Chapter 62: Ghost School (16)

Bai Yi called Cheng Zhi Chu’s name, but the latter just stood in front of him with a dazed look. It was as if he was in daze and, no matter how the others called for him, he didn’t respond.

“What’s wrong with Junior Cheng?” Zhao Xiao Pang swallowed and asked nervously. He said with a small voice to Ou Yang, “Is he really angry and no longer wants to talk to us?”

“It’s better if that’s the case. Do you think he looks angry like that?”

Ou Yang’s expression was both anxious and fearful: “He looks like he’s sleepwalking right now. He was fine earlier but he changed the moment those ghosts left the classroom. It can’t be because his soul was taken by that female ghost?”

Gu Zhen’s expression was calm. He quickly took out a small black paper cutout of a man. The paper man floated onto the floor and reached Cheng Zhi Chu’s feet before turning around and going back to Gu Zhen’s hand. He lifted it up and there was a blood red stain on the paper man’s chest. Something wasn’t right.

He was either being controlled by a ghost, possessed by a ghost or his soul had separated from his body.

He suddenly tightened his fingers, crushing the paper man into a ball.


Bai Yi raised his hand and gently stroked Cheng Zhi Chu’s face. His eyes were dark, and a killing aura emanated from him. At this moment, Cheng Zhi Chu’s hearing aid suddenly fell onto the ground with a clatter.


The hearing aid rolled around the ground a few times and a strange electric current sound could be heard. This was then followed by a teenagers clear and cold voice.

“Bai Yi.”

“That’s……Su Ling!”

Hearing his voice, Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang gasped: “Turns out he did something to Junior Cheng!”

Shen Qi Qi looked at them with disbelief: “It’s really Su Ling?”

“What have you done?”

Bai Yi ignored the others’ reactions, picked up the hearing aid and spoke coldly to Su Ling.

“Come to the rooftop.” Su Ling said. “All of you, come to the rooftop now. I am waiting for you here.”

When he was done, the hearing aid no longer had the sound of electrical current. It had returned back to normal.

Bai Yi had a dark expression. He threw the hearing aid onto the ground, held the motionless Cheng Zhi Chu in his arms and carried him upstairs.

Cheng Zhi Chu obediently remained huddled in Bai Yi’s arms. His head rested against his shoulder, his expression was still dull, and his eyes were unfocused. He looked like a lifeless doll. If not for the slightly moving chest, he would’ve looked like a corpse.

“We’re really going to the rooftop…….”

Zhao Xiao Pang’s opened his mouth with a pale expression.

Su Ling said that he was waiting for them on the rooftop. He couldn’t help but have a bad feeling. His heart went through some turmoil and he wanted to just flee from this place.

But the others followed after Bai Yi and even Ou Yang too. Zhao Xiao Pang didn’t dare be alone so he could only harden his heart and follow them all the way up to the fifth floor and reach the stairs leading to the rooftop.

After Su Ling’s death, a new metal door leading to the rooftop was installed. It was usually locked to prevent students from entering but at this time, the door was already opened. From outside, cold wind blew in. It was as if it was indicating that something terrible was awaiting them outside.

Bai Yi held Cheng Zhi Chu and passed through the door sideways. Ou Yang, Zhao Xiao Pang and Shen Xi Xi followed behind him. Gu Zhen and Yang Qian Fan were at the end. The same time they passed through, they left a couple of paper humans behind to prevent something from happening when they return.

The group of people walked onto the rooftop. It was pitch black and they couldn’t see anything apart from the faint moon in the night sky.

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Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang turned on their flashlight to illuminate the surrounding scene. The rooftop was still the same as when they were still in school and was still empty. Not far away was a small storage room. The paint had peeled off from the walls considerably indicating the passage of time.

Returning to this place again, and especially when they think of Su Ling’s ghost who is waiting for them there, Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang’s expression were very unnatural.

They looked around anxiously and their line of sight quickly moved over to the spot where Su Ling had fallen from. The hole in the fence was already gone. After the incident, the rusted fence had been completely replaced with a new one. Not only that, the rooftop was sealed off and had never been opened after that.

Ou Yang’s gaze became quite complicated. He retracted his gaze and the light beam from his flashlight swept around the rooftop randomly when he suddenly saw a faint white figure. He quickly let out a cry of fright and pointed at it.

A pair of transparent feet entered everyone’s line of sight. It gradually moved closer and, when it entered the range illuminated by the flashlight, the pale and slim figure of Su Ling appeared.

Time had stopped for him, and he still maintained the teenaged appearance. His features were clean and beautiful, but his expression was cold and indifferent. His dark eyes swept past the people present and finally stopped over at Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu.

Bai Yi’s eyes were cold and dangerous. He said with a dark voice: “Let Zhi Chu wake up.”

“Nothing will happen to him.”

Su Ling raised the corner of his lips slightly, but he wasn’t smiling. Instead, it made Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang feel inexplicably scared. It was even more terrifying than the haunted classroom.

They could deeply tell that Su Ling was no longer the young man back then who was silent but gentle at heart.

He was a ghost.

A real ghost.

After opening his eyes in the deepest part of hell and returning to the human world, he would kill them all.

Liang Wen Bin and Li Jie were already dead. The remaining three of them were no exception.

Because they were the ones who had turned Su Ling into a ghost.

This was something of their own doing.


Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang fell onto the ground and sat there motionlessly. Their faces were pale, and their eyes were dull. They were invaded with a strong sense of fear and despair and they couldn’t help but tremble violently.

But when they thought that they were about to die in the hands of Su Ling, Su Ling said:

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“Not only will nothing happen to him, I will also let you leave this place.”


The two looked up dumbfoundedly. They thought they had heard wrong.

“But there is one condition.”

Su Ling said this and then suddenly moved over to the edge of the roof. He gently touched the fence with his finger and the fence instantly broke, revealing a big hole.

He looked back at Bai Yi.

“As long as you jump from here, Bai Yi, I will let them all leave.”

“Their life and death are in your hands.”

“As long as you are dead, Zhi Chu will immediately wake up.”

“What is your choice?”


In a place not far from Bai Yi and the others, Cheng Zhi Chu stood there while being held back by Su Ling.

At this very moment, the rooftop appeared to be divided into two worlds. On Cheng Zhi Chu’s end, the sky was still bright. He could feel the heat from the sun and hear the sound of cicadas. It was the middle of summer.

On the other half of the rooftop when Bai Yi and the others stood, it revealed the true appearance of the location. The night was dark and there wasn’t a single star in the sky. The rooftop was covered in a thick layer of dust and the temperature was a little cold.

There as a clear boundary separating the rooftop. At the same time, there were two Su Ling’s. One was talking to Bai Yi, while the other stood next to Cheng Zhi Chu holding tightly onto his hand.

The two Su Ling’s looked exactly the same. Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t tell which one the true ghost was and which one was just an apparition —— Although he thinks that the Su Ling next to him is likely the latter, he wasn’t certain.

And there wasn’t just two Su Ling’s, there was also two of himself.,

Cheng Zhi Chu looked at himself who was being held by Bai Yi and found it difficult to register.

More precisely, it was his body that was being held by Bai Yi and his current state is like a soul that had left its body. Despite the body being so close, he couldn’t return to it because he was being held down by Su Ling. No matter how he struggled, the hand grabbing onto him didn’t move.

“Su Ling……”

Cheng Zhi Chu called out the teenager’s name in a pleading tone. The teenager next to him turned around and looked at him quietly for a few seconds before turning away and saying in a quiet voice:

“Do you think Bai Yi will jump from here?”

“You……Su Ling, you can’t do this.”

Cheng Zhi Chu shook his head. He revealed an anxious look, but he couldn’t explain to Su Ling that the current Bai Yi isn’t the Bai Yi from back then. He could only try to persuade him powerlessly.

“……..You don’t want him to die?”

However, Su Ling misunderstood him. The hand gripping onto him tightened and his eyes turned dark.

“You still like him so much.”

“Even after knowing what he did to me that year, you still like him more than the feelings you have for me.”

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know how he should explain to Su Ling. He could only shake his head desperately: “No, this isn’t the same. Bai Yi he…….”

“I know it’s not the same.”

Su Ling lowered his eyes and said faintly.

“To you, how can I have the same status as him?”

“But……..I’m sorry. Even if you still love him, I won’t let him leave here today.”

“I want to return to him everything that he did to me in the past.”

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On the other half of the roof that is shrouded by the night, the other Su Ling said to Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang expressionlessly:

“Do you want to live? As long as Bai Yi is dead, you can leave here safely.”

“If he doesn’t want to jump, you can push him down. No matter what method you use, as long as he is dead you will be free.”

Having said that, he looked at Gu Zhen and Shen Qi Qi: “The same applies to you.”


Shen Qi Qi shook her head with red eyes. Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang’s face were deathly pale. Beads of sweat formed on their heads and signs of conflict was evident on their faces. Their expressions twisted and distorted and finally they couldn’t do it anymore. They sat on the ground and cried out:

“No, I can’t do it………I can’t kill people……..”

“Su Ling, please. I know we were in the wrong. We were really wrong. I’ll admit to my mistakes and give you a bow. We really regret what we have done. Please let us go. Please, I beg you!”

“Are you jumping or not?”

Su Ling was indifferent to their pleading and just looked coldly at Bai Yi.

“I’ll jump.”

Bai Yi gently placed Cheng Zhi Chu’s body down onto the ground. He took a few steps and moved over to the edge of the roof. Standing before the hole in the fence, he said: “But you must let Zhi Chu return to normal.”

Ou Yang and Zhao Xiao Pang were frightened and flustered: “Brother Bai!! No!!”


But even so, Su Ling was quiet. It seems that if he didn’t see Bai Yi jump from there, he wouldn’t do anything.

“Bai Yi! Bai Yi!”

Seeing Bai Yi standing on the edge of the roof, Cheng Zhi Chi cried out his name with a pale face. He wanted to try and get his attention, but everything was futile.

Despite the fact that he understood that Bai Yi would definitely not jump from there and was just doing it to distract Su Ling, he was worried that Su Ling would suddenly do something to make Bai Yi fall.

Even if he wanted revenge, he shouldn’t do it to the wrong person!

Cheng Zhi Chu looked over at the Su Ling next to him. In a moment of panic, he suddenly thought that if the Su Ling next to him was the boss of this instance and if he is able to kiss Su Ling now, he would be able to end the instance and Bai Yi wouldn’t be hurt!

But which of the two Su Ling is real? Which one should he kiss?

Anxious, Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t tell the differentiate between them. Even if he wanted to go and kiss the other Su Ling, he would still need to kiss the Su Ling next to him first.

Feeling Cheng Zhi Chu’s gaze on him, the teenager’s eyes moved, and he also looked back. He then suddenly saw Cheng Zhi Chu lean towards him and kiss him straight on his lips.


The teenager’s eyes widened in shock. The hand grabbing onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand fell. Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly felt his consciousness swaying and his body feeling heavy. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself back inside his own body and the other Su Ling standing not far from him.

Since there was an incident before where there was a delay between the kiss with the boss and the power taking effect, and because Cheng Zhi Chu wasn’t sure if he had kissed the right person, he immediately decided without any hesitation to kiss this Su Ling again too.

And so, he immediately climbed up from the ground and rushed over to Su Ling with just a couple of steps. Holding his face, he actively moved in and kissed him.


At the same time, Bai Yi’s and Gu Zhen’s expressions changed.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 62)


Again, I witnessed Zhi Chu kiss the other ‘me’.


I think I really want to jump from here.

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