Chapter 52: Ghost School (6)

The moment Liang Wen Bin shouted out the name “Su Ling”, not only did his expression contort into one of inexplicable horror, even the expressions of Ou Yang and the others had changed. Shen Qi Qi was very shocked but the other three looked more panicked and afraid in comparison.

They looked over timidly. It was as if they wanted to confirm but they didn’t have the courage to do so. After their eyes moved over to the young teenager standing next to Liang Wen Bin and they saw the man’s beautiful and pale face, they were shocked and couldn’t help but gasp. Several of them even took a few steps back.

Su Ling’s eyes were gloomy and deep. It coldly travelled across the people present and then it stopped over at Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu. After looking at them for a few seconds, he slightly curved the corner of his lips and suddenly disappeared.

Oh no!

After being looked at by Su Ling, Cheng Zhi Chu felt his heart squeeze. He suddenly noticed that almost all the ghosts that had entered the elevator had stopped moving. Their bodies didn’t move but their heads had turned around 180 degrees. Numerous pairs of creepy eyes stared at Liang Wen Bin and the others like it was about to drill holes through them.

Their actions had triggered these ghosts. On their originally dull expressions, an angry expression emerged, and they proceeded to scream fiercely before rushing out of the elevator.


The pretty woman maintained the fake smile and reached out to press the button in the elevator. The door quickly closed and separated most of the ghosts from them. However, there were still six or seven of them that had managed to escape out from the elevator. They scattered and rushed over towards Liang Wen Bin and the others.


Liang Wen Bin who stood closest to the elevator was terrified. His arm was caught by a ghost and its five fingers were deeply embedded into his flesh. Blood spilled out from these wounds and he let out an agonising cry.

Cheng Zhi Chu reacted quickly and moved away from Shen Qi Qi who stood closest to him. While the others screamed and ran around and the room was in chaos, he secretly activated the “Banshee’s Scream” card.

A glimmer of light flashed. A female ear-piercing scream rang out from all corners of the room and resonated for a long time in the room.

This terrible scream made Shen Qi Qi and the others think that another terrible ghost was about to appear, and they were scared witless. Their legs went soft and they no longer had the strength or ability to run.

Fortunately, at this moment the ghosts were also in a state of confusion and chaos and they had completely forgotten about chasing them. Cheng Zhi Chu immediately shouted out “Run” and the five of them returned to their senses before rushing over to the stairs.

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Yang Qian Fan and Gu Zhen were at the very end of the group. Once the instance characters reached the second floor and they confirmed that they weren’t able to see what was happening downstairs, the boy used his camera to take a picture of the ghosts.

With a “click, the camera that looked like a one-eyed devil glowed red and the ghosts were sucked into the lens. After a few seconds, several confused white figures appeared on the camera display.

They boy pressed a few buttons on the camera and waited for a moment. He then shook his head and whispered to Gu Zhen: “They are just ordinary ghosts. They don’t know anything.”

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to catch ‘Su Ling’.” Gu Zhen said quietly. “Those people didn’t react normally when they saw him. He must know something.”

“Nine times out of ten, they must have done something wrong…….”

Yang Qian Fan muttered this. He then hesitantly asked: “Uncle………Is your hand okay?”

“It’s fine.”

Gu Zhen spread open his palm and glanced casually at the bleeding wounds. His eyes went dark for a moment and he said calmly: “Don’t worry.”

“That’s good then………”

Yang Qian Fan nodded his head. To hide his worries, he revealed a small smile and swallowed back the words that he wanted to say.

In fact, he was worried about the emotions that Gu Zhen was currently suppressing.

Especially when his beloved was revealing a shy expression while looking at another man, the boy clearly saw a fire burning in his eyes.

That was……….jealousy and anger.


“Huff, huff………..”

Ou Yang and the others didn’t know that the ghosts behind them had already been dealt with and desperately ran all the way to the fourth floor and looked for somewhere to hide.

Seeing that there didn’t appear to be anything following behind them, they pathetically took refuge in an empty classroom. Because they were afraid of attracting more ghosts, they turned off their flashlights and only relied on the moonlight coming from outside the window to see.

The fat and bulky Zhao Xiao Pang collapsed to the ground and gasped for air. It seemed like if he ran a few more steps, he would completely run out of air and suffocate.

Liang Wen Bin who had his arm injured was pale. When they were escaping earlier, because he was worried that the ghost would follow his trail of blood, he had taken off his coat and used it to wrap around his wound. The wound was very deep, and he had lost a lot of blood. Even his coat was completely red, and he felt a little lightheaded.

The two girls stood in daze for a while. Lu Jie then suddenly started to sob quietly. That pure and innocent face of hers was pouring out tears and it made those who saw it feel bad.

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But at this moment, the other men were in no mood to comfort her. Ou Yang irately clenched his fist and quietly cursed: “We shouldn’t have fucking come here. It’s clearly looking for death!”

“There really are ghosts……..” Shen Qi Qi whispered incredulously. “When we were studying here, I had never heard of paranormal things happening at school. The ghost stories were just rumours and made up stories but now……It had come true. How can ghosts really exist?”

Zhao Xiao Pang was silent. None of them used to believe that ghosts existed but now the truth laid bare before them. Those ghostly white figures were definitely not something that was manmade.

“We can’t stay here and wait for our deaths.” Ou Yang took out his phone and said. “We must call outside and ask for he——” He then saw that his phone had no signal. His expression turned bad, “……No signal.”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Zhao Xiao Pang spoke up powerlessly, “In which horror movie have you seen the characters be able to get into contact with the outside world? Even if you can, it would probably be a fucking ghost picking up.”

“You shut up! It’s all because of you. You had nothing better to do but to tell stupid ghost stories and look at what happened. Ghosts really did appear!”

“Fuck, you’re blaming me? I didn’t make up those stories and I wasn’t the one that suggested coming to school. It also wasn’t me that made a noise and angered the ghosts. Didn’t you fucking see those ghosts come over and almost lick my eye? I did my best to hold back my breath the entire time. Why blame me?!”

“Stop fighting……”

The two argued more and more fiercely. Shen Qi Qi wanted to stop them, but she couldn’t do anything.

But at this moment, the two of them noticed Bai Yi gently glancing over at them. It was very brief, but it sent a chill through their whole body and they immediately stopped talking. The classroom very quickly quietened down.

Bai Yi retracted his gaze but, when he looked over at Cheng Zhi Chu, his expression became extraordinarily gently. He rubbed Cheng Zhi Chu’s hair and asked softly: “Scared?”

“………..” Cheng Zhi Chu’s ears went red and he couldn’t help but feel ashamed. He shook his head slightly. Despite being originally afraid, he was now made nervous because of Bai Yi.

The two that were quarrelling was speechless for a moment. Ou Yang coughed and ask: “Little Fatty, since you have heard of so many of the ghost stories about the school, do you know anything about what to do with the ghosts and how we can escape?”

“No. They just said that the ghosts would disappear when the sun rises, and the school would return to normal.” Zhao Xiao Pang said dryly. “Maybe we need to wait until dawn.”

“Fuck, then let’s not run around blindly and just wait here……….”

“Uncle Liang.”

At this moment, Yang Qian Fan suddenly called out to Liang Wen Bin. His eyes were clear. Despite a hint of fear in his eyes, more of it was curiosity.

“Was the ghost earlier called ‘Su Ling’? Why did you become scared when you saw him? He also called you ‘Senior Liang’. Do you know him?”

Liang Wen Bin’s expression changed slightly. Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang also fell silent.

“Ah……It can’t be considered as knowing him. We just met a few times.”

Liang Wen Bin stuttered and replied: “Uh, I also found it strange for him to greet me. I’m clearly a senior that’s not very close to him and Junior Cheng is his classmate………. If you want to ask about him, you should ask Junior Cheng. He should probably know more.”

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Ask him? Why is it pushed over to him now? He doesn’t know anything!

Cheng Zhi Chu froze for a moment. He originally wanted to indicate to Yang Qian Fan not to ask any more questions, but Shen Qi Qi spoke up.

“No need to ask Junior Cheng. I can answer your questions. If we make Junior Cheng answer, he would probably be sad because as Wen Bin has said, they were classmates. If I recall correctly……class 7?”

“………..Uh, yes.”

Cheng Zhi Chu paused for a few seconds. Seeing that Ou Yang and the others didn’t move to correct her, he nodded his head.

“What happened?” The boy blinked innocently.

Shen Qi Qi said: “As you have seen, Su Ling is a ghost. When we were students, he passed away…….He killed himself by jumping off the building. Everyone at school heard about it.”

“So pitiful……….Why did he kill himself?”

“I don’t know. His personality was relatively introverted, and he didn’t have any friends, so no one knew why he killed himself.”

Shen Qi Qi said: “But some suspect that it might have something to do with his family. I heard that……..his family wasn’t in a good state. His father was bedridden and the entire family relied on his mother to earn a living. Perhaps………”

“Could he have been bullied by his classmates because his family is poor?” Yang Qian Fan blinked and asked innocently. “Uncle Liang, what do you think?”

“………..I don’t know.” Liang Wen Bin replied. He then suddenly revealed an anguished expression. He said to the other two friends, “My arm hurts. Come and help me take a look at it.”

Zhao Xiao Pang and Ou Yang immediately moved over. The three of them no longer paid any attention to Yang Qian Fan. Lu Jie’s tears had already stopped but when the topic about Su Ling was raised, she seemed to once again be sad and tears again poured out. She continued to quietly wipe away her tears.

“I have never heard of Su Ling being bullied.”

Shen Qi Qi thought back and shook her head: “Their class teacher also used to be my teacher. She is a very good teacher and wouldn’t allow there to be any bullying among classmates. I also remember that the students in his class were quite good……..Isn’t that right Junior Cheng?”

She specifically asked Cheng Zhi Chu that question.

“I haven’t been bullied.”

Cheng Zhi Chu still remembered the contents of the instance introduction. It had mentioned that despite the fact that he suffered from a hearing impairment, his classmates were very caring. But he wasn’t clear about Su Ling’s case so he could only speculate and say: “So I think that he probably wasn’t alienated because of his family circumstances.”

“Oh, okay.” Yang Qian Fan nodded.

As they spoke, Gu Zhen’s eyes scanned across the classroom.

There were a lot of damaged and messy tables and chairs in the room. The blackboard was covered in graffiti left behind by the students and everything was covered in a layer of dust. The smell of dust was mixed together with the faint smell of blood causing the smell in the classroom to be a little uncomfortable.

When he looked over at one of the desks, his gaze stalled as if he had seen something. He walked over, picked up the metal plate and gently wiped the dust off.

It was the class plate.

“Class 1-7” Gu Zhen read it out. He asked, “Qi Qi, when Su Ling’s accident happened, what year were we in?”

“Second year…………”

Shen Qi Qi blurted this out and her expression immediately changed. When they were in second year of high school, Su Ling and Cheng Zhi Chu were in first year. Both of them were also in class 7———-”


The sound of electric current rushed through and the broken lights on the ceiling suddenly lit up emitting glaring white light. Ou Yang and the others subconsciously closed their eyes in response. When they opened their eyes again, they were scared so badly that their souls almost left their bodies.


The door to the classroom closed and the interior of the room had turned clean and bright in a blink of an eye. The tables and chairs were neatly arranged, and various textbooks and notebooks were placed on them. Many students wearing school uniforms sat in their seats and they looked straight ahead with a deathly pale face and empty eyes.


The bell signalling the start of class sounded and suddenly a figure appeared at the podium. It took the appearance of a mature woman. Her skin was also deathly pale, and her clothes and hair were stained with blood.

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Her white eyeballs spun around and swept over to Cheng Zhi Chu and the others. She knocked on the podium and said: “Class is starting. Students, please take your………..”

A bunch of red and white things fell out from her open mouth. Upon closer inspection, it was a tongue that was covered in maggots.

Because her tongue had fallen out, her words had become muffled. She immediately bent down to pick up her tongue and proceeded to put it back inside her mouth. However, because of her bending motion, the top of her head fell off like it was a wig, revealing white brain matter and the pale red brain contents inside.


Ou Yang and the others were both disgusted and scared. They couldn’t help but start retching. The female teacher picked up her scalp and reattached it to her head before she finished her sentence: “Please return to your seats. Class is about to start.”

There were exactly nine vacant seats in the class, but Bai Yi and the others didn’t move. Ou Yang and the others were also reluctant to sit. Who knows what would happen the moment they sat down?

“If you don’t want to sit, then class will never start, and you won’t be able to get out.”

When the teacher spoke, maggots fell out from her mouth and fell onto her chest but it didn’t affect her talking speed.

“As long as you cooperate with teacher and let me successfully complete the class, you can leave, and I won’t touch you.”

“I will ask you questions, and you must answer me. You can’t lie and you have to give me an answer or you will be severely punished.”

“Now please return to your seats. Your names are on the table, don’t sit in the wrong seat.”

At this moment, Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly heard the system’s notification.

【Triggered Side Task: Attend Class.】

【Task Contents: Listen to the teacher’s lesson and answer her questions. Perhaps you may get some information from this.】

【Special requirements: You must answer her questions truthfully or you will be met with terrible consequences. You can conceal some things in your answer, but your answer cannot violate your reality circumstances or the instance setting.】

【Task reward: ?】

Cheng Zhi Chu looked up at Bai Yi and Gu Zhen. Although they didn’t say anything, he could tell that they should have also been informed of the same side task because they had moved over to their seats in the front row.

Seeing that they all needed to participate, Ou Yang and the other four had no other choice. They didn’t dare to resist and tremblingly moved to take their seats on the second row.

Zhou Xiao Pang was the unluckiest one. He just happened be left out and was assigned to sit next to a ghost. The cold scent of death emanating from his desk mate almost scared him to death and he could only do his best to make himself as small as possible while sitting there trembling.

However, when Cheng Zhi Chu moved to find his seat, his breathing stopped. He even wanted to change seats with Zhao Xiao Pang.

The four players sat in a row and he just happened to be right in the middle. To his left was Bai Yi and the one sitting on his right was Gu Zhen……….

Too scary. He would rather sit next to a ghost than sit like this!!

Cheng Zhi Chu’s fingers trembled slightly. Unfortunately, he was allocated that seat, so he didn’t have any other options. He could only obediently take his seat and sit pitifully with both his hands on his knees.

Bai Yi and Gu Zhen’s gaze deepened, and their eyes moved to look at each other. They then moved to take their seats on both sides of Cheng Zhi Chu.

Gu Zhen’s arm lightly touched against Cheng Zhi Chu’s arm. At the same time, he said shamelessly said: “Sorry, it’s a little narrow here.”

Before Cheng Zhi Chu had the chance to say anything, he suddenly felt an arm stretch over from the other side, loop around his shoulder and pull him over. In an instant, a large distance had formed between Cheng Zhi Chu and Gu Zhen.

“Come this way Zhi Chu.” Bai Yi smiled gently at Cheng Zhi Chu. He then kissed him on the forehead, “You can just lean on me.”

………..Enough! This isn’t the time to follow that lover’s setting!

Cheng Zhi Chu’s face immediately went red. He pushed away Bai Yi’s chest and internally thought that leaning against Gu Zhen would be better.

The corpse-like female teacher’s expression remained calm. She spoke monotonously: “Classmate Bai, class is in session. Please don’t be a bad influence.”

Bai Yi calmly looked at her.

“…….I won’t let you off next time.” The female teacher quickly added.

Bai Yi gave her a smile. Her mouth twitched slightly, and she appeared to be a little nervous. She accidentally swallowed a lot of the maggots in her mouth in the process.

“Class is starting now.”

 The teacher fell silent for a few seconds before speaking up again: “Well then classmate Bai Yi, let’s start with you. Please stand up and answer.”

“…………..” After a moment, Bai Yi slowly let go of Cheng Zhi Chu and stood up to listen to her question.

“Let me ask you, classmate Bai,” The teacher asked, “Do you really like Cheng Zhi Chu?”

Cheng Zhi Chu: “………….”

?? Teacher, didn’t you say not to be a bad influence??


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 52)

I should apply for Zhi Chu to sit in my lap during class.

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