Chapter 2: Beginner’s Instance (2)

Cheng Zhi Chu thought that he must’ve been scared insane. Otherwise, why would he produce such an absurd hallucination when the scalpel is cutting into his neck? And it was about kissing this psychopathic murderer…………Are you kidding me?!

But this extremely realistic sound continued to be heard in his mind.

【This is not your hallucination. You are not insane.】

【It’s okay if you continue to insist that it is. You should still give it a try. Try asking him for a kiss.】

【You also heard him. He said that he loves you. If you pretend to kiss him and act like you reciprocate his feelings, he might let you go. Of course, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work since you’re already about to die. You won’t lose anything.】

Hearing those words, Cheng Zhi Chu’s originally pale face suddenly formed a faint blush. It was purely from anger.

Who says that he won’t lose anything? He will lose his own integrity as a straight man! He hasn’t even kissed a girl yet and you’re asking him to kiss this damned psychopath?!

【Wouldn’t dying without even having your first kiss be worse than kissing the psychopath? The other party is also better looking than you so what right do you have to be so reluctant?】

Scram! Even if he died and is eaten by this damned psychopath he would never kiss———-


A drop of blood rolled down the sharp scalpel and fell to the ground. The sharp pain at his neck pulled Cheng Zhi Chu’s senses back and he could see blood slowly flow out from his neck.

The cold blade of the scalpel reflected the man’s cold smile. The shadow of death enveloped Cheng Zhi Chu’s head and his face once again turned pale. With trembling lips, he blurted out a few words without a thought ——

“I want to kiss you.”

The man’s movement suddenly stopped. He raised the deep and beautiful eyes of eyes that shone against the light. On his face was a hint of surprise.

“You said that you want to kiss me?”


Cheng Zhi Chu only now realised that he had actually said something outloud. His expression contorted a few times. He actually said it. If he angered the murderer, he might end up dying even more——–

The light in front of him suddenly darkened.

Under Cheng Zhi Chu’s shocked gaze, the man moved closer and lifted his chin. He then planted his warm and soft lips onto his.


The scalpel fell onto the ground between the two. With the other person holding onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s face, he could clearly feel the other party’s burning breath.

They really kissed…….

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes widened and he was extremely shocked. The man raised his hand to cover his eyes and then continued to kiss him passionately.

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Their lips intertwined, and the man kissed him both deeply and passionately. It was as if he wanted to just eat him up. Sucking onto his lips, he began to explore the inside of Cheng Zhi Chu’s mouth with his tongue. It sent a numb sensation through every corner of Cheng Zhi Chu’s body and he could hear the wet sounds that it made.


Cheng Zhi Chu struggled desperately but his limbs were still tied up and he couldn’t pull free. He was unable to catch his breath and soon he was kissed into confusion. His hands and feet went soft and his eyes were misty as he allowed the other party to continue kissing him deeply.

An unknown amount of time passed when the man finally released him. He raised his hand and wiped away the tears with his fingers. Seeing Cheng Zhi Chu’s breathless state and flushed expression, he once again planted a light kiss onto the corner of his mouth. With a low chuckle he said: “You’re so cute.”

“Huff, huff……..”

Cheng Zhi Chu lowered his head and gasped for air. He didn’t know if he should be angry or afraid. He really wanted to spit out a few times but he was afraid of angering the other person so he could only hold himself back.

…………Just treat it as if you were licked by a dog……….But this is far worse than being licked by a dog!

He hung his head as his face flitted between red and white. What made him more flustered was that the man’s actions didn’t just stop there. Right before his eyes, the man reached out to his shirt and started to pop open his top-most button.

Cheng Zhi Chu quickly raised his head and asked: “What are you doing?”

“You wanted to kiss me, so it means that our love is mutual.”

As he said this, the man had already unbuttoned Cheng Zhi Chu’s shirt. A smile rested on his lips as he looked at him deeply.

“So, we should now do something that lovers do.”

Enough! Can’t you just be a psychopath with normal sexual orientation?!

Cheng Zhi Chu’s face changed colours a few times.

If he really needed to be gay with this psychopath so that he could live…………He would rather just die!!

【Congratulations for clearing the Beginner Instance.】

【Clearance Rewards: Experience x100, Survival Points x100, Gift Package x1】

【Congratulations, you have reached Level 2.】

Just when he was considering the idea of killing himself by biting off his tongue, the both mysterious and infuriating sound once again appeared. Cheng Zhi Chu was then surprised to see the man before him be enveloped with golden light before disappearing in thin air. The rings around his limbs similarly fell off and he was freed from the wall.

What on earth is going on?!

Cheng Zhi Chu stood there in shock. Before he was able to recover from this, a strange background music started to play, and a cheerful voice was heard.

【“Infinite Escape” sincerely welcomes you!】


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Still in the warehouse, Cheng Zhi Chu sat on the ground and took a long time to make sense of the situation.

The reason why he had appeared here was because he was selected to participate in the horror game called “Infinite Escape”. Although it was called a ‘game’, everything that happens is real and the body he has right now is also his real body.

Every player only has one life. If you die in the game, then you are really dead. Also, because this is a horror game, the method of death would usually be extremely gruesome and miserable. Players also would not know about the details of their next instance.

After a game is cleared, players would get a certain number of survival points. If they could accumulate one million survival points, then they would be able to leave the game. Before that, they would need to go through various game instances and players would only have one of two endings; you either clear it or you die.

[Until now, how many people have cleared the whole game?]

Cheng Zhi Chu was still affected by what he had just experienced earlier. He quietly swallowed and asked the voice in his mind through his thoughts. This was his exclusive system, K29. Every player would be assigned their own exclusive system that would help guide them through the game.

System K29 very happily replied to him.

【Of course, there is none.】

Cheng Zhi Chu: “………..” Then what are you happy for?!

【Because you will be the first person to clear it.】

The system happily added: 【Although you’re dumb, poor and weak, you are lucky enough to meet me and get the most powerful ability in the whole game. With this ability, you will be the first person to clear the whole game and I will also become the best system that would be worshipped by all systems!】

[What ability are you referring to?] Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly had a bad feeling.

【You can open up the control panel. Yes, that’s it. You can see for yourself.】

Following the system’s instructions, Cheng Zhi Chu summoned up the control panel in his consciousness and prepared to see what his ability is.

【Player ID: Cheng Zhi Chu
Game Mode: Not Selected
Level: 2
Blood: 46/50
Physical Strength: 10/15
Survival Point: 100
Ability: 1 [View Details]
Skills: 0
Cursed Items: 0
Weapons: 0
Cards: 0
Items: Boss Photobookx1 [Bound Item], Beginner’s Gift Package x1
Bag Space: 5
Rating: D, the weakest of the weak.
Comment: Garbage. To be able to be bound with system K29 is the luckiest thing that would ever happen in your life. You should treat it well.】

That comment is undoubtedly written by that dog system itself!

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t have the time to look at the others and the first thing he saw was the comment at the end. In an instant he was angered until his face went pale.

He wanted to curse out but he was involuntarily pulled into the game and he didn’t dare to offend the system so he could only suppress his anger and just move on to check his ability.

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【Ability Details】

【Name: Kiss to Clear】

【Rank: S】

【Description: Just as the easy to understand and extremely well thought out name implies, when the ability holder kisses the boss, they would be able to clear the instance without completing the main task. This is an extremely powerful ability.

This ability is also accompanied with a “Boss Photobook”. After acquiring the photobook, all bosses in the photobook would need to be collected in order to leave the Infinite Escape game. Even if one million survival points are collected, the ability holder would not be able to leave the game until they do so.

Before the boss is killed, the ability holder must kiss the boss, or they will be trapped in the instance forever.】

Cheng Zhi Chu: “…………”

What is this garbage ability?!

【Oh right. As a reminder,】 The system spoke up, 【When you are not certain whether the other party is the boss or not, it’s better if you don’t kiss it. This ability only works for the boss and has no effect on ordinary monsters. If you kissed the wrong one, it’s highly likely that something terrible will happen.】


Cheng Zhi Chu’s hands trembled and waves of emotions surged inside him. He quickly calmed himself back down and dismissed the idea of killing himself along with the system before summoning up the so-called “Boss Photobook.”

He needed to confirm just how many bosses he needed to collect…….

A black book that didn’t appear very light suddenly fell to the ground. Seeing how thick it is, Cheng Zhi Chu’s face immediately went pale. After being in dilemma for a while, he apprehensively picked it up and opened it up to the first page.

On the first page was a familiar handsome face. It was the young man from earlier. Seeing that face again, Cheng Zhi Chu immediately slammed the book shut again in surprise. After a while, when he managed to gather up enough courage, he reopened it and read the description below the photo.

【ID: 001】

【Name: Qin Ji】

【Source: Beginner Instance】

【Difficulty: Easy】

【Description: The only son of a wealthy family. Since young, he was raised under his parents’ strict guidance and is a genius that has drawn the attention of the public. He is also a target that many aims to pursue.

However, hidden under that perfect exterior of his was extreme exhaustion and emptiness that continued to build over time. Eventually this became a bottomless black hole that swallowed everything around him.

Only killing brought him joy and satisfaction. For a long time, warm blood, smooth muscles, the victim cries of agony, and their tears of despair were the only things that allowed him to refrain from becoming completely mad.

This was until he met you.

He longed for you. Loved you. Greedily wanted to possess every part of you.

How could he allow others feel your warmth? How could he allow you to look at another person? Your presence, your smile, and even every breath and blink, should all belong to him——-

So he decided to eat you and let you become one with him. All the people who remembers you should be killed —— He wouldn’t even allow anyone to have you in their memories.

He wanted to completely erase your existence in this world so that you would solely belong to him.

He. Loves. You.】

Cheng Zhi Chu shivered. At this moment, what made him feel even more creeped out was the fact that the man in the photo had suddenly curved his lips up into a gentle smile and wordlessly mouthed a few words.

“I love you.”


Cheng Zhi Chu was so frightened by it that he had accidentally dropped the book onto the ground. The first page flipped over to reveal the pages after it. Because he had not yet collected the boss, all he could see were pages of dark silhouettes. It eventually stopped on the last page and revealed the final ID number.

【ID: 187】

This means that he still needed to kiss another 186 bosses so that he could clear the game and he clearly saw that some of the silhouettes were obviously not human…….

——– It’s better for him to just go die!

Cheng Zhi Chu’s head was suddenly hit with intense pain and he soon fell to the ground and passed out.


??’s Diary (Part 2)

Soon, I will meet him, but I still haven’t thought of how I should introduce myself.

Would it be too straightforward if I directly invite him to bed?

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