Chapter 34: Reality (5)

Cheng Zhi Chu finally made his first ever girlfriend.

After saying good night to Gu Zhen, Cheng Zhi Chu tossed and turned in bed the whole night. He was so excited, he couldn’t sleep at all. He who used to be able to sleep very well was actually experiencing insomnia and his mind was filled with what had just happened earlier.

After thinking for a long time, he finally came to a conclusion. He was too passive in this relationship and even the confession was made by Gu Zhen.

Although it would be impossible for him to confess to Gu Zhen if Gu Zhen didn’t confess to him first, but after they have confirmed their relationship, things should be different………He shouldn’t let Gu Zhen spoil him. As the boyfriend, he should be the one spoiling Gu Zhen!!

After thinking about it the entire night, Cheng Zhi Chu had even thought about what they would do together in the future. But the most important thing was that he should quickly acquire a birthday present for Gu Zhen. He’s not thick-skinned enough to think that he himself is the best gift.

However, before this, Cheng Zhi Chu had never been good friends with another girl and the small gifts that he gave out were usually things like small plushies which weren’t suitable for Gu Zhen. As for what he should give her, he had no idea and he didn’t even have a female friend that he could ask.

As for his younger sister Cheng Ling Ling, that girl is only in her first year of high school and quite far from Gu Zhen’s age so their taste would be different.

In the end Cheng Zhi Chu decided to ask a good friend of his. He had a friend called Li Dong who has been in a lovey dovey relationship with his girlfriend for many years. Asking him for advice was the best option and, if the worst comes to the worst, he could just ask his girlfriend through him

But now it was still dark, and the sun had not yet risen so Li Dong is definitely still asleep. Cheng Zhi Chu decided that he shouldn’t ask through the phone and planned to invite the other person out to talk tomorrow. They had not seen each other for a while so it would be nice to catch up and he could also ask him about how he was able to maintain such a good relationship with his girlfriend.

Although he didn’t dare to raise Gu Zhen’s expectations but from tomorrow onwards, he was determined to be a good boyfriend.


“Pfft———–cough cough cough…………..”

When he head that Cheng Zhi Chu had a girlfriend, Li Dong who was drinking beer spat it all out.

“You have a girlfriend? You sure it’s not a boyfriend? In fact, I have always thought that you’re very suitable to be loved by men.”

“Scram.” Cheng Zhi Chu rolled his eyes. If he wasn’t here asking for his advice, he would have already given Li Dong a beating. “Less nonsense. I’m already someone who has a girlfriend. I called you out today for a reason.”

“Cough….I’m just joking.” Li Dong coughed for a long time before managing to calm down. With a big smile he said, “Congratulations brother, this is great news! This brother here is very happy for you! Go ahead and ask me any questions you have. You’re asking the right person if you want to talk about relationship matters.”

And so, Cheng Zhi Chu told him about what had happened. He placed a lot of effort describing Gu Zhen’s looks and personality: “………..So for a girl like this, what should I give her?”


Li Dong who heard this was a little stunned: “This kid…….What good luck do you have to be able to go out with a goddess like that? Don’t lie to me!”

“If I lied then I’m your grandson.” Cheng Zhi Chu snorted.

“Damn, okay. I couldn’t tell but you’re really amazing.”

Seeing his look of seriousness, Li Dong smiled deviously and nudged him with his elbow: “Why don’t you let this brother see a photo of her? Why, afraid that I’ll go and steal her? Don’t worry, I only love my wife. Even if your girlfriend is fairy, I won’t be tempted.”

“Let’s worry about the photo later.”

Cheng Zhi Chu waved his hand and was too embarrassed to say that he didn’t actually have Gu Zhen’s photo: “What should I give her?”

“Based on your description, she seems like a mature and well-mannered beauty, right? Hmmm……I think it might be safest giving her a lipstick. Others, she might not necessarily like.” Li Dong said, “As for what brand and what colour, I’ll help you ask my wife.”

He sent a few messages to his girlfriend and, while he waited for her reply, he suddenly thought of a question: “Hey, which school does your girlfriend go to? Are you from the same school?”

“Mmm……In any case, we’re not from the same school.”

His had already received his acceptance letter and Cheng Zhi Chu had successfully enrolled into his desired D University. Gu Zhen said that she isn’t from D University, but she strangely never mentioned which school she was from.

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Li Dong looked at him suspiciously. He felt that Cheng Zhi Chu seemed to be acting a little strange and became suspicious. He asked Cheng Zhi Chu a few more questions and they were all answered vaguely, like he didn’t know much.

“……….Say,” Li Dong couldn’t help himself, “Cheng Zi, I don’t mean to be rude but don’t you think you might have been cheated? Why won’t she tell you anything?”

“I don’t know why she won’t tell me anything. Maybe she is hiding some things, but she won’t lie to me. She has never asked me for money or asked me to do anything for her.”

“Hey, my silly brother.” Li Dong insisted sternly, “You’re too naïve. She may just be waiting for the moment to strike!”

“………She’s not a liar.”

Cheng Zhi Chu pursed his lips. He naturally wasn’t happy when his girlfriend is being suspected but he also understood that Li Dong was saying those things in his best interest, so he didn’t get angry. He again tried to explain to Li Dong.

“I didn’t mention it earlier but the first time I met her was at my school. It was just after the university entrance exams and she was helping a friend out by cosplaying Melissa. At that time, I suffered from low blood sugar and nearly fainted and she happened to help me out when she passed by. What kind of liar would do good deeds while dressed like that?”

“…….Wait. Melissa’s cosplay? It was just after the university entrance exam?” Li Dong opened his mouth. “Cheng Zi, you go to D University, right?”

“Yes.” Cheng Zhi Chu answered.

Li Dong’s tone didn’t sound right: “…………Is your girlfriend called Gu Zhen?”

“How did you kno——–”

Cheng Zhi Chu showed a surprised expression. Before he was able to finish his sentence, he saw Li Dong’s expression suddenly change. With a ‘bang’ he suddenly stood up and almost knocked over the beer bottles on the table.

“Cheng Zi, you were tricked!!”

Li Dong grabbed Cheng Zhi Chu’s shoulder and said in a very anxious tone: “That fucker is Gu Zhen! That Gu Zhen! The student council president of the financial department at A University! —— Fuck, you won’t understand if I say it like this.”

Seeing Cheng Zhi Chu’s stunned expression, Li Dong scratched his head and pulled up A University’s official webpage. He searched for the School of Finance and the first photo that appeared was the director’s photo with the top students.

“Check and see if it’s him.” Li Dong pointed at a young student standing next to the director. “He is Gu Zhen.”

Cheng Zhi Chu just glanced at it and his entire body stiffened. All the blood in his body then rushed to his brain.

The Gu Zhen in the phot was dressed in a formal black suit, looking very handsome. His elegant eyes were curved, and he had a smile on his face as he looked at the camera.

But he was certain…….

He recalled his girlfriend’s appearance with a pale face. At that time, although she had makeup on, you could still tell that she looked almost exactly the same as the Gu Zhen in this picture ———- This face, whether it is on a man or a woman, it looked very good and wouldn’t look strange.

He couldn’t convince himself. Perhaps his girlfriend is just somehow related to this Gu Zhen, fraternal twins……..But what kind of family would give their son and daughter the same name?

What’s more, all the inconsistencies earlier now added up —— Why Gu Zhen didn’t talk about her own school, why she rarely sent voice messages and why she wouldn’t send selfies……

It was all because Gu Zhen was a man and he was intentionally hiding it from him.

“Gu Zhen cosplaying as Melissa was spread all over A University and D University’s forums……My girlfriend is also at A University, so I have heard about him.”

Li Dong showed him the forum posts from two months ago. There were a lot of related content and all of them had photos of Gu Zhen crossdressing. Everyone joked that President Gu had become a goddess.

In the past, Cheng Zhi Chu did suspect that Gu Zhen may be from A university. He had also tried to search for Gu Zhen’s name in their forums but, because Gu Zhen is very famous at school, every time they mentioned him, they would not call him by his real name. Instead, they called him things like President Gu and Young Master Gu, so he didn’t find anything when he searched.

In fact, there were clearly many things that didn’t seem quite right, but he was completely fooled and never suspected a thing. Thinking back now, he really was a complete and utter fool…….

But why would Gu Zhen hide this from him? Why would he lie to him and even confess to him? Was he teasing him? Did he find it fun watching him being played around like a fool?

Cheng Zhi Chu’s face was void of blood. His breathing became unsteady and his entire body shook. His eyes turned red and he looked like he was about to cry.

“Cheng Zi…..”

Li Dong watched him, and he also felt uncomfortable inside. In particular, he had teased him earlier about getting a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend. He wanted to slap his own mouth. Of all the things that he could have said, this cheap mouth of his just had to say something like that. Look at what happened! It actually came true!

He didn’t know why Gu Zhen would trick Cheng Zhi Chu but when he saw his friend looking so upset, he was instantly angered. Without even stopping to think about it, he took Cheng Zhi Chu’s phone and unlocked it.

“What are you doing?” Cheng Zhi Chu’s voice was a little choked up. He looked at him with red eyes.

“Do you have Gu Zhen’s phone number?” Li Dong said with a cold expression, “I’m going to call him and ask him what he’s doing. Is that guy crazy? How dare he mess with my brother. I’m going to teach him a lesson.”


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Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t want to drag Li Dong in. He reached out to try and get his phone back, but Li Dong managed to avoid it.

“Cheng Zi don’t stop me. Now that you know the truth, you should get Gu Zhen to explain himself. It’s the same if its you or me asking. Anyway, he isn’t a girl.” Li Dong looked at him seriously, “Or do you still want to drag it out?”

“……….” For a while Cheng Zhi Chu was speechless.

“Don’t worry, I won’t curse at him immediately” He wanted to beat him up more.

Li Dong suppressed his anger and promised him. Cheng Zhi Chu slowly released his hold of his hand and silently watched him go through his contacts and dial Gu Zhen’s number.

The phone was answered almost immediately. At the same time, he heard a pleasant and gentle voice come through: “Cheng Cheng?”

Cheng Cheng? Cheng your big uncle, this is your father!

Li Dong cursed at him internally, but he couldn’t help but find it strange. From just those words, he could tell that it was obviously a man’s voice. But, perhaps it was because Cheng Zi had thought that Gu Zhen was a girl from the very beginning so this impression of his was too strong, he didn’t think much of it and had just thought that “her” voice was a little more on the husky side.

“You’re Gu Zhen?” Li Dong asked very rudely.

“I’m Gu Zhen. May I ask, you are?” Gu Zhen’s attitude immediately turned cold. He spoke very politely yet also very unfamiliarly. “Also, why do you have this phone?”

“I’m his friend. Let me ask you one thing. Gu Zhen, did you pretend to be a woman and lied to him, and even asked him to go out with you?”


The person on the other end of the phone went silent. For a long time, no sounds travelled over.

“You really did that?!”

Seeing that he was pretty much admitting to it, Li Dong immediately started cursing at him: “You bastard. It’s a disgusting move pretending to be a girl and fooling another man. Psychopaths should just go straight to the mental hospital. Don’t fucking mess with my brother!”

“………..Is Cheng Cheng there?” Gu Zhen ignored his insults and just said, “Please give him the phone.”

“Bastard!” Li Dong yelled at him.

“Give him the phone.” Gu Zhen’s voice immediately turned cold, “I said, give it to him.”

Li Dong felt inexplicably cold. He subconsciously passed the phone over to Cheng Zhi Chu before realising belatedly that he was scared. He secretly scolded himself for being so timid.

Cheng Zhi Chu received the phone and just remained silent while pursing his lips.

He felt very wronged and hurt. He felt like a fool. He didn’t want to let Gu Zhen hear him on the verge of tears but his breathing was uneven and Gu Zhen could tell that something wasn’t right.

“Cheng Cheng……Are you crying?” Gu Zhen asked very gently, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. Don’t cry.”

“……….Why did you lie to me?” Cheng Zhi Chu rubbed his eyes and tried to stay calm. He didn’t want to embarrass himself, but his voice still trembled a little “Was it fun lying to me? Did you make a bet with someone saying that this fool is not only silly, he’s also blind so he would fall in love with you————”

“Cheng Cheng!”

Gu Zhen interrupted him. He spoke pleadingly:

“I’m sorry. I was wrong for lying to you but my feelings for you is real. I will be very hurt if you doubt me like this.”

“At the beginning, I didn’t reveal my gender to you because I felt a little ashamed. Since we only just met, I didn’t think that there would be a need to explain.”

“After talking to you more, I found you to be very cute. At that time, I had a hunch that I might fall for you so, after I got your contact details, I asked you about your view on homosexuality.”

“You said you didn’t discriminate against them, but you would never fall for a man. If a person of the same sex was to pursue you, you would stay away from them.”

Gu Zhen’s words were filled with bitterness.

“So, I couldn’t say anything.”

“I pretended to be a woman. I tried my best to show you my best side. I knew that one day you would find out that I’m actually a man, so I wanted you to hurry and fall in love with me first. Perhaps at that time, you would be reluctant to leave me.”

“Even so, you didn’t feel anything towards me. If I told you that I’m actually a man……….”

“Cheng Cheng, tell me, would you be able to fall in love with me in this lifetime?”

“…………I don’t know.”

After a long silence, Cheng Zhi Chu answered: “But I can be certain that won’t fall for you. Gu Zhen, more than you being a man, what I can’t accept more was the fact that you have lied to me. For more than two months you have lied to me. If it wasn’t for someone else telling me, you definitely would have continued to lie to me.”

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“Cheng Cheng…….”

“Don’t say anything. I’m also a fool. To think that I didn’t realise the truth after so long.” Cheng Zhi Chu looked down. He said dully, “Let’s act like we have never met. We’re done.”

When he was done, he hung up. No matter now many times Gu Zhen called him, he didn’t pick up. He then turned off his phone and sat back down.


Faced with a friend who had just suffered a serious blow, Li Dong didn’t know what to say. He pushed a bottle of beer over: “Drink. Get drunk. Go crazy. When you sober up, everything is in the past and you don’t have anyone called Gu Zhen in your life.”

Cheng Zhi Chu poured himself half a cup of beer and took a small sip. He lowered his head and the tip of his nose was red.

“Tastes bad.”


In the evening, Li Dong supported Cheng Zhi Chu and dropped him off home.

In fact, Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t actually drink much. He didn’t like to drink and only took a small sip but, because he didn’t sleep much the night before, he soon fell asleep at the table. He slept quite comfortably and quietly and didn’t make a ruckus.

Li Dong ordered a few more bottles of beers. He was originally going to accompany him and have a good drink, but it was over before it had even started. Despite being a little dumbfounded, he couldn’t let the beer go to waste so he could only down the six or seven bottles himself.

……….Drank too much.

Although Li Dong wasn’t drunk, he was still a little light headed. When he finished drinking, this little brother of his still had not woken up yet so he could only accept his fate and drop Cheng Zhi Chu off home. With light footsteps, he supported him into his apartment block.

The evening wind was a little cold and it sobered Li Dong up a little. He passed the apartment buildings and reached the entrance. Just as he was about to breath a sigh of relief, he suddenly noticed a human figure standing by the side of the road. Startled by this, he completely sobered up.

He stared dumbfoundedly at Gu Zhen who walked over to them. He asked with a confused look: “You…..how come you’re here? How did you know Cheng Zi’s address?”

Fuck. He remembered that Gu Zhen is not a local. It’s currently summer vacation and he should have already returned home. So for him to appear here…….If he calculated the time, he would have probably rushed over immediately after the phone call ended. 

“He drank?”

Gu Zhen’s eyes swept over Li Dong. It was very fleeting, but it made Li Dong feel a chill run down his back.

When he saw Gu Zhen, he was still quite angry but now he was like a deflated balloon. For some reason, he couldn’t get angry at Gu Zhen.

“Didn’t drink……He’s just tired.” Li Dong muttered dissatisfiedly. “He was too excited last night and didn’t sleep a wink. He came to ask me for my advice about what present he should give you and, in the end, he found out that you’re a man.”

“Give him to me.” Gu Zhen’s eyes flashed, and he spoke very quickly.

“What do you want?!” Li Dong widened his eyes and stepped back with vigilance. “I’m warning you, don’t come over. If you come, I’ll call for help………”


At this moment, Cheng Zhi Chu who was being supported by Li Don’t let out a small moan before dazedly opening his eyes.

He wasn’t completely awake and, when he saw Gu Zhen in front of him, they didn’t know what he thought he was, but he mumbled something incoherently before moving over to fall into Gu Zhen’s arms and nuzzled up against him.


Gu Zhen very carefully held onto the person in his arms. His originally cold look changed instantly, and he looked at Cheng Zhi Chu with a gaze so gentle and endearing that it could kill those watching them.

………..It turned out to be real!

Li Dong noticed his gaze and his heart immediately dropped. Afterall, he was someone who has dated before and he could tell with one look that Gu Zhen really liked Cheng Zhi Chu.

He didn’t understand. Why would he ignore those girls around him and go for a man……..Fuck. Forget it. Even if one’s sexual orientation is something innate, why did Gu Zhen have to go out of his way to fall for a straight man?

It was because one’s sexual orientation can’t be changed that he had no chance. Cheng Zi wouldn’t fall for a man and this fact cannot be changed.

“Cheng Cheng……..”

Gu Zhen lowered his head and gently called out Cheng Zhi Chu’s name. Cheng Zhi Chu was originally about to wake up. After falling silent for a while, he moved a little and slowly opened his eyes. When his eyes regained focus, he found himself suddenly facing Gu Zhen’s beautiful pair or eyes.


“And then?”

Cheng Ling Ling asked curiously: “What did you say to Gu Zhen?”

“………..Nothing. I sent him directly to the hospital.” Cheng Zhi Chu laughed drily.

“?” Cheng Ling Ling was very confused.

“I wasn’t completely awake at that time and I was surprised so I threw a punch at his face. I don’t know where I managed to hit but he immediately fainted. Li Dong and I had to lug him over to the hospital and waste away half the night.”

“Ah…….” The young girl suddenly realised, “I remember now. It was that day when you had your phone turned off and you only got back late at night? The day mum and dad scolded you very severely?”

“It was that day.” Cheng Zhi Chu thought about it and added, “Don’t tell mum and dad.”

“Of course, I won’t. I know that at least.” The young girl stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes. She then said, “But I still think it’s a pity. He is actually a pretty good person……”

Cheng Zhi Chu narrowed his eyes at her: “Would you like me you introduce him to you?”

“No thanks, no thanks. I can’t afford it. You can have him…..” The young girl shook her head.

“Anyway, let’s not talk about this. Didn’t you want to take some photos?” Cheng Zhi Chu spread out his hands, “Here.”

“Okay.” Cheng Ling Ling responded cheerfully.


Cheng Zhi Chu naturally didn’t mention what had happened afterwards.

In the quiet hospital late at night, Li Dong went to pay the hospital fees and Cheng Zhi Chu supported Gu Zhen over to a chair. He suddenly felt a gentle pressure against his shoulder and, when he looked up, he saw Gu Zhen looking at him unblinkingly.

Under the dim lighting, his eyes were exceptionally bright.

Seeing Cheng Zhi Chu looking over at him, he lowered his head and planted a light kiss on the top of his head. With a small voice he said:

“Cheng Cheng, I’m really sorry but I won’t give up on you.”

“We’re not over.”


When Li Dong returned from paying the bills, he found Gu Zheng with another wound on his face.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 34)

With Zhi Chu not by my side, I didn’t want to write my diary, so I planned to find my diary from before he entered the game.

But I realised that I didn’t have a diary at that time.

Because I didn’t have Zhi Chu by my side before, I didn’t want to write my diary……….

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