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Chapter 31: Abandoned Hospital (15)

With the bear on her head, Meng Ke followed its instructions and walked uneasily through the ninth floor. The lights in the corridors flickered causing her heart to skip a beat very time. She was afraid that the moment the light turned back on again, something terrifying would appear right before her eyes.

The design of the ninth floor was very complicated, much like a huge labyrinth. All the corridors and rooms looked very similar making her not only lose her sense of direction, but it also messed up her sense of time. She felt like she had walked for a very long time, but it also felt short.

“Turn right.”

The bear patted her head and said this in a soft voice. Compared to Meng Ke, it was quite lively and carefree. As long as Xie Yuan Huai or Bai Yi didn’t appear before it, it wasn’t afraid of anything else.

“Pinecone, I don’t mean to doubt you……..” Meng Ke whispered, “But are you sure this is the right way?”

“I’m following daddy’s scent.”

The bear said: “I also don’t know how big the ninth floor is. I haven’t been here before, but I have heard that the size of it can be changed according to the master’s desire.”

“Master?” Meng Ke asked. “Your master?”

“Not mine. My master is mummy. I’m referring to the hospitals master.”

The bear now spoke very fluently. At times it could hardly speak and other times it could speak a lot.

“It’s the man from before……..” When it spoke of Xie Yuan Huai, its ears trembled, and its voice also became smaller.

“He is the one who controls this place. His power contaminated the entire hospital producing all those monsters. My existence is also related to him, so I can’t resist him at all.”

That person is this instances boss?

Meng Ke’s pupils constricted, and she started to feel anxious.

She still had not forgotten the feeling that man gave her. He was extremely terrifying. She didn’t even have to courage to look at him straight into his eyes.

And now Bai Yi had chased after that person in order to save Cheng Zhi Chu. With just him alone, how would he be able to deal with such a terrifying boss?!

I must hurry and find my sister and Xiao Xiao!

Meng Ke bit her lip and no longer worried about whether the sound of her footsteps would attract monsters. She immediately started to run through the corridor hoping to reunite with the other two.


[Xiao Chu……..]

[Xiao Chu…….]

A small spot of light appeared in Cheng Zhi Chu’s consciousness. It floated around in the darkest part of his memory and image after image flickered in his mind. They merged and dispersed and then merged again.

Love. Happiness. Pain. Despair……..

As if a Pandora’s box was opened, thousands of complicated emotions rushed out, entangling and imprisoning his consciousness. Only when he was blinded by a brilliant light did he wake up from the seemingly endless dream and suddenly open his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, tears poured out. Although it wasn’t something that he was doing intentionally, the feeling of grief remained inside him and he couldn’t stop his tears.

“………..Don’t cry.”

A cold pale hand gently brushed against his eye and wiped away the warm tears. The hand was then gently retracted back.

………Where is this?

Cheng Zhi Chu was surprised for a moment and his tears stopped flowing. With wide eyes, he recovered completely from his earlier emotional state.

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He remembered that he and Meng Ke had accidentally entered the ninth floor. After rescuing Meng Ke from danger, he had checked his medical records and once again heard Xie Yuan Huai calling for him. He tried to run away with Meng Ke but he suddenly fainted and then………

His gaze fell onto the man standing before him. The man’s cold and deep eyes were also looking at him. Seeing that he was finally looking at him, the cold expression softened a few degrees and he said in a quiet voice:

“Xiao Chu.”

…………And then he ended up in Xie Yuan Huai’s hands.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s expression was a little stiff. Xie Yuan Huai noticed his unnatural reaction and his movements stalled for a moment. He then quickly approached him and wordlessly touch his face.

When he approached him, Cheng Zhi Chu could tell that the clean smell like those of fresh snow that he remembered in his memories was no longer there and it was replaced with a faint bloody smell. It was dark and cold, and people couldn’t help but shudder.

However, after the initial fear Cheng Zhi Chu found himself seemingly affected by his memories and was no longer afraid of Xie Yuan Huai.

Although the boy in the memories wasn’t him…………In fact, except for the fact that they had the same face he felt that he had nothing in common with this “Xiao Chu”. His fourteen-year-old self was very mischevious. How could he have been a little pitiful creature like him?

However, because of the ring he now has a special relationship with Xie Yuan Huai. Xie Yuan Huai thinks that he is his “Xiao Chu” and held deep feelings for him.

 To him, the memories that he saw earlier was akin to him watch a very realistic movie……Although it could be said that he didn’t personally experience it, he as strongly immersed in it.

The him now was still being affected by those emotions. Even if he knew that Xie Yuan Huai had killed many people, he wasn’t afraid of him.

At this moment, Cheng Zhi Chu realised that he was in a strange place ——- It would be better to say that it was too normal. Compared to the dark and desolate environment earlier, it was almost the complete opposite.

The place where he was now was a clean and bright hospital ward. Several pots of green plants sat on the window sill and the sun outside was very bright. You could even ear the sound of leaves rustling in the wind.

This was the ward that “Xiao Chu” had once stayed in………

Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned. He suddenly realised that this room was laid out exactly the same way it did in those memories he saw. Even the location of the cups was the same.

“Unfortunately, these are all just illusions.”

Xie Yuan Huai said faintly.

No matter how realistic it may look, it was still fake. The sunlight wouldn’t give off warmth and the wind blowing outside would never be able to blow into the room. All there was inside was silence and the scent of death.

The real room had already been burned down and everything inside had turned to ashes. After the hospital was abandoned, it was even covered with layers upon layers of spider webs. This kind of scene would only appear in their memories and through illusions.

His time had already stopped but the time in the outside world continued to trickle away. His Xiao Chu had also gradually grown up.

Now, he finally managed to see Xiao Chu again. If he allowed Xiao Chu to return, Xiao Chu’s time would continue to move.

He would grow up and start working, and even marry and have children………Perhaps Xiao Chu still loved him and would choose to live the rest of his life alone but he couldn’t venture out of the hospital so in the long remainder of his life Xiao Chu could only live on alone until he eventually becomes weak and passes away.

How could he bear to watch that……..

If he made Xiao Chu stay here forever and have his time also stop here………..

Xie Yuan Huai stroked Cheng Zhi Chu’s cheeks and the gaze in his eyes gradually deepened. His cold fingers gently slid across his soft cheeks and they gradually moved over to his lips. The tip of his fingers then gently slipped inside.

Cheng Zhi Chu only felt something cold enter his mouth and, before he could react, he felt his tongue be caught inbetween two fingers.


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He cried out incoherently. With both hands he grabbed Xie Yuan Huai’s wrist, but he couldn’t pry his hands away and he also couldn’t close his mouth. Forced to have Xie Yuan Huai’s fingers in his mouth, he was uncomfortable, and his eyes soon turned misty.

Why are you using your fingers? If you have the skills, you should just kiss me………..!

Cheng Zhi Chu was a little out of breath. He finally remembered that he still had the “Kiss to Clear” ability.

Yes, now is the best time. He’s very close to Xie Yuan Huai and he would definitely agree to kiss him……As long as he kisses him, they would be able to clear this instance immediately. He hoped that until then, nothing would happen to Bai Yi and the others……..

The task of kissing the boss had become something of the norm for Cheng Zhi Chu. Who cares if they’re a man? Has he never kissed before? He had even kissed Bai Yi so these things don’t matter to him anymore!

At this moment, Xie Yuan Huai finally took out his fingers. Cheng Zhi Chu gasped for air for a moment and, just as he wanted to ask Xie Yuan Huai, he suddenly saw Xie Yuan Huai move to kiss the fingers still stained with his saliva and then turning around to look straight at him.

His expression was calm and indifferent, but his actions were particularly sensual. This made Cheng Zhi Chu’s face redden instantly and he almost forgot what he had wanted to say. At this moment, he suddenly heard the systems notification.

【Initiating out of control behaviour.】


Cheng Zhi Chu cursed loudly inside him. He immediately lost control of his body.

But this also isn’t bad……..He tried to comfort himself while he was both in an angry and indignant state. Anyway, he would go around hugging and kissing people when he loses control so this way he would still kiss Xie Yuan Huai.

“……….Brother Yuan Huai, kill me.”

But the next moment, he heard himself saying this.

Cheng Zhi Chu: ………….

Cheng Zhi Chu: ????

What nonsense is this mouth spouting? Why aren’t you moving in to kiss Xie Yuan Huai?!

“………Xiao Chu?”

A look of surprise was evident in Xie Yuan Huai’s eyes.

“I like brother Yuan Huai.”

No, he doesn’t like him. This is just this instance’s setting. It has nothing to do with him. Stop speaking!

Cheng Zhi Chu was in complete despair. He felt like he had already raised his own death flag. He frantically tried to stop himself, but his uncontrollable hand moved to hold Xie Yuan Huai’s hand and even guided it over to his neck.

His eyes then turned faintly red and his voice choked up a little.

“But I had thought that you were just something I fantasised and threw you away, leaving you in this hospital all alone. Sorry, I’m really sorry………”

“I have never been afraid of you. I don’t care if you’re a human or a ghost, I still like you.”

“I don’t want to leave you anymore. I want to stay with you so please…….brother Yuan Huai, kill me.”

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“Let us stay together forever.”

“Xiao Chu………”

Xie Yuan Huai whispered his name. His gaze was deep, and his fingers twitched slightly.

Killing Xiao Chu and making him stay in the hospital forever was his secret desire.

Since Xiao Chu also said so……..

His fingers gradually started to increase its strength. In a blink of an eye, they began to leave marks on Cheng Zhi Chu’s neck.

However, after a moment he suddenly stopped his movements and retracted his hand. Shaking his head, he said:

“No. I can’t kill you.

“Why?” Cheng Zhi Chu asked with red eyes. “Does brother Yuan Huai not like me anymore? You don’t want me to be with you?”

“How can that be.”

Xie Yuan Huai pulled him into his embrace. He gently kissed his forehead. With a cold voice that held warmth and gentleness he said:

“It’s because I like Xiao Chu too much that I can’t do it. I can’t.”

“But I want to belong to you…….”

“You already belong to me………”

A small hint of a smile appeared in Xie Yuan Hua’s eyes. He gently kissed Cheng Zhi Chu’s lips and whispered:

“Your heart is already mine.”

His kiss was extraordinarily soft, and it just touched Cheng Zhi Chu’s lips, like a feather brushing against it. He closed his eyes and, seemingly not knowing that his figure was gradually fading, he continued to hold the person in his arms.

[He finally has his Xiao Chu.]


A soft sound of something cracking could be heard and the tip of a pale white blade suddenly appeared in the air. In a large arc, a gap formed and it gradually spread outwards.

The illusionary space collapsed into many pieces and Bai Yi’s figure appeared behind it. The first thing he saw was Cheng Zhi Chu hugging and kissing Xie Yuan Huai.

His pupils immediately constricted.

That figure was already very faint, and it disappeared the moment the illusionary space collapsed. Without the illusion, the true appearance of their surroundings was revealed.

It was also a patient’s ward but all the walls were burnt black by fire. A white skeleton stood before the window looking like it was looking out and waiting for someone.

This was the ward that Xiao Chu had once stayed in.

Xie Yuan Huai had placed his own body here as he quietly waited for his Xiao Chu.


Seeing the skeleton, Bai Yi’s hand around the sword tightened and darkness surged out from the depths of his eyes. With a menacing look in his eyes, he raised his hands and directly cut through the skeletons head.

“Clunk, clunk clunk……”

The skeleton’s head fell to the ground and rolled next to Bai Yi’s foot. He expressionlessly stomped onto the lower half of it and instantly crushed its teeth and jaws into smithereens.

He then walked over to Cheng Zhi Chu’s side.

Cheng Zhi Chu sat on the floor with a dazed expression. He was still silently crying.

Bai Yi pressed his hand onto his shoulder and used his other hand to wipe away the tear stains on his face. His fingers trembled slightly and he couldn’t control his strength well causing the soft skin around his eyes to be rubbed a little red.

“Zhi Chu…….Why are you crying?”

Why are you crying for “him”?

What qualifications does “he” have for Zhi Chu to cry for “him”?

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t answer Bai Yi’s question and just continued to cry. Bai Yi pursed his lips and his eyes darkened. A storm appeared to be brewing inside him


After a long time, Cheng Zhi Chu finally spoke. He cried very pitifully, like a small animal that was bullied, and he looked very soft. Even his tearful voice was a little soft.

“I…….Can you hug me?”

Bai Yi was stunned. The darkness in his eyes instantly dispersed.

“Hug me……”

Cheng Zhi Chu saw that he wasn’t saying anything and thought that he didn’t want to. He sniffled a little and tugged at his clothes.

“You’re very upset?”

Bai Yi could tell that he was still in his out of control state. His mood instantly improved and a faint smile formed on his face, but he continued to remain looking unfazed and acted like he didn’t notice that something wasn’t right. He gently agreed:

“Okay, I’ll hug you.”

He pulled Cheng Zhi Chu over into his arms and patted his soft hair. He even inadvertently gave him a light kiss on the top of his head.

Cheng Zhi Chu seemed to like being held in his embrace. He immediately hugged him back and shrank into his arms. His sobbing had also gradually stopped.

For a while, he didn’t let Bai Yi let go. Bai Yi also wouldn’t take the initiative to suggest it so, like this, they held each other for a long time. Cheng Zhi Chu then suddenly started to move. Just as Bai Yi thought that he had recovered from his out of control state and felt a little regretful, he heard him say with a shy voice:

“………..Can you kiss me?”


This time, Bai Yi didn’t say “okay”.

Because the moment Cheng Zhi Chu finished saying those words, he immediately lifted Cheng Zhi Chu’s chin and planted his lips onto that pair of lips that he had longed for.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 31)

Zhi Chu didn’t say where he wanted me to kiss. In order to better comfort him, I obviously chose to kiss him in the place that comforted people the most.



I also hope that Zhi Chu would ask me to comfort him with my body.

I’m willing.

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