Chapter 21: Abandoned Hospital (5)

Question: I am a man. I love women. I have a friend who treats me very well. The friend is pretty much perfect, apart from the fact that he hates gays. Now suddenly, by accident, I ended up kissing him. In addition to that, he may have originally mistakenly thought that I’m a gay so he must hate me now. I regret it very much. What should I do to ask for his forgiveness?

Answer: Either you castrate yourself, kill yourself or undergo sex change and let your friend have some fun.

During the few seconds of kissing Bai Yi, after the initial shock, many thoughts appeared in Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind. This made those few seconds feel extremely long.

He would have never thought that he would think nonsense like that at a time like this. He was currently experiencing a “who is he, where is he, what is he doing, what did he do to Bai Yi” type of conflict when he eventually concluded———

Bai Yi is definitely going to kill him!!!

He was still in his out of control state and he had no control over his body. Even his closed eyes couldn’t be opened, and he couldn’t see what Bai Yi’s expression was at the moment. He only knew that the other party didn’t stop his actions ——-perhaps he was scared stiff by him.

Because of his inner fear, Cheng Zhi Chu’s face became extraordinarily pale. What was even more terrible was that despite his desire to resist, his body continued to move.

He parted his lips lightly and explored with the tip of his tongue. Like a little cat, he gently licked the corner of Bai Yi’s lips.


The strength in Bai Yi’s grip around his wrist increased several degrees. It seemed like even his breathing was no longer smooth.


Cheng Zhi Chu was scared to the point that his inner organs hurt. He knew that Bai Yi had finally reacted and would probably directly crush him with his hands. The next thing that would be crushed would be his head!

【Ending out of control behaviour.】

The systems notification sounded like a death notice for Cheng Zhi Chu at this moment. Cheng Zhi Chu was finally able to regain control of his body, but he had lost all his energy and his legs were soft. If it wasn’t for Bai Yi supporting him in time and holding him steady, he would have directly sat onto the ground.

Cheng Zhi Chu lowered his head and nervously opened his eyes. He continued to stare at his and Bai Yi’s feet and didn’t dare look up to look at Bai Yi.


An unknown amount of time passed, and Cheng Zhi Chu finally found his voice. With a pale face he apologised to Bai Yi. Besides that, he couldn’t say anything else. His mind was a complete mess.

The current situation was so bad that it couldn’t get any worse. He could still remember Bai Yi’s look when he saw the kiss between him and Joshua; it was so cold that he could feel himself freeze over, and this time the innocent him was dragged into it. Bai Yi is remaining silent right now definitely because he is deciding how he should kill him………!

“Zhi Chu.”

After a moment of silence, Bai Yi spoke gently and called out his name. His voice was as gentle and as calm as ever and there was even a hint of a smile hidden within.

The more he was like this, the more Cheng Zhi Chu trembled. He feared that it was the calm before the storm, but he also couldn’t stand the silence any longer. He bravely raised his head and looked straight at Bai Yi.

However, when he looked up, he saw that Bai Yi’s expression wasn’t as grim and dark as he had expected. In fact, he looked like he was in a pretty good mood. That pair of beautiful, black eyes shimmered and was slightly curved. With the tear mole at the corner of his right eye, it made his look appear even more gentle and pleasant. His long eyelashes hung down as his eyes looked down at him.

Could it be……..he’s not angry at him?

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes met with his for a few seconds and his internal panic gradually calmed down. His face had also recovered a little bit of colour. When he finally gathered up his courage, he said in a small voice:

“I’m really sorry. I lost control earlier. I really didn’t know that I would do something like that………”

Speaking of which, why would he make such gay actions whenever he goes out of control?! Are you sure he isn’t a sex-deprived pervert instead of a mental patient?!

“I know you’re definitely feeling disgusted about this…” As Cheng Zhi Chu said this, he started to feel awkward and his face flushed faintly red. Because he was too immersed earlier worrying that Bai Yi would hate him, he had completely forgotten that he had done an extremely shameful thing, “If you want to vent, you can hit me. I promise I won’t fight back………”

“Don’t be afraid. How can I be angry at you?”

The handsome man smiled and gently rubbed the top of Cheng Zhi Chu’s head. His tone was as gentle as water and he again spoke up in a quiet voice.

“…….In fact, it felt good.”


Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t hear the last part clearly. He just felt his face blush even more when he saw Bai Yi look at him with such a gentle and almost indulgent look. At the same time, shame and guilt also surged within him.

Bai Yi really is……….He’s clearly such a steel straight man so he would have definitely felt disgusted inside after being kissed by a man yet he’s willing to endure for him and act like it was nothing. He even conversely tried to comfort him……..How can there be someone with such a good temperament?! He simply can’t match up to him!!

Cheng Zhi Chu was completely moved by Bai Yi. Thinking that his life is fulfilled now that he has made such a good friend, he was willing to kneel down on the spot and worship the other party.

But Bai Yi’s loyalty was one thing and his guilt towards Bai Yi was another matter. Right now, he really didn’t have the face to stay close to Bai Yi. If he was to lose control and once again harm Bai Yi, what was he going to do? So at least for now, he should keep a distance away from Bai Yi and join the others…….

Wait a minute. That’s right, it wasn’t just him and Bai Yi here……!!

At this moment, Cheng Zhi Chu finally remembered that there were other people present. His expression immediately changed and, as expected, he found the others all looking in his direction.

The sisters looked on at him wordlessly and then looked over at Ji Yun Xiao. Their eyes were very complicated. Not knowing if it was just his imagination but Cheng Zhi Chu felt them look at him as if they were saying “Why are you kissing another man now?”.

“The door is open. For now, there’s nothing inside.”

Just when the atmosphere was rigid, Da Gao pushed open the door to room 105 and looked back expressionlessly while saying this. He didn’t pay much thought to the incident involving Cheng Zhi Chu.

He looked over at Da Gao and his eyes suddenly lit up. He was certain that he would again lose control and he had a feeling that when he loses control next time, he would probably do something intimate to another person——-Although he didn’t know what type of mentally ill person would do this type of thing when they lose control.

He didn’t dare to stay next to Bai Yi any longer. After all, Bai Yi would not subdue him or use force on him out of friendship but if you asked him to act alone, he was too scared to.

He definitely wouldn’t get close to Ji Yun Xiao either and it was even more inappropriate for the Meng sisters, so the only option left was the strong and mighty Da Gao. If he was to lose control, Da Gao would definitely use force and restrain him without any hesitation.

Thinking this, Cheng Zhi Chu immediately became spirited. Not caring about anything else, he proposed this idea to Da Gao and hoped that he could agree. After all, his out of control state was like a ticking time bomb that would explode at any time. If he did this, it would make the team more reassured.

“No, you can’t Zhi Chu.”

But before he had the chance to hear what Da Gao has to say, Bai Yi rejected his proposal first. His gaze sank a little as he pulled Cheng Zhi Chu back to his side. Pressing down on his shoulder he said: “I said it’s okay. You can rest assured and stay by my side.”

“But………” Cheng Zhi Chu was a little embarrassed. He hesitantly said, “If I did something to you again……Won’t you hate it?”

“I won’t hate anything that you do.” Bai Yi smiled and rubbed his head. In a warm voice he said, “I also won’t hate you. I promise.”

Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned. His heart suddenly started to race and he felt his face get warmer but he quickly associated this as him being extremely moved by Bai Yi’s words and didn’t think too deeply about it.

Da Gao opened the door and didn’t say anything. But even if Bai Yi didn’t speak up, he would also have rejected Cheng Zhi Chu’s proposal. After all, his most important task was to ensure the safety of his boss Ji Yun Xiao and he cannot be distracted by other things.

Thinking this, he subconsciously glanced at Ji Yun Xiao and couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

The handsome idol was looking over at Cheng Zhi Chu and Bai Yi’s close interactions with thin lips and slightly hooded eyelids obscuring his beautiful eyes. Although he appeared to be calm, Da Gao who is familiar with him could tell that Ji Yun Xiao was somewhat in a low mood.

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Ji Yun Xiao also couldn’t explain what type of feeling he was experiencing at this moment.

Although he always shined on stage, he is actually a quiet and restrained person in real life. He isn’t very good at expressing his emotions and isn’t very used to responding to another person’s enthusiasm.

His dream was to become a singer but when he became a hit overnight, he had suffered too much from the sudden pressure and burden that caught him unprepared.

Not only the rumours, gossip and insults, even the fans’ love and expectations were hard for Ji Yun Xiao to respond to. Often, he would find himself pushing himself to his limits to prevent them from being disappointed.

Perhaps it was due to the environment that he had grown up in, he was very afraid of disappointing others, particularly those who love him. Because of this, he was very strict on himself and hoped that he would be able to show his perfect side to everyone.

Ji Yun Xiao was also very clear that no one is perfect and that he couldn’t make everyone happy. This was especially the case as a celebrity. There will always be things that he couldn’t control, and, in many cases, he must reject other people’s expectations of him.

Although things like this had happened many times, but when he is facing them, Ji Yun Xiao still felt uncomfortable. Because of this, he would try to avoid eye contact with people for too long and would always look directly at the camera and smile to cover his inner thoughts.

He didn’t like to look at other people’s eyes.

It was like this until his eyes met with Cheng Zhi Chu’s. He couldn’t help but feel touched.

It’s very strange. He knows.

It wasn’t something that Cheng Zhi Chu had done out of his own will, and it originally wasn’t supposed to be a wonderful experience as it reminded him of his past when he was attacked by stalker fans and haters.

However, completely unlike those crazy, obsessed or disgusted looks, Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes were pure and transparent.

The rims of his eyes were tinged pink and his light brown eyes were coated with a thin film of tears. It was bright and pure as it reflected him within it. Those eyes of his brought along both passionate and soft emotions. It was clearly silent, but it looked like it contained a thousand unspoken words.

It’s really weird.

Ji Yun Xiao told himself internally.

He shouldn’t think too much about it.

But contrary to his reason, at that moment he clearly felt his heart racing. He couldn’t help but move his line of sight and pretend to act indifferent, but he couldn’t hide his bright red face.

He didn’t dare to continue looking. Because his gaze was so pure, it seemed like as long as he continued to look at it, he would helplessly start thinking that there was someone who would love him that much.

It didn’t matter what kind of person he is, what things he did and what his appearance was like, those pair of pure eyes only looked at him, and nothing else.

In this world, it would only look at him.

However…….Ji Yun Xiao also understood that it was just his imagination. After Cheng Zhi Chu had recovered from his out of control state, he had been keeping a distance from him and even deliberately avoided eye contact. Every time Ji Yun Xiao quietly looked at him, he would always see him looking at Bai Yi.

Now, he had even kissed Bai Yi——Ji Yun Xiao’s eyes dimmed slightly, and he felt a small stinging sensation in his heart.

……….Even if it was just his imagination, he wanted Cheng Zhi Chu to continue looking at him with that type of gaze.

It really is strange…….



Da Gao noticed that Ji Yun Xiao’s mood didn’t seem quite right and spoke up to return him back to his senses. He also reminded the others not to waste any more time: “Let’s go in.”


Ji Yun Xiao responded. He sealed back the disappointment in his heart and nodded his head with a serious expression.

Da Gao turned around and walked into room 105 first with the others following behind. He used the flashlight to illuminate the interior of room 105.

Along with the inflow of air, thick dust swirled around causing the light from the flashlight to flicker along.

Cheng Zhi Chu raised his hand and covered his mouth and nose while he looked around the room. Seeing the tables, chairs, examination bed and the withered green plants that still remained, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity.

This wasn’t surprising. This is the office of his primary physician and he had been here many times. He activated his clue prompt skill and saw three or four sources of light.

One of them came from the wall where several brain CT scans hung from a broken light box. Bai Yi who stood closest to it took them down and illuminated it with his flashlight.

Cheng Zhi Chu walked over to Dr Luo’s desk. Earlier, he had seen a faint glow coming from here and when he opened the drawer, he discovered a thick pile of papers. Cheng Zhi Chu used his chin and shoulder to support the flashlight and flipped through the pages with much difficulty. Unfortunately, most of the pages were blank and many of them were shredded so it didn’t reveal any valuable information.

After turning over another two drawers, Cheng Zhi Chu still didn’t find anything. He knelt down and pulled open the bottommost drawer only to see that it was empty apart from a single photo.

【Discovered a clue. You gain 50 experience points and 100 survival points.】

This is…….

The photo was a little blurry. Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t make out clearly the person in it and proceeded to take it out. But when he was able to see that person’s face, his pupils instantly constricted, and his face turned pale.

The teenager in the photo wore a clean patient gown and his light-coloured hair looked especially dazzling in the sun. With his light-coloured iris and pale complexion, that whole person appeared to be glowing.

He smiled very brightly while holding onto another person’s arm. That person was a little taller than him and wore a white coat like those of a doctor. The place where his face should be had been burned off and he couldn’t tell what their appearance was like.

But Cheng Zhi Chu was quite clear about the teenager’s identity. It was himself during his teenage years.

The person in the picture was a few years younger than he is now and was probably middle school aged. This photo was probably taken during the time when he was being treated in this hospital five years ago.

What is this………Cheng Zhi Chu’s face was pale. Like a bucket of iced water was just dumped onto him, he felt a chill run from his head down to his feet.

He knew that he had the setting of a patient who used to be under the care of this hospital in this instance but when he saw his own photo, he was very shocked. In particular, he clearly remembers that he had never worn any patient gowns before, so this photo had been made out of thin air.

This horrible feeling made him shudder. His fingers trembled slightly, and he didn’t hold firmly onto the photo. It spun a circle and gently fell to the ground, revealing a line of neat handwriting on the back.

<To the distinguished Dr Luo:

Thank you for your help and care!

Cheng Zhi Chu>

【You remembered that this is a photo of you and Dr Luo. The weather was very good that day and you were about to be discharged from the hospital after recovering so you dragged Dr Luo over to the courtyard and asked someone to help you take this photo.】

【There is a total of two copies of this photo and you and Dr Luo have one each. After writing your messages on the back of them, you exchanged it with him. This is the photo that you gave to Dr Luo. The message on the back was written by you.】

【The picture given to you by Dr Luo is still kept at home by you. You vaguely remember the message written on it being “To little Zhi Chu, Congratulations on your discharge. You are a very good child and we all like you very much. I wish you a safe and happy life in the future.】

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As he listened to this introduction, Cheng Zhi Chu slowly picked the photo back up.

Turns out, the other man in the photo was Dr Luo. But for some reason, his face was burned off in this photo. Maybe the person who did it had some sort of grudge against Dr Luo but if that was the case, why didn’t they just directly burn the whole photo? Why would they go out of their way to just burn off his face and then put the photo back into the drawer?

“Xiao Chu……….”

A small voice that sounded sorrowful suddenly appeared next to Cheng Zhi Chu’s ear. The voice sounded like it had come from far away, yet it also seemed like it was extremely close to him.

“Xiao Chu, come here………”

“Look back, look at me……….”

Cheng Zhi Chu could tell that this voice was the same voice that he had heard before. His entire body tensed and the hand holding onto the photo started to sweat.

His body trembled slightly while he didn’t dare to make any movements. At this moment, there were also some changes occurring to the photo that he held.

The teenager in the photo looked like he had suddenly come alive. He moved his eyes around slowly and he tilted his head and smiled at the Cheng Zhi Chu outside of the photo. His eyes, however, were empty, and it didn’t look like he was really smiling.

He pulled away from Dr Luo’s arm and looked at the doctor for a second. His face gradually morphed into a disgusted and cold look before he pushed the doctor away. Blood burst out from the doctors’ neck making the burnt off hole look like his head had been removed. The headless body then proceeded to fall straight down onto the ground.

In an instant, bright red blood was sprayed onto the whole photo. More and more blood spilled out, drowning the teenagers’ figure and then, with a trickle, fresh blood actually flowed out of the photo and fell into Cheng Zhi Chu’s hands.

<Xiao Chu, come here.>


Cheng Zhi Chu screamed. When he recovered from his initial fright, he found himself covered in cold sweat. Once again, he threw the photo away.

“Zhi Chu?”

A warm hand rested onto his shoulder. Cheng Zhi Chu fearfully looked back and saw Bai Yi’s handsome face appearing before his line of sight looking at him with concern.


Cheng Zhi Chu’s face was deathly pale. He pointed at the photo on the ground with trembling hands, but suddenly stopped.

As if everything that had happened earlier was just his imagination, there wasn’t a drop of blood on his hand and there wasn’t anything strange about the photo. It remained the same photo of the teenager holding onto the doctor’s arm smiling brightly with a hole burnt out where the doctors head was supposed to be.

Bai Yu gently patted his back and then bent down to pick up the photo. Seeing the smiling teenager on it, the look in his eyes deepened and he asked quietly: “Is this child you?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Cheng Zhi Chu replied, still a little shaken. “This is a photo of Dr Luo and me, his face was burnt off. Not only that, earlier I saw……..”

He described the hallucination earlier involving blood spilling out of the photo again. Hearing his words, Meng Ke also revealed a scared expression. She said: “The same thing happened to me. I also saw a very terrible hallucination. There definitely is something triggering it……”

As she said this, a black shadow suddenly fell from above her head. It brushed against her nose as it fell to the ground causing Meng Ke to let out a short cry and take a few steps back before managing to regain her balance.

“………..Another teddy bear?”

Da Gao saw this and immediately frowned.

It was another teddy bear and was very similar to the one from earlier only that it was a little smaller, cleaner and newer. The limbs were still intact and there were basically no damages to it.

He raised the flashlight and directed it to where the teddy bear fell from but saw that there were no shelves or anything above their heads that the bear could have possible been sitting on. It was as if the bear had appeared out of thin air and they couldn’t tell where the bear had fallen from.

“When you two saw the hallucinations, a teddy bear appeared.” Da Gao furrowed his brows, “Could it be linked to those hallucinations?”

“But it’s definitely just an ordinary teddy bear.”

Meng Xin once again confirmed it and even carefully picked the bear up an examined it. No matter how you look at it, it wasn’t a prop or item and there weren’t any relevant hints.

“They may just be ordinary toys.”

Bai Yi looked at the bear and hooked up his lips. He whispered: “Their appearance probably just means……..that something had come here before.”

Hearing his words, the other people’s expressions changed. They felt their backs go cold and Cheng Zhi Chu trembled terribly. He couldn’t help but question whether his ring really worked or not.

The original role of the ring was to heat up to remind him that there is a ghost or monster within five metres but until now it had not reacted a single bit. Whether or not this function of it really worked, it’s side effect however worked very well.

“If it is like what you said,” Meng Xin looked worriedly at the bear in her hand, “Then would the bear be of some importance? Maybe I did something wrong earlier and shouldn’t have destroyed the bear?”

“We can hold onto it first.”

Bai Yi said this and stored Cheng Zhi Chu’s photo into his pocket in a very natural and smooth motion. He then raised the brain CT scans: “I found some clues here.”

He walked over to the broken light box and hung the scans up in a certain order. He then placed the flashlight inside the box and used it as a light source. The broken glass from the light box and the shapes from the scans morphed together to form a strange projection onto the opposite wall.

“Ah, it’s a password…….”

The two sisters opened their mouths slightly and showed a slightly surprised expression as they looked at the projection on the wall.

Several words and numbers were projected, and it was reversed like they were looking at a mirror. After flipping it around, the words very simply said ‘password’ to indicate that it was a password for something, somewhere in this instance.

The remainder were a total of four digits. The first number was a flipped ‘6’. If you flipped the entire thing over, it should be the number at the end. Like this, the code that was presented was…….

“Password: 0, 5, 2, 6….”

Meng Xin read the characters on by one. As she read it out, Cheng Zhi Chu’s face became paler and paler by the second. His birthday just happened to be May 26th. How can it be so coincidental?


Seeing these numbers, Bai Yi’s eyes darkened, and a sneer formed at his lips.

“Do you remember if there are any places where this password could be used?”

Meng Xin asked Cheng Zhi Chu. In the absence of a map, they can only rely on his memory and hope that he remembered something. Otherwise, in this vast and spacious hospital, it would be difficult for them to search for a location where the password could be used.

【You recall that there is a locked cabinet in the conference room on the second floor that people use for storing items. Perhaps this password corresponds with that cabinet.】


Cheng Zhi Chu swallowed and suppressed the fear in his head. He nodded his head and reported his findings: “There is a locked cabinet in the conference room on the second floor.” He thought for a moment and added, “The conference room is at the very end of the left corridor.”

The others nodded. When they confirmed that there were no other clues left, they left room 105 and found a set of stairs leading to the second floor. They didn’t move very fast as Meng Xin and Cheng Zhi Chu needed to use their clue prompt skill to check along the way to avoid them missing important clues.

The surroundings were very quiet and seemed oppressive and daunting. Cheng Zhi Chu had been constantly mulling over the password and photo as well as that voice. Everything was closely linked to him, but he had no clue about what the connection could possibly be.

But he could faintly tell that the human or ghost that did those things must be very close to him. They knew his birthday, used his birthday as their password and only destroyed Dr Luo’s half of the photo whilst leaving his half intact.

Could it be that the person who did those things was the one who has been calling him “Xiao Chu”? If this is the case, then that would mean that the voice indeed exists yet he has no memory of this person………..

As he thought about this, the ground reached the door leading to the conference room on the second floor. The conference room door had already been smashed open and you could faintly see the furnishings inside.

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“There’s a piece of paper pinned here.”

A paper pinned onto the door attracted Meng Ke’s attention. She held her flashlight and started to read its contents.

“‘Notice: Due to recent renovations outside, the road between the inpatient and outpatient department is temporarily closed. If required, please go around through the hospitals east gate or through the underground passage. We apologise for any inconvenience.’……..This was a construction notice”

Is it hinting that they would need to go to the inpatient department afterwards?

This thought flashed through Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind briefly. At this moment, the system spoke up again.

【While you were hospitalised, the place that you feared the most was the hospitals’ underground passage.】

【The structure of the hospital is very strange. The inpatient and outpatient departments both similarly have an underground passage with mortuary. In order to reach the underground passage, you would need to pass by the mortuary.】

【Only hospital personnel can enter the underground passage but usually very few people would choose to use this route.】

【The doors to the underground passage in both the outpatient and inpatient department are all equipped with a lock. If you wanted to go through it, you would need two keys to let you go in and get out.】

【These were things that you had heard from the nurses that took care of you. They liked you very much and would tell you a lot of interesting things. By chance, they also mentioned some ghost stories circulating around the hospital.】

【For example, the red-clothed woman’s body in the mortuary, the invisible ninth floor of the inpatient department, the man-eating monster in the sewer…….】

【You were so scared by these stories that you couldn’t sleep at night. Curling up in your blankets late at night, you didn’t dare to close your eyes.】

【But whenever this happened, you would always be looking forward………..come……】

【As long as………..you can sleep…….very……】


Suddenly, the systems notification started becoming muffled. Like an old tape, it was intermittent and unclear. Cheng Zhi Chu tried to decipher its words to figure out its contents but, as if it was blocked, he couldn’t do it at all.

It said come. What come? Was it a person? Dr Luo or that person who calls him “Xiao Chu”? But who would enter someone else’s ward in the middle of the night………

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know why the systems sound would become like that. He was already very flustered and now, because of those words that seemed like it was hiding something, the more he thought about it the more he was scared.

Da Gao took the lead into the conference room, and Cheng Zhi Chu and the others followed in behind. The interior of the conference room was very wide, and very messy. Chairs and tables were overturned, papers were scatted across the ground and the metal cabinet next to the walls had mostly been smashed up. Only a small number of the storage spaces remained in good condition.

Using their clue prompt skill, Cheng Zhi Chu and Meng Xin both confirmed that there was a source of light coming from one of the spaces. With no other clues in the room, they all moved over to the cabinet.

An old-fashioned code lock hung from the iron cabinet. It was like those that you find on suitcases where you just needed to turn the dial to the right number for it to unlock. Putting in the password, Da Gao turned the dials and changed the code into “0526”.

With a slight click from inside the lock cylinder, the door to the cabinet opened to form a small gap. After slowly opened the door, it revealed the papers inside it.

Da Gao took the paper from the top of the pile and looked at it. It was a note. He scanned through it and then started reading from the beginning.

<Dammit, I lost the keys to the underground passage. It may have been lost in the second-floor men’s bathroom. I’ll go and look for it, you can go ahead and have lunch.>

“This probably means that we need to go to the men’s bathroom to find the key.” The two sisters muttered.

Da Gao stored away the note and pulled out the other pieces of paper from within the cabinet. When he looked at it, he frowned and said, “It’s something that doctors write. Seems to be a medical record. I don’t understand.”

As he said this, he passed them over to Ji Yun Xiao: “I’m troubling you, boss.”


Ji Yun Xiao nodded. Like Cheng Zhi Chu, he also had the text interpretation skill. He received the paper over and looked down at it seriously. Gradually those beautiful eyes of his widened and he looked up at Cheng Zhi Chu with slight surprise. His cheeks were a little flushed and he seemed to be a little shy.

………..Wait. What on earth is it?

Being looked at like that by Ji Yun Xiao, Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly had a bad feeling. He stepped forward and glanced at the paper.

It turned out to be his medical record.

【Patient Name: Cheng Zhi Chu】

【Age: 14】

【Diagnosis: Moderate schizophrenia, mild nymphomania, mild intimacy obsession】

【Aetiology Analysis: The patient grew up in a relatively indifferent and cold family environment and has been lacking in family love leading to his longing for intimacy with others.

Due to his issue of sexual orientation, a large disagreement broke out with his family and, as a result, he was also subjected to bullying at school. It ultimately led to tremendous mental pressure and triggering of the disease.】

【Signs and Symptoms: Likes to be intimate with good-looking same sex individuals. Eager to get their attention, touch and love. In severe cases, would fantasize about the other party having a special relationship with him and make intimate and loving actions. May even start imagining that he has a close relationship with something non-existent.】

Cheng Zhi Chu: “………”

He wants to die.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 21)

Zhi Chu is so cute. He actually thought that I would be angry about him kissing me.

I am a little angry——–at myself. Why didn’t I turn by head a little more so that he could kiss me on my lips?

When he licked my mouth, only God knows how much I wanted to embrace him and kiss him fiercely.

This kind of Zhi Chu can only be mine. He is mine alone.


I’m not sure whether the “me” here still retained his memories but he remembered Zhi Chu’s birthday so clearly “he” still desires him

I really want to kill “him”.

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