Chapter 51: Ghost School (5)

Zhao Xiao Pang’s tone had a hint of excitement and eagerness. He seemed to think that telling ghost stories to others in this environment allowed it to be even more exciting.

Cheng Zhi Chu and the others didn’t stop him. After all, they already knew that there would definitely be ghosts appearing afterwards and nine times out of ten it out take the appearance of the ghost mentioned in the ghost story. With him revealing it first, they could mentally prepare themselves in advance.

“It’s better not to.” Lu Jie shook her head. A hint of embarrassment was revealed on her pure face. “I’m afraid of ghosts.”

“Everyone has heard of it. Aren’t they just a few ghost stories?”

Shen Qi Qi raised her eyebrow and wasn’t impressed: “Things like the dark shadows in the cafeteria, thirteen o’clock in the music room, the bloody footprints in the hall, the disfigured girl in the chemistry classroom………It’s all overused and old.”

“There are also two other ones that you probably haven’t heard of.”

Zhou Xiao Pang shook his head and pointed at the fountain pool with his chubby finger.

“One of it is this fountain pool. Legend has it that when the night is at its darkest, bloody water would come out from the fountain and there would be bloody body parts floating in the pool.”

“There is a savage man-eating ghost that hides in the pool during the day. At night it would wake up and wait for late returning students or teachers.”

“As long as someone gets close to the fountain, the ghost would suddenly reach its arm out and drag that person into the water————”

At this moment, Zhao Xiao Pang’s voice stopped abruptly and the expression on his face stiffed. With eyes large and round, he started in the direction of the fountain. Even his lips were trembling. It was as if he had seen something terrifying.

Seeing him look like this, the others also felt their hearts tighten and they subconsciously turned around only to see that the fountain was still empty and was only covered in a layer of dust.

Zhao Xiao Pang smirked mischievously and stretched out his hands to smack Ou Yang and Liang Wen Bin’s back. The two of them couldn’t help but be surprised by this sudden attack and, when they realised that he was deliberately scaring them, they immediately turned back and chased after Zhao Xiao Pang.

Cheng Zhi Chu saw that there was no water in the fountain from the very beginning, so he didn’t undergo any mood fluctuations. He was also not that scared. On one hand, the pervert Zhou Luo Chen and Winter Branch gave him too much of an impact and, on the other hand, Bai Yi was holding his hand and he was a little distracted by it.

“What’s the other ghost story about?”

Yang Qian Fan took a photo of the fountain pool and asked with a tone of curiosity typical to that of a naïve ten-year-old boy.

However, when he saw the picture displayed on the camera, a trace of darkness flashed across his eyes and he quietly handed the camera over to Gu Zhen.

Zhao Xiao Pang was being chased by his friends and asking for mercy. At the same time, he answered the boy’s question: “The other ghost story……Hey, stop hitting me you two. Let me talk!”

“………..Little child. I’m not trying to scare you, but this is something that’s true. Eighty or ninety years ago, this place was still a wasteland. In particular, the school was a mass grave.”

“How would the poor have the money to build graves? They just randomly rolled them up in straw mats and threw them in. The ground was filled with bones and decaying flesh and the foul odour would be suffocating. At night, it would be dark and eerie. Occasionally when someone passes by, they would even see faint white shadows.”

“The land was developed later. They said that with a school, there would be lots of human and it could help suppress the evil, so our school was built. But in the middle of the night, those ghosts would once again climb out from the ground and wander aimlessly around the school.”

“If you run into these ghosts, the first thing that you must do is to cover your mouth and nose, and refrain from them hearing your breathing. If you disturb them and let them know that you’re a living person, they would swallow you alive. Hey, compared to being eaten by the fountain pool ghost, it’s probably worse being split into pieces by a group of ghosts……”

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Gu Zhen looked down at the image in the camera and then he looked back at the fountain.

Under the dim moonlight, the fountain was still quiet and dry. Because of the lack of water, slight cracks had formed on the mottled stone walls and small tufts of grass sprouted from them.

However, the fountain in the camera was spilling out bloody water. The water splashed and bubbled and rolled. In the pool, human eyes, teeth, tangled hair, bones and flesh was floating around.

A black hand stained with blood slowly reached out and rested onto the edge of the pool.

The bloody water poured out non-stop gradually overflowing from the pool and onto the floor. It gradually spread to the position where the people stood.

Gu Zhen who was at the back of the group stepped onto the steps leading into the teaching building and, in the camera, he was able to avoid being stained by the blood.

The bloody water continued to flow out of the pool but, no matter how much it poured out, it never crossed over the steps of the school building.

After a moment of silence, the black hand seemed to reluctantly retract its hand back into the pool.

The scene through the camera was like it was playing in reverse. Bloody water mixed with various human organs retreated back to the pool and swirled and swirled until it eventually disappeared. The fountain pool once again returned to its usual dry state.

Gu Zhen returned the camera back to Yang Qian Fan.

At the same time, Ou Yang used the pin to unlock the door leading to the teaching building and the group went in. Zhao Xiao Pang continued to talk about the earlier ghost story.

“……..Until now, those ghosts also advanced with the times. I heard that after we graduated, the school repaired the elevator in the teaching building. In the middle of the night, the ghosts would ride up the elevator. Hey, look. The elevator is here……….”

He reached out and pointed at the elevator. He was then stunned, and his expression changed abruptly. The meat on his face trembled slightly and fear was reflected in his eyes.

“Enough, don’t think that we’re foolish enough to fall for it the second time.”

Ou Yang couldn’t stand Zhao Xiao Pang’s little trickery. Just as he wanted to hit him, he realised that the latter’s teeth were chattering as well. With a face void of colour, he said: “N-no, the elevator……….There really is something in the elevator……”


Ou Yang still didn’t believe him. He didn’t want to look back but he saw his other classmates also having strange expressions while looking in the same direction. It was like they had seen something terrible.


The motor sounds of the elevator rang through the quiet corridor. Power was clearly already cut off so how could the elevator still be running?


Ou Yang’s body stiffened, and he slowly turned back.

 The display panel next to the elevator revealed two bright red numbers. The floor shown was……….

“B18……..” Liang Wen Bin’s voice trembled. “……………The eighteenth-floor underground.”


The numbers changed and B18 had changed to B15.

“There really are ghosts here. Run!”

Ou Yang’s face instantly went pale. He quickly ran towards the door that they had entered from but, as if there was some kind of unknown force, the door closed with a bang before his hand was able to reach the doorknob. Despite the lock clearly being broken, no matter now he twisted it the handle didn’t move.

“Please wait patiently. The elevator has reached the ninth-floor underground.”

A cold and deadpanned female voice sounded without a warning as it reported the floor the elevator is on.

“Open the door! Open the door!”

Ou Yang slammed his fist desperately against the tempered glass door. He even tried to use tools to try and shatter it, but it was all futile. Lu Jie and Liang Wen Bin ran over to the window only to find that those windows had also automatically closed. They were now completely trapped inside the teaching building.

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“The elevator has reached the fifth-floor underground.”

Gu Zhen and Bai Yi remained calm. While the others weren’t paying attention, Yang Qian Fan took a picture of the elevator with a solemn expression.

Cheng Zhi Chu had also experienced this a few times. Although he was still a little nervous, it was much better than before.

If there wasn’t an instance character like Ou Yang and the others there, he would have chosen to use his cards to destroy the ghosts that are coming their way. However, because they are there and because the cards effects were too conspicuous, it would immediately arouse their suspicion so he couldn’t use it.

He had no better option. He could only think of escaping upstairs and then later finding an opportunity when he is away from the characters to deal with those ghosts.

Although he wasn’t sure if Gu Zhen had the same thoughts as him, Gu Zhen spoke up and said, “Lets go upstairs and hide.”

Ou Yang and the others were very flustered at this moment. When they heard Gu Zhen’s words, they didn’t stop to think and immediately rushed over to the stairs but at this moment they head a ‘ding’ coming from the elevator and the mechanical noises had stopped.

“You have reached the first-floor underground.”

“Hurry and cover you nose and mouth.” Gu Zhen frowned slightly and reminded them sternly, “Don’t make a noise.”


The elevator door opened. The flickering lights inside reflected a bunch of pale white figures.

One, two……..dozens of figures floated out. Their entire body was white. Even their hair was a translucent milky white colour and their clothes were ragged. There were both old and new styles and some of them were old people while others were young.

These ghosts had obviously exceeded the elevator capacity and it was unknown how they had managed to squeeze inside. They all had dull expressions as they swayed and stumbled over very slowly.

If it wasn’t for Gu Zhen’s reminder, Ou Yang and the others would have already cried out in fear. Despite this, they were terrified to the point that their entire body trembled, and they desperately covered their nose and mouth, afraid to make any sounds.


Zhao Xiao Pang was a fat man and he sweated very easily. At this moment cold sweat continuously poured out from him as he trembled in fear. Not long later, his sweat had already soaked through his clothes. Perhaps it was because of this, the scent of a living human coming from him was too strong and several ghosts who had passed by him suddenly stopped and lifted their heads to smell the air.

They were almost stuck onto him as they sniffed at his body and carefully tried to discern his scent.

The heavy cold air was forced onto Zhao Xiao Pang causing all the hair on him to stand upright. His eyes widened in horror and sweat poured into his eye causing his eye to become a little bloodshot, but he still didn’t dare to even blink.

The ghosts didn’t leave. They seemed to be suspicious, but they weren’t certain. They suddenly stretched out their slender tongues and slowly approached his face. It was as if they wanted to give his eye a lick.

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Seeing this, Gu Zhen frowned. He could tell that Zhao Xiao Pang would likely not be able to withstand it. If he wasn’t able to contain himself, it would lead to a chain reaction and the other instance characters will certainly also scream out. He no longer hesitated and, with a slight movement with his hand, a thin piece of paper appeared between his fingers.

This small piece of paper had been cut into the shape of a person. The paper human was drawn simply into the appearance of a black-haired woman in a red dress that had her eyes closed.

He gently loosened his fingers and the eyes of the paper woman suddenly opened. The piece of paper then seemed to move on its own and it gently fluttered into the elevator.

A moment later, a young woman walked out of the elevator. Her skin was ghostly pale and, wearing a red dress, she looked elegant and charming. However, she was obviously didn’t look like a living human. She gently clapped her hands and attracted the ghost’s attention.

“Clap, clap……..”

The smile on the pretty woman’s face was very fake as she gently clapped out a strange rhythm. It was as if she was wearing a very human-like mask on her face. Every time she clapped, the ghosts would take a step closer towards her as if they were all obeying to her summons.

The woman slowly stepped back towards the elevator little by little and, gradually, all the ghosts also entered the elevator. Soon, it was almost empty outside. Only a couple of ghosts remained in place, but their attention was also uncontrollably attracted to her.

Zhao Xiao Pang and the others didn’t see that the woman had come from the paper figure from Gu Zhen’s end and had thought that this woman was probably the most powerful ghost among them. They watched on nervously and quietly prayed for her to hurry up and take them away. Once the ghosts are gone, they wanted to flee and swear on their life that they would never set foot into the school again.

But why isn’t the ghost next him leaving……

At this moment, Liang Wen Bin’s eyes moved and the glanced at the ghost next to him. His eyes were filled with fear.

Unlike the other ghosts, this ghost was the only ghost that was not affected by the beautiful female ghost. From the beginning to the end, it didn’t move. Even after the other ghosts had left, it continued to stay there. As long as this ghost was still there, they didn’t dare to run. For him especially, with the ghost right next to him, he didn’t dare to move.

I beg you. Hurry and leave. Go back to the elevator……..

Liang Wen Bin pleaded internally for the ghost to leave. He didn’t look closely earlier but after taking a closer look, he was surprised to see that the ghost was wearing the school’s uniform and appeared to be a student here. He couldn’t help but subconsciously look up at the ghost’s face.

The ghost took the appearance of a young teenager. He wore a summer school uniform and the thin shirt made him appear even more thin. His appearance was neat and tidy.

As if he had sensed Liang Wen Bin’s gaze, the young teenager tilted his head slightly and also looked over at him.

The young teenager had a handsome and elegant face, but his expression was cold, and it even carried a hint of gloom with it. When he noticed his gaze, the young teenager gently hooked up the corner of his lips and called out gently:

“Senior Liang, long time no see.”

Liang Wen Bin’s pupils constricted and, no longer able to control himself anymore, he let out a terrified cry——-

“Su Ling!”


All the ghosts suddenly turned their heads back. Their cold eyes instantly fell onto Liang Wen Bin.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 51)

This time I wasn’t able to find a chance to kiss Zhi Chu and was only able to hold his hand. A little regretful.

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