Chapter 10: Midnight Mansion (8)

Pulled along by Bai Yi, Cheng Zhi Chu stumbled while trying to keep up with his steps. Along with Lu Wenjing, the three of them ran along the corridor of the second floor and through several rooms before finally managing to lose the ghosts chasing behind them.

Eventually, they ran onto a bedroom and the very last of the white shadows were finally gone. Bai Yi gently closed the door and stood behind it to listen for any sounds before turning to Cheng Zhi Chu and Lu Wenjing. He said in a quiet voice: “We’re safe now.”


Cheng Zhi Chu had used up all his remaining physical strength and he felt his legs go soft. No longer caring about whether the floor was clean or not, he collapsed onto the dirty floor and gasped for air. He felt that he was about to die from exhaustion and had only managed to run this far purely because of his desire to live.

Lu Wenjing’s face was also covered in sweat. She similarly sat on the floor gasping for air and, after a moment, she bit onto her bottom lip and said very uneasily: “…….Wang Jianming hasn’t caught up. I wonder how he is.”

Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t say anything. After Lu Wenjing finished speaking, she also fell silent. If someone were to part from the group and be alone in a place like this, and if they didn’t have any particularly effective life-saving means, it was very likely that they will be met with a bad outcome. Earlier, there were just too many ghosts and it was difficult for them to even protect themselves. If they chose to save Wang Jianming, it was likely that everyone would end up losing their lives. 

But they didn’t hear his cry, so they still hoped that he was okay…….

“I think that these monsters……were probably attracted by the necklace.”

Cheng Zhi Chu recalled the strange emerald necklace. Still feeling creeped out, he couldn’t help but shudder: “Perhaps it has its own consciousness. It has the ability to appear and disappear on its own and even fall into my pocket. I’m very worried. What if………….”

He didn’t say the rest of that sentence but the meaning behind it was evident.

——-If it continued to follow them and suddenly appeared on them, what should they do?

“We need to find a way to destroy it.”

Bai Yi thought for a moment and then said: “The source of power for cursed items are usually from resentment or fear. Maybe we need to find out what the source of its power is. This would mean that we need to figure out whose lingering grudges or regrets still remain.”

“I think there are three suspects.” Cheng Zhi Chu finally had enough strength to sit up. He patted away the dirt from his shirt and said, “The scum Charlie, the mistress Mary…….”

“And Mrs. Mei Jie?” Lu Wenjing asked.

“I don’t think its her.” Cheng Zhi Chu shook his head. “Because the phrase engraved on the necklace was ‘Our future child will be called Joshua’. When Ren Xue was controlled by the necklace, she instead repeatedly asked if ‘Joshua’ is a good name. If it was Mrs. Mei Jie, she definitely wouldn’t care about what the mistress’s child is called. The only people who would ask this question would be Charlie, Mary and……….”

“Joshua himself.” Bai Yi calmly said.


Cheng Zhi Chu covered his face. He thought back to the low chuckle that he had heard next to him when he came into contact with the necklace. It sounded like it belonged to a man. If the malicious source of the necklace is the boss of this instance, then it probably isn’t Mary. As for the remainder…….

Again, it’s a man……..

“Next, we should look for the hidden passage on the second floor and enter to basement to see what clues we can find there.”

Bai Yi looked over at Cheng Zhi Chu and Lu Wenjing as he said this and the two also agreed. After a short break and after confirming that there was no movement outside, they left the room and turned on the flashlight to illuminate the corridor on the second floor. They carefully examined the floors and walls for anything that looked unusual.

The mansion had a very complex floorplan and the corridor turned and twisted like a winding labyrinth but fortunately Lu Wenjing had the skills to interpret the topography so it would at least guarantee that they wouldn’t get lost.

In addition to using their naked eye to examine the corridor, Cheng Zhi Chu would also activate his ‘Clue Prompt’ skill every ten minutes to double check whether or not there was a hidden door along the corridor that they had just passed through. Unfortuantely, after multiple attempts, it all came back with no results. Instead, they ran into wandering ghost several times. Although most of them were just loitering around alone, they didn’t want to create too much of a disturbance so the three could only hide from them rather than eliminating them.

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Why haven’t we found it yet……….

Cheng Zhi Chu was anxious to the point that his forehead was covered in sweat. The longer things dragged out, the more uneasy he was because he noticed that the interval between each ghost encounter was gradually getting shorter and shorter. The necklace itself was also like a ticking time bomb that would go off at any time. If it summoned those ghosts again………

“Wait a minute. This place……..seems a little different.”

Lu Wenjing who was groping around the floor let out a quiet whisper and gently used her palm to push down a piece of floor board. A little nervously she said: “Come and take a look. Do you think it can be opened?”


Cheng Zhi Chu who was closest to her walked over immediately with bright eyes. There was still another three minutes until he could use his skill again, so he decided to confirm it with his own eyes first.


Lu Wenjing stood up and pointed at a piece of floorboard. When Cheng Zhi Chu walked over, she suddenly looked up and revealed a smile

This was the first time that Cheng Zhi Chu had seen Lu Wenjing smile. This timid and introverted girl had always been nervous and uneasy ever since they had entered the instance and had never showed a smile. Now that he saw that cold smile of hers, Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

Bai Yi sensed something and raised his head. When he saw Lu Wenjing’s smile, his pupils immediately constricted. At the same time, the floorboard under Cheng Zhi Chu’s feet suddenly opened to reveal a pitch-black hole. Before he had the chance to react, he had fallen straight in.

The moment he fell, Cheng Zhi Chu saw a green glow coming from Lu Wenjing’s neck. She was wearing the emerald necklace but the next second it disappeared.


The floor instantly closed up and left behind no traces. Bai Yi was surprised for a short moment before his face immediately darkened. Expressionlessly, and with a cold and terrifying look, he looked completely opposite to the demeanour he had when he was around Cheng Zhi Chu.

“Come out.”

He faced Lu Wenjing and quietly spat out those two words. Lu Wenjing just laughed and didn’t say anything. He angrily grabbed her throat and instantly made a red-blue handprint form on her neck. He again repeated his words coldly.

“Come out.”

“Long time no see.”

The girl’s face was suffocated to the point that it was purple and blue. She was beginning to show the whites of her eyes, but she didn’t struggle at all and a strange smile just hung at the lips. Despite clearly being choked and her mouth not moving, the words that were spoken was still very clear. It was as if she was just a human skin cover around a soundbox.

She continued to smile and say: “You’re still not dead yet?”

“You guys haven’t broken down yet so how can I disappear first?” Bai Yi’s tone was cold and indifferent, “That cursed item is yours?”

“Yes, I plan to give it to him. What do you think?”

As this was said, the girl paused for a moment and then lightly added: “Looks like I asked a meaningless question. If I think it’s good, then you naturally would think so too. After all, we were originally the same person.”

Bai Yi’s eyes darkened: “Give him back to me.”

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“Give him back? But he doesn’t belong to you in the first place.”

The girls body then suddenly started to melt like a candle. Her skin and bones all melted while blood poured out. Soon, it became a pool of sticky and slimy flesh, but it still continued to move.

“You can go and find him yourself. But this place here can be changed at my own will and you will not be able to find the entrance to the basement.”

“Maybe you would be lucky enough to find the entrance but by that time he would have already become mine. He would be killed by me and his soul will stay here with me forever. I’ll also eat his body so that you won’t be able to get anything.”

Bai Yi remained indifferent: “I will kill you.”

“Kill me?”

The voice gradually changed eventually turning into a young man’s voice. It sneered: “If you kill me, you will once again be hurt and might even break down———-”

“Don’t touch him.”

Bai Yi used his foot to crush the pile of flesh and directly broke the source of the voice.

A small hint of light appeared in his deep, dark eyes yet it looked more like the black flames burning in hell.

At the same time, the entire mansion faintly started shaking.

“I said, don’t touch him.”


When the hole in the floor appeared, there was a long set of stairs below it. Cheng Zhi Chu tumbled down the passage bumping and bruising, and a few cuts also formed on his head. When he finally reached the bottom, he laid on the ground in a dizzy state. Fresh blood immediately flowed down to cover his entire face.

I’m about to die!!

Cheng Zhichi was terrified. He immediately pulled out blood tonics from his backpack and only felt a little better after gulping down two bottles in one go.

When the pain had subsided, he struggled to sit up and he picked up the flashlight that had fallen down along with him. He then used it to light up his surroundings.

As expected of the flashlight, no matter how much you smash it, it wouldn’t break……..

Fortunately, he had the flashlight. If he was to be kept in the dark unable to see anything, he would definitely go crazy.

………But he’s still scared!! There’s only him here. It looked like Lu Wenjing had become controlled by the necklace and there was only Bai Yi up there. He didn’t know if Bai Yi would be able to deal with it but hopefully he’s okay……..

Cheng Zhi Chu deeply understood that he can now only rely on himself. He bravely stood up and took a deep breath. After half a second, he realised that the air was heavy with dust and had an unpleasant smell. He couldn’t help but let out a cough.

When he fell, he had accumulated a large amount of spider webs on his body. There were even a lot on the top of his head. He had no other option but to use the ten weapon fragments to synthesise a wooden stick. Although it wasn’t very useful for defence, it was still better than nothing. It gave him a boost in his courage, and he could also use it to clean up the spider webs.

Cheng Zhi Chu held the flashlight in one hand and the wooden stick in the other. He waved it around to knock down the spider webs so that he could finally see what the room was like.

Based on the clues that they had found earlier, this appeared to be the basement where Charlie was imprisoned in. After seeing the scratches on the floors and the wall, Cheng Zhi Chu felt even more certain. The hair on his arms couldn’t help but stand.

He didn’t know whether or not he could return to the corridor on the second floor if he went back through that set of stairs. If he couldn’t, then he would need to find another way out. But even if he could get out he probably wouldn’t be able to easily go back in again…….In short, he should focus on collecting the evidence here first.

Cheng Zhi Chu breathed out and built up his courage. When his skill finally cooled down, he once again initiated it. This time he only saw one spot of light coming from the ground not far ahead of him.

He held onto the flashlight and bravely shuffled over. When he picked it up, he saw that it was a bundle of pages from a notebook that was stained with large amounts of blood — It was the second half of Mrs. Mei Jie’s diary that was torn off.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 10)

On a certain day after entering this game, my soul was broken. Only I kept my original appearance. The other fragments of me flew to different parts of the game and took up different appearances. It was also because of this that many never seen before instances had appeared.

Some of them had lost “my” memory. Some still retained it. The “me” in this instance belonged to the latter. He knew everything.

What he said was right. We shouldn’t be able to do anything to each other. Whether I kill him, or he kills me, it would all likely lead to my second break down.

If any part of me were to disappear, I would probably go mad. I would probably become an existence that won’t even have a consciousness. And if I were to die, every fragment of mine would also die with me.

But what about it? If he dares to touch Zhi Chu, I will definitely kill him.

It doesn’t matter what I become in the end.

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