Chapter 57: Ghost School (11)

Not long ago, Ou Yang had at one point discussed privately with the other three about Bai Yi’s endeavour to pursue Cheng Zhi Chu.

They had unanimously believed that Bai Yi was doing this because he wanted to destroy Su Ling. Despite clearly having a dark and indifferent personality, he never once revealed it in front of Cheng Zhi Chu. Instead, he portrayed himself as a perfect, gentle and considerate senior.

If Cheng Zhi Chu wasn’t around, Bai Yi would immediately revert back to his original demeanour and switch back to his usual cold expression. If it wasn’t for this, Ou Yang and the others would have almost forgotten about his true nature and would have thought that he was influenced by the junior and had suddenly changed into a good person.

However, after a while Ou Yang and the others truly started to take a liking to Cheng Zhi Chu. After all, this junior brother’s character is very good. He’s pure and frank and is also very understanding. He also had nothing to do with their hatred towards Su Ling. Seeing him being deceived by Bai Yi, they couldn’t help but feel a little bad.

But they were just Bai Yi’s followers and they weren’t in the position to stop him. Because of this, they at most could only feel a little guilty before continuing to help Bai Yi with his pursuit.

“But don’t you think that Brother Bai seems to be a little strange recently?”

Because of his confusion, Zhao Xiao Pang’s face was all bunched together. He sighed: “I guess it can’t really be called strange. Anyway, it just gives me a strange feeling.”

“You also feel that way? I think so too.”

Liang Wen Bin frowned and said: “I’ve noticed that he seems to be in daze more often recently and I have no idea what he is thinking about. When I tried to ask him about it, he would ignore me. It doesn’t look like he encountered any trouble, but I really can’t read his mind.”

“Now that you mention it, he has been constantly looking at his phone. When he looks at it, he would sometimes smile. That smile made me feel a little……..”

Zhao Xiao Pang’s made a strange expression: “You guys also know that Brother Bai almost never smiles. When I saw him smiling, it was like suddenly seeing a sculpture smiling. Of course, with Brother Bai being so handsome, he looks very pleasing to the eye when he smiles but I couldn’t help but feel a chill run through me………”

“I also noticed that.” Ou Yang interjected. “I even asked him what he was smiling at but he said that he wasn’t smiling. Fuck. Turned out, he didn’t even realise that he was smiling himself.”

Lu Jie who had not spoken up the whole time and was just brushing her hair while listening to the boys suddenly spoke up: “That’s probably when Brother Bai is chatting with Junior Cheng.”

“I didn’t really pay attention to that……..But I think it really was a chat interface.”

Zhao Xiao Pang scratched his head: “Was it because he was thinking that victory was almost at hand and he that was soon going to catch Junior Cheng that he’s smiling?”


Lu Jie slowly placed down the comb and squinted at him: “Do you think that the Junior Cheng right now looks like he is in love with Brother Bai?”

“How can I tell? I haven’t dated before……..” Zhao Xiao Pang muttered.

“He only has good feelings towards him. It’s still far from liking him.”

The girl thought about it and said: “I think Brother Bai seemed to have fallen for Junior Cheng. He had fallen for him without even noticing it himself.”

“Hahahaha…….How can that be!”

The other three heard this and they all laughed in unison. They laughed until there were tears at the corner of their eyes: “How can Brother Bai fall for a man?!”

With Brother Bai’s indifferent and cold nature, let alone a man, he probably wouldn’t even spare a glance at the most beautiful woman in the world. He was likely to live his entire life alone. It was hard for them to imagine Bai Yi one day falling in love.


The girl laughed lightly. Her eyes moved over to the other three: “Why don’t we make a bet and see whether or not Brother Bai really did fall for Junior Cheng?”


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The three men stopped laughing and they instantly became quiet.

For some reason, although they firmly believed that Bai Yi would definitely not like Cheng Zhi Chu, when Lu Jie suggested for them to make a bet they didn’t dare to.

“Didn’t you say that it was impossible? Too scared to make a bet?”

Lu Jie laughed and threw her ponytail behind her.

“Fine. Let’s give Brother Bai a call and call him over. Weren’t we saying that we haven’t visited Su Ling much recently? Are we going today?”

“Oh yes. It’s been a while since we’ve visited Su Ling. It’s all because brother has been busy with all these other things.”

Zhao Xiao Pang pulled out his phone and gave Brother Bai a call. Bai Yi only picked it up he called three times, but it was something that he always did so they were used to it.

“Brother Bai, today lets……….”

“Not going, busy.” Bai Yi said this and hung up.

“Brother Bai, what are you so busy with lately? You’ve been saying that you’re busy every day. Did you run into some trouble?”

“………” The person on the other end paused for a few seconds. He then said, “I’m teaching Zhi Chu.”

“Beep, beep……..”


The four people fell silent.

After a while, Zhao Xiao Pang muttered to himself: “That Junior Cheng is treated so well. Made me wish to be used by Brother Bai as well…….”

“This is just one of Brother Bai’s tricks to pursue Junior Cheng. When you study together after school, you can easily improve your favourability.” Liang Wen Bin pushed up his glasses and said this.

“Well, if it was just because of that then it didn’t matter but why did Brother Bai hide it from us? Made it seem like he simply wanted to be alone with Junior Cheng…….”



“Fuck, don’t say something so scary!”


At this moment while they’re in the lounge, Ou Yang looked over at the other two sitting on the sofa. Bai Yi showed an extremely gentle smile towards the boy and his gaze was very soft. Seeing this, he couldn’t help but feel complicated.

This isn’t right. Something really isn’t right……..Don’t tell me it really is as Lu Jie had said and Brother Bai really did fall for Junior Cheng?

That’s impossible though…………? He had clearly asked Brother Bai yesterday whether or not he liked Junior Cheng and Brother Bai had denied it and said that he would never fall for the person Su Ling is in love with.

However, no matter what he said to himself to try and convince himself, the moment he recalled the moment when Bai Yi picked up Zhao Xiao Pang’s call and heard about Junior Cheng having lunch with Su Ling along with Bai Yi’s subsequent dark expression, Ou Yang felt his scalp go numb.

Although Bai Yi has a cold and elusive personality, he was actually someone that rarely gets angry. It was as if there was hardly anything that deserved his attention.

And so, this was the first time in his life that he had seen Bai Yi reveal such obvious anger.

He clutched tightly onto his phone until his knuckles went white and his lips were tightly pursed together. His eyes were dark, and he didn’t say a word.

After a moment of silence, he immediately called the teenager’s phone. When the call connected, his cold expression eased a little and he spoke to the boy with a hint of a smile on his face.

“Yes…..it’s urgent. I need to you come over immediately.”

It was only until the boy had hurried over to the lounge and he saw Bai Yi gently rubbing his hair with a smile that Ou Yang who was watching from the side was able to let out a sigh of relief.

However, when he recalled the many things that had happened before, he felt more and more conflicted. He just thought that Bai Yi was too immersed in playing his role to the point that it made the others almost believe that Bai Yi truly did like Cheng Zhi Chu………..

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“Thank you senior. Really, thanks for your trouble.”

The teenager saw the ice cream cake and showed a surprised and embarrassed expression. He thanked Bai Yi again and again.

Bai Yi smiled and said that it didn’t matter. He then glanced over at Ou Yang. The latter immediately understood and stood up. He quickly threw out an excuse and escaped from the lounge to allow the two to be together alone.

The teenager sat on the sofa and brought a spoonful of cake into his mouth. He had an extremely satisfied expression. The handsome senior supported his chin and sat next to him watching him eat. The corner of his mouth unconsciously rose, and his gaze was very gentle.

But only after taking a few mouthfuls, the teenager appeared to have recalled something and his movements stopped. He suddenly became restless and there no longer was a smile on his face. He increased his speed of eating the cake like there was something waiting for him and he had to leave soon.

What was he thinking about?

Was he thinking about Su Ling?

Bai Yi’s eyes dimmed and there was a hint of darkness within. The irritation from earlier that had dissipated with the boy’s arrival once again arose inside him and it was even more intense than before.

Why was he thinking about Su Ling? Even with him sitting right in front of him, was he still not as comparable to Su Ling?

He couldn’t help but reach out and press down onto the back of the boy’s hand. When the teenager looked up, he tried to keep his tone gentle. He smiled and said: “Don’t eat too fast. The cake is very cold so you should eat it slowly or it won’t be good to your body.”

“Ah, sorry I didn’t notice earlier. Thank you Senior for your reminder.”

The teenager heard those words and started to eat the cake more slowly. His thoughts however were not there and he appeared to be a little distracted.

“What’s wrong? Is the cake not good?” Bai Yi suppressed the anger inside him and asked in a soft voice.

“No, no. The cake is really good. Thank you very much senior!”

The boy immediately shook his head. He waved his hand and said: “I just suddenly remembered something and was a little worried……..”

“Zhi Chu.”

Bai Yi interrupted him. His face was a little dark.

This was the first time that he revealed a dark expression to the teenager. The teenager was stunned. He didn’t know what he had done to anger his senior and he was uneasy.

What is he doing? He first made Su Ling angry and now he even made his senior unhappy. Did he leave his brain behind at home today?

Noticing that he was at a loss, Bai Yi closed his eyes and calmed himself down. He sighed and said:

“Sorry Zhi Chu. I wasn’t angry at you. I just ran into some trouble recently and am a little irritated.”

“Senior, what’s wrong? Is there anything that I can do to help?” The teenager asked with concern.

“It’s nothing. It has already been dealt with. I’m just a little tired and I wanted someone to accompany me.”

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Bai Yi lowered his eyes. He spoke gently in a tone that had a hint of pleading: “Zhi Chu, I know you are probably busy but I’m sorry, I still want you to stay with me for a while. Can you do that?”

“No problem,”

After a brief moment of hesitation, the teenager nodded his head hard.

Although he was worried about the situation on Su Ling’s end, but since he had already come over, he should give his senior priority. When he goes back later, he would apologise to Su Ling properly. If he left now, he would just be worried about senior the whole time instead.

“Can you sit over here?” Bai Yi patted the empty space next to him and said this.


The teenager got up and moved from sitting opposite Bai Yi to sitting next to him. When he wanted to ask Bai Yi what trouble he had run into, he suddenly felt himself being pulled into a strong embrace. He felt warm breath approaching him and then a pressure on his shoulder. It was Bai Yi resting his forehead on his shoulder.


The sudden intimate action made the boy feel overwhelmed. His cheeks flushed red and he didn’t even know where he should put his hands.

Bai Yi gently breathed in the teenager’s scent and faint joy and satisfaction arose from the bottom of his heart. He couldn’t help but tighten his hold a little more and nuzzle his head into the crook of his neck. He said in a quiet voice: “Zhi Chu, hug me.”


That low-pitched voice rendered the boy completely red faced and the words spoken made his heart race. He didn’t expect the gentle and calm senior to actually have such a childish side to him and would even act spoiled to a junior brother like himself.

But this kind of senior is really cute……

The boy’s heart went soft and he couldn’t help but reach out and move his hands around Bai Yi. He even had the courage to touch Bai Yi’s hair the way Bai Yi would to him on a normal basis.

Bai Yi naturally didn’t hate the boy’s touch. On the contrary, having the youth take initiative made him very happy. However, he was no longer satisfied with just a simple hug. He wanted to touch more of the teenager.


He raised his head and his eyes fell onto the boy’s pale pink lips that was still stained with a bit of cream. His eyes suddenly darkened, and his long, slender fingers reached out. Using his finger, he rubbed the boy’s soft lips.


The boy was ashamed. His cheeks were bright red and even his neck had a hint of blush. He was so embarrassed he wanted to avoid Bai Yi’s fingers but after retreating back a little, he saw the other person bring the finger that was stained with cream into their mouth.

He was momentarily stunned. He looked at Bai Yi in shock. Bai Yi however just looked back at him with dark eyes. He placed his hand back down and gently chuckled.

“It’s very sweet.”

But surprisingly, he didn’t hate this sweet taste.

He even wanted to taste it more.

“Zhi Chu……..”

Bai Yi called out the boy’s name in a low voice. Holding onto his face, he slowly reduced the distance between the two to the point that their faces were about to touch, and their breaths intermingled. It seemed like their lips would touch at any second.


However, at this moment the door to the lounge was suddenly fiercely pushed open and it slammed against the wall.

Bai Yi’s movements stopped, and he looked over. Standing at the door was a pale faced Su Ling glaring straight at the two of them.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 57)

I suddenly realised that in this instance Zhi Chu and I are lovers. Could we have already crossed the line in intimacy?

I hope that I can also have the chance too.

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