Chapter 60: Ghost School (14)

“As everyone already knows, Su Ling died from falling from a building.”

Zhao Xiao Pang slowly let out a sigh and said: “He fell from the roof of the teaching building. At that time, we were also there, and we witnessed it with our own eyes”

“You guys were also there?” Shen Qi Qi felt very bad for Su Ling. Her eyes were red as she angrily glared at him. She then asked with much difficulty, “Don’t tell me you guys were the ones who pushed him off?”

“No, how can that be?! We don’t have the courage to kill!”

Zhao Xiao Pang quickly shook his head and denied it. He anxiously tried to explain: “It was indeed an accident. He fell down himself. At that time, we wanted to grab him, but everything happened too fast.”

“The fence around the roof had been there for too long. After exposure to the wind and rain, much of it had eroded.”

Ou Yang looked bitter and added: “None of us expected it. He…..was overly stimulated. He didn’t stand steadily, and he fell into the fence only for it to suddenly break and fall off.”

“So, you regret it because it was the so-called ‘last time’ that you bullied Su Ling?” Gu Zhen raised his eyebrow and asked.

“Yes……..we really didn’t have the intention to kill him.”

Zhao Xiao Pang’s voice was filled with mournfulness.

“When I saw him fall, we- we were all scared. After that, none of us dared to say that we were also on the roof that day. Brother Bai’s father used his connections and helped us conceal the incident.”

“We decided to bury this as a secret forever. Until we died, no one was to speak a word about it.”

The female teacher nodded slightly and continued to ask the next question.

“Why did you guys bring Su Ling to the rooftop?”


Zhao Xiao Pang fell silent for a few seconds. He then answered.

“In order for him to see the confession.”

“To let him see with his own eyes how Brother Bai gets together with Junior Cheng.”

“After Brother Bai’s injury, we don’t know what happened between them but the relationship between the two of them got better and better. Even bystanders like us could tell that Junior Cheng liked Brother Bai more and more.”

“Brother Bai was the same. He finally admitted that he liked Junior Cheng and we were very happy. We gave him suggestions and did our best trying to think of how he could confess.”

“We decided that the confession should take place on the roof. Before the roof was closed off, many students would choose to confess there……….It really wasn’t because we wanted to kill Su Ling!”

“It was at that time that Lu Jie said to us that we should let Su Ling watch his most beloved person get together with his most hated person———”


Cheng Zhi Chu once again found himself returning into the illusion of the past.

At this moment, he stood inside a big mansion. The spacious living room was simply decorated but it was also very luxurious. The snow-white carpet was covered in white paper and discarded sketches making the room appear a little messy.

Ou Yang and the other three either sat or stood around Bai Yi who sat at the table and concentrated on his drawing.

“I didn’t know that Brother Bai actually had a talent like this………..”

Ou Yang picked up a drawing and looked at it for a while. He praised it a few times before carefully putting it back down.

“We never knew that Brother Bai could draw and is able to draw so well. Hey Brother Bai, why have you never told us about this?”

“Because there is no need.”

Bai Yi lifted up the half completed drawing and looked at it for a while. Seemingly unsatisfied with it, he frowned and didn’t hesitate to crumple it into a ball and throw it onto the floor. He then grabbed a clean sheet of paper and continued to draw.

Ou Yang and the others saw this and felt a little distressed. In their opinion, Bai Yi’s drawings were already good enough. They didn’t know what he was dissatisfied about.

Perhaps it’s because Brother Bai wanted to give Junior Cheng the most perfect confession experience?

They couldn’t help but think this inside.

This was an idea put forward by Lu Jie. Bai Yi was to draw all the things that he had experienced after meeting the teenager and use drawings to express his inner feelings. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Ou Yang and the others thought that it was a good idea, but it was also unrealistic because at that time they didn’t know that Bai Yi could actually draw. The other four also couldn’t draw so it was a difficult feat to achieve.

Just when they were pondering over whether or not they should hire someone to draw it, they didn’t expect to see Bai Yi already beginning to seriously plan it out. He quickly picked up a pencil and, until now, he had completed seven or eight drawings.

“Lu Jie, you’re really smart. How did you think of using drawings to confess?”

Seeing Bai Yi still furrowing his brows in concentration, the other four moved away, sat down onto the sofa and quietly talked.

The girl smiled and explained with a sweet voice: “In fact, although this method isn’t commonly used, many people have used it to confess. If you search online, you will find many examples.”

“But I also had another purpose behind it, so I suggested that Brother Bai used drawings to confess.”

“What purpose?” The other three asked curiously.

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“You also know that Junior Cheng has hearing impairment. He once said to Brother Bai that, when he was young, he didn’t have hearing aids and couldn’t hear what the other children were saying to him and didn’t respond.”

“Over time, they thought that he was very rude child and they all alienated him. Because of this, he went through a hard time.”

“It was also because of this that when he saw Su Ling alone and not getting close with others, he couldn’t help but take care of him. Perhaps it was because of this, Su Ling fell for him.”

“Junior Cheng is a really good person. That reasoning makes sense.” The others nodded.

Lu Jie smiled and shook her head: “I went a little off topic. In short, even if Junior Cheng doesn’t show it, he must still have a sore spot in him towards his hearing impairment.”

“By confessing using drawings, he is actually telling him that there is someone that is willing to accept all of him, including all his imperfections.”

“That small flaw of his is also loved, because the first time Brother Bai and Junior Cheng met was because Brother Bai helped him search for his hearing aid.”

“It is also to tell him that love isn’t something that can only be expressed with words, nor is it something that can only be heard with ears.”

“Even if he has a hearing impairment, it doesn’t matter. Even if he can’t see things in the future and can’t make a sound, or if he becomes physically disabled and loses all his sense of touch, he would still be loved.”

“It doesn’t matter what he is like, he would feel that someone is loving him and would love him forever.”


The living room fell into silence.

The Ou Yang trio were all stunned. After a long time, they were able to say single sentence.

“Are all girls this amazing……..?”

“I don’t know about other girls, but this is something that I have always thought. If I fall in love with someone one day, I would want to accept all over him and shower him with all my love.”

The girl raised her lips and seemed to be mocking herself: “But I probably will never have the opportunity to do that.”

“………..You don’t need to be so absolute. We’re still young. We will have more opportunities to date in the future.” Ou Yang scratched his head and said, “You’re also very pretty. In just our school, most of the boys are pursing you.”

Lu Jie shook her head. She didn’t continue with this topic and just said: “But this wasn’t all my idea.”

Having said that, she raised her voice slightly and said to Bai Yi: “Brother Bai, on the day that you’re confessing, let’s also bring along Su Ling.”

“Ah, Su Ling? Why are we bringing him along for?”

The other three were stunned. The pencil in Bai Yi’s hand also stopped. His eyes swept over towards Lu Jie.

“You don’t think we should let him watch?”

Lu Jie said: “Brother Bai initially pursed Junior Cheng in order to take revenge on Su Ling. Now that the revenge is almost over, if we don’t let Su Ling witness it, how are we going to let him feel intense agony?”

Bai Yi frowned: “He will bother Zhi Chu and I.”

“Don’t worry. We will definitely stop Su Ling and not let him approach you. Junior Cheng won’t even know that he is there.”

The girl said with a smile: “As long as we hide Su Ling in a place that Junior Cheng cannot see and then take off his hearing aids so that he won’t hear anything, he won’t find out.”

Seeing the smile on her face, the Ou Yang trio suddenly felt a chill run through their back and they felt a little scared.

In fact, sometimes they really couldn’t understand Lu Jie and they would even find her scary.

Clearly Li Jie had never personally beaten Su Ling and she only watched on silently, but at some points in time, her ideas were very vicious. It was as if she resented Su Ling and wanted to push him into an abyss and destroy him.

Seeing that the others were still silent, Lu Jie brushed loose strands of her behind her ear and gently spoke up.

“Brother Bai, don’t you want Su Ling to give up?”

“He likes Junior Cheng a lot and he is in the same class as him. Before, he didn’t dare confess because he was afraid that we would do something to him.”

“But now it is impossible. Because Brother Bai also likes Junior Cheng, we naturally wouldn’t hurt our junior brother. This is something that Su Ling will realise sooner or later.”

“At that time, he would try to steal Junior Cheng from you……….Brother Bai, are you certain that you will definitely win?”

“So, it is better to get rid of that wishful thought from Su Ling from the very beginning and let him understand that Junior Cheng belongs to you.”


Bai Yi pursed his thin lips and remained silent.

He remembered that Su Ling had not gone to school for the past few days and the teenagers worried look as he talked about him.

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They are classmates, have interacted with each other for a long time and have known each other for a longer period of time. The teenager couldn’t help but be concerned about Su Ling.

Once Su Ling has nothing holding him back, he would start to obsessively pursue this young boy. When he removes that mask of indifference and solitude and reveal his inner pure heart, how many people would be able to completely reject him?

He was confident that his love for the teenager is not inferior to Su Ling’s, but……..

He tightened his fingers around the pencil.

Definitely not.

He won’t let Zhi Chu fall for someone else.


“You can bring along Su Ling.”

“But you must not let Zhi Chu see him.”

Lu Jie smiled.

“Don’t worry. We won’t let him see him.”


“Senior, where are you taking me?”

Led along by Bai Yi, the teenager revealed a confused and uneasy expression.

His eyes were covered with a blindfold that Bai Yi had put on earlier. Although he didn’t know of Bai Yi’s intentions, the teenager trusted Bai Yi and obediently walked along while being guided by Bai Yi’s hand.

“Here, lift your leg. We’re going upstairs now.”

Bai Yi led the teenager over to the stairs and gently reminded him: “If you don’t mind, I can also carry you up.”

“No need……”

The teenager was a little shy. He responded nervously before slowly going up the stairs while being prompted by Bai Yi. After going up several floors in succession, he finally came to a stop.

“Zhi Chu, after this you just need to slowly follow me. I also need to take off your hearing aid, is that okay?” Bai Yi rubbed the boy’s head and asked.

“You need to take off my hearing aid………?”

The boy was a little hesitant. His eyes were already covered and now he needed to take off his hearing aid. If he couldn’t hear anything, he would feel very anxious.

“I’ll take off the blindfold in a minute.” Bai Yi said with a smile, “There’s a little surprise.”


Hearing that it was a surprise, the teenagers heart began to race slightly. If he wasn’t wrong, based on the number of floors they went up, they probably just have about half a set of stairs left to go before reaching the rooftop. If senior is taking him to the rooftop, is it to…….

He then felt his ears feel a little lighter. The sounds from the distance could no longer be heard and the world became silent. He could only feel distinctly Bai Yi’s hand that is interlinked with his.

He followed Bai Yi and walked forward. Suddenly, he felt a warm breeze blowing on his face. The warm evening sunlight travelled through the blindfold and he could see an orange-red light.

The teenager felt a pair of hands reach over and take off the blindfold.

The sudden glare made the boy unable to instantly open his eyes. He closed his eyes for a while and then slowly opened his eyes after getting used to the brightness. He saw that they were now standing on the roof of the teaching building.

Bai Yi stood in front of him with gentle eyes. The teenager couldn’t help but feel his heart race. At this moment, Bai Yi raised a book up. The cover of the book had a beautiful line of words.

“There is a book that I want to show you. When you are done with each page, nod your head and I will turn over to the next one.”

The young boy’s eyes lit up and his face flushed slightly red. He shyly nodded. Bai Yi smiled at him and opened the book to the first page.

The scene depicted in the drawing was the moment when they first met each other. The drawing was accompanied by a few lines below that recorded Bai Yi’s feelings at that time.

The teenager’s attention was immediately draw to the drawing. He looked at Bai Yi’s drawing in silence and had no idea that there were several other people standing a certain distance away.

“Look carefully Su Ling. Look at what they are doing now.”

Zhao Xiao Pang and Liang Wen Bing each held onto one of Su Ling’s arm and prevented him from struggling. They dragged him out from the storage room on the roof and grabbed his hair to force him to look at the two people in front of him.

Seeing Su Ling’s red eyes and his violently trembling body, Lu Jie smiled smugly. Despite her pure and innocent appearance, at this moment she looked extremely cruel and cold.

She whispered softly.

“Your brother, the one that you hate the most, will soon confess to the person that you like.”

“You……..do you want to stop them?”


Su Ling’s beautiful face was void of colour. Tears rolled out from his eyes and it covered his face in an instant. His voice trembled and he shouted out with all his strength.

“Don’t accept Bai Yi……Don’t accept him!”

“He doesn’t like you, he’s using you!”

“Zhi Chu———-Zhi Chu!”

He shouted and shouted, and his voice quickly became hoarse. At such a distance, if the teenager wasn’t paying his full attention to other things, he may be able faintly hear something but at this moment he was concentrating on Bai Yi’s drawings and he wasn’t paying anything to anything else.

No matter how Su Ling shouted, the teenager never looked back at him.

At this time, Li Jie smiled softly and said: “It’s useless. Junior Cheng’s hearing impairment is quite serious so without his hearing aids, he won’t hear anything. He won’t hear you even if you shout.”

Su Ling’s looked up at her in shock. The girl hooked up her lips and said: “That’s right. In order to let you see this, we deliberately set it up like this.”

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“Well………I don’t know if this would hurt you if I say it but what you said earlier is wrong. In fact, your brother also likes Cheng Zhi Chu. He is confessing seriously, and Cheng Zhi Chu also likes your brother. After this, they should be together.”

“As for you, Su Ling, you can only watch from the side.”

“Just like the time Mr Bai watched your parents get together and could only choose to quietly step back. Now it’s your turn. All the debts that your parents owe, you will pay it back instead.”

“Are you suffering? Resentful?”

She laughed and said. With emphasis on each word, she said:

“But you can’t do anything. Look——–”

Not far away, Bai Yi had turned the book over to the last page and he was looking at the boy with eyes filled with love. At this moment, he inadvertently raised his head and glanced at Su Ling. His eyes turned dark and his lips curled up into a smile.

He then held the red-faced boy in his arms and he gently kissed the top of the boy’s head.

“No! Bai Yi………Don’t touch him. Don’t touch him!”

Su Ling struggled fiercely but he had only just recovered and couldn’t break free from Zhao Xiao Pang and Liang Wen Bin. The buttons on his shirt had broken off to reveal the bruises on his pale skin that had not yet completely faded away.

“You little, stay still!”

Ou Yang slammed his head down and smashed Su Ling’s head onto the ground. The world around him spun and tears continuously poured out from his eyes. No longer able to hold back, he sobbed uncontrollably.

But the teenager who had his back to him was ignorant of everything that was happening behind him. His hot cheeks were being held by Bai Yi and his eyes were fixated on his thin lips as he read Bai Yi’s lips with a racing heart.

“I, Love, You.”

“Zhi Chu, Iike you…..”

At the same time, Su Ling closed his eyes. Filled with despair and pain, he choked out:

“I also…..like you…….”

“Please look back at me. Look at me. Please……….”

He could no longer speak. He bowed his head and couldn’t stop crying. Tears fell onto the floor and left dark stains.


Lu Jie watched Su Ling expressionlessly. The Ou Yang trio also looked at each other. For some reason, despite usually beating Su Ling up without any feeling of remorse, they suddenly felt a little guilty and regretful for their actions. The strength in their hands couldn’t help but relax a little.

Feeling their hands relaxing, Su Ling raised his head and looked at the two people in front of him with red eyes. He suddenly broke free from their grasp and rushed over.

“Don’t let him disturb them!”

Lu Jie anxiously rushed over to stop Su Ling but was pushed aside by Su Ling and she fell to the ground.

The Ou Yang trio remained in place stunned and weren’t able to react. Lu Jie climbed over and once again leapt over to grab onto Su Ling before again being thrown to the ground. Su Ling on the other hand lost his balance because of this and took a few steps back before crashing into the fence.

He subconsciously grabbed onto the fence to stabilise himself but didn’t notice that the fence was rusted. The fence started breaking, including the one that he was leaning on.

“Su Ling, hurry and get away!”

The expressions of Ou Yang and the others changed instantly. They wanted to rush over to grab onto Su Ling who was about to fall but they were too far away from him to be able to reach him in time.

A look of surprise appeared on Su Ling’s tear stained face, but his eyes continued to look at the two people embracing each other.


In a short moment, the fence broke completely. His feet left the surface of the roof and he fell off.

At this moment, the teenager’s world was still quiet, sweet and happy. He closed his eyes and raised his head to accept Bai Yi’s kiss. He didn’t hear Lu Jie’s terrified scream nor did he see Bai Yi’s constricting pupils.

He didn’t even know that there was a person who loved him who had fallen to his death not far away and was currently lying in a pool of red flowers.

The kiss was fleeting.

Bai Yi held the boy tightly in his arms and pressed down his head so that he couldn’t look up and see his pale face.

“Bro-brother Bai………..”

Hearing the commotion and screams from downstairs, Ou Yang and the others trembled. With a face void of colour, they looked at Bai Yi: “Su Ling fell, he fell……..! We, we……….”

“Leave this place.”

Bai Yi held the boy and closed his eyes. He suppressed the emotions inside and said in a quiet voice.

“Don’t do anything, don’t say anything and don’t mention anything about going to the rooftop. I will handle everything.”

“But Junior Cheng. If Junior Cheng knows……..”

“He won’t know.” Bai Yi said, “He will only know that Su Ling jumped off the building today, but he won’t know that he did it at this time.”

“You must never mention anything about Su Ling’s fall to him.”

“Never let him know.”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 60)

I must not let Zhi Chu know about my diary and sketchbook.

Otherwise I would kill myself.

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