Chapter 59: Ghost School (13)

When he heard Bai Yi requesting for him to help him take off his clothes, in an instant the boy’s neck and ears also flushed red.

Although he is the same gender as his senior, they were currently together in an ambiguous position. With his senior suddenly making such a request, the boy couldn’t help but blush and feel his heart race. He felt that he really couldn’t do it and could only quietly refuse.

“So-sorry Senior, I……”

“What’s wrong? You can’t?” Bai Yi gently grabbed his finger and placed it onto his shirt button. “Be good Zhi Chu. Just take it as helping me out.”


The teenager lowered his head and his lips were pursed tight. Even if he was too embarrassed to do it, he still couldn’t bear refusing the request of a senior who had been taking good care of him. His fingers trembled slightly as he helped unbutton Bai Yi’s top button on his shirt.

The blood on the white shirt was almost completely dry. As the buttons are undone one by one, Bai Yi’s firm chest muscles and smooth waist was gradually exposed. It was filled with manliness and seductiveness. His abdominal muscles were also slightly stained with blood which gave it a different type of attractiveness.

Because it was inconvenient doing it with the two of them sitting on the bed, it took a while before the teenager managed to help take off Bai Yi’s shirt.

“It’s done senior…….”

When the teenager managed to completely remove Bai Yi’s white shirt, his head was almost on the verge of smoking. He quickly placed the shirt aside and awkwardly spoke to Bai Yi.

“Thank you.”

Bai Yi felt that the teenager was very cute. Without his knowledge, his gaze had become extremely gentle. He reached up and touched the boy’s hot cheeks and smiled: “So shy?”

“That’s not it……”

The teenager felt a little ashamed. He quickly waved his hand and subconsciously wanted to deny it by his eyes suddenly widened in shock.

Bai Yi gently placed his finger onto his lip.

Senior……did he do it accidentally?

The teenager’s heart was beating like a drum. He couldn’t help but feel both ashamed and nervous. The next moment, he understood that it wasn’t done accidentally by Bai Yi because Bai Yi’s finger continued to linger on his lips. The gaze looking at him had also turned extremely deep.

He opened his mouth and wanted to ask Bai Yi, but he suddenly felt it being invaded with a slightly cool finger. Like this it looked like he was the one that had taken the initiative to put the finger into his mouth.

The teenager instantly panicked, and he quickly turned his head to the side but he the felt Bai Yi pinching his jaw and forcing him to turn to face him. The vision before the teenager’s eyes then suddenly turned dark. Before he had the chance to say anything, both his lips were being kissed by Bai Yi.

Bai Yi used one hand to loop around his lower back and his hot tongue invaded past the boy’s lips. He was both overbearing and greedy, and he didn’t give him a chance to resist. The tip of his tongue slid straight in and he kissed him deeply. It swept through every corner of his mouth, emitting faint wet sounds.


Across the curtain, the school doctor was flipping through some documents. The sound of pages turning covered up the wet sounds and it also instantly made the teenager even more nervous.

He didn’t dare to push away the injured Bai Yi with too much force and he couldn’t refuse the kiss. He was also afraid of the school doctor coming across the scene inside, so he was so nervous that he didn’t even dare to breathe. It was as if as long as he made a noise, or if he let out a gasp, he would attract the attention of the school doctor.

It was also because of this that the boys mind soon became groggy and his entire body went weak. Bai Yi brought him onto the bed, and he laid there while an intense kiss was forced onto him.

Separated by a curtain, it was as if the infirmary was divided into two worlds.

The air inside had become hot and heavy. Bai Yi with his exposed upper body pressed the teenager down below him and their bodies were closely in contact. Only the thin school uniform separated the two. The body heat that was transmitted through was so hot it felt like it would soon start a fire that would burn away their sanity and calmness.


The boy finally couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. His eyes were red and there was a small bead of tear at the corner of his eyes. It was as if he could no longer bear with the intensity.

Bai Yi interlocked his fingers with the teenager’s hand. The teenager’s lips looked like they were coated in honey, it was both soft and sweet and it made him more and more addicted. Even after feeling the teenager pushing his shoulder away, he was reluctant to let go.

“Knock knock.”

There was the sound of someone knocking onto the door to the infirmary. The school teacher went to open the door and a male voice could be heard from outside.

“Hello teacher, I was sent here by Bai Yi’s father to take him to the hospital. Is Bai Yi here?”

“Classmate Bai Yi is resting behind the curtain. Earlier his friend went in to see him, but they haven’t talked for a long time. Perhaps Bai Yi has fallen asleep.”

The person coming to pick Bai Yi up is here. They’re going to pull open the curtain!

The teenagers body stiffened, and he pleadingly looked over at Bai Yi.

However, seeing that pitiful look of his that looked like he was just bullied, Bai Yi’s eyes darkened. He pressed him down and kissed him with even more intensely.

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“He’s asleep?” The man outside hesitated for a moment. He then said, “Then if you don’t mind, I will wait here for a while.”

“That’s okay. Please take a seat.”

The teenager heard this, and his body quickly relaxed. No matter how good tempered he his, he couldn’t help but look at Bai Yi with a hint of anger and blame.

A hint of a smile flashed through Bai Yi’s eyes. He knew that the man wouldn’t come in because that person was his family’s driver and he knew of his habits. He sleeps very lightly and has difficulty falling asleep, so he hates it the most when others disturb him while he is resting. He knew that the driver would just wait for him.

After a while, Bai Yi finally reluctantly let go of the boy. Still not satisfied, he leaned over to kiss the boy’s forehead and eyelid. The overwhelming joy and elation inside him made him no longer able to continue to ignore the growing feelings towards the boy inside him.

Perhaps he really is towards Zhi Chu……..


The teenager laid on the bed with his hand covering his nose and mouth as he desperately tried to conceal his heavy breathing. Fortunately, the man and the school doctor were chatting outside so it could muffle up most of the noise inside.

He breathed for a while before he was able to calm his breathing down. His forehead was sweaty and the blush in his cheeks had not yet faded. His eyes were still watery and there was a hint of anger within. More of it however was fluster and embarrassment. He quickly asked Bai Yi:

“Senior, why are you doing this? We……….”

“Sorry Zhi Chu, I was wrong, but I couldn’t help it.”

Bai Yi looked at the teenagers red and swollen lips. His throat moved a little and he suppressed his desire to kiss him again. He looked at the teenager’s eyes and said very seriously:

“Because towards you I……….”

The teenagers body trembled, and his face revealed a look of disbelief.

Bai Yi paused as he suddenly thought of something. He gave up finishing the sentence and just caressed the teenagers face while saying in a quiet voice:

“Sorry, I can’t continue that sentence. It’s now not a good time to confess. I want to leave it for a more formal occasion and not now, okay?”

Although he didn’t explicitly say it, the words “confess” still allowed the teenager to instantly understand what the meaning behind his actions were. The heat that was about to completely fade from his face once again spread through him and he covered his face in panic. He didn’t dare look straight at Bai Yi in the eye.

“Zhi Chu, you didn’t seem to hate the kiss………Can I hold onto the belief that you don’t actually feel nothing towards me?”

Bai Yi grabbed the boy’s hand and held it firmly in his palm. He made him look at him in the eye as he gazed at the boy deeply.

The teenager opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say. His mind was blank, and his heart was in turmoil. It felt like a hand was squeezing his heart and at this moment he found it hard to even breathe.

But within this pain, there was also a hint of sweetness. He lowered his eyes with a complicated mood. Even he himself didn’t know what he was thinking. The only thing that was certain was that he couldn’t deny Bai Yi’s words.

He didn’t feel aversion towards that kiss.

Bai Yi didn’t force the boy the say anything. He just rubbed his head and helped him rearrange his clothes. When the swelling of the lips was no longer conspicuous, he pulled the curtain aside and said: “Sorry, I fell asleep and kept you waiting.”

“It’s nothing. You should really rest more.”

The school teacher showed him a good-natured smile and the driver handed Bai Yi a set of clean clothes. After Bai Yi returned back behind the curtain, he glanced at the teenager. A trace of unnaturalness flashed through his handsome face and he didn’t ask for the boy to help him dress. Instead, he slowly put on the clothes himself.

Just as he had said, that kiss was also something outside of his expectations and it wasn’t something that he had deliberately planned. It was a result of his emotions going outside of his control.

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………..But fortunately, Zhi Chu didn’t hate it. And what was gratifying was that this unexpected kiss even managed to help bring their relationship closer.

Even if he is usually calm and stoic, Bai Yi is also a young man at heart. When facing the person that he likes, it would be a lie if you said that he didn’t feel any tension at all. All the calmness that he showed earlier was an act.

As his thoughts drifted, Bai Yi fell into daze. The originally clumsy act of putting on his shirt became even more unbearable to look at and he even accidentally touched the injured part of his hand.

The teenager took this in and finally couldn’t hold himself back. He walked over to help Bai Yi put his shirt on.

“Senior, be careful.”

“Thank you, Zhi Chu.”

Bai Yi was stunned. He then revealed a gentle smile. The eyes looking at the teenager also become complete and utterly endearing.

Although his personality is cold and dark, if he really liked someone, he would become gentler than anyone else.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said.

“Tomorrow?” The teenager was a little worried. “You’re not resting at home for a few days?”

“No need.” Bai Yi smiled at him. “I can’t wait at home. I will miss you too much.”

“Cough cough cough………….!”

A breath was caught in the teenager’s throat and he momentarily couldn’t breathe causing him to suddenly cough violently. He coughed until tears formed in his eyes and was only able to recover after Bai Yi patted his back for a while.

Finally dressed, Bai Yi left with the driver. Before he left, he glanced over at the teenager one last time. It was only a night apart and they would still see each other at school but he felt a strong sense of reluctance and even wanted to stay a little longer.

………..What should he do on weekends?

Bai Yi touched his lips as he sat in the car and couldn’t help but fall deep into thought.


Cheng Zhi Chu shook to clear his mind and found himself once again back to the dark and cold classroom. The corpse-like female teacher looked at Zhao Xiao Pang and Zhao Xiao Pang was still talking about the things that he knew.

“At that time, Su Ling had injured Brother Bai so we naturally wouldn’t let him off that easily. He dragged him out the school and dealt with him severely. It rendered him hospitalised for a week and recuperating at home for half a month.”

“Junior Cheng wanted to visit Su Ling but us or Brother Bai would find various excuses to call him away. If it wasn’t us, it would be Junior Cheng’s classmate that I hired. In short, he didn’t have any opportunity to go and find Su Ling. “

“It was also probably around that time that Brother Bai admitted that he really did fall for Junior Cheng. He wanted us to help him pursue him and also help him plan a romantic confession.”

“At that time when we heard that Brother Bai liked Junior Cheng, we originally thought that we would be extremely surprised. However, when we really heard him admit it, we were actually not very surprised. It was probably because we had felt that it was the case for a while now.”

“On the contrary, we couldn’t believe it when Lu Jie was the first one to suggest that Brother Bai may like Junior Cheng back then.”

“Now that I think about it, we were very dumb back then. It was clearly so obvious, yet we couldn’t tell……..”

Zhao Xiao Pang finished speaking. He closed his mouth and looked at the female teacher uneasily.

The female teacher rigidly nodded and raised the next question.

“Well then, please answer me. How did Su Ling die in the end?”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 59)

In fact, I wasn’t listening to them talking at all. They were talking about me, but it had nothing to do with me. It was just a boring instance story.

But I had to sit there and listen to them talk endlessly.

I wanted to open up my sketchbook and draw Zhi Chu but he’s sitting next to me, so I didn’t dare move.

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    I really dislike the bayi yu in this instance .


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