Chapter 84: Out of Control Photobook (3)

Su Ling rushed to the living room and brandished a sharp knife at Bai Yi who had his back towards him but, just as the tip of it was about to touch Bai Yi’s body, Bai Yi suddenly turned around and grabbed Su Ling’s wrist, stopping it in mid-air.

No matter how much Su Ling struggled, the knife in his hand didn’t move. Bai Yi looked at him coldly and used the other hand to reach over to the knife. The knife immediately glowed and then disappeared.


The teenager’s shoulders trembled. His eyes were red, and it was filled with hatred. With a voice that was hoarse and choked up, he said: “How can I be the same person as you….”

Bai Yi was indifferent and continued to remain expressionless. It was Bai Xi Xing however who revealed a look of anger. He didn’t immediately realise that Su Ling was a ghost and just thought that he was some random child of unknown origin trying to harm his cousin.

Bai Xi Xing pulled out his phone and moved to call the police but he then noticed that Su Ling was too pale and his hands and legs were also faintly transparent. Seeing this, his movements stopped. He instantly realised that this boy is also not human.

Why is there another ghost?

He was shocked. Staring at Su Ling warily, he raised his voice and called out to Cheng Zhi Chu upstairs.

He didn’t understand. Why would this house have so many ghost incidents one after another? This young boy especially seemed to hold deep hostility towards his cousin………Could they have all come for his cousin?

Bai Xi Xing even began to suspect that this was linked to Mr. Mu and his secret organisation.

Looking over at Su Ling who was in anguish, Bai Yi’s eyes dimmed. He asked coldly: “Why did you come out from the photobook?”

Su Ling didn’t answer. Bai Yi raised his eyebrow and looked over at the kitchen. He then suddenly walked upstairs and went to open the door to Cheng Zhi Chu’s bedroom.

“Zhi Chu, you…….”

He felt that something wasn’t right and was worried about Cheng Zhi Chu’s situation. After opening the door, he immediately saw Xie Yuan Huai and another man with the same appearance as his standing in the room.

Apart from them, the golden-haired Joshua was sitting on the sofa. His deep blue eyes curved and he spoke to Cheng Zhi Chu with a smile.

“If you kiss me, I’ll remember.”


The next second, a pale white sword is held up against Joshua’s neck.

Joshua’s movements stopped and his eyes looked down at the sword. Bai Yi smiled coldly at him and said:

“Do you want to be killed again by me?”

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In the living room, Bai Xi Xing sat next to Cheng Zhi Chu. Seeing the other ghosts that were either standing or sitting around as well as Bai Yi who hugged Cheng Zhi Chu’s shoulder while smiling coldly, he widened his eyes and his face was pale. He was at loss for words.

After living for more than twenty years, he had never revealed such an unfortunate appearance, but he couldn’t help it ———How can something so crazy happen?!

The ghosts and Junior Cheng had explained everything that was far beyond his guessing capabilities and it had caused a serious damage to his worldviews. At this moment, he felt like there was a typhoon rolling through his mind and everything was a mess.

The real-life horror game “Infinite Escape”, system, game instances………His cousin, Junior Cheng and the mysterious Mr. Mu were all gamers. His cousin who had been missing for the past six years was trapped inside the game until he met Junior Cheng…….

Also, there are these ghosts. According to Junior Cheng’s words, they are fragments of his cousin’s soul and what was in front of him was just the tip of an iceberg. There were still more than a hundred left in the game…….

Bai Xi Xing closed his eyes and massaged his temples. This was especially the case when he looked at the groom who has a face that was identical to Bai Yi’s. When he later found out that the groom was the headless ghost that he had encountered yesterday, he felt like his head was about to explode.

After a long period of silence, he slowly spat out a sentence.

“………So to say, you are all my cousins?”

“In theory, yes. We are all ‘Bai Yi’.” Joshua smiled slightly, “But it’s probably hard for you to accept? There are some who still can’t accept this reality even now. To them, ‘Bai Yi’ is a completely different person.”

That’s right. Which part of them looks like his cousin……

Bai Xi Xing was confused. He glanced at the surroundings and saw the groom. Apart from the groom, the other four didn’t have any resemblence to Bai Yi. ….

This was particularly the case for the ghost that is covered in tape. He seemed to have taken Zhou Luo Chen’s appearance, lost his name and didn’t even dare remove the tape……

Seeing the ghost hiding behind the door, Bai Xi Xing sighed. He couldn’t help but feel bad for him but, when he recalled what happened just earlier, his expression changed slightly. He realised that these ghosts in fact were still from the same source.

Earlier they had left Junior Cheng’s bedroom and were acting like they were about to fight. It was only with Cheng Zhi Chu’s convincing that they were able to reluctantly stop.

But when Junior Cheng sat down leaving an empty seat next to him, those “cousin’s” of his started to compete over it. In the end Junior Cheng had no choice but to pull him over to the seat.

At that time Bai Xi Xing was almost killed by the piercing glares coming from them.

Sure enough, no matter what appearance cousin takes, his still loves Junior Cheng to death. He’s still as narrow-minded, grudgeful and jealous as ever. He is even jealous of him now…….Bai Xi Xing quietly criticised his cousin.

Cheng Zhi Chu was also extremely nervous. His face was pale, and his fingers were twisted together. While he is being watched by several people at the same time, he couldn’t breathe and felt like he was about to faint. But he couldn’t do that. He had to watch over Bai Yi and the fragments to prevent them from fighting.

Why does he have to encounter this kind of thing…….

“Don’t be nervous Zhi Chu. It’s nothing.”

Bai Yi sat closest to him. Seeing that he was trembling, he deliberately eased away his cold expression and smiled gently at him. He reached out wanting to touch his hair but was rudely swatted away by Su Ling who stood nearby.

“Disgusting. Don’t touch him.”

Su Ling’s extreme dislike for him was evident in his words. His eyes were cold and sharp. Out of the other fragments, he also hated the groom because he had the same appearance as that of Bai Yi’s. Their appearances overlapped with the appearance of his half-brother in his memory and it significantly ruined his mood.

Bai Yi’s expression also turned cold: “The ‘Bai Yi’ that you know is not the same person as me. He does not exist.”

As he said this, he hooked up his lips into a smile that was also not quite a smile.

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“As for you, you and I are the same person. You are ‘Bai Yi’, the person that you hate the most.”

Su Ling’s pupils constricted. The air in the room suddenly felt twisted and a black hole appeared. From within in, maggots and rotten flesh fell out. This was then followed by a pair of rotting arms that lashed out over to Bai Yi.

“Wait Su Ling! Don’t do this!”

Cheng Zhi Chu saw this and was shocked. He quickly got up, pulled at Su Ling’s hand and looked into his eyes with an anxious and pitiful expression. Su Ling’s movements stalled. After a few seconds, the black hole slowly closed up leaving behind a small pile of maggots and a foul-smelling chunk of rotting flesh.

“I am not the same person as him.”

The handsome young man lowered his eyes and acted obedient in front of Cheng Zhi Chu. He was like a docile black cat. He spoke in a quiet voice: “Zhi Chu, will you believe me……”

“Yes, you’re not. You’re not the same.”

Cheng Zhi Chu knew about Si Ling’s past and felt both distressed and helpless. He knew that Su Ling couldn’t accept the fact that he was the same person as the person he hated the most.

Even if the ‘Bai Yi’ in Su Ling’s memory is not the real Bai Yi, but to Su Ling, that ‘Bai Yi’ really did exist and it left a big impression on him.

He got up and rubbed Su Ling’s hair. Su Ling pursed his lips and didn’t say anything. He just quietly let him touch him.

Bai Yi sat next to him with a dark expression. It was so gloomy it looked like it was about to rain the next second but he was able to endure it. He quietly revealed a disappointed expression and mutter:

“Zhi Chu……..Do you only care about his feelings and not mine?”

“No, I——-”

Cheng Zhi Chu saw Bai Yi’s expression and for a moment felt distressed. He didn’t even stop to question whether or not it was just an act and just moved over to rub Bai Yi’s hair. However, before he was able to do that, he was quickly pulled over and pressed down to sit onto Bai Yi’s lap.

Bai Yi held him tightly in his arms as he greedily breathed in his scent. With one hand clasped behind his head, he pushed his head down and kissed him without hesitation.

“You can comfort me like this.” He said with a hint of a smile, “Because I am your boyfriend, right?”


The moment he said this, the entire villa immediately started to shake violently. The sky outside appeared to darken instantly, and everything became dark. Along with a cold and dark atmosphere, ghosts one after another appeared. Skeleton hands stretched out from the floorboards, tore the carpets apart and several more corpses crawled out.


The fish tank filled with water shattered. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling shook violently and furniture in the room swayed along with the building. It was extremely terrifying.

However, what was most terrifying at this moment was Bai Xi Xing’s expression. Seeing his own house being turned into such a state, he was furious. He immediately stood up, pointed at the door and yelled: “Get out and fight!”

But his warnings were useless. The shadows continued to spread through the room and several evil spirits stared at Bai Yi with bad intentions. Bai Yi held onto Cheng Zhi Chu and just glanced briefly over at them. Although he was still smiling, the pale white sword in his hand had already appeared———-

“You guys don’t fight!”

After encountering threats like this one after another, Cheng Zhi Chu was angry, anxious and afraid. He immediately stood up and looked over at the handsome evil spirits. Without thinking, he shouted: “If any of you guys fight again, I…….I’ll hate you! I’ll definitely hate that person!”


The changes to the villa instantly disappeared and it returned to its original calm state. All that was left behind was a floor covered in mess.

“Not bad.” Joshua hooked up his lips and smiled. “That is indeed a very useful threat.”


Cheng Zhi Chu breathed a sigh of relief and sat back down. His body was completely weak.

It was just too terrifying. If it’s like this with just five of the fragments, he was afraid that the world would be destroyed if he collected more of them and they once again escaped out from the photobook.

But aren’t there still two other fragments? The beginner’s instance boss Qin Ji and “Winter Branch” –— Why haven’t they appeared? Where did they go?

【Why? Miss me?】

Just as he thought this, he suddenly heard a familiar male voice appear in his mind. It was Bai Yi’s voice but the only person who could do this was———

“Winter Branch” appeared!

【I’m very happy that you remembered me Zhi Chu.”】

“Winter Branch” laughed softly. Cheng Zhi Chu then felt a gentle kiss on his lips.


Bai Yi’s Diary (Part 84)

“Being hated by Zhi Chu” is one of the top three things in my list of things that I fear the most.

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