Chapter 74: Ghost’s Bride (10)

The little demon cried while pounding his chest. Cheng Zhi Chu took a few seconds to react and realise that the little guy was the demon that inhabited inside the coin.

Somehow he’s a bit different from what he had imagined……..

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes fell onto the demon’s face. The little demon had black hair and yellow eyes. With cat like pupils, he had a cute and delicate appearance. He looked to be a 4 or 5-year-old boy but his body was small, like a doll. Two small sheep-like horns emerged from his dark hair and the small tail behind him swayed.

The little demon’s eyes were filled with tears. He had cried until his nose was red and he looked at Cheng Zhi Chu angrily and grievously. His soft fist weakly fell onto his chest. Although he may have thought that he was venting his anger, it looked more like he was acting spoiled.

“You just don’t want me………”

He pouted. Even his voice trembled. He looked particularly pitiful.

For a moment, Cheng Zhi Chu wavered. He couldn’t be blamed for this. The coins style of speech was filled with temptation, like a kidnapper trying to tempt a child with candy, so he couldn’t help but imagine the demon to take the appearance of a sinister looking man. But the figure before him……….

“I-I’m not actually like this!”

Noticing Cheng Zhi Chu’s strange look, the little demon’s tail straightened, and he pulled out a necklace from inside his shirt collar. He opened a miniature photo frame embellished with a gemstone and showed him the photo inside.

“Look at this!”

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes moved from the small demon to the necklace. The photo inside displayed a handsome adult demon with dark hair and yellow eyes that wore a black suit and had his hair tied back. His facial features were very similar to the small demons.

The demon held a white teacup and sat with his legs crossed. With a elegant posture, he looked towards the camera lens with a small smirk that was filled with seductiveness and temptation.

Cheng Zhi Chu: “Oh……….”

Cheng Zhi Chu: “This is your father?”

“…………This is obviously me!”

The little demon cried even more fiercely. He was so angry he was almost out of breath. While crying, he continued to use his soft fists to violently hit Cheng Zhi Chu but, before he was able to hit him a few more times, the groom grabbed him by the wings and held him upside down in the air.

“Let me go! Let me go……..!!”

The little demon struggled in the air and cried out. He looked persistently at Cheng Zhi Chu as if he was asking him for help. Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t bear seeing this so he gently coughed and said to the groom: “You can let him go.”

The groom heard his words and released his hold. The little demon almost fell to the ground like an onion but, when he was about to touch the ground, he fluttered his wings and flew up. Glaring fiercely at the groom that had grabbed him, he said: “You——–”

“I am now your master.”

The groom’s tone was cold: “You now have nothing to do with Zhi Chu.”


The little demon’s expression stiffened.

After a few seconds, a sudden earth-shattering cry rang through the villa.


Through the little demon’s sobs, Cheng Zhi Chu managed to elicit out the origins of the demon.

The demons real name was Chelman. He was a demon made from human’s desire and greed and his original body was a coin.

But he wasn’t originally a demon. He used to be human. Born in a poor family, he was sent to the circus at a young age to become a clown. The clown face on the coin represented his life as a human.

After growing up, because of his outstanding appearance that was revealed after he removed his makeup, many aristocratic girls fell for him. He ended up being taken by one young lady’s noble family and locked inside their basement. After suffering from endless torture, he passed away.

The blood that was spilled when he died fell onto a coin that the noble family had dropped. Later, it was passed through different people and it witnessed countless cases of greed and death. Finally, it awakened and turned into a powerful demon. It then killed the nobles that had killed him in bloody revenge.

Later, Chelman continued to wander around the world as a demon. At the same time, he was being chased after by countless people. He fulfilled the desires of countless people and he also took away the life and souls of countless people. He was extremely dangerous, but he was also very tempting. Although many people knew that there won’t be a good outcome from using the coin, no one could resist its fatal appeal.

“Even Mr. Mu was the same. He didn’t hesitate to accept me and become my master……..”

The little demon muttered.

“But he was different to the others. He had very good luck and he also knew how to use me. With his ability to steal good luck, he not only did not suffer from any bad luck when he used me, his luck instead got better and better, and stronger and stronger.”

“I knew that, if things continued this way, I would never be able to get away from him, so I intended to secretly sneak away but he found out.”

“He said that I can leave, but I would need to seal my powers forever. I naturally couldn’t promise him that, so I set up a trap in the contract. All I needed to do was to find a new owner again for me to release my powers.”

“So, I found you……..”

He looked at Cheng Zhi Chu aggrievedly.

“But again, and again, you rejected me and hurt me. You were the first person that has rejected me so many times. I almost lost all my dignity!”

“Even until the very end, he took away your chance and I mistakenly contracted him. Now I have become like this!!”

The little demon’s small finger pointed at the groom. The grooms body turned towards him and he let out a cold aura causing the little demon’s heart to tremble. He could deeply feel how dangerous and terrible the groom is and was completely unable to fight back.

…………Dammit. Why is this headless ghost so strong? He seems to want to kill him……..No, this isn’t because he is not strong enough. It’s because something went wrong with the contract and most of his powers were still sealed!!

Chelman’s tail fell. He had just stopped crying but his eyes had turned red again. Cheng Zhi Chu saw this and quickly spoke up.

“But no matter what, someone had to become your master. According to the agreement, you have to take us to Mr. Mu’s residence and help us find the head. This is what you promised.”

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“I clearly wanted you to be my master.”

Chelman’s golden eyes looked towards Cheng Zhi Chu. He spoke extremely reluctantly: “Then you swear. If I get rid of this guy in the future, you must become my master again. After you do that, I’ll take you there.”

But just as he finished saying that, he was violently picked up by the back collar of his shirt by the groom. Ignoring his struggles, he spoke coldly: “You have no right to ask.”


The little bear sitting on Cheng Zhi Chu’s shoulder also stuck out its tongue to mock the demon. It even turned around and shook its tail at Chelman. It was clearly making fun of him.

Small beads of tears instantly fell from the little demon’s eyes. Seeing the was about to let out another loud cry, Cheng Zhi Chu immediately coughed and placed his palm on the back of the groom’s hand: “Forget it………”

He turned to Chelman and said: “We can’t talk about this later………I will think about it.” He didn’t agree with Chelman’s request, but he also didn’t immediately reject it. He was afraid that if he rejected the request, Chelman would not help him out of anger.

“………..Remember your words.”

Chelman with red eyes and puffed cheeks stretched his arm out and placed the blood red coin in his hand. He didn’t give it to the groom and just stubbornly gave it to Cheng Zhi Chu.

“You use it. Think of your wish and then throw it.”

“That…….I’ll do it?” Cheng Zhi Chu held onto the coin and looked at the groom. He felt a little pressured. In fact, he was worried about his poor luck and the possibility of getting the devils side.

“I asked you to do it so you do it!” Chelman was very angry.

“Okay then.”

Cheng Zhi Chu nodded his head. He thought of his wish internally.

Find Mr. Mu’s residence and successfully get back the groom’s and Bai Yi’s head.

He flicked his thumb up and the coin flipped around in the air several times before falling back into his palm. It was the clown’s face.

[As you wish……..]

A low, whisper-like voice sounded.

“You can leave now.”

Chelman restored his expression back to normal and his golden eyes glowed faintly, like those of a snake. It gave those seeing it a cold feeling.

Cheng Zhi Chu nodded and looked at Bai Xi Xing who had been standing there for a long time without saying anything: “Will then senior, I’ll go find Mr. Mu’s residence…….I will definitely bring Bai Yi back. Please rest assured.”

Bai Xi Xing witnessed all those strange things, including the talking teddy bear and the evil demon coin. In addition to his surprise, he also felt inexplicably relieved. He believed that Cheng Zhi Chu would be able to find his cousin safely.

“Then be careful.” Bai Xi Xing thought for a moment before adding seriously, “If you run into something dangerous, you must protect yourself first. Finding my cousin can come later but the most important thing is for you to come back safely.”

“Thank you senior, I will.” Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart felt warm. He nodded in response.

“I’ll wait for the good news.” Bai Xi Xing said and suddenly spread open his arms. A smile formed on his handsome face, “Here, let’s have a hug. Even if———-”

Suddenly the smile on his face stiffened and his words stopped.

He could feel a strong hostility directed at him from the groom. Although he didn’t have a head, it was as if he was glaring straight at him. He felt a chill run through his spine and for a moment he couldn’t continue speaking.

“———–Don’t worry about the hug. It looks inconvenient with what you’re wearing.”

Bai Xi Xing very fluidly changed his words. He took out his phone and said: “Well then………Junior, I have a little request. Can I take a photo of you as commemoration?”

He looked up and down Cheng Zhi Chu and his eyes showed a sign of appreciation.

Although he didn’t know why Cheng Zhi Chu was wearing a wedding dress, it didn’t stop him from admiring it. Cheng Zhi Chu was slim and skinny, and his skin is pale. With the white wedding dress wrapping around his slender waist and the veil falling past his shoulder, it highlighted his delicate and pure appearance and made him look especially stunning.

Yes, when cousin comes back in the future, he would be happy to see this photo………

Bai Xi Xing had a smile on his face. Although he was met with Cheng Zhi Chu’s resistance, he managed to persuade him to take a photo. As for the groom, he was easy to convince. Bai Xi Xing just said that he was taking a wedding photo for the two of them and the groom quietly gave him permission.

After Cheng Zhi Chu fled from the villa, Bai Xi Xing appreciated the photo for a while. The smile on his face then gradually faded and he stored the phone away. He looked coldly at the body on the ground and said quietly:

“If Junior Cheng is unable to find my cousin………I’m afraid your whole family will meet the same fate as you Elder Li.”


According to the location mentioned by Elder Li, Cheng Zhi Chu and the groom arrived at Xin Hua Street north of the city.

After they left the villa, the groom once again used his powers and made it so that others couldn’t see them. When they arrived at Xin Hua Street, Cheng Zhi Chu found it very strange. It was empty and quiet, and no one was around.

Although this wasn’t the city centre, and is in a relatively remote location, it is still rare for it be to completely empty. At this moment, the sky had dimmed, and the streetlights had lit up. The shops on both sides of the street had also turned on their lights but, through the windows, there was no figure moving around.

Something doesn’t seem right……..

Cheng Zhi Chu frowned. He scanned his surroundings with some vigilance. He then threw the coin again. This time, he was looking for the specific location of Mr. Mu’s place of residence.


This time, the little demon didn’t appear, and had returned inside the coin. The blood coloured coin fell into Cheng Zhi Chu’s palm revealing the clown side. It then bounced a few times, fell to the ground and followed forward.

[Follow me.]

The coin rolled very fast in front. Cheng Zhi Chu pulled along the groom and they chased after it, eventually entering a narrow alley. For the whole duration, they turned around and around in the intricate alleyways before finally stopping in front of a very ordinary looking house.

Cheng Zhi Chu picked up the coin. With the coin in the palm of his hand, he assessed the house before him. This place was an old residential area. Most of the buildings were small one storey houses. The roads were covered in pits and are both dirty and narrow. There were even lots of water puddles on the ground.

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The building that Mr. Mu was said to have stayed in was one of the small houses here. Past the rusty iron door, you could see a small courtyard and several small houses inside.

What was strange was, apart from the front door being locked, the other houses inside had their doors open and the light inside were lit up. Despite this, it was silent. They couldn’t hear any sounds, and they didn’t see any human figures.

The uneasiness inside him grew stronger and stronger. Even if Mr. Mu’s whereabouts are currently unknown, Cheng Zhi Chu knew that he would not leave his home unattended. He planned to toss the coin again to make himself a little luckier.

As long as he doesn’t directly run into Mr. Mu, there shouldn’t be a problem……..

Cheng Zhi Chu pursed his lips and threw the coin. He suddenly felt his body go cold and an invisible hand grabbed his wrist causing the coin to fall through.

【Zhi Chu………】

The gentle and calming voice belonging to Bai Yi rang next to his ear, but this only made Cheng Zhi Chu’s expression suddenly change. A chill ran through his spine ——— He knew that this was not Bai Yi. “Winter Branch” had once again appeared!

Why did he have to appear at this time?!

Cheng Zhi Chu opened his mouth and wanted to call for the groom who stood next to him, but it was sealed shut by “Winter Branch”‘s kiss. His lips and tongue were passionately entangled, and he couldn’t even make a single sound. With wide eyes, he watched the coin fall to the ground.

It was the devil’s side.

Cheng Zhi Cu was shocked. At this moment, strange sounds suddenly could be heard coming from the surrounding houses.



It was like a butcher’s knife was heavily cutting through something. There was also the sound of the blade cutting through flesh and the sound of bones breaking.

“Thud! Thud thud thud……….”

A human head with large wide eyes rolled out of the door, leaving red blood stains behind it.

The head rolled over to the groom’s feet. Small black bugs climbed out from the semi-rotten face which revealed dark red rotting flesh and a smelly odour. Its eyes rolled around a few times before looking over at Cheng Zhi Chu and the groom. Its mouth then slowly split apart.

The groom crushed the human head with his foot. Thick brain matter and smashed flesh scattered around. More human heads rolled out from the houses. Their protruding eyes all swept over to Cheng Zhi Chu and the groom and their mouths opened wide into a creepy grin. Soon they were surrounded.


A headless body jumped over the wall and fell onto the ground like a sack of rice. It staggeringly stood up and reached out to Cheng Zhi Chu.

The bear sitting on Cheng Zhi Chu let out a growl and revealed its sharp, white fangs. It jumped up and immediately landed on the headless body before biting it a few times. It fiercely tore at the body’s flesh, rending it immobile and finally collapsing to the ground.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s eyes widened as he watched all of this happen, but his voice and movements were sealed by “Winter Branch.”

The groom was surrounded by heads and corpses and had his back towards him for a few seconds but, during these few short seconds, Cheng Zhi Chu was dragged by “Winter Branch”’s invisible hands to hide in a dark corner.

The groom crushed a head and turned back to look at where Cheng Zhi Chu was standing earlier only to see that he was gone. At the same time, he heard a sharp cry. It was Cheng Zhi Chu’s voice.

“Zhi Chu!”

The man violently pushed away the corpse bodies surrounding him and ran towards the direction of the sound. However, the real Cheng Zhi Chu was imprisoned in the corner by “Winter Branch”. With a terrified heart, Cheng Zhi Chu watched the groom be led away by a voice that resembled his.

【I’m very happy. Zhi Chu.】

【Now no one can bother us.】

He could feel the hands of “Winter Branch” slowly caress his face. It then moved down and with a “rip”, the skirt of his wedding dress was torn, revealing the pale legs underneath.

【This dress is too unsightly.】

“Winter Branch” said this in a low voice: 【Don’t wear it anymore. I’ll help you take it off.】


Cheng Zhi Chu panicked. He glanced at the coin on the floor with the corner of his eyes only to see with horror a rotten limb slowly climb towards the coin bit by bit. It held onto the coin and then threw it into the air.


The blood red coin once again fell onto the ground and revealed a side.

Again, it was the devil’s side.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 74)

Zhi Chu’s not here.

I have nothing that I want to say.

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