Chapter 19: Abandoned Hospital (3)


In the dark and silent environment, the only source of light was the light coming from the flashlights. Cheng Zhi Chu and the others walked over to the hospitals gates and Da Gao pushed the metal doors open releasing a low groan from the rusted hinges.

They walked into the courtyard and, using the light from the flashlight, Cheng Zhi Chu carefully examined its interior.

Because it had been abandoned for many years, the hospital had become very desolate and ruined. Grass grew wildly through the gaps between the broken floor tiles and rubbish and debris including concrete and glass were scattered everywhere. The guardroom and the several of the bungalows had collapsed and large posters along with several white banners hung from the walls and trees.

<Return my family’s life!>

<This hospital keeps patients without treating them. It’s equivalent to intentional murder!>

<Give me back my child!>

Each of these words indicated that some bloody tragedy had occurred here in the past. As they ventured further inside, they could even see that the grounds and walls of the hospital were covered in red paint saying, “close down”, “murderer” etc. It made those who saw it feel a little alarmed.

Looks like the hospital has had an accident in the past so it was forced to close down……..Could it have been a serious medical accident?

Cheng Zhi Chu thought this secretly and followed the other people into the closest building. Da Gao pried open the already half-shattered door and stepped in first.

At this moment, memories suddenly appeared in Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind. For example, he remembered that this was a private hospital and that there is a total of two buildings. The building that they are in now is the outpatient building and is four stories high. The building behind it is the inpatient building where he had received psychotherapy treatment several years ago. He had stayed on the eighth floor which was also the topmost floor.

He also vaguely remembered the way around. Once inside, it is the lobby and the reception would be on the left-hand side. A large LED screen hung from the wall on the right-hand side flicking through different information about the hospital….

Cheng Shi Chu suddenly panicked. At this moment, he seemingly saw the appearance of the hospital when it was still intact. The marble floor gleamed brightly with fresh green plants sitting against the wall. The wide lobby was filled with people coming and going and there was even an escalator leading upstairs in the centre with two long corridors beside it that led to various clinics and doctors’ rooms………

Faced with such a complicated terrain, he was a little overwhelmed. At this moment he heard a clean and clear male voice coming from beside him. It said to him softly:

“Xiao Chu, come here. Come this way.”


No, this isn’t his memory. What on earth is he seeing?!

Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked, and he suddenly woke back up with large widened eyes.

At this moment, he had already walked into the outpatient building. What was before his eyes was the old and ruined first floor lobby. Everywhere was covered with dust and various parts were covered in uneven dents from smashing. There were even mottled blood and paint all over the floor.

On his left was a smashed reception desk and the LED screen on the right-hand side had been dismantled and broken into pieces. The escalator at the centre had also long stopped working. Everything was exactly the same as what he had seen in his memory.

【This is your memory.】

【You have lived in this hospital for a long time, so you are familiar with this place.】

【At the same time, you also noticed something strange: In the memory earlier there was a man talking to you and guiding you, but you don’t remember who that man is.】

【Was this a missing memory or was it because your illness had relapsed? You aren’t sure.】

【You need to find out the truth.】

【Triggered side task: Mysterious Voice.】

【Task content: Investigate whether the voice really exists.】

【Task reward: Weapon fragments x100.】

A side task and the rewards are weapon fragments!

Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but feel energised.

He had seen relevant content on the forum. Players have a certain probability of triggering a side task. It is up to the player themselves if they want to complete the task or not and, after completion, the reward is very generous.

What he wanted the most right now was weapon fragments. Because weapons cannot be purchased, it could only be synthesized using weapon fragments or through the lottery system. As he didn’t receive any weapons from his beginner’s gift package and the lottery system, he was now in an unarmed state. The only thing that could save his life was Joshua’s necklace but whether or not it worked was another thing.

So, he must complete this side task to get 100 weapon fragments!

Cheng Zhi Chu felt that this side task didn’t seem to difficult and should be manageable. If he really couldn’t…….he would probably need to consider shamelessly asking Bai Yi for help.

“The hospitals map was destroyed.”

Da Gao walked over to one side and pointed his flashlight at the directory. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows when he saw that it was covered in paint and couldn’t make anything out.

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“I know the place here.” Cheng Zhi Chu took the initiative to speak up. “Because…..in this setting, I used to be a patient of this hospital so I still have a slight impression of the place.”

Da Gao didn’t say anything. He just said: “Lets search this lobby to see if there are any clue in pairs. Remember not to venture too far.”

Cheng Shi Chu initiated his ‘clue prompt’ skill and looked around the lobby. Because the area is quite large, he couldn’t see clearly and just vaguely saw several places light up.

The younger sister of the twin sisters also had the same skill. With her sister, the two went in one direction. When Cheng Zhi Chu saw this, he also gently called out to Bai Yi and the two of them moved over to the bulletin board before taking down an aged newspaper that was pinned onto it.

【Discovered a clue. You gain 50 experience points and 100 survival points.】

“‘Another major safety problem at Guang Ai Hospital. The management must rectify this major problem’……..”

Bai Yi helped him hold the flashlight as Cheng Zhi Chu pinched onto the corners of the newspaper and read the headline. “Guang Ai” just happened to be the name of this hospital.

This was a news report from five years ago. It was written the same year that the hospital was closed so the hospital had probably ceased operations not long after this report was issued.

The report disclosed in detail the safety incidents that had occurred at Guang Ai hospital. Over three months, it had occurred twice.

The first incident was a case of the escalator malfunctioning. A young girl was involved and died on the spot. She was clearly in a hospital, but she didn’t even have the chance to receive emergency care.

The second incident was a fire occurring on the top floor of the inpatients building that lead to one death and two people receiving heavy injuries. The cause of the fire is still unknown, and the report believes that it is all due to negligence from the hospital.

The report was worded sharply, and it focused on criticising Guang Ai hospital. After reading it, Cheng Zhi Chu felt that this definitely wasn’t something that the hospital staff had posted and was instead posted by the same people who had left the banners outside.

At this moment, Cheng Zhi Chu naturally remembered that when he was “discharged”, it was a few months before the accidents had occurred, so he wasn’t clear about these incidents. All he knew was that something had happened to the hospital and that it had shut down.

Although it may seem somewhat unreasonable, after these two accidents, the hospital fell under public outrage and eventually ended all operations. Could there have been something else that had also occurred to cause this?

“Oh my god, it’s so terrible……..”

At this time, a small exclamation came from the sisters’ side. Cheng Zhi Chu looked over and saw them waving their hands and signalling them to come over.

Cheng Zhi Chu went over and saw one of them holding a large poster in their hands. The moment he saw it, his face couldn’t help but twist slightly.

Printed onto the poster was a very gruesome photo. He recognised the location in the photo; it was where the elevators were on the first-floor lobby of the inpatient department.

Because there is a large flow of people in the inpatient department and because there is a need to transport beds and wheelchairs, there were a total of six elevators that had lots of space and were able to carry a lot of weight. In the photo, all the elevators were stopped on the first floor and had their doors open. You could see that the floor inside were covered in blood to the point that it even flooded out.

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The scene was extremely chaotic. The elevators were filled with people whose expressions were filled with grief and fear. Some were covered in blood and crying while holding onto medical staff while others were lying on the ground. There were also some that were currently being dragged out from the elevator with their limbs obviously deformed. One of them even had their head split open and yellow-white brain matter flowed out from inside.

The text below the photo explained the story behind this horrific scene.

Just half a month after the fire in the inpatient department, the hospital had a third incident: all six elevators suddenly malfunctioned and fell from above. Three of them fell from the top floor while the other three fell from different floors.

No-one in the three elevators that had fallen from the top floor was spared and all of them were killed. The passengers on the other three suffered different degrees of casualties resulting in a death toll as high as fifty.

The incident caused an uproar amongst the public. Local residents protested to the government and demanded that the hospital be closed. Many families of the victims were overly emotional and proceeded to post banners and posters up around the hospitals, damage hospital buildings and facilities and even attack hospital representatives and staff.

Later, due to various reasons and pressures from various parties, the hospital was forced to close down and stop operating. Apart from its most expensive equipment’s, everything else was basically left behind resulting in the scene that they’re seeing right now.

 “We found a list of the casualties from the elevator incident.”

Da Gao spoke up and handed over the list that Ji Yun Xiao had found. Cheng Zhi Chu received it and used his flashlight to light it up. When he saw one of the names, he felt that it sounded familiar.

Luo Jie…….

He repeated it a few times inside and suddenly remembered that it was the name of his attending physician.

In his memory, Dr Luo was a middle-aged man in his forties that looked quite elegant and was always smiling. He treated people with care and patience, so all the patients and nurses liked him. Was he also involved in this elevator incident and passed away?

Because Dr Luo isn’t a common name and because it had appeared on the list, Cheng Zhi Chu could basically confirm that the deceased is indeed the Dr Luo that he knows.

The ring would make him have some kind of relationship with the monsters or ghosts here so if Dr Luo is a ghost then did he become his patient?

This thought flashed through Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind. Just as he wanted to tell the others about his discovery, everything suddenly slowed down and he faintly heard something.



“…….Come here……”

“Xiao Chu, come here.”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 19)

Zhi Chu doesn’t remember but in fact, before he entered the game, we have met before ——- It was twelve years ago.

It wasn’t a good encounter.

At that time, Zhi Chu was still young. Because of fear, his small body was trembling. When he saw me walk into the room, he subconsciously hid inside the closet and shut himself in, rejecting anyone’s advances.

I tried to calm him down and tell him that I was not a bad person and that I wanted to save him, but it was useless. He didn’t trust me and just desperately retreated deep inside the closest. In a small voice, he started to cry.

I didn’t dare touch him because I was worried that he would become even more agitated. It was only when his parents rushed over and reached into the closet while comforting in a gentle voice did he come out of the closet. While crying, he rushed into his mother’s arms and allowed me to see the bruises and scars on his body.

Seeing him like this, I couldn’t say a word.

I was about to go crazy.

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KK has something to say:
What happened to Cheng Zhi Chu in the past??? Which motherf*cker did that to him?! How dare they hurt my baby 🤬

Also something from authors notes that you might like to know: Cheng Zhi Chu is twenty. Bai Yi is twenty-six.


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