Chapter 4: Midnight Mansion (2)

Bai Yi’s voice was very nice and it allowed him to easily establish a good impression. He also acted very calm and sensibly. Hearing his voice, Cheng Zhi Chu who was originally feeling very nervous couldn’t help but relax a little. Using the faint moonlight, he assessed the other four teammates including Bai Yi.

At this moment, the wind picked up blowing away the dark clouds obscuring the moon. As the white moonlight shone down illuminating everyone’s faces, Cheng Zhi Chu was able to make out Bai Yi’s appearance. Seeing it, he couldn’t help but be a little stunned.

The man before him had a slender and tall figure. Under the moonlight, his pale skin looked as if it was almost transparent. Paired with eyes that shone like a jewel and were as dark as the night sky, a small tear mole at the corner of his right eye and slightly raised lips that had a trace of flirtatiousness, he looked stunning to the point that it felt somewhat unreal.

He raised the corners of his lips slightly as his gaze fell onto Cheng Zhi Chu and he gave him a soft smile and a little nod.

With that smile of Bai Yi’s, even if Cheng Zhi Chu is a straight man, he couldn’t help but feel his heart race from his handsomeness. A curse word almost left his mouth but fortunately he was able to hold it back in time. He also gave Bai Yi a smile and said: “Hello.”

When he finished saying this, Cheng Zhi Chu moved his gaze over to the other three teammates. There was one man and two women. Of them, a pair of man and woman stood very close and even wore a couple outfit.  Clearly, they’re a couple. The other woman wore glasses and appeared to be quite docile like a good girl.

The female half of the couple looked over at Bai Yi in daze. Her boyfriend noticed it and his expression immediately darkened. He pulled her into his arms and deliberately gave Bai Yi a look. Only now did the woman return to her senses and say a few casual phrases to placate her boyfriend. The boyfriend immediately turned his attention over to her and spouted out cheesy love talk that made Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but shudder.

At this moment, the system started to introduce the story behind the instance.

【This is a very well-known cursed building. It used to be an ancient mansion owned by the noble family of Sorcha.】

【For hundreds of years, the luxurious and magnificent mansion was like a bright pearl; dreamy and beautiful. It was a place that everyone had longed for, but this stopped being the case twenty years ago.】

【Twenty years ago, the young daughter of the Sorcha family brought her newlywed husband over to the residence and they became the new owners of the mansion. However, in less than a year, the newlywed couple and all their servants died tragically inside the mansion. The two subsequent owners of this mansion similarly were met with mysterious deaths.】

【Since then, this once glorious mansion had been completely abandoned and horror stories centred around it started circulating around. Soon, it became a taboo existence.】

【As members of the occult club, the five of you are very intrigued by the horror stories surrounding this mansion and have agreed to come together tonight to investigate and reveal the truth behind it.】

【Main task 1: Investigate the truth】

【Main Task 2: Leave the mansion alive.】

【Your special mission: Collect the photo and kiss the boss. If you don’t complete the special task, you will not be able to leave the instance even if you complete the main tasks.】

【The moment you enter the building, the game starts.】

【I wish you a happy game.】

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After hearing the tasks announced, the corners of Cheng Zhi Chu’s mouth twitched a few times —— What happy? How can he be happy with a garbage special task like that?!

“Can I ask how I should refer to you guys?”

After everyone was done hearing about the instance, Bai Yi smiled and spoke up.

The docile woman appeared to be rather introverted and only fidgeted awkwardly without saying anything. The female half of the couple wanted to say something, but she was held back by her boyfriend who just snorted coldly at Bai Yi. It appears that he was still unhappy about the earlier incident of his girlfriend staring at Bai Yi and wanted to kick him off his high horse.

“Hello, I am Cheng Zhi Chu. Um…..I hope we can all cooperate with each other and clear this instance together.”

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t want there to be any conflicts in the team before the game had even started so he took the lead and introduced himself.

“Hello everyone, I am Lu Wenjing…..”

The seemingly docile woman said this in a quiet voice. Cheng Zhi Chu who heard this had the urge to laugh. This woman really is true to her name. She can’t be more docile and quieter than she is already. (KKnotes: Wenjing literally means gentle and quiet)

But the next second, Lu Wenjing suddenly pulled out a long crowbar from inside her backpack. The crowbar was still stained with blood. With a splat, a drop of blood fell to the ground.

Cheng Zhi Chu: “……..”

“Hello, I am Ren Xue. This is my……..my boyfriend, Wang Jianming.”

The beautiful female half of the couple ignored her boyfriends attempts to hold her back and introduced them both. At the same time, she didn’t forget to reveal a sweet smile at Bai Yi: “Bai Yi, it’s nice to meet you.”

Her boyfriend Wang Jianming stood behind her with a dark expression. He clearly wasn’t happy about his girlfriend talking to Bai Yi, but he couldn’t stop her and could only watch on reluctantly.

With him looking like this and his earlier act of spouting cheesy love talk to try and please the other party, Cheng Zhi Chu could easily tell what was going on. Wang Jianming was most likely his girlfriend Ren Xue’s spare tire and faithful dog. After finally managing to turn things into his favour, he was probably afraid that someone would steal his girlfriend and would treat all men with wariness.

But with that slight pause in Ren Xue’s words, it was apparent that she didn’t like Wang Jianming all that much. She had difficulty admitting that he’s her boyfriend and it seemed like she wouldn’t hesitate to dump him at any point in time.

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As for Wang Jianming, he definitely regards Ren Xue as a goddess. The reason why this buddy is here was probably because he followed his goddess over. If his goddess said that she’s very scared, this buddy here probably patted his chest in confidence and became a player by accepting it through the app. It’s almost certain that he would have said something along the lines of him protecting her……..

At this moment, Ren Xue stretched her hand out to Bai Yi, but Bai Yi only smiled gently and didn’t hold it. He just took the lead and said: “If everyone is okay with it, let’s go in.”

Ren Xue bit onto her lower lip and revealed a trace of hurt expression on her face. Wang Jianming felt particularly distressed seeing this. He angrily glared at Bai Yi and then patted his chest: “Xiao Xue, sometimes you can tell that someone is unreliable with just one glance. You don’t need to be so friendly with him. Don’t worry, you have me here. I will definitely protect you!”


Cheng Zhi Chu cleared his throat to suppress the laughter that was about to come out. No, he can’t laugh. It would be too rude. He would direct all the hatred over to himself if he did.

So he maintained a serious expression and responded to Bai Yi: “Then let’s go in.”


Bai Yi once again smiled at him and took the initiative to come over and walk next to him. He even cheerily said a few more words to him.

Seeing Bai Yi acting so friendly with him, Cheng Zhi Chu felt somewhat flattered. Just now, he had witnessed Bai Yu’s cold attitude towards Ren Xue and thought that, despite being good looking, Bai Yi was probably someone who was hard to get along with. But, turns out he is actually quite approachable.

As they conversed, they reached the entrance to the mansion. The dark, carved wooden door had somewhat decayed and in some areas the black paint had peeled off revealing a layer of dust and cobwebs. Next to the door was an aged newspaper that was pinned onto the wall.

“‘Terror! Another death at the Sorcha Mansion. The ghost house is true to its name………..”

Cheng Zhi Chu took out the flashlight from his backpack and approached it to illuminate the text. With furrowed brows, he read the title.

The flashlight was something that he had received from the beginner’s gift package. It would always be fully charged, and every player would have one of them in their possession.

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Also, from the gift package were three bottles of low-level blood tonics, ten weapon fragments and two skills.

Weapon fragments could be used to synthesize weapons. The more fragments used, the higher level the weapon would be. Cheng Zhi Chu had not yet used the fragments because ten fragments could only be combined to make a thin wooden stick that was completely useless.

As for the skills, one of it was a “Low Level Text Interpretation” skill that allowed him to understand the contents of the newspaper written in a foreign language. The other one was a “Low Level Clue Prompt” skill. After using this skill, he would be able to see the clues shining but this skill had a cool down time of half an hour after every use and it could only be used in instances that was below the difficulty level of Hard.

Although these two skills are very practical, the reason why Cheng Zhi Chu wanted to cry was because he didn’t possess any weapons. He was basically in a completely unarmed state right now so if ghosts or monsters were to appear and his teammates abandoned him, he would be done for. After all, the Kiss to Clear ability of his was only useful against the boss and it had no effect on the other monsters.

For now, he had not yet told his teammates about his current predicament because he wasn’t certain whether or not they were teammates that he could trust. Fortunately, it looks like he was the only one in this group that had the text interpretation ability so they could only rely on him to read the clues. This would mean that his teammates couldn’t abandon him, or they would not be able to complete the main task of “Investigating the truth”.

“What this newspaper article is talking about is this mansions’ third and last owner’s mysterious death.”

After reading the contents of the article, Cheng Zhi Chu stored it inside his backpack and gave the others a simple summary.

“This case happened about ten years ago. He was found dead in the hall by his wife. It looked like he had committed suicide by hanging himself but the rope that he had used was very short and after being hung up, the distance between his feet and the floor was about two metres so it couldn’t have been a suicide. After the police inspected the scene, they had determined that this was not a case that a human was capable of doing.”

As Cheng Zhi Chu said this, his body trembled. The faces of Lu Wenjing and the others went pale with fear. Only Bai Yi maintained a calm expression and asked gently: “Were there any clues left in the scene?”

“Nothing. Everything was clean.”

Cheng Zhi Chu shook his head: “That’s why the police believe that it is the work of an evil spirit. Because this case was so similar to the two cases that had happened before, it was very quickly closed, and the owner’s family soon moved out. No one dared to investigate the secrets hidden here………”


The others looked over at the door with fear. They were afraid that it would open at any time and swallow them up.


As everyone looked at the door, the originally tightly locked door suddenly made a strange noise before slowly creaking open to reveal a dark gap.

From the beginning to the end, no one had touched the door.

It had opened by itself.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 4)

That woman wanted to shake hands with me, but I naturally rejected it.

How could I shake hands with her?

Every inch of my body belongs to Zhi Chu. Only he can touch me.

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<Chapter 3> <Table of Contents> <Chapter 5>

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KK has something to say:
The instance begins~


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