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Chapter 41: Horror Variety (6)

Faced with this hellish scene, the young boy knelt onto the bed vomiting nonstop. His body trembled fiercely, and beads of tears formed at his eyes. He didn’t dare to cry out and could only silently shed tears.

Zhou Luo Chen picked up a small pair of scissors and used it to cut off a rose that was blooming from a rotten child’s body. He removed the thorns and leaves and gently placed it into the boys’ hands. He said softly: “It really suits you.”

The boy didn’t dare accept the flower of death that is stained with blood. The moment he came into contact with it, he smacked it away to the ground and curled up in fear.

Zhou Luo Chen wasn’t angry. He continued to smile. He picked him up and forced him to sit on his lap. He gently kissed him on his nose and said:

“What, scared? Don’t worry, uncle won’t do that to you. Uncle likes you a lot so how can he be willing to turn you into flower fertiliser?”

“Please, please Uncle Zhou. I don’t want to die. I want to see mummy and daddy. I beg you, please let me go…….”

Being held in Zhou Luo Chen’s arms, the boy trembled like a leaf. His face was pale, and tears constantly poured out from his eyes, but he didn’t dare resist this man and could only plead desperately.

“That can’t do, Zhi Chu.”

Zhou Luo Chen patiently wiped away his tears for him. He then helped wiped away the blood on his body.

But gradually, his gaze started to turn change and it became very bone-chilling. As he wiped away the blood stains, he couldn’t control his strength and started to leave a small bruise on the boy’s soft skin.

The pain caused the boy to struggle again but, with him being held in the man’s arms, he couldn’t move. At this moment, there was a sound of the doorbell coming from upstairs.

Zhou Luo Chen looked up. The ringing of the doorbell sounded several times, and it seemed to be urgent.

After falling silent for a few seconds, he finally decided to go out and take a look. He took out a needle and plunged it into the boy’s arms causing the boy to quickly fall back asleep. He then got up and walked out the room without forgetting to lock the door from the outside.

Being trapped in his younger self’s body, Cheng Zhi Chu could only helplessly watch himself be injected with tranquilizer. Unable to do anything, his line of sight once again turned dark and he could only smell the rotten stench in the air.

Zhou Luo Chen this damned crazy bastard. He killed all those children and even maliciously mutilated their bodies! Is he even human?!

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know whether this was just a setting created by the instance, or whether Zhou Luo Chen in reality had actually killed so many children. If it was true, then his bizarre suicide may have been his retribution. This scum really got it off easy.

At this moment, he suddenly felt his consciousness fading. As if he had returned to his body, he started to feel things with his senses more vividly.

He realised that he had gained control of his body. He tried to open his eyes. Although it was still a little difficult because of the drug, he was able to succeed. He sat up a little dizzily and saw a few bloody words appear on the floor.

[The game is about to begin. The “me” here is Zhou Luo Chen and it is also the person you need to hide from. If you want to win this game, you should hide and avoid being seen by me. As long as I see you, you lose the game.]

[Your hiding range is within this villa.]

[No need to try opening the window. Every window in this villa was specially reinforced and it cannot be opened from the inside. You cannot escape from here.]

“Whose ghost are you? Are you the dead Zhou Luo Chen?”

Cheng Zhi Chu’s voice contained anger. He weakly got up from the bed and moved to the door. He twisted the knob, but it was firmly locked. It looks like he can’t escape from the main entrance.

After the bloody words faded, it fell silent for a while and it didn’t answer his question. It just wrote: [The game starts now.]

Damn. This ghost is most likely Zhou Luo Chen. Saying things like being happy to see him again and even playing such a perverted fame with him, it was only something this beast would do!

Cheng Zhi Chu cursed at him internally. Seeing that he couldn’t open the door, he scanned around the room hoping to find another exit.

There were no windows here, and the sound of the doorbell came from above. He guessed that this place was probably the basement.

After looking around, Cheng Zhi Chu saw a ventilation duct above. It was just the right size to accommodate a child.

But in his current body, he couldn’t reach the vents. He picked up the small pair of scissors that Zhou Luo Chen had used and placed it into his pocket before moving a chair and iron bucket over. He poured out the water from the bucket and placed it upside down onto the chair. He then moved all the books that he could find and placed them on top of the bucket. He carefully climbed up, stood onto the books and just managed to reach the edge of the vent while he tiptoed.

The ventilation duct had a wire mesh cover, but it had already aged. Cheng Zhi Chu used the small pair of scissors to pry away at the edges and soon, the mesh was removed. He threw away the mesh and managed to climb into the duct with much effort.

Because he didn’t know when Zhou Luo Chen would be back, Cheng Zhi Chu was very nervous when he did these things and his actions were fast. It hasn’t been long and he was already tired and sweaty.

He climbed along the vent for a while. When he confirmed that Zhou Luo Chen couldn’t get into this vent and probably couldn’t catch him, he stopped to take a breather and then began to assess the environment around him.

The ventilation ducts were not very clean. Only after climbing through it for a while, he could feel that his entire body was covered in dust but overall it was still cleaner than what he had expected. He is also currently trying to run away so he didn’t have time to think about these things.

The inside of the vents was a little wider than its entrance and exit, and it also split into different paths. At every fork, there would be a faint light. It seems like many of the rooms have the vents. It helped illuminate the interior of the vents a little and he could start making things out.

He didn’t know how the villa’s ventilation ducts were designed. Was Zhou Luo Chen not worried about the stench of the corpses being spread around the villa in turn exposing his psychopath tendencies?

However, when he passed through those openings, Cheng Zhi Zhu would always smell the strong aroma of flowers. When he peeked through mesh covers, he saw that there were lots of fresh flowers displayed in Zhou Luo Chen’s rooms.

Their scent covered the body’s odour, and even merged together to form a strange smell that wasn’t aromatic nor smelly.

In addition to the fact that the smell was spread through the entire villa and was very faint, when combined with the smell of paint, no one would even think that there would be so many children’s decaying bodies in the basement.

However, Cheng Zhi Chu still had some doubts. If it was him, he would have definitely sealed off the vents to the other rooms and prevented the odour from spreading around the villa. After all, the flowers would need to be changed regularly so it was much more troublesome than sealing the vents and it was also more easily discovered. This thought however only flashed briefly in his mind and he didn’t think about it too deeply.

He crouched inside the vent and wondered if he would be safe if he hid here like this.

According to the ghosts’ rules, he is now Zhou Luo Chen and can only find him with ‘human’ means. If that was the case, then Zhou Luo Chen would not be able to enter the vents. That is to say, as long as he hides here for two hours, he would win.

But can it be so easy?

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t feel relieved. Instead, he was even a little worried. He didn’t think that he would be able to win so easily but he also couldn’t think of how Zhou Luo Chen would be able to find him.

He rested for a while. No longer gasping for air and no longer crawling, the ventilation ducts returned to silence. He could then hear a faint sound of someone talking.

Is that Zhou Luo Chen and the visitor that had pressed the doorbell? What are they talking about?

Cheng Zhi Chu was curious. He also wanted to have Zhou Luo Chen in his line of sight so that he could have a grasp of where and what he was doing so he carefully climbed towards the source of the sound. He paid extra attention not to make any sound.

He climbed over to a place with a mesh cover. Warm light from the chandelier came in from outside so he was able to see the living room at first glance. Zhou Luo Chen stood at the door talking to two young teenagers.

“Teacher, I heard that child had gone missing and they still haven’t found him yet.”

The person who spoke was Bai Xi Xing. He furrowed his brows and he had an anxious expression: “His parents think he might have entered the residential area, but the security guard said that he didn’t see a child and they would never let outsiders in.”

“We met his parents outside and promised to help them look for him. I also think that the child might have entered the residential area. Perhaps he was brought in by someone……..Teacher Zhou, do you have any ideas?”

“I’m sorry, I also have no idea. I have already heard about this and I have helped Mr Cheng find Zhi Chu but unfortunately we couldn’t find him.”

Zhou Luo Chen sighed. His voice was filled with worry: “I hope Zhi Chu is safe……”

Seeing that fake expression of his, Cheng Zhi Chu almost vomited. He no longer looked at him and looked over at the other young teenager only to be surprised to see that the young teenager next to Bai Xi Xing was Bai Yi.

This Bai Yi was a lot younger than the one he had met in the game. He was still a young and slender teenager, but his posture was straight, and his appearance was beautiful. The tear mole next to his dark pupil made him appear quite devilish and flirtatious. Comparable to those of his adult self, the young Bai Yi had extremely refined and beautiful features and was undeniably a pretty boy.

At this moment, the young teenager’s eyes were cold, and his expression was dark. There was not a hint of a smile on his face and it even looked a little gloomy.

Even while facing Teacher Zhou Luo Chen, he was cold and indifferent. With a slight bow, he said: “Since Teacher has no clues, we won’t bother you and go look for him somewhere else.”

“Okay, I hope you can find him. I won’t delay you anymore.”

Zhou Luo Chen shook his head and sighed: “I’m sorry. Perhaps it is because I tired myself out during the day that I am not feeling very well right now. Otherwise, I would also go with you.”

“It’s okay Teacher. Please go rest well. My cousin and I will go first.”

Bai Xi Xing bowed to Zhou Luo Chen and then turned around and hurriedly chased after Bai Yi who had already left. Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t call out to them because Zhou Luo Chen was there. If he was seen by him, it would be considered his loss.

Of course, if it was under normal circumstances, he would have definitely called for help.

Seeing that the two teenagers had left, Zhou Luo Chen closed the door. He shook his head and started chuckle quietly as he said in a small voice, “You will never see him again. From now on, he will be mine alone.”

Scram! He would rather choose Qin Ji that psychopathic killer from the Beginner Instance than a pervert like you!!

Cheng Zhi Chu’s raged inside. He crouched inside the vent and threw Zhou Luo Chen a middle finger. At this moment, he saw Zhou Luo Chen suddenly move over to the big aquarium. He picked up a tong and appeared to be trying to take something out of the aquarium.


When Cheng Zhi Chu was able to clearly make out what was being kept inside the aquarium, his scalp immediately went numb.

Earlier when he had first entered the villa and saw the empty aquarium, he had thought that it was used to raise fish and that the water had been drained out since no further fish were raised following Zhou Luo Chen’s death. But, using the light from the lobby, he saw Zhou Luo Chen take out several snakes from it and store it inside a glass box next to his feet.

Did this pervert intend to let the snake bite him??

Cheng Zhi Chu felt a chill through his body. He couldn’t help but feel glad that he had escaped from the basement. If he didn’t, he would have definitely been bitten by the snake. He then heard Zhou Luo Chen mutter to himself.

“I have been away from the basement for a while now so the tranquilizer should have worn off. Maybe Zhi Chu has already woken up and escaped out through the ventilation duct?”

Those words of his made Cheng Zhi Chu’s face suddenly change colour. He completely didn’t expect Zhou Luo Chen to be able to predict that he had escaped. To be more precise, it didn’t even cross his mind the fact that Zhou Luo Chen had deliberately left an escape route —– Could one of the children have tried to escape from the ventilation ducts?

“If he is still in the vents……..”

Zhou Luo Chen lifted the glass box containing snakes. A small smile appeared on his handsome face.

“Maybe he will like these little guys.”

“They are very sensitive to the smell of blood. They will find him, and play with him.”

“He won’t be lonely.”

All the colour in Cheng Zhi Chu’s face had completely drained away.


Bai Yi’s Diary (part 41)

Had a nightmare.

I dreamt that I had fallen into a goddess’s spring and Zhi Chu wanted to save me.

The goddess took out three of me. One was myself, one was my younger self and the other was a girl that looked like me.

The goddess asked Zhi Chu: Was the one that he had lost me, the younger me or the girl that looks like me?

Zhi Chu answered truthfully that he had lost me and that he didn’t know the other two.

I was very happy that Zhi Chu had chosen me, but the goddess appreciated his honesty so, to reward him, she gave him all three of me.

But Zhi Chu didn’t even spare me a glance and just walked away with the other two. Before he left, he looked at me with a very angry expression. Afterall, he had seen the sketchbook that I had hidden away.


I lost sleep.

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