Chapter 71: Ghost’s Bride (7)

Seeing the white bones exposed in the soil and the black tape mixed along with it, Cheng Zhi Chu thought of the boss from a previous instance. He couldn’t help but suspect that this instance was a continuation of the last one.

Indeed, last time there were many things that he couldn’t figure out. For example, the identity of the boss covered in tape, who he was killed by, why Zhou Luo Chen committed suicide, and so on.

But with the end of the instance, Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t continue to think about these mysteries. To him, the most important thing was to survive and clear the instance. As for solving the mysteries, it wasn’t something that he is good at, and it wasn’t something that he needed to pay attention to.

Moreover, he had thought that it was just a false setting created by the instance and had nothing to do with reality. If it really was something that had happened in reality, Zhou Luo Chen’s evil doings would have long been exposed and Bai Yi and Bai Xi Xing would also have recognised him. Based on their initial reaction when they first met, they clearly only just met him.

He himself also had no recollection of the city and was certain that he had not been here before. Thus, he concluded that the instance had only borrowed other people’s identities and had only generated a fictional story from it.

However, this instance once again involved the events of the past. He dug out the bones belonging to the boss from the courtyard and ended up uncovering more mysteries which had some degree of connection with the groom. Not only did it not solve any of the mysteries, he didn’t find the groom’s head.

Was it just a coincidence?

Cheng Zhi Chu held up the dried-up skull and couldn’t help but fall deep into thought. He furrowed his brows and started to suspect whether or not something similar had really occurred in reality. Perhaps that was why both instances are linked to this villa.

【That is correct. The reality instance is not fictitious and is actually created based on real-life events.】

The system said: 【So, many of the things that you see and experience have happened in reality. As for how much of it is true…….】

Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked. The hand holding the skull trembled and the skull fell down onto the skirt of his white wedding dress making it look both creepy and beautiful.

How much of it had truly happened? What is true and what is false? How could he distinguish between them? Was there a special reason why he was able to activate the reality instance?

How much does the system actually know? With it revealing details to him little by little, was it still hiding a lot of things from him?

His mind was a mess. Countless questions swirled around inside him. The system coughed and uncomfortably tried to explain.

【I’m also not intentionally hiding things from you. I didn’t tell you about it before because at that time I also didn’t know what was going to happen.】

【I have never lied to you, I just concealed some of the truth.】

【I can now tell you that it wasn’t a coincidence for you to enter the game. Even if it didn’t happen that day, sooner or later you would enter and experience the same things.】

【Uh, but meeting me is indeed the greatest fortune in your life. This is true………】

So, for what reason did I enter the game?

Cheng Zhi Chu ignored the systems last comment. He wasn’t happy hearing about this at all. Instead, his heart pounded furiously, and he anxiously asked the system:

He had a clear understanding of himself and he understood that his qualifications are limited. He is just an ordinary person and didn’t have a strong, persevering attitude. How could someone like him be favoured by fate?

If you said that he was chosen to be a sacrifice he would believe it…….but if they really wanted to harm him, was it necessary for the system to disclose this information to him? Wouldn’t it be better if it concealed it?

【You don’t need to have useless thoughts. If you died, I also won’t be better off so I definitely won’t hurt you.】

The system sighed.

【As for the reason why you entered the game……..It is related to the Boss Photobook that you have but I can’t reveal the details behind it. In fact, I also shouldn’t have disclosed this information to you but since you were already suspicious, I could only briefly explain it.】


Cheng Zhi Chu was speechless. He thought of the Boss Photobook in his backpack and couldn’t help but feel complicated.

He didn’t want to understand what the book had do to with him. Previously, “Winter Branch” had also mentioned it. He said that the photobook can be used to activate special instances…….Was it because only he can use the photobook to collect those bosses?

Then there is another question. If only he can use the photobook, why was he the special candidate?

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…………It can’t be because he has some amazing gay physique that would make bosses go crazy in love with him, right? But in retrospect, it seems like all the bosses without exception were very interested in him………..

The more he thought about it, the more miserable he felt. Rather than the fearful emotions that he had, it had changed into something that was closer to irritation ——— If it was because of this quality of his, he would much rather use it to make Bai Yi fall for him instead of attracting all those strange men.

Thinking of Bai Yi, he shook his head and threw away those distracting thoughts. He placed the skull to one side and then carefully cleaned up the soil around the bones.

The system said that this instance was created based on real-life events, but he couldn’t completely distinguish between fiction and reality. He could only confirm that Bai Yi had disappeared six years ago and that not only one or two people had died in this villa.

He wondered if Senior Bai knew of anything…………Also, senior had never given up looking for Bai Yi. He had even looked for Elder Li and perhaps obtained some clues from him.

Concerned about the conversation between the two men inside the house, Cheng Zhi Chu increased his digging speed. Once again, he dug up more human bones.

He didn’t know much about the structure of the body so he couldn’t tell if the bones came from multiple people. Roughly speaking though, it looked like there was only one body buried here. It should be the ghost boss from the previous instance.

Who is that person………..?

Cheng Zhi Chu patted off the soil from his hands. He picked up the skull and asked the groom: “Do you know who this person is?” He hoped that the groom might have some impression of it.


The groom took the skull and slowly flipped it around in his hand. He seemingly thought of something and suddenly crushed the skull in his hands.

Cheng Zhi Chu was surprised. He didn’t expect the groom to suddenly destroy the skull. He asked carefully: “You don’t like him? Do you have some sort of grudge against him?”

“I remember his name.” The groom brushed off the bone fragments from his hand like it was something dirty. His voice was cold and dark, “He is Zhou Luo Chen.”


Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly stopped.

How could this be Zhou Luo Chen? Didn’t he commit suicide?

If this is Zhou Luo Chen’s remains, then that means that the boss that he saw last time was Zhou Luo Chen. That ghost’s body was completely covered in tape and it didn’t appear to be something that he had done to himself. Moreover, even after his death, he was buried away quietly. No matter how you look at it, he was killed off cruelly. But who could the murderer be………

And was the boss really Zhou Luo Chen? He acted so timidly and pitifully that it was impossible for him to associate the boss with Zhou Luo Chen ——— Or was the real Zhou Luo Chen actually a pitiful person?

“He should die.”

The groom’s body emitted cold bloodthirstiness. He crushed the bones with his feet.

“I still remember that, when you were young, he almost killed you.”

“He had also killed a lot of children and buried their bodies under the roses outside or disposed of them in the nearby mountains.”

Could it be that this really did happen in reality……..? Zhou Luo Chen really did kill all those children? And he himself also———-

Cheng Zhi Chu’s pupils constricted. As sense of horror surged inside him and cold sweat formed on his face. His body also swayed. Deep inside, something terrible seemed to have awakened.

“Zhi Chu.”

Seeing that he didn’t look quite right, the groom reached out and pulled him into an embrace. He patted his back and comforted him: “Sorry, it looks like I said something that I shouldn’t have. Don’t think about it.”

“Huff, huff………….”

Cheng Zhi Chu gasped for air. Laying in his arms, his face was ghostly pale. Horrible thoughts filled his mind and his consciousness became extremely chaotic.

What is this?

This is……….

Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly fainted. His body laid limply in the groom’s arms.

To him, it felt like he had fallen asleep and had a dream.

The dream was chaotic and dark. Countless broken pieces appeared and they were filled with all kinds of terrible scenes. It was a nightmare that he couldn’t even imagine himself when he was awake.

He had only fainted for a few seconds before he suddenly woke up. He instantly opened his eyes and climbed out of the groom’s arms while covered in cold sweat. He gasped desperately for air and it was almost as if he was about to die from being unable to breathe.

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“Sorry Zhi Chu, I’m really sorry.”

The groom seemed to be scared by this appearance of his. He was both remorseful and flustered. He anxiously tried to comfort the terrified Cheng Zhi Chu.

After a long time, Cheng Zhi Chu gradually returned to his senses. He recovered from his almost dying state and barely managed to calm down again.

“Did I say something that I shouldn’t have said?”

The groom supported him and was very remorseful: “My memory is incomplete. Maybe I said something wrong, do you want…………”

“………It’s okay.”

Cheng Zhi Chu waved his hand and moved away from the groom’s embrace. Some colour had returned to his face and he supported his forehead while shaking his head. His heart was still trembling, but he didn’t return to the strange state from earlier. He was now able to think normally.

In the midst of the confusion, he seemed to recall some vague memories. These memories were related to the villa but they weren’t from the instance. They were memories that truly belonged to him.

In this memory, he saw Zhou Luo Chen’s vague appearance as well as a field of bright red roses. All he could feel was fear and disgust.

Cheng Zhi Chu confirmed that he had indeed forgotten some things and he finally understood why he hated the scent of roses. His sister had also mentioned that their family had once visited C City, but his mother had fervently denied it. It was probably because he had experienced something there and was too overwhelmed by it eventually causing him to forget about it and his mother didn’t want him to be reminded of it again.

Although he had only recovered a part of his memory, it was enough to prove that Zhou Luo Chen was indeed a perverted psychopath….

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes fell onto the crushed white bones on the ground. There was a hint of aghast and hatred in his eyes.

If these remains are truly Zhou Luo Chen’s, then he truly deserved it. The only question was, who on earth buried him in the courtyard and was he killed by someone?

He was in daze for a moment before he was shocked by a terrible conjecture.

…….The key to this villa has always been in Senior Bai’s hands. The reason why he would often come here to check, was it because he wanted to protect the secret behind these bones?

When he thought of this, he pushed the soil aside and once again buried the bones back inside lest anyone outside notice something strange. He then quietly pushed open the door to the villa. The moment he walked in, he heard the sound of a teacup shattering.

Bai Xi Xing and Elder Li were in the living room. Bai Xi Xing stood before Elder Li and looked down at him from above. There was no smile on his handsome face.

Cheng Zhi Chu didn’t know why Bai Xi Xing would reveal this kind of expression. He only felt surprised. He didn’t think that a funny and friendly senior like him would also have such a cold side.

Inside, he couldn’t help but have a strange thought. Clearly both brothers have always maintained a smiling expression but, surprisingly, it was only when he saw Bai Xi Xing acting like this that he thought that the two brothers were very similar.

He didn’t know what Bai Xi Xing had said but Elder Li who sat on the sofa suddenly changed expressions. Both hands trembled to the point that the teacup fell and shattered on the floor. His lips trembled but he couldn’t say anything.

“So I was right?”

The darkness inside Bai Xi Xing’s eyes surged. He suddenly hooked his lips into a smile, and he sat down next to Elder Li. He raised his phone in front of Elder Li and showed him the black and white skull icon.

“You found a person from this place and requested for that person to help change your fate, allowing your family to get through the difficult times and even becoming more successful than before……..As for the payment, you helped them take away my cousin. Is that right?”

Who is “the person from this place”? Why does that icon look almost identical to the “Infinite Escape Forum” icon? Was the person that attacked Bai Yi six years ago also a player from Infinite Escape?

There were now too many mysteries. Cheng Zhi Chu was just thinking about the bones from earlier but now his mind was completely occupied with the clues regarding Bai Yi’s disappearance. He could faintly tell that these clues seemed to be linked to the same thing——–

The Bai family, or even possibly Bai Yi.

【I can tell you one more thing.】

【I once told you that the “Infinite Escape” forum was not created by us, but by the original players themselves.】

【The icon that you are seeing now is the initial forum icon.】

【That player’s id is———】

“Mr. Mu.”

Bai Xi Xing said quietly: “That person that you found is called ‘Mr. Mu’?”

“…….Is “Mr. Mu”.】

………..Mr. Mu?

Hearing that name, the silver coin that had been silent until now suddenly reacted. It softly repeated that name.

[You also know of him?] Cheng Zhi Chu had never heard of this name. He opened his eyes wide as he asked.

[Oh……..yes. I have seen him, and I know of him.]

The coin said: [He is not the same as you. He is a very competent master.]

[That’s right, “Mr. Mu” was my previous master.]


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 71)

For once, I had a good dream. I dreamt that Zhi Chu and I had already become lovers, and was about to start getting intimate when——–

I suddenly woke up.

This is ten times more frustrating than having a nightmare.

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