Chapter 20: Abandoned Hospital (4)

Where was this voice coming from?

Hearing that mysterious voice calling out his name, Cheng Zhi Chu was startled. He looked around subconsciously but was only met with darkness.

The voice was fleeting so even if Cheng Zhi Chu wanted to listen to it carefully, his surroundings had once again become silent. It was as if what had happened earlier was just his imagination.

It seems to be the same voice as the one in his memory………..Was this auditory hallucination or was this something that could only be heard by him alone?

Cheng Zhi Chu felt uncomfortable. He carefully observed the others’ expressions and saw that they didn’t seem any different. Clearly, he was the only one that had heard the voice.

Based on his ‘memory’, it didn’t sound like Dr Luo’s voice but if it isn’t Dr Luo, then who could it be? He had no clue. Did they want him to conjure up something out of thin air? As far as his current state is concerned, it isn’t unlikely.

Cheng Zhi Chu mulled over it for a while but soon gave up. After all, his task was to investigate whether the sound is real or not. If he can guess it immediately then there would be no need to set it as a side task.

He told the others that the deceased Luo Jie used to be his attending physician and also told them about the voice that was calling for him, but he wasn’t sure if the voice really existed.

“We haven’t heard anything…….”

The sisters said this, and Li Yun Xiao shook his head. Da Gao assessed him suspiciously and was clearly thinking that Cheng Zhi Chu’s illness had relapsed.

Bai Yi gave a slight sound of acknowledgement and then spoke up: “Even if it really exists, you would probably be the only one to hear it. The introduction mentioned that you felt something drawing you here, so you came to the hospital. Do you feel any attraction to that voice?”

“Not at the moment.” Cheng Zhi Chu thought for a few seconds and then shook his head in denial.

“But it also doesn’t rule out this possibility.” Something dark flashed through Bai Yi’s eyes, “This instance is targeting you.”

Cheng Zhi Chu mourned for himself inside. He pushed the blame to the ring. Although he wasn’t currently wearing it, it looks like its side effect wouldn’t disappear because of that.

Thinking this, Cheng Zhi Chu decided to just wear it. Since he couldn’t escape its side effects, he might as well wear it and use it. Like this, if there is a ghost or monster around he would at least receive a warning……..

Just as Cheng Zhi Chu pulled out the blood-stained silver ring and wore it on his ring finger, Bai Yi’s eyes stopped and he stared at the ring for a moment. It was only until Ji Yun Xiao pulled out a large set of keys did his line of sight move away from the ring.

“This was found in one of the drawers of the reception desk.”

Ji Yun Xiao passed the set of keys around for everyone to look at. On a large keychain hung many keys. Almost all of them were rusted and there was even one that had been broken in half. Only one of them looked like it could still be used.

“We took a look already. There is 105 engraved on the key. It’s probably the key to room 105.” Da Gao said.

When he mentioned the number 105, the location of the room appeared in Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind and his body stiffened. Room 105 is a room located along the right corridor and he is very familiar with this room because it just happened to be Dr Luo’s consulting room.

This feeling of finding something closely related to himself made Cheng Zhi Chu’s scalp go numb and it also made him feel uncomfortable. He told Bai Yi and the others about the office and after they nodded their heads in acknowledgement, they proceeded down the right corridor.

The light from the flashlight illuminated the interior of the corridor. It was narrow and dark and the area ahead that was not illuminated by the flashlight was pitch black. The windows and doors on both sides were all boarded shut and could not be opened. The walls on both sides were soaking wet and water dripped down from the sides causing many parts of it to flake.


A drop of water fell onto the older twin Meng Ke’s face. She reached out and wiped it off while subconsciously looking up to the ceiling. She was confused about why there was so much water here.

She directed her flashlight up and could only see a white roof stained with wet patches. It looked like the water had leaked down from upstairs.

After this place had been abandoned for so many years, the water and electricity would have also long stopped being supplied so it couldn’t be a leaking water pipe. Then this water…….where on earth did it come from?

Meng Ke had some doubts. She removed her hand and, as the palm of her hand crossed her line of sight, she saw a bright red colour along with a faint bloody smell.

With a ‘thud’ her heart dropped. She carefully took another look at her palm. That blood-like stain on her hand had disappeared and it was just a wet water stain left from wiping her face earlier. Did she see wrong?

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What the hell is this…..

Meng Ke felt more and more uneasy. She rubbed the palm of her hand and turned around to seek comfort from her sister. But when she turned around to look at her sister Meng Xin, she was horrified to find that her sister’s face and body was covered in blood. A pair of white eyes stared directly at her and she smiled exposing hundreds of maggots writhing around inside.


The maggots fell to the ground and shrived up their slender bodies to form a ball. It looked extremely disgusting.

“Big sister……”

Under the Meng Ke’s horrified look, the young girl smiled and slowly reached out to her. The corners of her mouth grew wider and wider as both her skin and clothes gradually melted like a candle and blood spewed out. Her internal organs were revealed and with a “clatter”, her eyeballs and teeth fell to the ground.


Meng Ke shuddered and she opened her mouth with horror. She found it difficult to accept that her sister had become like this.

She slowly retreated backwards but the young girl continued to approach her. With every step, the flesh on her body would “plop” onto the floor like mud and the small maggots would writhe around the rotten flesh making soft squelching sounds.

“Do-Don’t come over!”

Meng Ke screamed. At the same time, because she was blinded by fear, she didn’t stop to think about why the others weren’t around or take out her weapons. All she was left with was complete and utter fear as the young girl’s maggot infested eye sockets were reflected in her eyes.

She didn’t pay attention to the ground and she stepped onto something as she took another step back. Unable the maintain her balance, she collapsed to the ground and couldn’t get up again because she was trembling so violently.

“Big sister.”

The flesh and blood on the young girl’s body had almost completely fallen off by now. Revealing her dark eye sockets, her bones creaked as she moved a bony arm with only maggots left hanging from it. It stretched over and grabbed her by her shoulder.

“Ahhhhhh! Go away! Go away—-!”

Meng Ke was scared stiff. She closed her eyes and struggled around desperately. It was only until she felt her shoulders being furiously shaken, a warm sensation touch her cheeks and her little sisters worried cries reaching her ears did she open her eyes in shock. When she opened her eyes again, she was surprised to see her younger sister’s normal appearance.

“Big sister, what’s wrong? Don’t scare me!”

Little sister Meng Xin shook her older sister’s shoulder. Earlier she saw that she was in terror and was extremely worried. Seeing that her older sister’s eyes had regained focus, she was able to breathe a sigh of relief.


Meng Ke was stunned. As if she had just suddenly returned to her senses, she started to touch her sister’s face and body: “Xin Xin, Xin Xin? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay. The one who’s not okay is you, big sister.” The young girl held onto her big sister’s hand, “What happened to you just then? No matter how much I call you, you didn’t listen and just continued to back away. It was as if you saw something scary.”

“I…I saw you become a monster. And the others…..Xiao Xiao and the others all disappeared….”

Borrowing the young girls’ strength, Meng Ke stood up unsteadily. Her face was still pale, and she was still a little dizzy.

“Looks like you had an hallucination.” Da Gao spoke up, “Did you do anything special just then?”

“No….I just wiped away the water that fell onto my face.” Meng Ke warily answered.

“Water? What water?”

“The water from the ceil——-”

Meng Ke looked up and her words abruptly stopped. Her face once again went a few shades paler.

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The ceiling was clean, and the walls were smooth. It was only covered in a layer of dust. There weren’t any signs of it being soaked in water.

“Big sister……..”

Feeling her starting to tremble again, Meng Xin held tightly onto her wrist and her eyes were filled with worry.

Cheng Zi Chu watched this and felt a little uncomfortable, but his ring didn’t warm up and the Meng sisters weren’t more than five metres away from him, so it meant that there weren’t any ghosts or monsters around. So why would Meng Ke see such a scary hallucination?

Bai Yi looked at them and didn’t say a word. As if he was just a bystander, coldness and indifference was concealed within his eyes.

“Under your feet……….”

Ji Yun Xiao revealed a worried expression. His eyes fell to the location next to Meng Ke’s felt and he pointed: “There. There’s something.”


Meng Ke was startled and she quickly looked next to her. When she looked, she saw that there was indeed a small shadow next to her. It was the thing that she had tripped over earlier.

She and her sister took a closer look and saw that it was just a dirty teddy bear. Its’ entire body was furry and it was only about the size of two handspans. Its’ face was facing the ground and one of its arms was missing revealing the cotton inside.

Meng Xin used her ‘Clue Prompt’ skill and saw that the bear didn’t light up. It appears to not be a clue.

With only the little bear appearing in the hallway, it looked extremely awkward and they suspected that it could be related to Meng Ke’s hallucination.

Meng Xin didn’t hesitate to pull out her gun and fire two shots at the bear. Her gun was loaded with a silencer, so the sound was very small.

The bear that was hit bounced around on the ground from the force of the bullet and only became more tattered. There was no other changes and it seemed to be an ordinary teddy bear.

Seeing this, everyone was relieved. The two sisters re-joined the group and they successfully made their way to the room 105 without anyone having any further hallucinations.

Illuminated by the flashlight, they saw that the door to room 105 appeared to have been tightly boarded up with wood before but for some reason it was taken down again. The broken boards were thrown aside in the corridor, and the door to room 105 was tightly locked.

Ji Yun Xiao held onto the key and wanted to open the door, but he was stopped by Da Gao who took over and opened the door for them.

With a “click”, the key was inserted into the keyhole and a small noise was heard.

Da Gao raised his alertness and slowly pushed the handle down and pushed the door open while looking fixatedly at the widening gap.

Cheng Zhi Chu, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. He held his breath and watched them open the door but, at this moment, he once again heard the system’s cold voice and his face instantly turned pale.

【Initiating out of control behaviour.】

“Zhi Chu?”

Bai Yi seemed to have noticed that something wasn’t right. His eyes moved over to Cheng Zhi Chu and when he saw his panicked look, he grabbed his wrist and asked: “You lost control?”

Hearing him ask this, Ji Yun Xiao and the two sisters subconsciously looked back and saw Bai Yi holding onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s wrist. But the next moment, it became Cheng Zhi Chu holding Bai Yi’s wrist. He even stood on his toes and lifted up his head to move his face closer to Bai Yi’s.


Under Bai Yi’s look of surprise, Cheng Zhi Chu closed his eyes and raised his other hand to caress Bai Yi’s handsome face. He then proceeded to plant his lips onto the corner of his lips.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 20)



(Completely forgot what he wanted to write)

…….So soft.

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