Chapter 12: Midnight Mansion (10)

Caught unexpected by Joshua’s sudden grip around his neck, Cheng Zhi Chu who was hit with suffocation fell back onto the ground with a bang. With Joshua pressing down onto him, the back of his head slammed against the ground and he immediately had a dizzy spell. His vision also similarly became blurry.


Because of the lack of oxygen, Cheng Zhi Chu’s vision went dark. He opened his mouth desperately gasping for air. He kicked his legs while struggling as his hand clung onto Joshua’s wrist trying to pull it away, but Joshua’s hands seemed like it was made of metal. When he grabbed onto it, he could only feel a cold and hard sensation and, no matter how much strength he exerted, it didn’t budge.

“Be good. Bear with it and soon it won’t hurt.”

As he felt his consciousness slowly fading, he could hear Joshua’s voice faintly next to his ear. Although Cheng Zhi Chu knew that he should resist but, as his consciousness faded, his movements also got weaker and weaker. Eventually, his hands loosened from around Joshua’s wrist and it fell weakly by his sides.

Looks like I’m really going to die here……

【Die my ass!】

An angry outburst suddenly exploded in Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind. The system that had been silent ever since he had entered the instance and only sent out automatic notifications suddenly came alive and started to yell at him.

【I won’t allow you to die you piece of trash! I don’t care if you die but the ability that I gave you will be buried along with you. Who do you think you are?! Hurry up and go kiss Joshua you damned gay. Isn’t this your forte?!】

Scram! Who’s a gay?! Who’s forte is it?!

Cheng Zhi Chu who was originally preparing himself for death heard the systems words and immediately opened his eyes in anger.

Seeing Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly opening his eyes again, the beautiful blond youth was a little caught off guard. Just as he was about to increase the strength in his hands, Cheng Zhi Chu proceeded to open his mouth. His eyes reddened and tears rolled out from it and down his cheeks.

Joshua’s actions stiffened a little and the strength that he used also reduced a little. Although he had already died and was just a ghost, he still felt a small stinging sensation in his heart when he saw his beloved person’s tears.

He didn’t like seeing this person crying.

But, why was he crying? Because he didn’t want to die or because he didn’t want to be with him?

………Does he really hate him that much?

——-Fuck, I can’t do this. I’m about to suffocate to death….

Using the chance when his grip loosened a little, Cheng Zhi Chu tried to take a deep breath but couldn’t help but start coughing violently. He didn’t pay much attention to it though and, after recovering a little, he reached out to Joshua above him.

In a life and death situation like this, he had instantly mentally prepared himself. Wasn’t it just kissing a male ghost? That’s nothing. As a straight man, he wouldn’t be shaken just because he kissed a man. As long as he kissed him, both he and Bai Yi would be able to clear the instance. This is only for the sake of survival!

When he saw Cheng Zhi Chu reaching out, Joshua was again stunned. Cheng Zhi Chu’s hands rested onto his shoulders and even hooked around the back of his neck, pulling him down.

He had originally thought that Cheng Zhi Chu had reached out in order to push him away, but he had done the complete opposite of what he had expected. It was like Cheng Zhi Chu wanted to hug him………Why?

A rare trace of surprise flitted through the golden-haired youth’s eyes and, feeling slightly troubled, he released his hold and obediently allowed Cheng Zhi Chu to pull him down by the back of his neck and bring him closer.


He only said one word when he suddenly felt a soft sensation on his lips. He immediately widened his deep-blue eyes in surprise.

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This person actually kissed him.

……….He’s kissing him.

They’re actually kissing.

Does he…..like him?

Cheng Zhi Chu closed his eyes and kissed Joshua. After a few seconds, when he felt that it was enough for his ability to take effect, he proceeded to widen the gap between the two.

But what he didn’t expect was that just as his lips left Joshua’s, the latter unrelentingly persisted and continued to kiss him deeply. He even pushed him closer with his hand on the back of his head and had his other hand hooked around his waist. His actions were filled with desire and possessiveness and he had no intention to release him.

“Mmm———-” Let go!

Cheng Zhi Chu once again started to struggle desperately. This time, it was because of a different reason. Earlier, it was because Joshua wanted to kill him but this time it was because Joshua was kissing him too fiercely and he was about to reach the heavens from suffocation!

Joshua’s kiss was filled with awkwardness. It was obvious he wasn’t familiar with it. He only kissed Cheng Zhi Chu’s lips roughly with their teeth clashing every now and then, and the faint taste of blood spread through his mouth. The moment he tasted it, Joshua’s grip around him tightened and he stretched his tongue inside to explore every corner of his mouth.

He wanted to taste it more.

He wanted to cover every inch of this person’s body with his scent…….so that he would completely belong to him.

However, on the contrary Cheng Zhi Chu was about to break down. With two hands weakly gripping onto Joshua’s shirt he madly asked the system in his mind why his ability had not yet taken effect.

The system replied casually: 【Why the rush? There will always be a slight delay for this ability to take effect. You’re clearly enjoying it anyway so, if you want, I can give you an extension.】

Bullshit! He doesn’t need that. Hurry and get that ability to take effect!!


When Cheng Zhi Chu started considering the idea of ending his life by biting his tongue, the mansion once again started to shake violently. Joshua furrowed his brows slightly and finally released his hold of Cheng Zhi Chu and looked up. Cheng Zhi Chu’s line of sight travelled past Joshua and, when he saw the figure standing behind him, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes in surprise.


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A sharp knife plunged though the blond youth from behind. The blade pierced through his chest and the tip of it was covered in blood. The young man groaned while revealing a painful expression before slowly looking back in surprise only to see Bai Yi looked down at him from above.

Bai Yi looked down at him expressionlessly. His eyes were ice cold and there was no light within it. It was dark like the abyss of death and it looked like it was about to swallow him up.

He actually killed him……..

Cracks started forming across Joshua’s pale skin along with the crisp sound of something breaking. Like a fragile glass statue, small transparent crystals fell from his body before shattering onto the ground. His lips curved up and he laughed silently before proceeding to reach out to Cheng Zhi Chu.

Earlier, he was too immersed in the kiss and didn’t even realise that his other self had already invaded this place. He even witnessed the scene of him kissing the person whom “they” loved……….

Thinking this, it wasn’t difficult for him to understand “his” decision to kill him.

If it was him, he would also not be able to tolerate seeing someone else touching this person. Even if he self-destructed, he would also……


The moment the blond youth’s fingertips were about to touch Cheng Zhi Chu, his entire body shattered and formed a pile of glass fragments reflecting and scattering light around the room.

Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked. He was originally embarrassed about Bai Yi witnessing the scene of him being kissed by Joshua but now he couldn’t help but worry about whether or not his task of collecting this boss’s photos had failed. At this moment, Bai Yi who was watching Joshua shatter suddenly turned pale and half-knelt onto the ground. He clutched tightly onto his shirt and furrowed his brows while breathing very heavily.

“Bai Yi!”

Seeing Bia Yi’s painful expression, Cheng Zhi Chu immediately panicked and rushed over to support him. With his face covered in cold sweat, Bai Yi fell onto him, buried is face in his neck and held tightly onto him.

“What’s wrong? Were you hurt by Joshua? Do you need any tonics?”

Cheng Zhi Chu was very worried and he clumsily patted Bai Yi’s back. Bai Yi however didn’t say anything and just tightened his grip around him. Faint cracks formed on his skin along with a slight sound of something breaking.

【Boss photo collected. Congratulations for clearing the instance “Midnight Mansion.”】

【Clearance Rewards: Experience x100, Survival Points x2000.】

【Player level has upgraded to Level 7】

【Congratulations on killing the Boss. You have completed all the main tasks. You can leave this instance by leaving the mansion.】

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While Cheng Zhi Chu was anxious to no end, the belated system notification finally appeared. The fragments on the ground started to emit a soft golden glow before entering Cheng Zhi Chu’s body one by one like small stars.

By this time, Bai Yi’s condition had also seemingly improved. He lifted his head up from Cheng Zhi Chu’s arms and his face had restored some colour. Giving him a gentle smile, he apologised: “Sorry, I lost control and worried you.”

“Are you okay?” Cheng Zhi Chu supported his shoulder and was still a little worried, “Are you hurt?”

“It’s nothing. I just used too much power and felt a little weak.” Bai Yi placed his hand onto the back of Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand and looked at him with warm eyes, “It’s okay now. Thank you.”

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

Hearing this, Cheng Zhi Chu finally breathed a sigh of relief and similarly smiled. He had just heard the system announcing that he had successfully collected the photo, so he no longer needed to worry about whether or not he managed to successfully complete his special task.

That’s right, he still hadn’t taken off that necklace……..At this moment, Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly remembered that he was still wearing Joshua’s necklace. He immediately took it off and stored it inside his backpack.

Since Joshua had personally said that he was gifting it to him, it looked he could use this cursed item. Though he didn’t know why Joshua would want to give it to him……….

He stored the necklace in his bag and helped support Bai Yi up. When the two made their way back through the hidden passage to the corridor on the second floor, Cheng Zhi Chu came across Lu Wenjing’s clothes and a pool of flesh on the floor. He couldn’t help but feel bad inside when he realised that even a quiet and gentle girl like Lu Wenjing couldn’t escape the necklaces’ curse.

Wang Jianming had also not appeared yet. Looks like he has already……….Cheng Zhi Chu sighed. He decided that when he leaves this instance, he would help buy some burial services for his teammates.

The forum had mentioned that the marketplace also offers a burial service. If a player spends some of their survival points for their teammates, the system would be able to deal with the matters relating to the dead player. They would arrange it such that their deaths could be more easily accepted by their families and would even establish a tombstone at a nearby cemetery. It could also be considered the last thing that he could do for them.

Cheng Zhi Chu and Bai Yi walked down the stairs together. Because Joshua was dead, and the instance was cleared, the mansion was lit up. The cold and creepy atmosphere from earlier was gone and it just looked like an ordinary, Western-style building.

The two reached the main entrance and, just as the instance was about the end, Cheng Zhi Chu looked up at Bai Yi. He wanted to add him as a friend so that he can hug onto his thigh in the future but he saw Bai Yi staring at him.

“…….What’s wrong?”

Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly felt nervous. Was there something wrong with him? Or was there something wrong with Bai Yi?

The handsome man stared deeply at him and, after a moment, he raised his hand and gently brushed his thumb across Cheng Zhi Chu’s lips. He said in a quiet voice:

“Earlier, he was kissing you?”


Cheng Zhi Chu’s expression immediately turned green.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 12)

Cheng Zhi Chu was kissing someone else.

I had never thought that I would see something like this.

This scene took over all my reason and made me unable to retain my control of myself. By the time I had regained my senses, I realised that I had already killed my other self.

I don’t feel any regret for this. If I still retained even a little bit of reason at that time, I would have used it to think about how I should cruelly torture ‘him’ until ‘he’ breaks down.

“His” death caused a chain reaction and my soul was also damaged to the point that I was almost on the verge of being destroyed. But at that moment, I felt a force absorbing the remaining life from that pile of glass fragments ensuring that “he” did not completely die.  Like this, I was also barely able to keep myself from breaking down.

I think I might know the origin of that source of power, but it didn’t make me happy ———— I would rather break down myself than see someone else touch Zhi Chu.

If Zhi Chu was to be taken away by someone else………..I don’t know what I would do.

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KK has something to say:
Cheng Zhi Chu is just too kind. It warmed my heart when he decided that he would spend his own survival points for his dead teammates


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