Chapter 58: Ghost School (12)

The loud sound of the door slamming against the wall also caught the teenager’s attention. Because he was afraid of being misunderstood, he gently pushed away Bai Yi and wanted to free himself from his embrace, but he was surprised to see Bai Yi instead holding onto him even more firmly. He felt a little helpless. He subconsciously looked over at the door only to be met with surprise.

The person standing at the door was Su Ling. His beautiful face was void of blood and both his eyes were red. One of his hands slammed against the door frame with great force and green veins protruded from the back of his hands. He looked over at them with an oppressing gaze.

Seeing his expression, the teenager panicked. He thought that Su Ling’s fierce reaction was because he had left saying that he had something urgent only to be caught being intimately held by his senior.

The teenager opened his mouth wanting to explain but he suddenly realised that Su Ling’s anger wasn’t directed at him.

The person he was looking at was Bai Yi.

“Junior Su, were you looking for me?”

Meeting Su Ling’s line of sight, Bai Yi appeared not to have noticed the anger and hatred in his eyes and just spoke calmly with a hint of a smile at his lips. His eyes however were extremely cold.

He slowly released his hold of the teenager and gently rubbed the boy’s soft hair. He said gently: “It looks like Junior Su has something to say to me and we might talk for a while. Zhi Chu, you can go back first. Thank you for coming to accompany me. I’m very happy. I’ll see you later.”


The teenager revealed a look of worry and he didn’t want to leave. He could tell that the situation between Su Ling and Bai Yi wasn’t good. Even just standing there made him feel scared. He was afraid that if he left, something bad would happen between the two of them.

“You can go first.”

Su Ling’s fingers tightened, and he closed his eyes like he was trying to suppress something. There was a hint of trembling in that cold voice of his.

“………..Okay then. You guys talk. I’ll leave now.”

The two of them didn’t appear to want to let him know what was going on. The teenager had no choice but to step back with a heart filled with worry and gently close the door.


With the sound of the door closing, Bai Yi’s expression suddenly sank, and he once again sat back down in his seat. Revealing a cold sneer, he said: “You chased after him? You’re really clingy.”

“Why do you know him?”

Su Ling’s chest was heaving. His hands were tightly in a fist and his mood was very unstable.

“It was just a coincidence.” Bai Yi paused and revealed a smile that was also not quite a smile, “At least, that’s what he thinks.”

As expected.

Su Ling’s face went pale. His pupils constricted and he could no longer conceal his inner panic and fear.

He knew. He knew that the two of them couldn’t possibly have coincidentally become acquainted. It must’ve been because Lu Jie had revealed to Bai Yi that he secretly held feelings for Zhi Chu.

In order to take revenge on him, Bai Yi had approached Zhi Chu. He didn’t dare image what things would be like afterwards for Zhi Chu.

“You did this just to retaliate against me?”

Thinking of this possibility, Su Ling’s emotions were on the verge of losing control. His entire body was trembling.

“He has no idea that I like him, and he has not done anything. Why do you need to involve innocent people?”

“It’s very simple. Like you just have said earlier, you like him. That itself is enough.”

Bai Yi crossed his long, slender legs on the table, and he crossed his arms together. That posture of his was both calm and elegant, while his eyes were cold and stern.

“Do you remember what I said to you before Su Ling? You don’t deserve happiness, nor do you have the qualifications to like Cheng Zhi Chu.”

“You watch. I will get him and take possession of his everything.”

“In this entire lifetime, he will only love me.”


Recalling that Bai Yi appeared to be influenced by his emotion earlier and was bowing his head about to kiss the boy, Su Ling’s heart trembled. With a hoarse voice, he asked: “Do you like him too?”

“What do you think?” Bai Yi who was asked this hesitated for a moment. The boys smiling face appeared in his mind. He pursed his lips and pushed back down the sudden feeling of irritation. He smiled coldly and said: “How could I possibly like the same person———-”


The moment he said that, he suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from his face. Su Ling had suddenly rushed over and punched his face.

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Bai Yi didn’t expect Su Ling to do something like that. Caught off guard, he stumbled backwards and fell heavily onto the coffee table knocking the table over. The glass cups on the table shattered, leaving a large cut on his arm. Fresh blood flowed down and coated his hand.

The ice cream cake that had not yet been finished had also fallen onto the ground and had become a mess. The cream flowed across the floor as it still emitted cold mist.

“Splat, splat………”

Fresh blood dripped down onto the floor. Su Long stood in place breathing heavily. The eyes that was directed at Bai Yi was extremely terrifying. It was as if he wanted to kill him.

“Brother Bai, what’s wrong! What happened?!”

Ou Yang who was waiting next door heard the loud noises and felt that something must’ve happened. He hurriedly pushed opened the door and immediately saw Bai Yi sitting on the ground with his body stained with blood. He instantly revelled in shock before quickly rushing over to support him up: “Brother Bai!”

Bai Yi pushed away his hand and slowly stood up. His eyes were cold and the bloodstains on his face made him appear devilishly handsome.


As if he couldn’t feel the pain, he shook off the blood on his hand and smiled softly.

“That’s right. What’s so wrong about me deceiving him? He’s very pitiful to actually he liked by someone like you.”

“Those feelings of yours are just tarnishing him.”

“Shut up!!”

Hearing his words, Su Ling completely lost control of himself. Like a fierce leopard, he rushed over with a pair of red eyes.

Ou Yang looked back in shock. Earlier, he was focused on Bai Yi’s injuries and didn’t notice Su Ling there at all. At this moment, he realised that Bai Yi’s injury was caused by Su Ling. In a moment of anger, he also rushed over and threw a heavy punch onto Su Ling’s abdomen.

The strength of this punch was quite strong. Usually when Ou Yang did this, Su Ling would fall to the ground, but the current Su Ling only let out a low grunt as he bent down slightly before pushing Ou Yang aside and rushing over to pin Bai Yi onto the ground.

“Do you want to die?!

Ou Yang’s anger was unstoppable. He pulled Su Ling’s hair and elbowed his back. Finally, he had knocked Su Ling onto the ground. He then sent several strong kicks his way, but he found himself faced with fierce retaliation from Su Ling.

This was the first time that Su Ling had tried to retaliate against them so fiercely. Although Ou Yang had done it mercilessly plenty of times before, when facing the current Su Ling who appeared to almost be crazy, he couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

This feeling of fear made him feel both guilty and annoyed, and he consequently attacked him even more violently. By the time Su Ling fell unconscious, Ou Yang also had quite a few injuries on his body. He fell onto the sofa out while panting and muttered to himself: “Fuck, this kid is really crazy…….”

 The lounge room was a mess. Both the fainted Su Ling and Bai Yi had bloody injuries. It looked like a terrible murder case had just happened.

Ou Yang saw this horrible state and could only quietly swallow his saliva. He paused for a moment before saying to Bai Yi: “Brother Bai, I’ll quickly take you to the infirmary to treat that. That injury is quite severe.”

“No need. I’ll go myself. Get the others to clean this up with you. Don’t let other people find out about it.”

Bai Yi continued to look indifferent, shocking Ou Yang. He couldn’t help but comment internally that Bai Yi was not only indifferent about others, he’s also indifferent about himself. Despite losing so much blood, he still acted the same as usual.

“Brother Bai don’t worry. Leave everything to me. I’ll also ‘deal with’ Su Ling properly too.”

Bai Yi didn’t respond and just walked out. At this time, they suddenly heard a very faint sob.

Su Ling was crying.

He had already woken up from his coma, but he continued to lie on the ground with his back facing Bai Yi and Ou Yang. That thin back of his was trembling slightly. Although they couldn’t see his face, they could clearly hear faint sobbing coming from him.

What the hell……..

Ou Yang opened his mouth wide. He was dumbfounded.

He wasn’t in the mood to tease Su Ling. After all, over all those years this was his first time seeing Su Ling crying.

In fact, he had long felt that Su Ling should have cried. He even felt extremely annoyed about it in the past. No matter how they bullied him, Su Ling never let out a single drop of tear. The others couldn’t help but think that he might not shed a single tear in his entire lifetime.

………Did-Did he finally cry from being beaten by him?

Ou Yang was a little stunned.

Bai Yi heard Su Ling’s sobs and his footsteps stopped. With a dark expression and a cold sneer at his lips he said:

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“Do you like Cheng Zhi Chu that much?”

“Unfortunately, he can only be mine.”

After that, he walked out without looking back.


Bai Yi walked through the campus covered in blood, attracting the attention of many students and their exclamations of fear and worry.

His expression was ice cold and he didn’t even care about continuing to pretend let alone spare them a glance. He walked into the school infirmary and even the school doctor was shocked.

“You will need to go to the hospital.” The school doctor said, “I will treat it first and then send you to the hospital later.”

“Thank you, teacher. I have already informed my family. Someone will be coming to pick me up and take me to the hospital.” Bai Yi gave her a smile and said this.

At this moment, the head teacher and several other teachers rushed in. After all, if something happened to the young master of the Bai family, they would be in big trouble.

Bai Yi suppressed his temper and said a few words to them. He pretended to be weak and acted like he had no strength to speak. The teachers saw this and quickly let him rest. They instructed him to contact them immediately if he needed anything before leaving the infirmary.

There was a patient bed in the infirmary and the school doctor allowed Bai Yi to lay on it to rest. She even considerately helped him pull the curtain across.

Bai Yi closed his eyes and laid on the bed, but his heart wasn’t calm, and he wasn’t sleepy at all.

He recalled the moment Su Ling asking him whether or not he liked Cheng Zhi Chu. Even though he had denied it at the time, and he felt that he truly didn’t like Cheng Zhi Chu, for some reason he felt very depressed. It was as if he had denied a very important truth.

Like him? How can that be possible…….

He would never fall for the same person as Su Ling.

But why does Su Ling like Cheng Zhi Chu? What qualifications does he have to like him?

His thin lips were pursed tight and his expression made a turn for the worse.

After an uncertain period of time passed, he became impatient waiting for his family to send someone over. If it wasn’t because his clothes were covered in blood and he needed to change his clothes, he would have gone directly to the hospital himself.

He sat up and, just when his feet was about to touch the ground, he heard the sound of someone gently knocking onto the door to the infirmary coming from the other side of the curtain. It was then followed by the sound of the door opening from outside and a quiet voice: “Hello teacher……May I ask if there is a student here with an injured arm? Has he already left?”

It was Zhi Chu’s voice.

Bai Yi’s eyes lit up revealing joy that he himself didn’t even notice. He quickly got off the bed and pulled away the curtain. Before the school doctor was able to speak, he smiled at the teenager and said: “Zhi Chu, I’m here.”

“Ah, senior……..”

The teenager saw Bai Yi covered in blood and his face immediately went pale. He asked anxiously: “Are you hurt very seriously?”

“Come here and talk.”

Bai Yi waved his hand to direct him over. He then gave the school doctor a look before again closing the curtain.

The two sat down onto the patient bed. The teenager looked at the bandages around Bai Yi’s hand. There was still blood oozing out from the wound onto the snow-white bandages. He couldn’t help but tremble and ask: “Senior, what happened between you and Su Ling?”

Su Ling didn’t return to class for the whole afternoon and there was no news from him. The teenager didn’t know what had happened, so he went to the second-year classrooms to find Bai Yi only to see that he also wasn’t there. Instead, he ran into Ou Yang. Ou Yang immediately told him that Su Ling had injured Bai Yi and that the injury was severe, so Bai Yi was still being treated at the infirmary.

After hearing this, the teenager was shocked and he hurried over to find him. Seeing Bai Yi covered in blood, he was even more scared. He didn’t know why Bai Yi would be hurt like this and he didn’t know where Su Ling is and how he is at the moment.

But he didn’t get an answer from Bai Yi. Instead, the other person used his uninjured arm to pull him into an embrace. Feeling the heat, the teenager was embarrassed, but he also didn’t dare to move as he was afraid of accidentally touching the wound. He asked in a small voice: “Senior?”

“It hurts.”

As if he didn’t want the school doctor outside the curtain to hear it, Bai Yi’s voice was also very small. Breathing hot air next to his ear, he said quietly: “Zhi Chu, comfort me?”

“Ho-how to comfort?”

The teenagers body was extremely stiff and his face was completely red.

“Then…….help me take off my clothes first.”

Bai Yi smiled and said: “I want to change clothes and go to the hospital but it’s not convenient with my hand like this so you can help me, okay?”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 58)

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