Chapter 5: Midnight Mansion (3)

Without any external forces, the originally closed door to the mansion had opened by itself. Cheng Zhi Chu and the others felt their hairs stand up in terror and they all subconsciously took half a step back. Only Bai Yi stepped forward and turned on the flashlight to illuminate the gap between the door. After looking in for a few seconds, he reached out and pushed the door in.


Along with the sound of rusty hinges, dust fell from above as the door slowly opened. From inside the building, a musty scent rushed out. Under the dim light coming from the flashlight, the inside of the mansion appeared to be even more spooky.

When Bai Yi pushed the door open, the others all had very nervous expressions. When they saw that nothing strange happened after the door opened, they were able to let out a sigh of relief.

Because of his girlfriend Ren Xue, Wang Jianming wasn’t very happy with Bai Yi. At this moment, he was even more dissatisfied. With a quiet voice he complained: “You should tell us in advance if you’re going to open the door. What are you going to do if something goes wrong?”

Bai Yi smiled and said: “They said that the game would only start after we enter the mansion. It’s just opening a door, nothing will happen.”

Hearing him say that, Wang Jianming opened and closed his mouth. For a moment he couldn’t think of anything to say back. Ren Xue tugged at his shirt and whispered accusingly to him: “Don’t make a big fuss out of nothing…..”

“………” Wang Jianming shut his mouth and his face flushed slightly red. Although he listened to Ren Xue’s words and didn’t push things any further, the look that he gave Bai Yi was filled will resentment. He brushed his shoulder against Bai Yi and took the first step into the mansion. At the same time, he muttered in a low voice, “Show off.”

“Jianming!” Ren Xue was a little embarrassed. She gave Bai Yi an apologetic look, “I’m really sorry about this. That person is sometimes like that……..”

“Xiao Xue, don’t apologise. We have nothing to say to him!” From within the building came Wang Jianming’s voice filled with resent.

Bai Yi politely smiled and didn’t appear to take it to heart. He turned to Cheng Zhi Chu and Lu Wenjing who had been standing on the side the entire time as if they’re transparent and said: “Let’s go in.”


Cheng Zhi Chu made a sound of acknowledgement and at the same time felt like his head was about to explode. What is this garbage? Why do we have to have this kind of dog-blood drama going on even while we’re faced with a life or death situation? But he didn’t dare interrupt…….he could only hope that they wouldn’t continue fighting over something like this even after entering the mansion.

With a flashlight in their hands, everyone stepped into the mansion. The moment they all entered, the door slowly closed on its own. The musty smell grew stronger and it was mixed together with dust and a faint rotten smell that almost made Cheng Zhi Chu sneeze.

He covered his nose and mouth and used the other hand to hold his flashlight. He then nervously examined his surroundings.

They were currently in a place that appeared to be the living room. The floors, walls and furniture were all coated in a thick layer of dust. From under it, you could faintly see the originally brightly coloured and intricate patterns that once had its days of glory. But after the consecutive mysterious deaths, this place had been completely abandoned and it eventually became this state.

For some reason, the temperature inside was much lower than the temperature outside. It didn’t take long for Cheng Zhi Chu to feel cold and shiver.

He carefully examined the living room and didn’t find anything out of the normal. He initiated the “Clue Prompt” skill and saw two items glowing faintly from inside the dimly lit living room before soon going out.

One of it was near where Lu Wenjing stood. She had seemingly noticed something and was about to go over in that direction, so Cheng Zhi Chu moved towards the direction of the other light. It was a tattered leather sofa. The leather wrapped around it had already been torn open. After hesitating for a moment, he reached into the exposed cotton and pulled out a small, hard object.

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Cheng Zhi Chu spread open his hand and used his torch to illuminate the item in his hand. It was a small key with intricate engravings.

【Discovered a clue. You gain 50 experience points and 100 survival points.】

【Item Name: Key.】

【Item Type: Instance Prop.】

【Can you bring it out of an instance: No】

【Description: A silver key. It looks like it could be used to open some sort of secret door.】

Every time someone gets a hold of a special item inside an instance, they will automatically be given an introduction and description. Cheng Zhi Chu placed the key inside his pocket and turned around with the intention to report his discovery to the others but when his flashlight illuminated the floor, his entire body froze.

With the thick layer of dust on the floor, it was natural for the people walking around to leave behind footprints.

Only Cheng Zhi Chu had walked over to the location where he stood so it should only have one person’s footprint, but he clearly saw another set of footprints on the floor along with his.

This set of footprints looked extremely strange. The steps are messy and there are also obvious signs of dragging. The footprints from the left foot were missing the front half and the latter half left behind dark-red stains. It was as if the foot had been cut in half and blood was still flowing out of it.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s expression changed and he took a step back. At this moment, a new footprint appeared in front of the set of footprints that he saw.


With a soft sound, fresh blood fell to the ground. The direction of the footprint was faced towards Cheng Zhi Chu’s location!


A horrified scream suddenly rang out. The source of it was Lu Wenjing. At the same time there was the sound of wooden boards breaking. With her scream, Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart similarly quaked in fear. He fell to the ground onto his butt and pointed at the footprints with a pale face while crying out: “Ghost!”


Wang Jianming and Ren Xue retreated backwards away from Lu Wengjing and Cheng Zhi Chu. Bai Yi however moved over to Cheng Zhi Chu’s location without any hesitation and helped him up. With a serious expression he asked: “Don’t be scared. What did you see?”

“Thank-thank you.”

 Through a thin layer of clothing, he could feel Bai Yi’s warmth travelling over from his palms. Adding on top of that his calm attitude, Cheng Zhi Chu who was scared to the point of death managed to breath deeply a few times and calm his racing heart.

He couldn’t help but feel that this Bai Yi person is a really good man and his good impression of him rose even more. After giving his thanks, he pointed in front of him and explained a little haphazardly: “There. I saw a ghost’s footprint……….Huh? It’s gone?”

Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly stopped in his tracks and just looked on in disbelief. The bloody footprints that he saw earlier had completely vanished. On the ground was just a thick layer of dust and his and Bai Yi’s footprints.

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Did he see wrong? Impossible. Something definitely appeared in front of him!

Cheng Zhi Chu quickly remembered that when he saw the footprints, he also heard Lu Wenjing’s scream. Could it be that that thing had attacked her instead? Thinking this, he immediately directed his flashlight over and asked anxiously: “Lu Wenjing, are you okay?”

“I’m okay………..”

Lu Wenjing who was being illuminated by the light from the flashlight was a little pale. She was bending down with the crowbar in her hand. She pointed to the foot that had fallen into a gap on the floor and said with embarrassment: “Sorry, the floorboards broke. I was surprised by it and thought something had grabbed my leg……”

“Are you crazy? Stop acting surprised over something like that.”

Wang Jianming was scared to death earlier but, seeing that it was just fake scare, he immediately yelled out with irritation. Lu Wenjing who was yelled at by him revealed a wronged expression. Holding tightly onto the crowbar, she lowered her head dejectedly.

Seeing Wang Jianming’s rude attitude, Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but frown. Wang Jianming had not yet calmed down and proceeded to direct his attack at Cheng Zhi Chu. Looking at him up and down he asked: “You’re saying that there are ghost’s footprints? Where is it?”

Being asked with a scornful expression like that made Cheng Zhi Chu also feel irritated. With a cold expression he said: “I definitely saw bloody footprints earlier, but I don’t know why it’s gone now.”

“There are no footprints? You’re actually just too embarrassed to admit that you saw wrong right? I mean, can you guys stop scaring people over nothing? We’re already nervous enough as it is so what are you going to do if you end up really scaring someone to death……”

Wang Jianming grumbled and then turned his head over and changed his expression. He carefully looked at Ren Xue who had a bad expression and smiled: “Xiao Xue, are you okay? You cold? This place is pretty cold. Do you want me to take off my jacket for you…..Ah? You don’t want it? But your face is so pale. You should wear it———”

“Enough, shut up. You’re so embarrassing!”

 Ren Xue’s face flushed red. She felt that Wang Jianming is just too embarrassing and reached out to knock the jacket in his hands onto the ground causing dust to spread around her. She then turned around and angrily stomped over to Lu Wengjing to help her pull her leg out.

Wang Jianming was at loss. He didn’t know why she was angry. He quickly apologised: “Xiao Xue, I’m sorry. I………”

“Shut up!” Ren Xue didn’t look back and just yelled that phrase at him.

In an instant, the atmosphere was very awkward. Bai Yi supported Cheng Zhi Chu with faint smile on his handsome face. His eyes however were very indifferent when he looked at the others. This was particularly the case for Wang Jianming. Each time his eyes fell onto Wang Jianming, it would become several degrees colder.

Cheng Zhichi didn’t notice this and just wanted to resolve the situation. Although he was still a little upset, he said: “Sorry brother for scaring you but we didn’t do it deliberately. Also, I’m certain that I didn’t see wrong. Bloody footprints really appeared here, and the left foot appears to have been cut in half. It may be the ghost of someone who has lived here before.”

Wang Jianming didn’t say anything. After Lu Wenjing was pulled out by Ren Xue, she pulled out an old envelope stained with blood. In a small voice she said: “I found this…….It looks like a letter.”

“I also found a key, but I don’t know what door it is for.”

Cheng Zhi Chu pulled out the key and showed it to everyone. The five people once again grouped together, and Cheng Zhi Chu was given the letter. He glanced at the cover and then at the address before tearing open the envelope and reading the contents.

“This is………..a letter written by this mansion’s second owner. It is a letter addressed to his wife.” Cheng Zhi Chu said with a frown.

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【To my sweetheart:

Dear, you probably didn’t expect this kind of surprise from me. I actually bought the Sorcha mansion and it was at an incredibly low price. I’m about to go crazy from happiness. I want you to take the children and come over here to live with me now!

Of course, there is a reason why the Sorcha family is willing to sell this mansion…..Although you may be scared, I feel that I should tell you the real reason.

Just a year ago, a tragedy occurred in the mansion. It’s owner; Sorcha family’s young daughter Mrs Mei Jie, and all their servants and even all the living animals died tragically in the mansion overnight. So far, no arrests have been made for this case.

God, this is such a terrible thing………The murderer must’ve had a deep grudge against the Sorcha family, or they wouldn’t do something as horrendous as this.

Reading until this point, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention Mrs. Mei Jie’s newlywed husband. Could it be that he is still alive?

No. In fact, rumour says that he had already died before this tragedy had even occurred and that he had died in the basement of the mansion. It’s just that there was no evidence of this, and no-one had seen his body so the police could only record him as missing.

A rumour has been passed amongst the nearby residents: Mr Charlie, that is, the newlywed husband, was probably killed by Mrs Mei Jie.

Before they were married, Mr Charlie was just a poor boy from the countryside. But with his good looks, Mrs Mei Jie fell in love with him at first sight. Like this, he eventually integrated into the Sorcha family and became a member of the upper class.

It’s also because of this that Mrs Mei Jie would often treat him as if he was a dog. Whenever she is unhappy, she would throw a flurry of insults and attacks at Mr Charlie. In front of his wife, he had no dignity at all. In the end, perhaps because of some dispute between the two, Mrs Mei Jie simply killed him off.

I saw some horrific evidence of this in the basement: There were lots of scratches on the ground and the walls and even traces of dry blood. I once asked one of the servants to clean the blood up but, no matter what they did, it couldn’t be removed. It’s not difficult to imagine what terrible things had probably happened in the basement.

Perhaps the tragedy that happened afterwards had something to do with Mr Charlie, but I didn’t want to probe any further, so I decided to permanently seal the basement off.

You also don’t have to worry dear. Something like this would definitely not happen to us because we love each other and will continue to love each other for the rest of eternity.

That’s right. There’s something else that’s interesting. In the mansion’s main bedroom on the second floor, that is, the room that the newlywed couple had used, there is a hidden door. It is hidden behind an oil painting and it requires a key to open, but I couldn’t find the key. The hidden door is extremely solid and it cannot be broken with external force.

When you come, we can bring the kids together to try and find the key. This will be a very interesting and fun family treasure hunt activity!】

“……….It is then signed off with, ‘Your love’ and the letter ends there.”

Cheng Zhi Chu read the letter and looked up at the others. After Ren Xue finished listening to it, she wanted to say something, but she suddenly felt someone touching her shoulder.

She thought it was Wang Jianming wanting to hook his arm around her shoulder and just frowned and moved her hand intending to swat his hand away. However, her hands hit thin air – It didn’t touch anything.

At the same time, in addition to feeling something touching her shoulder, she also felt fluid dripping down. The fabric on her shoulder soon became stained and a faint bloody smell could be smelt.

Her body stiffened. She slowly lowered her head down and peeked behind her.

A pair of footprints were printed clearly on the ground closely behind her. The left foot lacked the front half and blood-red stains were left on the dusty floor.



Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 5)

Why did you make Zhi Chu angry?

Since you suspected him, I’ll make you and your girlfriend really encounter a ghost.

PS: The scared Zhi Chu is so cute. I couldn’t help but want to give him a kiss.

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