying look in his eyes, Cheng Zhi Chu would have thought that he was a good person.

However, when he saw the deep and hot gaze from the other party move up and down his body, Cheng Zhi Chu felt his entire body go cold and he stiffened up. He could tell that the man was not looking at him as a living person. He was looking at him as if he was looking at a new and precious toy.

Even if the man may appear harmless, Cheng Zhi Chu could tell that the driver from earlier was just an accomplice and that the man before him was the real psychopath. He was probably going to die in this person’s hands, and in a very gruesome way………

“Your expression doesn’t look good. Do you feel sick?”

The handsome man frowned slightly and appeared to be worried about his condition. He carefully touched Cheng Zhi Chu’s pale cheeks, but it only caused Cheng Zhi Chu to become even more frightened and he trembled more violently.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect my underling to be so rough with you and hurt you.”

The man said this with an apologetic tone. He leaned down slightly and gently kissed Cheng Zhi Chu’s forehead. With a warm breath, he pressed against his ear and whispered.

“You probably felt very painful. I’m sorry. Did you find it disgusting being touched by someone other than me?”

What do you mean “other than you”? You’re obviously the most disgusting one!!

Suddenly finding himself kissed by this damned psychopath, in addition to feeling aversion to the cold touch, Cheng Zhi Chu felt disgusted and angry. As curses almost spilled out his mouth, his eyes moved, and he inadvertently saw a pile of something on the floor. The moment he saw it his eyes instantly widened in horror and he let out a fearful scream.

————It was a pile of flesh covered in fresh blood. White bones sat in the centre and it was mixed together with small fragments of fabric. At the very top sat the head of the driver which still had a petrified expression on his face.  Not long ago he was still the perpetrator but now he had become a bloody pile of raw meat.

The handsome man smiled and said: “He felt very apologetic about his actions to you so to atone for it, he volunteered to become like this.”

He said this very lightheartedly, but this only made Cheng Zhi Chu’s sense of reason collapse. He was terrified to the point that his eyes welled with tears. Although he knew that this would probably make the psychopath become even more excited, when faced with this predicament, he had no control over this instinctive reaction of his.

He sobbed as he begged: “I won’t tell anyone about this. I beg you, please let me go. Don’t kill me…”

“Don’t be afraid.”

The man raised his hand and wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes. The action was very gentle, and he even lightly kissed his damp eyes. He then moved the scalpel in his other hand over to Cheng Zhi Chu’s neck. The sharp blade instantly made a thin cut into his skin.

“I don’t want to kill you.”

“I just want to eat every bit of your flesh and blood so that you will always be together with me.”

“Because………I love you this much.”

The pain from the blade piercing his skin got more and more intense. Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know why he was suddenly loved by this damned psychopath and he didn’t understand why he would need to meet such an unfortunate outcome. With despair, he closed his eyes and prepared himself to accept his fate. At this moment, a strange sound suddenly appeared in his mind.

【Do you want to live?】

【Do you want to escape and return to the world that you were originally from?】

[Of course, I want to!! Who would be willing to die in the hands of a psychopathic murderer!!]

Cheng Zhi Chu thought that this just an auditory hallucination caused by his desire to live and answered it without a thought. He had originally thought that he had shouted his answer out loud, but he soon realised that he had mentally responded to the sound instead.

【Very good. Since you want to continue to live, then I will tell you how.】

【Do you see that handsome man before you?】

【Now, kiss him. Smooch him. Give him a loving smack. Use your tongue and move it around fervently inside his mouth. If you do this, you can live!!】

Cheng Zhi Chu: “…………”

Why is it that, even when he is about to meet his death, his own imagination can be so embarrassing?


??’s Diary (Part 1)

I can feel it. He has entered the game.

This time, I won’t lose him again.

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<Table of Contents> <Chapter 2>

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