Chapter 55: Ghost School (9)

Cheng Zhi Chu opened his eyes dizzily.

The light around him was a little dim. After a moment of surprise, he found himself once again standing in the haunted classroom. The female teacher stood at the podium and looked at him with white eyes seemingly waiting for his answer.

There appeared to be some issues with the projector on the ceiling. The image displayed on the screen would suddenly become a little blurry and the picture would flicker every now and then. Apart from that, everything else was the same as before. It was as if everything that had just happened to him was just an illusion.

Hs supported himself against the table and quietly gasped for air. He appeared to have consumed a lot of energy from that. The others looked at him and saw that his face was a little pale. Bai Yi covered his hand with his own hand and warm heat was transmitted through the place where their skin connected.


The feeling of anger and heartache still remained in his heart. Cheng Zhi Chu calmed himself down first before looking around at the people sitting in the row behind them. His eyes lingered a little longer on Lu Jie whose tears had still not yet dried and was looking pure and innocent. Apart from Shen Qi Qi who had not done anything, Cheng Zhi Chu could no longer look at the other three the same.

There was also Liang Wen Bin. None of the four were innocent and they should all get their retribution.

Recalling Su Ling’s injuries and his pale, gloomy expression, Cheng Zhi Chu felt uncontrollable anger. At this moment, he even had an unthinkable thought. Even if these people died, they deserved it. They don’t deserve to live happily.

But he quickly controlled this dark thought of his and forced himself to turn his attention back to the task.

He saw that the expressions of the others had not changed and guessed that he was probably the only one that had seen the past, and it had only happened in a flash. Although it felt like it was just a dream, it was a cruel fact that had truly happened.

“Do you now know who took this photo?” The female teacher expressionlessly asked with a dull voice.

“……..I know.” Cheng Zhi Chu answered dryly. “It’s Su Ling.”

【You decide that the photographer was Su Ling.】

【The answer is correct.】

【Completed side task: Look for the Photographer.】

【Obtained reward: Survival Point x1000.】

The teacher nodded and continued to look at him for a few seconds. She then said: “You can sit down.”

Cheng Zhi Chu slowly sat down. He remained silent and didn’t speak. The question that he was asked was both short and simple, and it attracted complicated gazes from the people on the second row. They were both envious of him and fearful of being questioned next by the female ghost.

The female ghost’s eyeballs rolled around seemingly to look for the next target. Ou Yang and the others became extremely nervous. They buried their heads deeply and didn’t dare meet her eyes lest she calls out their name.

“Classmate Lu Jie, please answer my question.”


Lu Jie stood up in a panic and even knocked the chair onto the ground. Even since she saw that photo, her face had become very pale and her entire body was trembling. She lowered her head and covered her face with her hands as she let out quiet sobs.

This performance of hers didn’t result in any changes in the female ghost’s expression. Even her eyes didn’t blink. She only manoeuvred the mouse to change the slide to the next one.

The scene that appeared on the screen was particularly disgusting. In a narrow alley, a body of a female cat laid on the ground.

Lying over a dark red blood stain, the female cat’s body was stained with blood and there was a large wound on its body. The body had already started to rot and several kittens were clawing at its stomach as if they couldn’t believe in the fact that it had died and refused to leave its side.

“Do you know how this cat died?” The female teacher asked.

Lu Jie looked up at the screen and appeared to be frightened. She didn’t dare look at it any longer and quickly looked back down again. She tremblingly answered: “I-I know.”

“Is its death related to you?”


“Did you kill it? How did you kill it?”

“I took my dog over and let the dog kill……kill it.”

The girl whimpered. Her face was covered in tears but the people in the room knew that she was crying because she was afraid of dying like Liang Wen Bin, not because she regretted her actions.

“Why did you do that?”

“Su Ling would often feed this cat. I killed it so that Su Ling could feel pain.” She closed her eyes and looked like she couldn’t stop crying. “Seeing his anguished expression made me happy…….”

“Do you hate Su Ling? Why?”


Lu Jie’s body trembled even more. Her pure looking face had lost all of its colour.

With her falling silent, the female ghost revealed the next photo. She asked: “Do you know who the person in the photo is?”

Hearing her ask this question, Lu Jie who was suffering from torment looked up and suddenly screamed in shock: “Why……….why do you have this photo?!”

Everyone in the classroom was a little surprised. They weren’t able to react quickly enough to understand why she had reacted so intensely.

Shown in the photo was a picture of a seven or eight-year-old girl being bullied by other children. The girl was very fat, and her body was like a balloon. All the features on her face was squeezed together by the flesh on her face and it was difficult to recognise her as tears poured out from her eyes.

Her ponytail was being pulled at by another girl and the new dress that she wore was torn and ripped. The other children surrounded her and laughed. Apart from her, all the other children appeared to be very happy.

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“Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look!”

Lu Jie acted like she had gone crazy. She knocked over her desk and stumbled out in a hurry to try and tear off the screen. Unfortunately, she had forgotten that the image was projected by the projector on the ceiling and the image only instead appeared on her body. The features of the girl subtly overlapped with hers———–

“She is………you?” Zhao Xiao Pang was surprised, and he blurted out those words.

“No! Not me! I don’t know who she is!”

Lu Jie fell to the ground with her hair a mess. Her eyes had become swollen from crying and she pulled at her hair as she desperately denied it.

However, the moment she said that she suddenly remembered something. Her face quickly changed, and he mouth was slightly open. Her eyes shook terribly as she looked up at the female ghost standing in front of her. She then saw the latter hook up the corner of her lips and say:

“This child is clearly you classmate Lu Jie.”

“Because you were bullied by your classmates in the past due to your body, it had affected you psychologically. Instead of fighting against bullying, after successfully losing weight you had changed from being the victim to becoming the bully. Together with the others, you abused Su Ling.”

 “This is the irrefutable fact and also the last thing that you wanted to reveal to others.”

“You answered my question with a lie. You have broken the rules of the classroom and you will be punished accordingly.”

“No——-! That’s not me. It’s really not me. I’m not lying. You can’t punish me!”

Lu Jie shook her head. While sitting on the ground, she slowly backed away with a terrified expression.

At this moment, the children in the photo suddenly moved. They revealed strange, empty smiles and then extended their hands forward. Their hands emerged out of the screen, followed by their arms, head and eventually their whole body came out. One by one, the children jumped out.

They surrounded Lu Jie who was on the verge of fainting and laughed and joked loudly: “The fat pig Lu Jie is back!”

“I’m not a fat pig, I am pretty now. I’m not the same as before!” Lu Jie screamed out, “Not anymore……..”

“You are indeed not the same as before.”

One of the children tilted his head and rubbed the top of her head: “Because you have truly become a real fat pig.”

“I—–oink, oink oink………….”


Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang quickly stood up. They were scared to the point that their face was void of colour and their heard was about to stop. Shen Qi Qi covered her mouth and gasped. She so scared that she could no longer scream. Cheng Zhi Chu and Yang Qian Fan also had a look of horror. Gu Zhen frowned slightly. Bai Yi only wordlessly crossed his arms.


The original girl was gone, and instead a pink fat pig appeared among her clothes. It sniffed the ground with its nose and appeared to have completely lost its human consciousness.

“I already said that you’re a fat pig. No matter now many years pass, you will only be bullied by us.”

The children happily leapt in and grabbed onto the pig. They grabbed the fat pig’s ears like they were grabbing a girl’s pigtails, picked the pig up and went back into the picture on the screen.

The screen suddenly turned back and with a “swoosh”, a large amount of fresh blood spurted out.

After a few seconds, a strong alluring aroma could be smelt in the room.

The screen flickered for a moment and it lit up again. The photo inside had changed to another photo.

The children had set up a bonfire and were excitedly standing around it in a circle. A slaughtered pig hung above it and it had already been completely roasted. Golden oil dripped from its crispy skin and its beautiful colour couldn’t help but make it appear especially appetising.

The female teacher pulled out a piece of meat and asked: “Have you eaten?”

As she said this, she placed a piece into her mouth and chewed it together with maggots in her mouth.


The people on the second row again started to retch. Zhao Xiao Pang could only vomit out some stomach acid. Cheng Zhi Chu’s face was also covered in cold sweat. He closed his eyes and didn’t dare to continue looking at this cruel scene.

Bai Yi gently pulled him into his arms. He patted his back and gently comforted him. The pale faced Yang Qian Fan also had his head rubbed by Gu Zhen.

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After a while, the aroma in the room faded. The teacher wiped her oily fingers and lips and said: “Next question, classmate Ou Yang.”


Ou Yang was shocked. He tremblingly stood up from his seat but because he was so frightened, it took a few attempts before he could succeed.

“Ple-please ask.” His mouth continued to chatter nonsensically, “As long as you don’t kill me, I will definitely answer you. I promise I won’t lie…….”

“The first question.”

The teacher spoke. This time, the question she asked was not related to Ou Yang.

“Does Bai Yi hate Su Ling?”

“Yes.” Ou Yang fervently nodded his head and didn’t dare hesitate. He answered, “He hates Su Ling. It could be said that he abhors him.”

After answering, the female teacher’s eyes moved quietly over to Bai Yi. Seeing that he didn’t have any special reaction, she paused and continued to ask: “Why would he hate Su Ling?”

“Because of family circumstances.” Ou Yang also glanced at Bai Yi. He swallowed and said, “He and Su Ling are actually half brothers with the same mother.”

Half-brothers with the same mother?

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes widened, and he looked at Bai Yi with surprise,

He understood that this was just a fictitious setting created by the instance and in fact Bai Yi doesn’t have a brother like Su Ling, but now that the “secret” was revealed he could now faintly guess what had happened.

As if he was afraid that he hadn’t revealed enough and would be punished by the female ghost, Ou Yang revealed everything that he knew.

“Brother Bai…….Bai Yi’s mother came from a wealthy family and is known to be a beauty. Like those dog blood TV dramas, for the sake of the company, she was forced by her family to marry a man that she didn’t like which is Bai Yi’s father.”

“Mr Bai is more than twenty years older than her. He was once divorced, and he had average looks. He was a boring old man, but he likes his little wife very much. No matter how cold his wife was to him, he was still very fond of her.”

“The two of them were married for not even a year when they gave birth to a child, that is, Bai Yi. But just after Bai Yi was born, the two of then divorced because his mother had finally met the person that she likes.”

“It was a male doctor at the hospital. Surnamed Su, he was young and funny, and very handsome. Every time she went there for a medical check, she would meet this Doctor Su. Eventually they developed feelings for each other.”

“Mr Bai was a good husband. Every time she went for her medical check, he would accompany her, but he had do idea that his wife was doing things like this right in front of him.”

“Although she didn’t have any relationship with Dr Su, her mind was no longer on her husband and she was crazy about Dr Su. Soon after she gave birth to Bai Yi, she couldn’t wait to request for divorce.”

“Mr Bai didn’t want to divorce her. She said to him directly that she doesn’t love him, she loves Dr Su. If they didn’t divorce, she wouldn’t be able to control herself and she would definitely cheat on Mr Bai.”

“No man could stand this kind of insult and this naturally includes Mr Bai. He divorced her and the previous Mrs Bai immediately threw herself into Dr Su’s arms and became Mrs Su.”

“The reason for divorce was a request from her end and Mr Bai had not made any mistakes so Mrs Su left empty-handed. Her side of the family heard about this incident and, in order to maintain a good relationship with Mr Bai, they immediately cut off all relationships with her. They even exerted pressure on the hospital and made them fire Dr Su.”

“Not long afterwards, Dr Su was involved in a serious car accident and suffered life-threatening injuries. In order to treat him, they spent all the savings they had and were even heavily in debt. In an instant, they in a terrible situation.”

“But despite this, they were barely able to save his life. Unfortunately, he became bed-ridden.”

“At that time, Mrs Su was already pregnant. She was a spoiled young lady but now she had to go out to work to support the family. She wasn’t picky with her job; it was okay as long as she could make some money.”

“She said that although life is tiring, as long as she is together with the person that she likes, she’s happy.”

“And if she returned to the Bai family, she would only be unhappy.”

“Even while Mr Bai held Bai Yi, she said this.”

As Ou Yang talked about the past, his fear had faded significantly, and he even sneered. His tone was filled with sarcasm.

“So ridiculous. She would rather go back to her disabled husband and unfortunate life than returning to her original husband Mr Bai’s side. She didn’t care about Bai Yi and only treated Su Ling as her baby.”

“For Dr Su, she is the best lover and wife in the world. For Su Ling, she is the best mother. But what did she treat Mr Bai and Bai Yi as? They bring her unhappiness instead?”


The more he spoke, the more excited he got. Bai Yi who sat in the front row however continued to look indifferent. It was as if he was saying that this had nothing to do with him.

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At this moment, the image on the screen changed and a video began playing.

A luxury car slowly drove past a normal elementary school, attracting many people’s attention. The driver stopped the car, got off and opened the door for a little boy.

The little boy had exquisite features. With dark hair, pale skin and a tear mole at the corner of his eyes and along with the white shirt and overall pants, you could tell with one glance that he was a young master from a wealthy family.

His eyes scanned among the people in the vicinity and, when he saw a woman who was dressed in plain clothes but was still a beauty, his eyes lit up. He quickly walked over and called out: “Mummy.”

“……You got the wrong person.”

The moment she saw the boy, the beautiful women stalled. She turned her head and unnaturally avoided his clear eyes: “I’m not your mother.”


The boy showed an aggrieved expression and he pulled at her clothes. A hint of remorse flashed through the woman’s eyes but she repeated resolutely: “I am not your mother……..and I can’t be your mother. Don’t look for me. I can’t give you want you want.”

“I don’t want anything.” The boy whimpered. “I just want you to go back with me.”

“I have already completely cut off all my relationships with the past so……….” The woman furrowed her brows in sorrow but replied without hesitation, “I’m sorry, I can’t go back.”

“Xiao Yi, just think that I am dead. This is the best result for both you and me.”


The boy’s hand froze. The woman gently pried off his hand. At this moment, the school bell rang, and a large number of students poured out. The woman spotted her child and instantly smiled brightly. She warmly called out: “Xiao Ling!”


Su Ling who was still a child ran over and threw himself into his mother’s arms. His eyes travelled over the pale boy next to him but he didn’t react. It was as if he was just looking at an unfamiliar child. He held his mother’s hand and the two happily left. Their backs melted in the crowd and slowly disappeared.

The boy stood in place silently until almost all the children had left the school. The driver came over worriedly and patted him on the shoulder. He said: “Let’s go back. Mr Bai is still waiting for you.”

“……..She doesn’t love me. She only loves Su Ling.”

The bow lowered his head. His voice was a little hoarse.


The driver remained silent. He didn’t know what to say to comfort him. The boy then suddenly raised his head. His eyes were clearly still a little red, but his gaze had turned cold and dark. It no longer had the innocence that you would expect in a child his age.

“Since she said that, then I will treat it as if she had died.”

He said quietly.

“The things that she owes me, I’ll let her beloved ‘only child’ pay it back.”

The video then ended.


Gu Zhen watched it quietly with his arms crossed. After the screen darkened, he suddenly turned his head and looked at Bai Yi. A smile that also wasn’t quite a smile formed at his lips and he said: “You cried?”

Bai Yi’s look instantly went cold.

Cheng Zhi Chu glanced over at Gu Zhen. These people clearly knew that those were fictitious settings, yet Gu Zhen still had to ask him that. He was clearly doing so to ridicule Bai Yi.

“Like in the video……..”

Ou Yang finally continued: “It was also because of this that he hated Su Ling and wanted to destroy Su Ling’s everything……..I’m done speaking.”

The female teacher nodded her head slightly.

“Next question.”

“Why did Bai Yi approach Cheng Zhi Chu? Was it for revenge against Su Ling?”


Ou Yang nodded: “At that time, we accidentally saw the photo in Lu Jie’s phone…….Now that I think about it, she probably deliberately let us see it. It was a photo of Su Ling taking a photo of Junior Cheng. He was taking the photo that was displayed earlier.”

“That’s how we knew that Su Ling liked Junior Cheng……….Hah, although for some reason at that time there was a rumour about Su Ling liking Lu Jie. Only we knew very well that even if he fell in love with a female cat, he would never like Lu Jie.”

“In order to make Su Ling suffer even more, we approached Junior Cheng. Originally, I had suggested that we should beat the junior up, but Lu Jie proposed something even better: To make Junior Cheng fall for Bai Yi.”

“Seeing the person that you are crushing on fall for your half-brother – the same half-brother that you hate the most – it would definitely be enough to agitate Su Ling.”

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“And so………..”

The female ghost nodded and continued.

“The third question. Does Bai Yi like Cheng Zhi Chu?”

This was a question that was already asked earlier to Bai Yi so when he heard it again, Ou Yang was a little surprised. He then reacted quickly and said: “He likes him. Of course, he likes him.”

“Otherwise why would he only remember Junior Cheng after losing his memory following the car accident? It’s all because he loves him like crazy. Without Junior Cheng, he would not be able to continue living.”

Ou Yang opened his mouth. The expression on his face was like he both wanted to laugh and cry.

“He originally just wanted to take revenge on Su Ling but deep down in their bones those two brothers were the same. They both fell for the same person………..”


That night after Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu met for the first time, in order to thank Bai Yi for his help, Cheng Zhi Chu had given him a few pieces of candy, but they were thrown in the bin.

Towards this action of his, Ou Yang wasn’t surprised. Bai Yi may look gentle and easy-going out the outside but only they knew that, because of his childhood experiences, he had become a very cold and indifferent person. All the gifts that were given to him were thrown out, not to mention those several pieces of candy.

Ou Yang stood on one side ridiculing Cheng Zhi Chu as they left the school. He was certain that this plan of theirs would succeed without much difficulty. After they had started high school, Bai Yi no longer let his driver pick him up and he would go home himself. Ou Yang and he go in the same direction, so they usually walked together.

He kept talking but Bai Yi’s expression was still ice cold and he never said a word. Ou Yang could tell that he seemed to be in a bad mood, so he quickly closed his mouth and followed behind Bai Yi quietly. He wondered who it was that had provoked this young master.

Did Cheng Zhi Chu do something?

Ou Yang secretly muttered. He had originally thought that Bai Yi would go straight home today but the latter actually moved to enter a supermarket that he normally rarely visited. He stood in front of a display rack with his arms crossed for a long time as he stared at a certain area.

What is Brother Bai looking at?………..Huh? Why is he holding onto a bag of toffee candy? Doesn’t he hate sweets?

Ou Yang was more and more confused. These actions of Bai Yi’s were beyond his scope of understanding. Until Bai Yi ate a piece of it and slightly raised his brows, he finally came to a realisation.

That toffee candy………seemed to be the same as the ones Cheng Zhi Chu gave?

“Too sweet.”

Bai Yi furrowed his brows and he swallowed the candy down. He then threw the remainder of them to Ou Yang.

Ou Yang received it and, before he had the chance to ask him anything, he heard Bai Yi mumble to himself.

“…………Why does he like such sweet things?”

Was Brother Bai researching Cheng Zhi Chu’s preferences?

At that time, Ou Yang held onto the bag of candy with a look of confusion. Even if he wanted to research about his preferences, there wasn’t a need for him to try it himself. He clearly hated sweets.

When he later recalled this incident, he suddenly felt that it was probably because Bai Yi was just purely curious about Cheng Zhi Chu.

It was also the moment he fell for him.

———-It all started at their first encounter.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 55)

Who’s that child in the video? That’s not me.

I’m a little worried that Zhi Chu would have some sort of strange misunderstanding about me.

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