Chapter 54: Ghost School (8)

Seeing his younger self walk towards Su Ling, although he knew that this was just a memory from this world, Cheng Zhi Chu still couldn’t help but feel strange. Apart from the school uniform, the “Cheng Zhi Chu” here looked almost exactly the same as how he had looked when he was in high school.

The young teenager came over to Su Ling and bent down. He appeared to be very concerned about his condition.

Seeing that Su Ling didn’t care about his arrival and only continued to bury his face in his arms, the youth wasn’t angry. Instead, he asked more worriedly: “Do you have a heatstroke? Need me to get you some water?”


Su Ling still didn’t speak. He raised his head slightly and looked at him with his dark eyes.

The youth smiled at him cautiously and gently reached out to touch his forehead. At this moment, Su Ling’s reaction was very intense. His back stiffed and he harshly smacked away his hand. In a low voice, he said: “Don’t touch me.”

“Sorry, I just wanted to check and see if you have a fever.” The young teenager rubbed his red hand and apologised to him. “Sorry for offending you……I’ll go get you water?”

When the boy turned around, Su Ling finally revealed his entire face from within his arms. His lips were slightly pursed, and he looked at the back of the figure in the distance. Unconsciously, his fingers tightened around his clothes.

Su Ling had an attractive face. Although it was always dark and gloomy, he could still be considered as a good-looking young boy. When the youth left, he seemed to have removed all the spikes from his body and he revealed a soft and helpless expression. Like he had just troubled a small animal, he lowered his eyes and mumbled, “I’m sorry……”

Cheng Zhi Chu witnessed this scene and could only feel his heart ache.

He could tell that Su Ling had slapped away the boy’s hand due to a reflexive response. He had been subjected to violence and abuse by Ou Yang and the others all year round and had become very sensitive to the touch of others. What’s more, he didn’t want the boy to lean in too close and notice the injuries on him.

After a while, the teenager returned with a bottle of water. When he came over, Cheng Zhi Chu also heard other students say a few things to him. They were probably trying to persuade him not to be so nice to Su Ling.

“Su Ling ignores everyone. You’re just sticking your face in for no reason. He won’t appreciate you so why are you doing this……..”

“It doesn’t matter.” The teenager smiled at them. “I just remembered that I used to be alienated by my classmates because my ears were not good and don’t want to see it happen again.”

“In fact, it’s probably just my wishful thinking. I’m content if Su Ling just doesn’t hate me…….Uh, he hopefully doesn’t hate me?”

The other classmates didn’t say anything. They just rubbed his head and let him go. The young teenager went over to Su Ling and handed the water over.

Su Ling silently unscrewed the bottle cap and put it down after drinking a little. His fingers gentle played with his sleeve and, after a moment, he softly spoke up.

“………Thank you.”

“No problem.” The youth was stunned for a moment. He then asked happily, “Do you feel better now?”

Su Ling gave him a small nod.

“If you still need something, just tell me and I’ll help you get it. I’ll head back to class first, rest well.”

His thanks seemed to put the teenager in a good mood. Even his steps as he left had a slight spring in it.

Su Ling stared at the back of the boy for a long time. He raised his hand to cover his suddenly blushing face and his slightly raised lips. Those beautiful eyes of his were bright and the feelings that he held inside could no longer be contained.


Until the end of school, Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t see Su Ling take any pictures. He watched him carry his bag out of the classroom and hesitated. He then decided to quietly follow him.

Su Ling’s home was located in a very old residential area. His family circumstances weren’t very good. His father was bedridden and his mother worked day in and day out to maintain the family’s livelihood.

Cheng Zhi Chu watched Su Ling return home and expertly take care of his father in bed. He did the housework, made dinner, set up a small table and brought it over to serve his father.

“Good child………”

The father sighed and touched Su Ling’s head. His eyes were both complex and filled with guilt.

“It’s all because of me dragging you and your mother down. If she didn’t follow me, she could have lived a good life. You too, if not because of me……..”

“Dad.” Su Ling stopped him as he added more rice to his bowl. He said calmly, “Mum has never regretted choosing you. She doesn’t regret leaving that place.” He paused for a moment, “And I am always proud to have you as my father.”

“Good, good……..”

The father’s hand that was holding onto the chopsticks trembled. He bowed his head slightly and didn’t want his son to notice his red eyes. He shoved the remaining rice into his mouth and said in a hoarse voice: “After you finish eating, feed the rest to the cat. It has recently given birth to kittens and it’s not convenient for it to find food.”

Su Ling nodded. He accompanied his father to finish his meal and took the leftovers out to a nearby alley.

The alley was dilapidated and narrow and there were piles of rubbish on both sides. He gently tapped a wooden box and a female cat along with a few fluffy kittens poked their heads out. Seeing that it was him, they intimately walked over while mewing and they played with his pant leg begging to be held.

Su Ling placed the rice onto the ground and sat on the steps. He watched them eat the rice with a soft gaze and a gentle smile on his lips.

It seemed that he would only let down guard when he is around his family or small animals.

Cheng Zhi Chu took this in and his mood was extremely complicated. He felt both regret and heartache for Su Ling but more of him himself was feeling resentment towards Ou Yang and the others. He didn’t understand why they would be able to do such a thing to such a pure and gentle teenager.

What kind of hatred does this worlds “Bai Yi” have towards Su Ling? Why would he make Ou Yang and the others bully him?

While he was both angry and confused, he suddenly heard footsteps coming from one end of the alley.

Upon hearing the footsteps, Su Ling’s expression suddenly changed. He hurriedly hid the kittens inside the wooden box and then ran over to the other end of the alley. However, before he was able to take more than a couple of steps, he stopped. Standing at the exit was Zhao Xiao Pang waiting for him to fall into his trap.

“Where are you going?”

The owners of footsteps from the other end revealed themselves. With Bai Yi at the front, he looked coldly at the trapped Su Ling. His handsome face was cold and behind him Ou Yang was sneering maliciously.

Su Ling’s eyes instantly darkened, and he clenched his fist. He didn’t reveal any sign of fear despite being surrounded by them. He stared at them without a word. His eyes were filled with both disgust and anger.

“You dare look at us like that? Did you think that I wouldn’t dare dig out your eyes?”

Liang Wen Bin stepped forward and landed a heavy blow onto Su Ling’s abdomen. Su Ling’s face immediately went pale and he crumbled to the ground in pain. He however didn’t make a single sound, not even a groan.

Cheng Zhi Chu at this moment was filled with anger. He wanted to punch Liang Wen Bin but his arm and body just passed straight through him. He had no ability to stop them.


Seeing Ou Yang and the others walk over and surround Su Ling, Cheng Zhi Chu had cursed at them innumerable times in his heart. He hoped that those beasts would meet their retribution right then and there, but he also knew that they would live on happily until the beginning of the instance. This time, they once again unilaterally abused Su Ling.

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Not long afterwards, Su Ling’s body was covered in dirt from the ground. Because he had struggled a lot, his winter school uniform had rolled up to reveal both large and small bruises all over his arms. Just the sight of it was shocking enough and it was difficult to imagine what the rest of his body must be like.

Su Ling covered his head as he was beaten by them but from the beginning to the end, he didn’t make a sound. Bai Yi had his hands in his pockets as he stood on the side. He didn’t show any excitement on his face as Ou Yang and they others beat up Su Ling and he only watched on quietly.

Ou Yang and the others beat him up until they were tired. With their faces covered in sweat, they stood there gasping for air.

When their movements stopped, Su Ling slowly sat up. Just the act of doing that was very difficult for him but he didn’t want to remain lying on the ground all the time. He stood up unsteadily, but he was then once again tripped, and he fell back down. He however never one bowed his head and he continued to look straight ahead.

He was looking at Bai Yi.

Bai Yi looked down at him from above. Although he had no expression, his eyes were very cold. He looked at Su Ling like he was looking at something disgusting


At this moment, a faint meow came from the wooden box. Several kittens poked their small heads out from inside and looked over at Su Ling. Seeing that he had not left yet, they jumped out from the wooden box and swayed their tails to and fro as they made their way to his side.

Su Ling suddenly became flustered and he subconsciously tried to protect the kittens in his arms.

“Ah, it’s a kitten. So cute.”

Lu Jie who was standing behind Bai Yi the entire time and had never acted suddenly spoke up and smiled. Her pure and beautiful face at this moment made others feel a chill run through them. She walked over to Su Ling and stepped onto his head. Crushing his head with her heel, she said: “Hand them over.”

Su Ling curled up his body and held onto the kittens tighter. Zhao Xiao Pang and Liang Wen Bing immediately pulled his hair and arms and forced him to release the kittens.

This time, Su Ling’s struggle was particularly fierce, but he still couldn’t resist the strength of two people. He watched Lu Jie pick up one of the kittens by the scruff of its neck.


The kitten’s fearful cries attracted the mother cat from the wooden box. It immediately jumped out and rushed over to Lu Jie but it was quickly caught in a bag by Ou Yang. The mother cat could only pitifully struggle inside the bag.

“Don’t touch them!”

Su Ling’s eyes instantly turned red. He turned his head and fiercely bit onto Zhao Xiao Pang as he tried to free himself. However, it only resulted in him getting beaten even more brutally. The kitten was also held by the neck by Li Jue. Its cries and breathing gradually grew weaker.

“This kitten is really cute.” Lu Jie gave Su Ling a smile, “So I should kill them all right in front of you.”

This crazy woman!

Cheng Zhi Chu looked at the pure and innocently looking Lu Jie with disbelief. He felt a chill run down his spine. Even the Ou Yang trio revealed a horrified look. They even suspected that they had heard wrong.

“Enough Lu Jie. Release them.”

Bai Yi frowned slightly. He prevented Lu Jie from killing the kitten. Lu Jie stopped and immediately let go. The kitten tremblingly stumbled back to its nest and the mother cat that was trapped in the bag was also put back.

“Sorry, I just…..wanted to make Brother Bai happy……”

The girl revealed a pitiful expression but no one present was deceived by this. Some even felt some aversion.

Su Ling was being pressed down onto the floor on his knees. His eyes were red, and he glared angrily at her. His lower lip had been bitten until it was bleeding.

Bai Yi finally walked up over to him. He half bent down before him and pulled his head up by his hair. With cold and deep eyes, he said:

“I have no interest in animal cruelty, but you have to understand Su Ling.”

“Everything thing that you like, your hopes, your dreams, I will personally ruin them all.”

“You don’t deserve happiness.”


After Bai Yi, Ou Yang and the others left, Su Ling did his best to pat off the dirt from his school uniform and went to a nearby small clinic to clean his wounds before returning home.

When Ou Yang and the others abused him, they would avoid causing injuries to his face. Therefore, when Su Ling entered through the dark doorway, his father didn’t notice anything strange. He just asked strangely: “Why did you go for so long?”

“…….Was playing with them.”

After a short silence, Su Ling answered his question. He then set up the dinner table and took out his homework: “I’ll work on my homework now.”

“Okay, dad won’t disturb you then. Hey, the light in the room is too dark. I should ask your mother to buy you an eye-protecting lamp or you’ll become short sighted…….”

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“It’s okay, don’t have to buy.”

Su Ling lowered his head and worked on his homework. His messy hair half covered his eyes and you could only see him biting his lower lip tightly. The hand holding the pen was shaking violently and the words written were twisted and distorted.

Cheng Zhi Chu went over to his side and wanted to pat his thin back, but his hands just passed through Su Ling’s body. He couldn’t even bring him a slightest bit of comfort.

He could only quietly watch Su Ling. When it was very late, Su Ling’s mother finally returned home from work.

When he saw Su Ling’s mother, Cheng Shi Chu understood why Su Ling was so good looking. His mother was a beauty.

Even if her hair was slightly white, and her face had signs of fatigue and sorrow, you could still tell that she was beautiful. The plain dress that she wore couldn’t hide her elegant temperament. He voice was soft and gentle, and she happily chatted with her family.

“Look Xiao Ling, mum brought you a present.”

His mum took out an almost new smartphone from her back and handed it to Su Ling. She said: “Young people nowadays use smartphones. You have never had it, so it must’ve been very inconvenient. Mum bought you one but its second hand. Wait until mum has money and she’ll buy you a new one………….”

“Thank………thank you.”

Su Ling tightened his lips and fell silent for a while. He suddenly moved forward to hug his mother and he thanked her again: “Really……..Thank you so much. I really like it. To me, this is the best gift.”

The mother’s eyes also reddened, and she hugged her son while showing a happy smile.


The next day, Su Ling brought the phone to school.

The school didn’t prohibit students from having phones. Many students would use their phones to take pictures of the slides in order to organise their notes better. Su Ling’s performance had always been good, but his notes were always simple and even a little messy because the teachers would change slides too quickly.

With a smartphone, he could take a photo of the slides but the reason for him bringing the phone wasn’t just because of this. More importantly it was because———-

The pale finger pressed onto the camera button at the bottom of the screen. Between class, Su Ling leaned against the wall in the classroom closest to the corridor and appeared to be browsing something on his phone but in fact he was looking at a teenager’s photo.

The teenager in the photo had a warm and gentle appearance. He had a bright smile and, when covered in the golden sunrays, he looked like he was born from the light.

Even in Su Ling’s heart, he was purer and warmer than any light.

The teenager was the first person who was nice to him apart from his parents.

Su Ling looked at the teenager on the screen. His eyes were lowered, and his lips unconsciously formed a small smile.

He had placed the teenager’s photo and his family photo that he had taken last night into a password protected photo album. He didn’t dare let others know that there were photos of the teenager in his phone, particularly Bai Yi and them. If they found out about this, he would be in trouble.

He didn’t dare think about what Bai Yi would do to the teenager.

……..Maybe he should delete the photo.

Su Ling’s finger hovered over the delete button and he hesitated for a long time. In the end, he couldn’t do it.

He probably wouldn’t ever be able to reveal his feelings, but he didn’t want to unable to even have a photo of his beloved.

He looked at the photo quietly for a moment and finally decided not to delete. Just as he was turning off the screen, he suddenly heard a girl’s voice ring in the corridor.

“Senior Lu Jie, I have brought over the things you asked for. But senior seemed to be mistaken. I’m from class 6, why are you standing in front of class 7?”

Su Ling’s face immediately went pale.

He slowly turned around and saw Lu Jie standing outside the window behind him and smiling at him.

“Secretly taking photos of other people?”

“Let me guess why you would do that.”

“Do you like him?”

“Clatter.” Su Ling dropped the phone in his hand. The girl’s eyes curved happily as she spoke with a sweet and gentle voice:

“Looks like I was right.”

“I see……So you like him.”

She didn’t say anything and proceeded to turn around and leave. Su Ling’s entire body trembled, and he desperately rushed out of the classroom. He clutched onto her wrist in front of all the passing students and said: “Don’t go!”

“…….Junior brother?”

The girl turned back and pretended to be surprised. She tried to withdraw her arm and said: “Please don’t be like this.”


Su Ling lowered his head. His face was pale, and his fingers were trembling. There was a pleading tone in his cold voice.

“Please………Don’t say it. Don’t tell Bai Yi.”

Bai Yi had once said that he would destroy everything that he liked.

He didn’t care about himself, but he was afraid…………afraid that Bai Yi would destroy that boy.

“Don’t tell him?” Lu Jie suddenly lowered her voice to a volume that could only be heard by the two of them. “Okay then, beg me. Do it the way I told you to.”

She was referring to Su Ling kneeling down.

The four of them had bullied Su Ling for a long time and, in fact, Bai Yi wouldn’t be present most of the time and they had done it spontaneously. Over the past few years, they have used Su Ling as their punching bag. Every time things didn’t go their way, they would vent by beating Su Ling.

Lu Jie rarely did anything and only stood by and watched. Every time Bai Yi wasn’t there, she would always say the same things.

“Do you want us to let you go? Then kneel down and beg us.”

Su Ling had never begged for mercy.

Every time, he would choose to silently endure it.

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But this time———-

“My god………..”

Under the surprised gasps from the other students, Su Ling slowly knelt down. He clenched his hands into fists to the point that his knuckles went white. There was the sound of something breaking and even his shoulders were trembling violently.

“………….I beg you, senior.”

The girl revealed a look of surprise. Some of it was because she couldn’t believe that Su Ling wound really beg her. She had always known about how proud Su Ling was. Even if his body was immersed in filth, he would always look up at the stars in the sky.

Unlike her, even though her appearance may be pure, her inner self had long since rotted.

So, now that he had finally put down his pride and begged her for mercy for the sake of the person that he likes, she didn’t feel any sympathy towards him.

She just wanted to drag him down into the same abyss.

Lu Jie’s eyes swept over the faces of the surprised teenagers standing around them and suddenly took a step back. She helplessly waved her hand and said: “Junior brother, hurry and stand up. I’m sorry I still can’t accept you but thank you for your feelings. I still don’t want to think about love right now……”

Su Ling’s eyes widened, and he looked up in shock. What he was met with was the girls ridiculing smile.

“It turned out that Su Ling likes Lu Jie. He even knelt down to beg her to accept him. That’s so lame……..”

“He’s aiming for the impossible. How could he even dare think about the school goddess?”


Ridicules, teasing, curses…….It all poured onto Su Ling like a bucket of ice water.

The scene before his eyes was like an old slow-moving movie. Everything had lost its colour and sound. The girl turned around with her hair forming a beautiful arc in the air. At the very end, she gave him a deep look with deep maliciousness concealed in her eyes.


He doesn’t like Lu Jie. How could he like Lu Jie?

No No No No——–

Su Ling rushed over and clung tightly onto Lu Jie’s shoulder. He shouted out uncontrollably:

“I don’t like you! I don’t like you! Why do you have to say that?!”

“Because I know you like him.”

The girl felt some pain on her shoulder, but she continued to smile gently. Her pearly lips opened slightly, and she spat out a short sentence.

“Look back.”


Su Lung slowly turned back and saw the teenager looking over at him with a look of concern.

——– It’s not what you think it is……

——–The person that I like……..is you……..

He weakly fell to the ground and he buried his face in his arms. His shoulders trembled as his fingers gripped tightly onto the fabric of the school uniform.

“Well them, I have to go back. Goodbye Junior Su Ling.”

Lu Jie smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I’ll do as I have promised, and I won’t tell Brother Bai that you like him.”

After she said this, she no longer cared whether or not Su Ling heard her and headed back to her classroom.

Sitting in her seat, she looked down at a picture in her phone. It was a photo of Su Ling taking a photo of the teenager while revealing a pure and innocent smile.

But……….Whether or not Brother Bai would “accidentally” see this photo would be something outside of her control.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 54)

(He had listed a few pages of things that he wanted to do under the pretence of being lovers in this instance.)

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