Chapter 33: Reality (4)

Cheng Zhi Chu hung up the phone with a dark expression and he returned it back to Cheng Ling Ling.

The young girl held onto the phone feeling a little scared. She didn’t dare to say anything.

Her impression of her brother was that he had a very good temperament and would rarely get angry. When he talked to others, he would always be smiling. What on earth did that man called Gu Zhen do to make her brother make such an expression?

Although she had exchanged some words with Gu Zhen, Cheng Ling Ling was still not very familiar with him and she didn’t know what happened in great detail. When she wanted to ask about it, she would always be politely rejected by Gu Zhen.

Until now, all she knew was that Gu Zhen was a senior from a neighbouring school. The two had gone out but Gu Zhen had made a mistake that angered her brother. That had happened more than a year ago and they still have not reconciled.

These were all things that she had heard from Gu Zhen. As for her brother, he didn’t even want to mention Gu Zhen’s name and had acted like he had no relations with someone like him.

Cheng Ling Ling herself had searched Gu Zhen up on the internet. When she did, she was shocked. Turns out, Gu Zhen was not only a famous figure at an elite school, he was also very good looking and very clever. He also seems to have come from a good family background. When the school forums mentioned him, everyone would call him ‘Young Master Gu’. Although it was just a nickname, she could tell that Gu Zhen indeed came from a powerful family.

So, every time she talked to Gu Zhen, even if he was polite and gentlemanly, Cheng Ling Ling couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable. Every time she refused to pass her phone over to her brother, she felt more and more pressured. This time, she could no longer withstand it and could only ask her brother to answer the call.

She didn’t know why her brother would go out with Gu Zhen. She also couldn’t understand why he would dump Gu Zhen. Clearly Gu Zhen is very passionate about her brother. She was even worried that if Gu Zhen was seriously angered, her brother might be killed off by him in a fit of anger.


The girl hesitated for a while before finally speaking up: “What on earth happened? I haven’t heard about this before. Why did you go out with another man?”

“I didn’t go out with him.”

Cheng Zhi Chu said this stiffly. He then felt that his attitude probably wasn’t very good and that he might’ve scared his sister, so he paused for a moment to let his emotions calm down before letting out a hopeless sigh.

“I don’t think it could be considered as going out. It didn’t last for even a day. I agreed to it the night before, but I broke it off the next day. Also, we didn’t see each other the whole day and only conversed through texts. Do you think that could be considered as going out?”

“…………” The young girl was very surprised. She didn’t respond and only said, “There was something like that? I have never heard about it.”

“Don’t tell mum and dad…….”

Cheng Zhi Chu felt that he had not said enough so he quickly stressed: “Let me clarify first, I am straight. So, do you know why I hate him so much? He actually lied to me for more than two months and pretended to be a girl.” As he said this, he was a little annoyed, “I was played around by him like a fool.”

“He pretended to be a girl?” The young girl was speechless: “You couldn’t tell that he’s male? Or was it because you didn’t meet each other in real life so he was able to keep you in the dark for two months?”

“I met him once at the beginning. At that time, I was feeling a little faint from low blood sugar and I didn’t see clearly. After that, we conversed mainly through messages. The next time I saw him, I realised that he was a man.”

Cheng Zhi Chu waved his hand in vain. Thinking back, he really was a fool. If it wasn’t for his friend telling him that Gu Zhen is a man, he probably would have been kept in the dark for a long, long time.


At that time, Cheng Zhi Chu had just finished his university entrance examinations. When he was bored, he ran over to the school that he is at now and wandered around.

It wasn’t far from home; only about a two-hour drive, and it was the Cheng Zhi Chu’s first preference in his university application. Although it isn’t comparable to the elite university next door, it was still a good first-class university.

Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t get into the university next door and it would be a pretty good achievement if he could get into this one. Feeling bored, he came over to visit and he even ambitiously planned to take a quick stroll around the university next door. But before he could achieve his first goal, he almost fainted in the middle of the road.

Because the weather was hot and humid, and he didn’t have much for breakfast that morning, the originally weak-bodied Cheng Zhi Chu felt a little faint from low blood sugar. His face went pale and his vision darkened. When he was about to faint, he felt someone grab onto him and support him over to a seat nearby.

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At that time, Cheng Zhi Chu was dizzy, and he couldn’t see things clearly. When he was catching his breath, he smelt a light aroma. This was then followed by the sensation of someone stuffing a few pieces of candy in his hand.

“Heatstroke or low blood sugar? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

He saw a human figure move about in front of him. That persons’ voice was soft and low and, at first, he thought that it was a man. But when he saw the long black hair and the white dress, he realised that it was a girl with a slightly low voice.

“Thank you, I’m fine. It’s just low blood sugar…….”

Cheng Zhi Chu said this weakly and placed a candy in his mouth. After a while, the girl handed him a bottle of water. She even considerately unscrewed the bottle cap for him.

He drank some water and was able to recover a little. Although his vision was still blurry, he was able to make out most things. Just as he wanted to give the girl his thanks, he was stunned.

The girl standing before him had dark black hair and snow-white skin. She was very beautiful. Her straight black hair fell past her shoulders and she wore a white dress that made her look like a blooming flower. Her eyes were dark and clear, and she looked very pure and graceful. Seeing him look over, she revealed a small smile and said in a small voice: “Feeling better?”

“Mu-much better……Thank you………..”

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t think that the person who helped him would be such a beautiful girl. She also seemed to be a little older than him. She was the type of older sister than many boys dreamed about. He instantly felt a little embarrassed and he spoke a little awkwardly.

“Are you a student at this school?” The girl asked.

“No, I just finished the university entrance examinations. I still don’t know if I got in……I just came to take a look today.” Cheng Zhi Chu shook his head honestly. He was then a little curious, and couldn’t help but ask, “You don’t go here?”

She didn’t look that much older than him. Was she not a student?

“No need to be so formal, I’m not that much older than you.” The girl chuckled, “I’m from another school. I’ll be in third year next year. I only came over today to help some friends out.”


Cheng Zhi Chu then noticed the girls’ clothes. The dress that she wore was more gorgeous and intricate than ordinary dresses. It was even a long-sleeved, high-necked dress. They reached down to her ankles and looked very beautiful. It wrapped tightly around her body and was very elegant. It looked a little familiar…………

The more he looked at it, the more familiar the dress looked. He then suddenly remembered a game character and blurted out: “Are you cosplaying Melissa?”

Melissa was female game character from a very popular online game and was very well received. It was a game that Cheng Zhi Chu had always played. He had stopped for a year during his final year of high school and he had recently started playing again so he quickly recognised Melissa’s clothes.

“Yes, it’s Melissa.” The girl smiled, “You play this game too?”

Cheng Zhi Chu nodded his head happily: “I like it very much. You play too?”

“I don’t play games. My friend plays. He does photography and wanted to photograph Melissa, so he dragged me in to help insisting that I suit it the most.”

“He’s right,” Cheng Zhi Chu said sincerely. “Your Melissa is very like the original, very good-looking.”

The Melissa in the game is a noble sorceress. She had long, waterfall-like black hair, thin waist, long legs and was an extraordinary beauty. The girl really suited that role.

“……….Is that so.”

However, there was a subtle look in the girls’ eyes. She didn’t appear to be very happy.

Cheng Zhi Chu thought that he had said something wrong. At this moment, the girl suddenly stood up and smiled at him: “My friend is still waiting for me. Since you’re fine…….”

“Ah, sorry sorry. I held you back.” Cheng Zhi Chu felt bad. He hurriedly stood up and said: “Really, thank you———–!”

He stood up too quickly and he once again had a dizzy spell. He almost fell but the girl reacted fast and managed to catch him in her arms.

Smelling the light aroma from her body, Cheng Zhi Chu’s face flushed bright red. He was incredibly embarrassed. He then noticed that the girl was quite tall and even taller than him by about half a head. But it might also be because he is short………


The girl stabilised him and saw his pitiful expression that looked like a small animal had made a mistake. She couldn’t help but reach out and ruffle his hair: “You’re a little too rash.”

“……….” Cheng Zhi Chu was embarrassed. He wanted to find a hole to hide in.

The girl noticed that he was embarrassed to the point that steam was rising from his head. The corner of her lips rose, and she thoughtfully changed the topic: “The game that you and my friend plays, is it really that interesting?”

“It’s interesting, interesting.” Cheng Zhi Chu quickly stepped back nodded his head like a chicken pecking at corn. “It’s really fun! Apart from stopping for a year in third year, I played for more than two years.”

The girl said thoughtfully: “Is that so, then I should give it a go too.”

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“You definitely won’t regret it.” Cheng Zhi Chu said sincerely.

“Can you guide me?” The girl smiled, “That is, if you don’t mind.”

“How can that be!” Cheng Zhi Chu was flattered. He didn’t expect the girl to be so friendly and even take the initiative to add him, “Ah, the server I’m in is called……”

“I can’t remember it if you say it. Why don’t we add each other, and you can tell me through messaging?” The girl said with a smile.


Over the next few days, Cheng Zhi Chu was in daze. When he thought back to what happened that day, it still felt like a dream. He really looked forward to playing games with this beautiful older sister.

After exchanging contact information, he learnt that the girl is called Gu Zhen. He originally wanted to call her “senior sister” because it seemed more appropriate. Although the two weren’t from the same school, they were both students so it seemed okay.

But Gu Zhen didn’t want him to call her that and said that he should just call her by her name. Although Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t understand why, he did as he was told. What made him somewhat embarrassed though was that Gu Zhen liked to call him “Cheng Cheng”. She said that it sounded cute, and she liked to call him that.

Cheng Zhi Chu tried to resist to no avail and could only let Gu Zhen call him that. He felt that he was being teased by this sister, but what could he do? He was just a junior brother and what the senior sister says is what it is so he couldn’t get angry.

However, Gu Zhen still had not yet registered for the game. It was the end of the university semester and she was very busy so they would only occasionally chat on the phone. After more than a week later, she finally had some free time, so she downloaded the game and played it with Cheng Zhi Chu.

Although there was a one-year time frame when Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t play the game, he still played very well, and he picked it up very quickly. In the small server that he’s on, he was also a relatively famous player.

It was also because of this that he thought that it would be easy taking a new player along, but he soon discovered that, once Gu Zhen got started, she seemed to be better at it than him. She later bought a full account and performed massacres throughout the game leading to her rise in reputation and ranking. Soon, she surpassed his own abilities.

“How are you so strong?”

Cheng Zhi Chu once again lost to Gu Zhen at the arena. He even had the urge to cry.

He originally thought that it would be a fairy tale like story of him taking a goddess around but who would have thought that it would be the goddess taking him around. He had lost the very last bit of dignity that he had………!

“I’m okay.”

Gu Zhen rarely sent voice messages. She just typed: “Cheng Cheng is also very strong.”

After more than two months of getting to know each other, Cheng Zhi Chu also had some understanding of Gu Zhen’s personality. Although he may feel a little offended if someone else said that, he knew that Gu Zhen really meant it when she said it. She didn’t like to lie.


Cheng Zhi Chu sprawled across his desk and couldn’t help but feel a little depressed.

In front of Gu Zhen, he was just a child in every aspect. She treated people kindly, but her actions were different and could be considered to be rather forceful and even a little stubborn. If she wanted something, she would definitely get it. This was something that he felt while he played games with her.

It was also because of this that, despite knowing that she only was treating him kindly, he admired her. But he also understood that Gu Zhen is just too good and someone out of his league. He was already happy with Gu Zhen being his friend.

[Cheng Cheng]

After a brief moment of silence, Gu Zhen exited the game and sent him a text to his phone.

[Today is actually my birthday.]

[Ah? It’s your birthday? I didn’t know! Happy birthday!!]

Cheng Zhi Chu saw this message and panicked a little. He quickly sent out his response.

But he couldn’t be blamed for not knowing Gu Zhen’s birthday. Gu Zhen’s personal information was completely blank, and his photo albums were too. Even if he knew it now, he didn’t know where she lived and which school she goes to. She had never mentioned it to him and whenever he asked, she would always change the topic, so he didn’t try to probe further.

[Sorry. Although it’s late, I still want you to give me a present. I hope you won’t be angry?]

Cheng Zhi Chu scratched his head. He didn’t know what to give her. Lipstick? Perfume? But his sister is still young, so she doesn’t know much about this. Who should he ask? Should he ask Gu Zhen directly? But it would make it seem insincere…….

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[Of course not.]

Gu Zhen continued: [I’m sorry, I’m too selfish………..I’m telling you that today is my birthday because I actually wanted you to give me a present.]

[It’s not a problem! What do you want?]

Cheng Zhi Chu asked this and at the same time he tried to guess what she wanted. With her personality, she definitely wouldn’t mention anything that was outside of his abilities and it also wouldn’t be excessive so when she asked, he didn’t hesitate to agree. Anyway, Gu Zhen comes from a well-off family. He could tell that this was the case when she bought a full account. She definitely wouldn’t ask for anything expensive.

[I want you.]

Gu Zhen said.

[Cheng Cheng, I want you.]


Cheng Zhi Chu held onto his phone with widened eyes. He instantly froze up.

What does this mean?

…………Did it mean what he think it means?

[I like you. Can you agree to go out with me?]

…………..My god.

Cheng Zhi Chu was in daze for a long time. He read that message over and over again in disbelief before realising that he didn’t see it wrong. Gu Zhen said she likes him and even wanted to go out with him…………


He suddenly fell off from his bed, but he didn’t climb back up and just laid there with a bright red face. His fingers trembled as he typed, and he couldn’t press the right keys. In the end he could only send over a voice message.

“Gu-Gu Zhen………..You didn’t send it to the wrong person? You really, really want to go out with me??”

[How could I get it wrong? Apart from you, who else would I be calling “Cheng Cheng”?]

[My Cheng Cheng is only you.]

[I have had a crush on you ever since we first met because you just happened to be my type.]

[You’re simple and cute, and you get shy easily, but you still do your best in front of me. Every time I chat with you, I am very happy.]

[Actually, I don’t like playing games at all. I find it boring and a waste of time. I only played this game so that I could get your contact details and share a common interest with you.]

“Why would you say that? This game is really fun……….”

When Cheng Zhi Chu saw that message, for a moment he focused his attention on the wrong point. He then continued to read with a blushing red face.

[But I only thought that it was a waste of time in the past. Now, the thing that I look forward to the most is playing games with you.]

[Because during this time you would only be with me and only be my Cheng Cheng.]

[But I am very greedy. I wanted more.]

[Cheng Cheng, can you give me a chance and let me have more of you from now on?]

This……Who can withstand this…..

Gu Zhen’s confession attack was too lethal. When Cheng Zhi Chu saw it, he felt like his heart was about to explode.

No. This isn’t right. Its’s all reversed. It’s like Gu Zhen is a man and he is a girl that is being flirted with…………She really knows how to flirt!! How can Gu Zhen be so good at saying these things?!

Cheng Zhi Chu never thought that Gu Zhen would have such a side to her. His brain stopped functioning for a long time before finally working again and his hands trembled.

During this time, Gu Zhen didn’t send over anymore messages. She was seemingly waiting for his reply. Cheng Zhi Chu got up from the ground and took a few deep breaths before barely managing to calm himself down. He then started typing with a trembling hand.

[…………Sorry, I still can’t believe it. It feels like a dream……….]

[You really want to go out with me? This isn’t a joke? You really……..like me?]

Gu Zhen replied: [I have never been more serious about anyone.]

After a while, she added.

[You are my first love Cheng Cheng.]

[So can you say yes?]

“Only a fool would say no……but…..”

Cheng Zhi Chu almost couldn’t catch his breath. After a long time, he muttered to himself like he was still in a dream.

But to be honest, he felt very uneasy. He felt that Gu Zhen was someone who was a way out of his league and, compared to him, he is ordinary and weak. How can he deserve her……..

As he thought this, he felt a little awkward. In fact, strictly speaking he couldn’t be considered to be in love with Gu Zhen, it was more admiration. Because he thought that Gu Zhen would never like him, he had strictly warned himself not to think about those useless things and make her hate him.

But now Gu Zhen says that she likes him………

In an instant, Cheng Zhu Chu was conflicted. At this moment, Gu Zhen sent over another message that completely defeated Cheng Zhi Chu.

[If you don’t want to it’s okay.]

[It’s because I’m not good enough to deserve someone like you.]

“It’s me that’s worried that I’m not worthy of you……..!!”

Cheng Zhi Chu saw this message and anxiously sent over a voice message.

“How can that be.”

He didn’t expect Gu Zhen to also send over a voice message. Her voice in the message was low and gentle with a hint of a smile.

“In my eyes, you are the best.”


Cheng Zhi Chu cursed inside. He was red even down to his neck. He finally gave up struggling and said: “I agree. I agree…………”

“Thank you, Cheng Cheng.”

Gu Zhen’s voice carried a hint of a smile and her voice was warm and gentle. There was also a hint of determination and resolution within.

“I will cherish you well.”

“I won’t let you regret this decision.”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 33)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to kill the others off in the instance.

When Zhi Chu was taken away by “him”, I should have killed them first but, at that time, I only had Zhi Chu in my mind and I had completely forgotten about them. When I found Zhi Chu, the instance was already over, and I had lost my last chance.

What a pity……If I see that man again, I definitely would let him die horribly. Particularly that face. It’s too unsightly and must be destroyed. How dare it appear on Zhi Chu’s shirt.


I wonder if Zhi Chu is thinking about me. I think he probably misses me.

(He doesn’t)

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