Chapter 82: Out of Control Photobook (1)

Cheng Zhi Chu maintained his bending posture and his entire body stiffened. Only his face was raised and Xie Yuan Huai’s figure was reflected in his eyes. Those pale, transparent hands touched his cheeks bringing along a cold sensation.

What’s going on? Why did Xie Yuan Huai suddenly come out from the photobook?!

His heart was in shock. He immediately stood up and took a step back. This subconscious reaction of his made Xie Yuan Huai’s eyes dim down. His outstretched hand fell and he asked in a low voice:

“Xiao Chu, are you……afraid of me?”

The man had a graceful and handsome appearance and there was a touch of coldness in his eyes. If it wasn’t for him being a little transparent, no one would have thought that he was an evil ghost that had killed many people in the hospital.

But in all fairness, Cheng Zhi Chu wasn’t actually afraid of Xie Yuan Huai. After all, Xie Yuan Huai didn’t hurt him. At that time, he was in an out of control state and was the one who took the initiative to ask for death but Xie Yuan Huai was reluctant to kill him. He just gently kissed him and let him go.


Cheng Zhi Chu hesitated and then gently shook his head. He believed that Xie Yuan Huai wouldn’t hurt him. He was simply scared by Xie Yuan Huai’s sudden departure from the book.

What’s more, he now knew that the ghost trapped in the photo book are fragments of Bai Yi’s soul. In essence, they are the same person as Bai Yi——–

After Bai Yi left the bedroom last night, Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t sleep so he chatted with the system and learnt of a few more things that he didn’t know before.

“………..So you mean that the reason why I entered this game is so that I can save Bai Yi?”

Cheng Zhi Chu was originally lying in bed with his eyes closed. When he heard the systems words, he almost sat up: “What relationship does he have with this game? Why did you specifically pull me into the game to save him?”

Although he was happy about being able to save Bai Yi and if you asked him to take the risk a hundred more times he is willing, there was something he couldn’t figure out. What was Bai Yi’s identity was for the game to interfere with his affairs?

【Bai Yi’s identity is only a player, but he is too strong and can even affect the game itself.】

The system explained: 【For example, he is a professional player in the game and also considered a money god. Because of his appeal in the forum, he had the hearts of quite a few players. His status was even higher than the game itself so we, as the game operators, will naturally pay special attention to him.】

【Not only him, Mr. Mu and Gu Zhen are also watched over carefully. You are too as well.】

“Me?” Cheng Zhi Chu was surprised. “Is this because of Bai Yi?”

【That’s right. Because you are the only hope to recover Bai Yi’s soul fragments.】

【Bai Yi has already said before that he and Mr. Mu had met in the game and had a fight. The final result was losses on both sides. His soul had shattered into more than a hundred pieces and Mr. Mu’s soul was contaminated and trapped inside a horrible instance.】

【Bai Yi’s soul fragments were scattered throughout the game, becoming the bosses of newly formed instances.】

【These fragments correspond with every boss in the boss photobook ——Oh, except that “Winter Branch”. He hid away too well in Bai Yi’s forum account, so we didn’t include him in our calculations.】

“Wait a minute. Are you saying that every boss in this entire album is Bai Yi’s soul fragment?”

Cheng Zhi Chu quickly sat up from the bed. He couldn’t control his surprised expression as he said this.

Bai Yi had only mentioned that the boss from the instances that he had encountered before were fragments of his soul, but he didn’t say that the whole photobook was. How thoroughly did his soul shatter…….

【That’s why I said that you entered the game specifically to save him. Your task is to collect his soul fragments and help him escape from the game.】

【The reason why there were problems with his soul was fundamentally because of his love and feelings towards you so the method to collect the soul fragments is also related to his love.】

【Kissing is the easiest way to expression love. His soul fragments would respond to you so we gave you this power and made you collect the fragments.】

【Bai Yi only loves you. The only one who can save him is you. You are a destined pair.】

Having said that, the system’s voice suddenly turned sly. It teased: 【I knew from the very beginning that you’re a little gay and that you definitely will fall in love with Bai Yi…….How could you not fall for him?!】


Cheng Zhi Chu’s face immediately turned red. He didn’t have any words to say in his defence.

As the system has said, after getting a long with him for a while, it was hard for him to feel nothing towards Bai Yi……….Bai Yi’s charm had nothing to do with his gender. If he was indifferent to people like Bai Yi, he would probably remain single for the rest of his life.

After a moment, he continued: “I understand that Bai Yi is very important to you, but why do you want him to leave the game? Don’t you want him to stay in the game for a long time?”

【Why do we want to keep him here?】 The system asked back, 【Why do you think that?】

Cheng Zhi Chu was also confused: “Based on your words, he is practically a money god in the game. If he stayed in the game longer, it would benefit you……..”

【A money god is just an analogy. He didn’t really give us money.】

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The system said: 【In fact, we would rather that he left sooner. His state is very unstable and is almost on par to a bomb that would explode at any moment. If he died, his soul fragments would also die along with him.】

【The bosses that came from his soul fragments are all very special. If the boss is dead, the instance would also collapse. That’s almost two hundred instances……If two hundred instances collapsed at the same time, our game would explode. Fuck, do you know what the consequences of that will be?!】

It even swore to express its emotions.

【We don’t dare let him die, and we can’t drive him out. What else can we do? We could only pull you in…..】

“Since you knew everything then why didn’t you tell me the truth from the beginning? Why hide it from me for so long?” Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but ask.

【Tell you? Tell you what? Did you want me to say that a stranger needs your help and, don’t worry, you just need to kiss 100+ ghosts to save him. When you’re done, you can leave the instance together ——- If I told you this, what do you think you would do?】

“I would hate that person.” Cheng Zhi Chu answered honestly.

【That’s not it. We had figured out ways to ensure that you wouldn’t reject him. If he was hated, Bai Yi would probably kill himself on the spot.】

“How can it be that serious………”

The system rambled on: 【You better believe it. There is an instance where Bai Yi’s soul fragment loved you dearly but, because you hated him so much, he personally cut off his own flesh bit by bit eventually turning into an evil spirit after dying….】

“I won’t hate him.”

Cheng Zhi Chu heard this and felt a pain in his heart. He couldn’t imagine that scene.

【Pfft, the sour smell of love. You’re only saying that because you have fallen for him now….】

【In any case, you should do well. According to our speculation, you don’t really need to kiss all the fragments. Once you have collected enough of them, they would resonate with each other and automatically absorb the rest.】

【Now that the original Bai Yi has been resurrected, this power will soon increase. Maybe soon you will be able to leave the game.】


So, the result of the strengthened power was that Xie Yuan Huai can now get out of the photobook??

Even if Cheng Zhi Chu is not afraid of Xie Yuan Huai, it didn’t mean that he wanted to see this phenomenon happening.

Although, the system had mentioned before that with the increase in photos collected the bosses will be able to freely enter and exit the photobook. However, that can only be done so if he summoned them and clearly Xie Yuan Huai had gone out by himself.

“What the hell is going on? Hurry and give me an explanation!” He anxiously called for the system inside.

【It looks like……….there is a problem………】

The system laughed awkwardly.

【Bai Yi’s power is stronger than expected. Now that he was resurrected and, with “Winter Branch” and the groom being so similar to him hence also containing a lot of power, the photobook was unable to completely process the energy in one go and……..】

“And?” Cheng Zhi Chu’s body trembled.

The system’s voice was so small it was almost inaudible.

【……….The photobook may be out of control.】

Cheng Zhi Chu: ??!!

【We will do our best to fix the photobook as soon as we can. Until then, please hold on………..! Remember, don’t let them fight. It will be a big problem if one of them died!】

Cheng Zhi Chu heard this and was at loss. He was dumbfounded for a few seconds. He then asked fearfully: “What a minute. Don’t tell me the other bosses will come out too?!”

【Don’t worry, no more of them will come out.】

“Then that’s goo……..”

【…………Because all the fragments that you have collected have already come out.】


【I believe in you. You can do it. Once the photobook is repaired, you can just kiss them again. I’ll leave now. You can deal with it yourself. Bye!!】

“You bastard! How can you leave me like this?! Come back! Come back here!!”

Cheng Zhi Chu was about to collapse. All the bosses had escaped so he had to stabilise them and even kiss them again?? What’s the difference between this and asking him to die?!


The black book disappeared from Xie Yuan Huai’s hands. It was transported to another place by the system. He furrowed his brows slightly and clenched his fingers, but he didn’t appear to care too much about it. Instead, he stepped forward to support Cheng Zhi Chu who had almost collapsed. Holding him in his arms, he planted a kiss on his forehead and said gently:

“Can you accompany me for a while?”

Cheng Zhi Chu’s mind was chaotic. He had not yet recovered from the blow earlier. At this moment, the door to the bedroom was suddenly opened and Bai Yi’s handsome face appeared.

“Zhi Chu?”

Bai Yi was originally smiling but, when he saw Xie Yuan Huai in the room, his smile instantly disappeared. His eyes sank and he spoke coldly: “Let go of Zhi Chu.”

“Bai Yi……….”

Xie Yuan Huai didn’t hold him very tightly. Cheng Zhi Chu was able to turn around to reveal a flustered expression. He subconsciously reached out to Bai Yi: “He———”

“Don’t be afraid Zhi Chu.”

The handsome man with an ice-cold expression walked over and held onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s extended hand.

Cheng Zhi Chu had not yet calmed down but he suddenly felt a cold sensation coming from his hand. It was like he was holding onto a piece of ice.

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His heart skipped a beat and his expression was a look of shock.

The handsome man with Bai Yi’s appearance held his hand and looked down. With a hint of disappointment in his voice, he spoke: “You’re not wearing our wedding ring?”

This isn’t Bai Yi. It’s the groom. The groom is here……….

Trapped between two ghosts, Cheng Zhi Chu felt the temperature in the room plummeting. His face was void of colour and his body started to tremble slightly.

“It’s okay.”

The groom smiled gently at him. He held his finger and gently kissed it.

“No matter what, you are my bride.”


Bai Xi Xing sat in the living room supporting his notebook while sorting through some paperwork. He glanced at the lower right corner of the screen and then turned to look at Bai Yi who sat on the other side.

“Brother, why don’t you go wake Junior Cheng up? It’s already past ten o’clock and he’ll be late if he doesn’t get up now. Last night he mentioned that he had class this afternoon.”


Bai Yi held his new phone and responded indifferently. He pressed the home button and the photo of Cheng Zhi Chu in a wedding dress closed. He then stored the phone in his pocket.

He walked towards the stairs. Bai Xi Xing pushed up the glasses that he only wore when working and stared suspiciously at his back. He was certain that something had happened last night and that was probably the reason why Junior Cheng is still not up yet.

The evidence for this theory of his was that his cousin wasn’t surprised that Junior Cheng is waking up late and he even appeared to be in a good mood as we waited for him………

Fuck, cousin hasn’t gone crazy and raped Junior Cheng last night, could he?!

Bai Xi Xing was scared by his own thoughts. He couldn’t sit still anymore. He quickly took off his glasses and also went upstairs. He then suddenly heard the housekeeper who was preparing morning tea in the kitchen let out a horrified scream.

“What’s wrong Aunty Li?”

Hearing that scream, Bai Xi Xing was surprised. He quickly walked over and saw the housekeeper stumbling out from the kitchen. It was as if she saw sometime terrifying. With a pale face, she pointed in the direction of the kitchen.

“Ghost…….a ghost! There’s a ghost!”

Another ghost?

After encountering ghosts one after another, Bai XI Xing was surprised when he heard it but he wasn’t too afraid. He patted the housekeeper’s shoulder and comforted her: “I’ll take a look.”

“Young master, don’t………”

The housekeeper was completely scared and wanted to stop him. Bai Xi Xing smiled at her and walked cautiously over to the kitchen. His body then froze, and a look of horror appeared on his face. He couldn’t help but step back.

A hand covered in black tape rested against the door frame and a figure slowly walked out. His whole body was wrapped tightly with tape and you couldn’t make out his true appearance.

But Bai Xi Xing recognised him immediately.

Because those tape were the ones that he and his cousin had personally wrapped him with,

It’s Zhou Luo Chen………….


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 82)

I have a bad feeling.

Is it just my imagination?

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