Kiss to Clear – Special Chapter

Hi all! This is a special chapter/extra that I found on the author’s Weibo. Please note that it has nothing to do with the original novel and it was just something that the author wrote on a whim (SO PLEASE DON’T LINK TO NOVELUPDATES!!)

I hope you all enjoy it ❤

Short Extra: Xie Yuan Huai X Cheng Zhi Chu

“Brother Yuan Huai, I’m really sorry for making you stay with me for the past few nights. You must be exhausted. I can sleep by myself tonight, so you don’t need to worry. You should hurry and go get some rest.”

If it was just hearing those words, it didn’t sound like there was anything wrong with it. The young boy who’s afraid of ghosts was probably worried about Xie Yuan Huai’s body and, in order to let him rest properly, had decided that he would sleep by himself for the night.

But when he said those words, the young boy said it a little hesitantly. He lowered his head, clutched onto the ends of his shirt with reddened ears and was afraid to look straight at Xie Yuan Huai’s eyes. Clearly, he was hiding something, yet he was acting like nothing was wrong.

 What on earth was Xiao Chu hiding from him?

Almost in an instant, Xie Yuan Huai decided that this young boy wanted to push him away and had tried to find an excuse to get him not to come over at night.

What was it that he wanted to hide from him? Before this, Xiao Chu had never hidden anything from him so, for him to do this now, what could be the reason behind it? Could it be that he’s seeing someone behind his back without his knowledge?

Xie Yuan Huai couldn’t help but have all kinds of thoughts run through his mind. His eyes darkened but his expression continued to look unfazed. He didn’t ask for the reason and just calmly agreed: “Okay.”

“Then, rest well brother Yuan Huai………”

The young boy revealed a relieved expression.

Late at night, the inside of the hospital was peaceful and quiet.

Xie Yuan Huai went to the top floor and followed the familiar route to the young boy’s room. Because he’s a ghost, he didn’t need to open the door. His body passed through the door and he went inside to take a look.

Although he didn’t ask, it didn’t mean that he didn’t care. Xiao Chu was too naïve. He was worried about him possibly being tricked and something terrible happening.


The young boy’s soft whine could be heard coming from the hospital bed. This was then followed by the rustling sound of sheets.

After confirming that he was still in his room and that no one else was there, Xie Yuan Hua was able to feel relieved.

Although he still didn’t understand why Xiao Chu didn’t want him to come, despite the fact that nothing was going on, but he respected Xiao Chu’s wishes and deciding that it was okay to let him sleep alone for the night.

Xie Yuan Huai turned around preparing to leave when he suddenly heard a slightly higher pitched sound coming from the young boy. With a hint of pleasure, a suppressed but sweet-sounding moan was heard.

This is————

The handsome man’s eyes widened, and he had a look of surprise. He quickly turned back to look at the bed.

He was a ghost. The darkness of the night didn’t affect his ability to see. Earlier he had only briefly glanced over and just saw the young boy lying there with his back facing him in a curled-up position under his blankets.

This time he took a closer look and saw it more clearly. The blankets were quite thin and, with it hugging the boy’s figure tightly, you could see that his body was moving. His two legs were clamped together and gently shaking. His breathing was erratic and occasionally he would let out a quiet, comfortable moan.

Xie Yuan Huai now understood why Xiao Chu would push him away.

His Xiao Chu……….was self-relieving.

At this moment, the young boy’s movements got a little more intense and he couldn’t help but let out another moan. His body stiffened for a moment and his blanket also moved up a little to reveal the lower half of a naked pair of pale legs.

His Xiao Chu had taken his pants off. The lower half that was hidden under the blankets was bare. He wasn’t wearing anything.

When he realised this, Xie Yuan Huai, like he was possessed, looked unblinkingly at the young boy’s pair of legs and those cute curled up toes of his. He could no longer take another step out the room.

Just as he thought, something terrible really happened.

Not to Xiao Chu. To him.

……..Right now, he really wanted to go and touch his Xiao Chu. 

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KK has something to say:
Cue smexy tiiime 😏 😉
LOL Just kidding. Knowing XYH’s personality, he probably would just do his best to hold himself back because his Xiao Chu is still underage….but IMAGINE what it’s going to be like once Xiao Chu is an adult ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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