Chapter 61: Ghost School (15)

“……….When Su Ling fell, some teachers and students who had not yet left school happened to see it. They were scared and called emergency immediately, but it was useless. Su Ling had already on the spot…………”

Recalling those memories, Zhao Xiao Pang’s face was filled with fear and agony.

“Brother Bai didn’t want Junior Cheng to know that Su Ling was on the roof at that time, so he got someone to deal with it and suppressed the whole situation. All the people present had their mouths sealed and no one mentioned anything about it.”

“But even if the Bai family didn’t intervene, the school itself didn’t want things to get too big. After all, if people find out that Su Ling’s accidental death was because of the rusted fences, the schools reputation would be seriously damaged…..”

“Did you really think that Su Ling’s death was just an accident?”

Shen Qi Qi held back her tears and said with a choked-up voice.

“Over the past few years, have you ever seriously thought about what you have done to him?”

“This was not an accident. It was something ‘inevitable’ caused by the accumulation of the torment he went through. Even if he didn’t fall, there would still be a second and a third time. He would sooner or later be killed by you people.”

“You kept saying that you didn’t want him to die but in fact what you have done is pushing him into the abyss again and again. Compared to killing him directly, it’s more cold-blooded and cruel!”


Zhao Xiao Pang and Ou Yang were shocked. They couldn’t say anything in response and bowed their heads with red eyes.

Shen Qi Qi wiped away the tears from her eyes causing her gorgeous makeup to smudge a little. She looked over at Bai Yi and saw him still looking calm and even a little indifferent.

She muttered incredulously: “Bai Yi……….You don’t feel any remorse? After all these years, you have been with Junior Cheng and have lied to him. You are disgusting…..”

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Bai Yi glanced at her with a look of indifference. Ou Yang who listened on the side heard her comment and couldn’t help but reveal a bitter laugh.

“We are indeed not good people. I won’t argue about that. I just want to reveal the truth.”

“You’re saying that Brother Bai has always been lying to Junior Cheng. Yes, that’s true. But if he didn’t have Junior Cheng by his side, he would already have gone crazy and died.”

“After witnessing Su Ling’s fall, we all more or less developed some sort of psychological problem. Brother Bai was the most serious.”

“After that happened, Doctor Su and Mrs Su heard about Su Ling’s death. Doctor Su was no longer able to withstand it anymore and he also soon died of illness.”

“Mrs Su lost two of her loved ones in succession and couldn’t bear with it. She took a bunch of sleeping pills and tried to commit suicide. Although she didn’t succeed, in the end her body was ruined. When Mr Bai heard of this news, he sent her to a nursing home. I heard that he often goes to visit her.”

“It was precisely because of this that Brother Bai was also deeply affected. Although he may appear the same as usual, in fact he has a serious case of depression.”

“Although Junior Cheng has no idea, but after this happened, he accompanied Brother Bai through the darkest times of his life and helped Brother Bai gradually get better.”

“Junior Cheng is Brother Bai’s everything. He is his life. Without him, Brother Bai’s mental state would collapse at any time.”

“But he also needed to act normally in front of Junior Cheng. If Junior Cheng found out the truth behind Su Ling’s death, he would definitely leave him.”

“When Brother Bai got into an accident and forgot about a lot of things that happened in the past only remembering Junior Cheng, although we didn’t dare show it, we were all secretly happy.”

“He didn’t have memories of Su Ling so perhaps he could escape from the darkness from the past. Like this, perhaps the burden inside won’t be so heavy……….”

Having said that, Ou Yang’s expression turned even more bitter: “But I now understand that it was just our futile dreams. We would never be able to escape from it, and Liang Wen Bin and Lu Jie have even lost their lives. Perhaps this is our retribution.”

The meat on Zhao Xiao Pang’s face trembled and his expression was very complicated. He didn’t know what to say. The female teacher’s white eyes stared at them for a few seconds and suddenly said: “Classmate Zhao Xiao Pang, please sit down.”

He sat down with a face coated in sweat and then looked over at Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu. He couldn’t see what their expressions were like and he didn’t know what they were thinking.

Even if they can escape from here……..

He thinks.

Brother Bai probably won’t be able to stay with Junior Cheng anymore. This is no different to asking him to die.

“Next is classmate Gu Zhen. Please answer my question.” The female teacher said.

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Gu Zhen stood up and gave her a small nod to indicate that she can ask.

“What do you think about the things that Bai Yi has done?”

“I feel disappointed that he would do these things. Although I am his friend,” Gu Zhen suddenly paused and glanced at Bai Yi. He emphasised, “But I won’t cover him. He should take responsibility for what he has done. From the beginning to the end, he was the mastermind behind it so most of the fault lies with him.”

“………..” Bai Yi also gave him a look.

“Do you really think so?” The female teacher asked again. “Well then, if it was you, would you be like him and, using whatever means you can, try and steal the person you like from someone else?”

Gu Zhen’s eyes got slightly darker.

He didn’t immediately answer her question and thought about it for a moment. When he was about to answer, the ring of bells could be heard coming from the corridor outside.

“End of class.”

The female teacher looked over at the corridor and said monotonously: “Well then, the class will end here…….You can leave now.”


From the back of the classroom, sounds of the ghost-like students packing away their books and leaving the classroom could be heard.

When they passed the several living people in the room, their dark holey eyes swept across them. Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang felt a chill run through them but fortunately the ghost students didn’t do anything and just quietly left the classroom before disappearing.

The female teacher also left together with the students. The lights in the classroom went out and the room one again returned to its original messy and dusty appearance.

On the floor, there were two additional stains of blood and they now had two less people in their group.


In the silence, Shen Qi Qi covered her face and started to cry quietly. Perhaps it was because she was scared, perhaps it was because she was glad that she was able to escape from the brink of death, or perhaps it was because she was sympathetic over Su Ling’s experience, but no one moved to comfort her.

“Then we……..we can go now?”

Ou Yang looked at the blood stains on the ground with a look of sadness and grief. In a small voice, he muttered this to himself.

【You have completed the teacher’s class】

【Class has now ended.】

【Competed side task: Attend Class.】

【Obtained reward: ?】

【After completing the instance, the reward will be issued to each player.】

Hearing the systems notifications, Yang Qian Fan couldn’t help but look forward to it. Afterall, rewards following tasks like this are usually very good. Oh, he should remember to drink a bottle of luck potion before the end of the instance so that the reward is even better.

But the instance is still not yet over, and they needed to concentrate on dealing with it. After all, they still have not found the boss.

Yang Qian Fan looked down at his camera. When the bell rang indicating the end of class, he had taken advantage of the chaos to take photos of the ghosts but, including the teacher, those ghosts were not the instance boss.

Although the main task didn’t specifically state that they needed to kill the boss, he and his uncle had entered an instance at its highest difficulty. If they didn’t kill the boss, they would probably not be able to get out without causing a lot of trouble while trying to leave. To be safe, they decided by default that they needed to kill the boss.

So, the boss really is Su Ling? Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to take a photo of him earlier because the instance characters were around.

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Yang Qian Fan looked at his camera with some regret. He then looked up at Gu Zhen and asked him what to do next.

“Leave this place first.” Gu Zhen said.

Bai Yi also didn’t care about what Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang thought and walked over to Cheng Zhi Chu. He rubbed his head and said warmly: “Zhi Chu, let’s go.”


Cheng Zhi Chi looked up at him, but his eyes were unfocussed, and his reflection was not reflected in his eyes.

“……….Zhi Chu?”


Cheng Zhi Chu’s consciousness still remained in the illusion of the past.

He watched Su Ling struggle futilely while shedding tears and shouting his name and couldn’t help but feel sad and angry. He wanted to stop this absurd farce, but his hands went through them again and again. No matter what he did, he couldn’t touch him.

Even when Su Ling’s back hit the fence, the fence broke and Su Ling fell off the building, despite knowing that his effort would be in vain, Cheng Zhi Chu still couldn’t help but reach out to try and grab him.

His fingertips went through Su Ling’s clothes.

After a moment, there was the sound of something heavy falling onto the ground and this was followed by loud exclamations and screams. Cheng Zhi Chu stood at the edge of the roof and couldn’t bear to look down.

But at his moment, his back suddenly felt cold. Like he was sticking against ice, he couldn’t help but shiver.

A pair of pale, transparent hands stretched out from behind him and gently embraced him. It then lifted his hand and those long fingers gently rested in his palm.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes widened.

“You are still the same as before.”

“No matter what, you are willing to reach out to me.”

The cold voice of a young man rang out from behind him.

“I didn’t have the opportunity to do this in the past, but now and in the future……..”

“I will hold your hand forever.”

“I hope you won’t let me go.”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 61)

The me in this instance isn’t the true me. I have not done those kinds of things, but I have to admit that he is like me. Maybe if I am in his position, I would make the same choices as him.

Not only me, the other ‘me’ would do the same.

In order to get Zhi Chu, both them and I will use whatever means we can.

Bai Xi Xing’s Diary (Excerpt)

Hypocritical cousin: The untouchable flower, a literary male god, cold and ruthless

Real cousin: Lame, pervert, stalker, indecisive, practically made with vinegar*, brain speed is 280km/hr and has already thought about how many children he and Cheng Zhi Chu would adopt in the future when he has actually not even held hands with him yet.

*Vinegar= Jealousy

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KK has something to say:
LOL @ how disappointed Bai Xi Xing is of his cousin


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