Chapter 83: Out of Control Photobook (2)

It’s Zhou Luo Cheng. He had turned into an evil spirit and had returned……..

Was he here to take revenge?

Bai Xi Xing’s expression changed abruptly. His pupils constricted and he was quite shocked.

Although he had encountered ghosts more than once, it was different when he saw Zhou Luo Chen who was personally killed by them. He must’ve have returned to get back at them and would definitely have a strong killing intent.

Perhaps Junior Cheng would be able to handle this?

Recalling that Cheng Zhi Chu had managed to deal with the evil spirits in the villa last time and his ability to bring his cousin back safely, Bai Xi Xing quickly calmed back down. He watched the ghost covered from head to toe with black tape vigilantly but quickly noticed that something wasn’t right.

Although Bai Xi Xing was constantly retreating, the distance between him and the ghost wasn’t that far and he had thought that the ghost would suddenly rush over but, contrary to his expectations, the ghost didn’t move forward. Instead, after seeing him he had actually shrank back a little and once again hid inside the kitchen.

He is…….afraid?

Bai Xi Xing couldn’t help but feel strange.

Could it be because he had killed Zhou Luo Chen, even though he had become a ghost, he still feared him? If this was the case, then why would Zhou Luo Chen take the initiative to find them?


After the ghost hid back inside the kitchen, Bai Xi Xing looked back at Bai Yi. He said quickly: “I’m keeping an eye on him here. Go and get Junior Cheng here. He knows how to deal with ghosts.”

Although the ghost behaved timidly, he didn’t dare let down his guard. He believed that his cousin would also recognise the ghost’s identity and understand how serious the matter was.

However, it was once again beyond his expectations. Bai Yi who had already walked up the stairs stopped. He looked down at the kitchen from the stairs for a moment and suddenly came back down. He passed Bai Xi Xing and went straight into the kitchen.


“Young master Bai Yi!”

Seeing his do this, not only was Bai Xi Xing surprised, even the housekeeper was scared to the point of trembling. Seeing the young master who had just returned approach the evil spirit, she immediately cried out to stop him.

“You go out first. Wait outside.”

Bai Yi looked at the housekeeper and said: “If I don’t call for you, you can’t come in. Also don’t let anyone know about this.”

“But young master……….”

“Get out.”

His tone was very cold. The housekeeper’s heart trembled. She felt that after the young master who had been missing for many years returned, he had become even more difficult to understand. She no longer said anything and just listened to his command. She quickly escaped from this haunted villa.

“Brother, what are you doing?”

The housekeeper had left so Bai Xi Xing no longer concealed anything anymore. He grabbed his cousin’s wrist and whispered: “That’s Zhou Luo Chen! How can you go over? Aren’t you afraid of him taking your life?!”

He didn’t know what Bai Yi was going to do and was extremely worried. Bai Yi shook his head slightly after hearing his words and spoke up calmly.

“He’s not Zhou Luo Chen.”

“How can that be?” Bai Xi Xing was surprised. “You see the tape on his body? That’s what we did together. Did you forget?

“He only changed his appearance.”

But in essence, he was a fragment of his soul. He can feel it.

Bai Yi’s eyes looked deeply at the hiding figure in the kitchen. He spoke in a low voice.

“How pitiful.”


At the same time, the housekeeper paced back and forth outside the villa. She was so worried, her forehead was covered in sweat. The inside of the villa was completely quiet, and she didn’t know what was going on inside.

Should she peek?

The housekeeper hesitated for a moment. She then reached out to the doorknob but, before she could do that, a pale and beautiful hand had reached the doorknob first. It then moved to open the door.

The housekeeper was shocked. She looked up and saw that another person had suddenly appeared next to her without her knowledge. It was like he had appeared out of thin air.

It was a thin black-haired boy. He wore white shirt and black trousers that looked like a school uniform. His skin was pale to the point that he looked almost transparent, and his features were beautiful and exquisite. Despite this, he had a cold and gloomy atmosphere around him.

When his dark eyes moved over, the housekeeper felt as if a bucket of iced water was dumped onto her. In an instant, her whole body went cold.

It was only until the young man stepped through the door that she reacted. She pulled at the boy’s wrist and said anxiously: “You can’t go in!”

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When she grabbed the boy’s wrist, she felt that the boy’s body was extremely cold. It was like those of a dead person. After taking a closer look, she realised that the boy was not only pale to the point of looking almost transparent, his body was actually a little transparent. The shocked housekeeper let out a scream and she fell to the floor. Fumbling around on her knees, she scrambled away to escape.


Finally with no one stopping him, Su Ling pushed the door open with a cold expression. He walked into the villa and the first thing that he saw was Bai Yi who had his back facing him.

Seeing Bai Yi, his hands instantly tightened into a fist. The next second, a knife appeared in his hand.

Su Ling’s expression was dark and fierce. He raised the knife and rushed over to Bai Yi’s back. Holding the knife high in the hair, he fiercely slammed it down.

“Go to hell!”

His voice was filled with resentment and pain.

“Why is it you…….How can I be the same person as you?!”


When the groom’s kiss fell onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s fingers, almost in less than a second later Xie Yuan Huai had grabbed onto Cheng Zhi Chu’s wrist. He gripped onto him tightly and spoke coldly: “Don’t touch him.”

“Aren’t you touching him too?”

The handsome man smiled and sneered. He didn’t back down. Instead, he even moved in to kiss Cheng Zhi Chu’s cheek.

“Not to mention, Zhi Chu has already agreed to my proposal. Soon. We will be married and at that time he will only belong to me. Isn’t that right Zhi Chu?”

They’re all out. They all came out……….

Cheng Zhi Chu was stuck between the two of them. His expression was of shock and his mind was a mess. Even when he was being kissed by the groom, he didn’t react. It was only when he heard a “thud” sound that he instantly returned to his senses. He then saw with his own eyes a scalpel lodging into the wall.

Several faceless nurses appeared without a sound in the room. Their bodies were covered in blood as they surrounded the groom. Raising the sharp scalpels and needles in their hands, they proceeded to stab at the groom!


Cheng Zhi Chu panicked. He quickly reached out to block the nurses. The sharp blade brushed past his finger causing a thin cut. Several drops of fresh blood fell to the ground.

“Xiao Chu…..”

Xie Yuan Huai who had summoned the nurses saw Cheng Zhi Chu protect the groom and even become injured was shocked. He muttered in disbelief:

“Do you like him more?”

The monster nurse who had injured Cheng Zhi Chu suddenly let out a scream. Her limbs twisted awkwardly and she instantly collapsed onto the ground. The scalpel that she held also fell with a thud.

The figures of the other nurses also gradually faded away. Xie Yuan Huai lowered his eyes and he pursed his thin lips. His cold features had a hint of sadness. If anyone else saw it, they would feel extremely distressed for him.

Seeing him reveal such an expression, Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t bear with it. The reason he had tried to stop the nurses before was because the system had told him that nothing should happen to the fragments. Otherwise Bai Yi’s soul would be seriously damaged, or possibly even die.

“Of course Zhi Chu would choose me.”

The groom smiled but the eyes looking at Xie Yuan Huai was very cold: “He doesn’t care about you at all. You can disappear now.”

As he said this, he waved at Cheng Zhi Chu: “Come here Zhi Chu. Come to me.” He smiled and said. “It’s my turn now.”

As he said that, bony white arms appeared from the walls and ceiling. From there, skeletons climbed out. This scene was extremely horrifying but this time their target was Xie Yuan Huai.

“No, you can’t do that to him. Take them away!”

Cheng Zhi Chu was anxious. His forehead was covered in sweat as he waved at the groom. These two were too difficult to deal with. They’re clearly the same person so why can’t they just get along well? Why do they have to try and kill each other?!

The system had already run off with the photobook and he didn’t know when it would be back. Cheng Zhi Chu had no other choice. Although he didn’t know if they would believe him, he decided that he should tell the fragments the truth.

“Listen to me……..!”

Seeing that the groom had reluctantly listened to him and called the skeletons away, Cheng Zhi Chu let out a sigh of relief. He quickly explained: “Although this sounds very unreal, but I need to let you know. In fact, you are the sam——-”

“Did you want to say that we are the same person?”

At this moment, Cheng Zhi Chu heard a soft chuckle coming from behind him. A pair of hands looped around him and the other party planted a soft kiss on his hair.

Cheng Zhi Chu’s heart skipped a beat. He subconsciously looked up and his eyes met with a pair of jewel-like deep blue eyes.

“Long time no see.”

The handsome blond youth smiled at him. Cheng Zhi Chu was stunned for a moment before recalling a familiar scene ——– When they met initially in “Midnight Mansion”, the young man had also suddenly reached out from behind him to hug him and greet him.


He quietly called out the young man’s name.

“You’re still calling me that.” Joshua softly smiled. His pale fingers slid across his cheek, “Even if you already know that I am Bai Yi, you still want to call me that?”

Cheng Zhi Chu widened his eyes in shock: “You—————”

Joshua noticed the gazes coming from the groom and Xie Yuan Huai. He raised the corners of his lips slightly, smoothly released his hold of Cheng Zhi Chu and gracefully sat down onto the sofa. He spoke up.

“That’s right. I know that I am Bai Yi. Or rather, I was originally Bai Yi.”

“Not only me, they are also aware of this matter. After entering the photobook, the soul fragments will remember everything that has happened.”

“Everyone’s degree of acceptance of this issue is different.”

The golden-haired youth supported the side of his face and tilted his head slightly. He spoke with a smile: “I already knew that I was a soul fragment when I was in the instance and I had retained all my memories. But for them…….”

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His eyes moved over to Xie Yuan Huai and the groom.

Xie Yuan Huai didn’t speak. He belonged in the group that couldn’t accept this reality. To him, the memory of being “Bai Yi” was too long ago. It felt as if it was his past life and had nothing to do with him.

The only thing that resonated with him was that, even when he was “Bai Yi”, he also liked Xiao Chu.

No matter what his identity is and what appearance he has, the only person that he likes is Xiao Chu alone.

The groom raised his brows slightly. There was no confusion in his eyes because he was originally Bai Yi. However———

“I am the real Bai Yi.” He said, “You and the player ‘Bai Yi’ are all fakes.”

“This is a form of over acceptance. Both him and “Winter Branch” are like this. They both insist that they are the original Bai Yi.”

The handsome golden youth laughed and teased them. Even as he mocked the others, he remained elegant and charming.

“If you are the main body, then why would you be sealed in the photobook? ———Oh,” He raised an eyebrow, “I heard that ‘Winter Branch’ wasn’t originally a part of the photobook so I guess he can still be considered a candidate for the main body but what qualifications do you have? You’re clearly nothing.”


Sinister white bony arms once again appeared from all directions. One of them was even about to touch Joshua’s golden hair but he continued to look calm and indifferent. He spoke gently:

“Want to kill me? Please feel free but let me remind you; the moment I die the original body would also most likely die. When that happens, you will all go to hell with me.” He changed the subject, “Do you not want to see Zhi Chu anymore?”


The white bony claws slowly retreated back.

Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but be surprised. The situation was better than what he had expected. These bosses all knew that they are a part of Bai Yi and they also knew of the consequences of hurting each other so would that mean———

“Although we understand that we cannot kill each other.”

Joshua looked over at Cheng Zhi Chu. He said: “But even if that is the case, we are all evil spirits and our instinct is stronger than our sense of reason. Once we are only left with instinct, we will completely lose control and kill without a thought.”

“And our instinct is to love you.”

“We all love you, Zhi Chu.”

“Because of our love for you, we can lose our minds any time.”

“So, to stop us from killing each other, we can only rely on you.”

Cheng Zhi Chu couldn’t help but be nervous. Both his palms and his forehead was sweaty and his throat was dry. He asked: “Th-then what should I do?”


Joshua fell silent in thought for a moment. He then suddenly smiled and spread open his arms.

“I forgot. If you kiss me, I’ll remember.”


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 83)

The bad feeling inside me is still there.

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KK has something to say:
List of bosses from the Author’s notes to help refresh your memory:

  1. Beginners Instance: Qin Ji. A gentle and psychopathic serial murderer. Ordered the driver to kidnap Zhi Chu.
  2. Midnight Mansion: Joshua. The product of love between the mansion’s owner and the maid. He later became an evil spirit and killed everyone in the mansion. Knew that he was a fragment from the very beginning.
  3. Abandoned Hospital: Xie Yuan Huai. Passed away due to a heart condition and later became a ghost that lingered in the hospital. Darkened because of his desires towards Zhi Chu. Caused disasters at the hospital eventually making it into an abandoned hospital.
  4. Horror Variety: A ghost with no name. Entire body is covered with tape. Was originally the adolescent Bai Yi but after becoming the boss he had taken on Zhou Luo Chen’s appearance (kidnapper who kidnapped Zhi Chu). Because of this, he didn’t dare remove the tape to let Zhi Chu see his face.
  5. Ghost School: Su Ling. In the instance setting he is Bai Yi’s half-brother from the same mother who was bullied by Bai Yi and his followers. Bai Yi later took away the person that he likes. Died from falling from a building. Extremely hateful of Bai Yi.
  6. Ghost’s Bride: Groom. A ghost that originated from Bai Yi’s corpse. Initially didn’t have a head.
  7. “Winter Branch”. Ghost that appeared from the game account. Does not have a physical body but can change his appearance at will. The soul fragment that is most similar to Bai Yi but is more self-centred and cold-blooded. Can be considered as a blackened version of Bai Yi.

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