Chapter 73: Ghost’s Bride (9)

As the silver coin fell to the ground, Cheng Zhi Chu’s strange behaviour also drew Bai Xi Xing’s attention.

He saw his pale face and trembling body and couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t know what was going on.

The reason why he told Cheng Zhi Chu these things was because he knew that Cheng Zhi Chu had some unusual powers and might know something about Mr. Mu or may be of help.

More importantly, Cheng Zhi Chu had managed to learn of the name of the cousin who had been missing for the past few years. He was certain that, before his cousin had disappeared, the two had almost never had any contact. Cheng Zhi Chu had also lost his previous memory so he shouldn’t know of his cousin.

Bai Xi Xing’s eyes sank.

For this reason, he guessed that Cheng Zhi Chu probably came to know of his cousin through another means, but he had hired people to watch over Cheng Zhi Chu and didn’t see any signs of him coming in contact with his cousin. It was very strange.

He didn’t suspect Cheng Zhi Chu, but things were indeed strange. At the moment, it seemed like Cheng Zhi Chu may have come into contact with the people from the organisation and somehow learned of Bai Yi’s existence.

But when the two met during the variety show filming before, Cheng Zhi Chi didn’t seem to know that his cousin had disappeared so he either had only just heard of Bai Yi or Bai Yi was normal when they met. The probability of the latter option happening was almost minimal.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind, but Bai Xi Xing still maintained a normal expression. He asked Cheng Zhi Chu: “Junior Cheng, what’s wrong? Did you think of something?”


Cheng Zhi Chu trembled. His face was void of blood. His chest was both stuffy and painful, and strong grief and pain turmoiled inside him. In an instant, his eyes were red and tears fell from his eyes.

Six years ago, Bai Yi had most likely died……….And it was just because of some so-called “good luck”………..

But if he really did have good luck, why would he run into someone like Mr. Mu and even have his head cruelly cut off?

Why did it have to be Bai Yi who encountered these things…….

His heart was extremely painful. Bai Yi’s gentle smile and warm gaze appeared in his mind. The silent tears gradually turned into a soft sob, and it latter turned into a loud wail. He cried until he was out of breath and he desperately wiped away the tears using his forearm making his eyes even more red and swollen.

Bai Xi Xing was surprised. He didn’t know what Cheng Zhi Chu had thought of to make him cry so badly.

No matter whether the person crying is a man or a woman, Bai Xi Xing couldn’t bear seeing another person crying. Panicking, he picked up a napkin from the coffee table and wanted to give it to Cheng Zhi Chu, but it was taken away by the groom.


Bai Xi Xing gripped his empty hand and looked at the headless man in confusion. For some reason, that action of his felt very familiar……….

“Don’t cry.”

The groom patted Cheng Zhi Chu’s back gently and wiped away the tears on his face.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes were red, and soon it was slightly swollen. The tears from earlier stained his face and it even made his eyes sting a little.

Although he used to think that, as a man, it is very shameful to cry like this but now he understood that, if he was really sad, he wouldn’t care about what others thought of him.

He sniffled as the groom wiped away his tears. Seeing the gaping wound on the neck, he guessed that the groom had probably went through the same thing as Bai Yi and had his head cut off by Mr. Mu just so that he could steal their good fortune.

If they wanted to find the head, they must first find Mr. Mu’s place of residence and take the head from there. In addition to the grooms, he must find Bai Yi’s head and put it together with Bai Yi’s body.

[Where does Mr. Mu live?]

Cheng Zhi Chu picked up the coin that had fallen onto the floor. Sniffling, he asked internally.

[Even if I tell you, you can’t enter his home. If he knows that you have stolen from his head collection and destroyed his luck, he will definitely kill you.]

[Unless you become my master and free my powers.]

The silver coin said this so quietly that it was almost inaudible.

[At that time, in order to leave Mr. Mu, I could only choose to seal away most of my powers. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let me go.]

[Only when I unseal my powers can I help you. And only I can help you.]

Cheng Zhi Chu who heard this felt his heart tighten. He had always felt that the coin was plotting something and was constantly tempting him so, no matter how pitifully it behaved, he never intended to use it. However, now he seems to have no choice.

At this moment, Elder Li who was lying on the floor suddenly gasped and slowly awakened from his comatose state.

He glanced at the headless groom and widened his eyes and mouth in fear. It was as if he would faint again. But this time, Bai Xi Xing took the lead. He pulled him up by the collar and asked coldly: “Who is Mr. Mu? How should can we contact him? Where is he now?”

The groom’s body had also turned towards Elder Li, and seemed to be watching him: “Speak, or I will kill you.”

“Don’t come over…….Don’t come over!!”

“I can tell you everything that I know so please, please don’t kill me……..My knowledge is very limited but I’ll tell you everything. Don’t let the ghost eat me!”

Elder Li was trembling like a leaf. His face was void of colour and even his voice went a few pitches higher than usual. His expression was very pitiful and scared. He shook his head and quickly said:

“………..No one knows Mr. Mu’s real name. We don’t even know if Mu really is his surname.”

“He is very mysterious. I only saw him once six years ago. At that time, he didn’t seem to be as powerful as he is now and seemed to have only just started. He only wore a hat and sunglasses as disguise.”

“He was dressed in black, but you could tell that he was a young man, about 24-25 years old. He looked quite handsome and had a tall and thin figure. I couldn’t hear any accent in his voice so I can’t tell where he is from.”

“He said that he could see that my luck has been quite bad recently and that it is related to money. I had already reached a dead end so if I didn’t do something about it, I would soon become bankrupt. He even suggested that he could help me change my luck.”

“I saw that he was still young, yet he disguised himself and I thought that he was a fraudster. Just when I wanted to drive him away impatiently, something came over me and I suddenly changed my mind before proceeding to have a few words with him.”

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“Now that I think about it, he probably did something. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have responded to him.”

“Mr. Mu took me to a lottery store and instructed me to buy a few lottery tickets. He said that the sum of those tickets would add up to about 10,000 yuan and that it was his deposit to prove that he is not a liar.”

“If I believed him, I was told to go to the same place at the same time to find him the day after the lotto draw results are out. He said that he would be there waiting for me.”

“On the day of the draw, I checked the results with some doubt only to find that the tickets won several prizes which more or less added up to 10,000 yuan.”

“I realised at that time that I had met an amazing man and that our family could finally be saved so the next day I took my two sons and brought along many gifts. I waited there for a long time and wanted to beg Mr. Mu save us.”

“That day, Mr. Mu really did come. He saw us and said that he could help us change our fate but, in addition to the remuneration, we must agree to a condition that he promised wouldn’t be too difficult.”

Having said that, Elder Li was somewhat out of breath. He recalled the events that happened back then, and a hint of fear appeared in his eyes.

“At that time, our family were at a dead end. We regarded Mr. Mu as a last life-saving straw. Even if he wanted us to kill or commit arson, we were willing. However, he made a strange request. He wanted me to find a way to bring Bai Yi over to the neighbourhood.”

“We didn’t know what relationship he had with Bai Yi that child, and we didn’t know why he was looking for Bai Yi and not contacting him directly, but we didn’t dare ask about it. We just followed his instructions.”

“Our family is not very close to Bai Yi, and we thought of many ways to try and trick Bai Yi over. We had originally thought that it was because Mr. Mu had something to say to Bai Yi but who would have thought that he would take out an iron rod and render Bai Yi unconscious the moment they met.”

“And then?” Bai Xi Xing’s expression was extremely ugly. He asked coldly.

Elder Li spoke until his mouth was dry. He poured a glass of water for himself and caught his breath. Not daring to delay things for too long, he continued: “The blow landed very heavily. It was as if he wanted to kill Bai Yi. After Bai Yi fell and blood flowed across the ground, he was completely unconscious.”

“We were petrified. He asked Mr. Mu what he was doing, but he was completely calm. He even seemed like he was used to doing this kind of thing and he smiled indifferently.”

“He warned us not to speak a word about it. He told us not to worry and that he would deal with the rest. Although it is through the sunglasses, we could feel a hair rising feeling coming from his eyes. If we were to disobey him, he probably wouldn’t mind doing the same thing to us.”

“After that, we left the place and we don’t know what he did to Bai Yi. But since Bai Yi hasn’t returned after so many years, Mr. Mu likely——–”

“Shut up.” Bai Xi Xing interrupted him with a steel face. “I have no interest in your opinion. Continue telling me about everything that you know.”

“After Bai Yi went missing, our entire family was anxious. After all, what we did wasn’t very secretive and there were lots of evidence indicating that we were the ones that took Bai Yi away.”

“But Mr. Mu seemed to use some sort of means to get rid of the evidence. After that, no one suspected us. Our family’s situation got better and better and has been good until now.”

“After that, our family has never seen Mr. Mu again. He developed very fast, and soon set up an organisation. This organisation had no name and only has the icon that you have in your hands now as a symbol. This organisation similarly grew at a very fast speed.”

“My second son also joined this organisation, but he is only a lacky. He never saw Mr. Mu after that. It was like he had completely hidden himself away.”

“What do you know about this organisation?” Bai Xi Xing asked.

Elder Li looked like he had aged significantly. His face was filled with fear.

“I don’t know………Our family just happened to meet Mr. Mu many years ago. Later, my son joined the organisation and he seemed to have been forced to make an oath. If he was to reveal anything, he would die, and our family will suffer too.”

Hearing Elder Li’s recount, Cheng Zhi Chu gradually calmed himself down from his sorrow, and only his eyes were red. Elder Li himself had said that he didn’t know much. He was very disappointed as he muttered: “Then you probably don’t even know where Mr. Mu lived…….”

“Of course I wouldn’t know.”

Elder Li glanced at the headless groom and revealed a fearful look. His lips trembled as he said: “But I still remember the place where we met. It was on Xin Hua Street north of the city………….”

“There’s also one more thing. Mr. Mu seems to have been unreachable for two years ago. He may have disappeared or maybe he is hiding somewhere. Perhaps, he’s even dead. But from then on, the organisation started to have some conflict. My son recently has been thinking about leaving the organisation………”

“So, I beg you. Please let our family go. That year, we really had no choice………..I can help you find Mr. Mu, as long as you don’t kill———–”


An arm passed through Elder Li’s chest, sending out large spatters of blood. There was still the look of horror on Elder Li’s face. A large hole opened in his chest and his body twitched a few times before falling to the ground. In an instant, there was no signs of life left in him.

The groom took back his bloodstained arm and stood before him for a few seconds. He then shook the blood off his arm.

“He doesn’t deserve to live.”

He said.

Cheng Zhi Chu was shocked. Seeing the dead man before him, he opened his mouth and his heart trembled. But when he thought of Bai Yi who had already died, he closed his eyes and restrained himself from saying anything.

Bai Xi Xing was also indifferent. His eyes as he looked at the body was calm and almost completely cold. Facing the old man, he didn’t even blink his eyes and just raised his eyebrow. With a small voice, he said: “Maybe I should find his son too……….”

But he soon looked up again and, with a hint of expectation, he looked at Cheng Zhi Chu: “Junior Cheng, I know that you have some special skills. Perhaps you can help me find the whereabouts of my cousin……..or do you have any clues?”


Cheng Zhi Chu lowered his head. His hands quietly tightened. He couldn’t tell Bai Xi Xing about “Infinite Escape” but——-

“I will definitely bring Bai Yi back.”

He suddenly looked up. Although his eyes were still teary, his eyes were resolute.

“I promise you, he will definitely be back.”


Bai Xi Xing was stunned. The cold look on his face softened and the corner of his lips lifted up slightly. He nodded at him:

“Okay, I believe in you.”

[Now then……….]

Cheng Zhi Chu fell into thought. Just when he was mulling over what to do next, he heard the silver coin speak again.

[After cutting of their heads and burying it under his residence, Mr. Mu cannot move to another residence.]

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[The head that he cut off must also be sent to his residence as soon as possible to avoid losing the luck so he probably doesn’t live far from where he attacked your friend.]

[Once you get within the range, I can identify where his residence is.]

[Have you thought about it properly? I can take you to his home and can help you find your friends head. You are already clear about the condition for that. As long as you become my ma——]

[I’ll do it.] Cheng Zhi Chu replied without hesitation, [How should I become your master?]


Hearing him accept it so quickly, the silver coin fell quiet for a few seconds. It seemed to be surprised. When it responded, there was still a hint of awkwardness in its voice. It was as if it couldn’t believe that it could succeed so easily this time.

[Oh……It’s very simple. I will release myself. You just need to put a drop of your blood on my surface to become my master.]

[Then let’s do it.]

Cheng Zhi Chu held the silver coin in the palm of his hand. Using the other hand, he picked up a broken ceramic piece from the floor and gently made a small cut. A large drop of blood formed at the wound.

“Mummy, don’t!”

The bear seemed to have sensed what Cheng Zhi Chu was intending to do and it quickly climbed out of his backpack. It cried out to stop Cheng Zhi Chu with a look of anxiousness.

“You can’t agree to it. It doesn’t have good intentions!”

[This is his choice. It has nothing to do with you.] The coin spoke dissatisfiedly. [And what do you mean I don’t have good intentions? It may be so in the past, but now…….]

“Thank you for your concern, Pinecone.” Cheng Zhi Chu smiled and said gently, “But for Bai Yi…..”

He moved his finger over the coin and was about to let the drop of blood fall onto the coin, but he was suddenly stopped by a cold and pale hand.

Cheng Zhi Chu looked up in surprise. It was the groom that had grabbed his hand.

The headless man said in a low voice: “I’ll do it.”

A wound automatically appeared on his finger and blood flowed out, covering the silver surface of the coin.

Silver coin: ……………

A sharp clowns laughter resonated in the room and the coin floated up from Cheng Zhi Chu’s hand. Its appearance changed rapidly, and it turned into a rich, blood red colour. The clown and the devil faces became even more horrific.

It didn’t belong to Cheng Zhi Chu, but he still heard the systems introduction.

【The nature of the item has changed. A cursed item appears. Danger. Please be careful.】

【Item Name: Devil’s Coin.】

【Original Name: Joker’s Coin.】

【Item Type: Cursed Item.】

【Can you bring it out of the instance: Yes】

【Description: An ancient coin which is hosted by a dangerous demon. It would tempt you day and night. It has the ability to fulfil all your wishes and destroy everything you have.】

【Danger level: S】

【Practical Level: S】

【Effect: Say your wish and then throw this coin. If the clown side is facing up, the demon will fulfil a part of your wish. If your get the clown face twice in a row, it will achieve more of it, and so on.】

【Side effect: If you get the devils face, the devil will take away something of yours. If you get two consecutive devil faces, it will take away double the amount. This will continue until you call into despair and no longer possess anything, and it will take away your soul and life.】

【Consecutive throw of the devils side ten times would lead to the direct collapse of the instance.】

【Please use it carefully.】

Sure enough, it is a cursed item! Cheng Zhi Chu was a bit stunned. He knew that this thing is evil but how did it manage to get mixed in with the weapons? It must be because the demon inside had tricked the system and managed to mix in!

The coin laid in the palm of his hand with a bright red appearance. It suddenly started to tremble, and, with a clear sound, it fell to the ground.


Under the surprised look from Cheng Zhi Chu and Bai Xi Xing, faint red fog suddenly appeared around the coin. From within the fog, a human figure appeared. Its figure was tall and gradually limbs and a dark pair of bony wings formed. From within the fog, a slender and defined hand reached out.

But the demon was yet to walk out from the red fog to reveal its true appearance when it suddenly stopped. It let out a low groan and it took back its hand again. The shadow shrank at a rate that was visible to the naked eye until it reached a size that was similar to that of a baby. A lightning-like burst of light shone and the shadow immediately threw itself at Cheng Zhi Chu.

“Wu…..It’s all your fault! So hateful! Why didn’t you become my master!”

A small figure about the size of a forearm batted its bat-like wings and cried out using a delicate, childish voice. Using its small fists, it punched Cheng Zhi Chu’s chest but there was no power in it at all.

The child wore a demon-like black suit and had a cute devil horn on his head. Behind him he had a long and thin tail and he looked up with a face covered in tears. The yellow eyes made it look particularly pitiful as it stared at Cheng Zhi Chu. It sniffled and said:

“You’re so hateful………”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 73)

(Continuation from the previous entry)

But that man’s ending was no better than mine. His body had been divided into countless pieces of meat and he would no longer be able to get it back any more. His body had completely died in the instance.

As for his soul, it had transformed into a huge monster. It stirred up several instances together, causing them to become chaotic and disorderly. He now occupies this morphed and twisted world, absorbing their spiritual power while lying dormant.

One day, I will go back to that world and kill him completely.

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