KTCSG – CH98 (Extra)

Chapter 98: Extra – Self Struggle (2)


Chrisis accidentally found Bai Yi’s diary when he was going through his study looking for materials to read.

Reading through the various records in the diary, the responses from the other personalities were surprisingly similar.

Su Ling: “Disgusting.”

Groom: “Lame.”

Kashir: “Shameless.”

Xie Yuan Huai: “……….”

Joshua: “I remember that before the soul split ‘I’ have never written a diary……..I didn’t think that my diary would be so unbearable.”

Bai Yi: “Shut up.”

They argued noisily inside the body. Chrisis glanced at it a few more times before stopping and returning the diary back in place.

But when “Winter Branch” took control, he once again took the diary out. Hooking up his lips, he smirked and said: “What do you think about me taking this diary and showing it to Zhi Chu? Will he hate you?”

As soon as he finished saying this, his expression suddenly changed. He could feel a strong suppressive force from inside the body that was unimaginably intense. He felt a sharp pain and his hand trembled causing the book to fall to the ground.

The personality struggles in the body was very fierce.

“That is a good idea.”

During the competition, Qin Ji smiled and said something that fanned the flames: “This diary was recorded after the soul split. If you show it to Zhi Chu, he would only hate the original body’s personality, not us.”

“Good idea.”

The other personalities responded with great enthusiasm. They seemed to have unanimously decided that the diary should be handed over to Cheng Zhi Chu.

But at this moment, the pages of the diary on the ground was blown by the wind and it flipped through. “Winter Branch” inadvertently noticed something and his movements stopped.

“……….There are sketches too?


Although all the personalities had different experiences, they are still the same person in the end so even if Bai Yi didn’t say anything, the other personalities could very quickly work out where he hid the sketchbooks.

Merman: “I like the sailor uniform Zhi Chu. It suits the sea……..and looks more appetising.”

Qin Ji: “I like the bunny girl outfit and I can see that you also like it too. You drew Zhi Chu in thirteen different types of bunny suits.”

Bai Yi: “………..”

An was silent, but the moment he flipped to the page with Cheng Zhi Chu dressed in a cat-eared maid outfit, there was a fluctuation in his expression.

Joshua: “You guys only like one? I personally like them all.”

Many voices responded: “Me too……”


Because of the existence of the sketchbook, Bai Yi’s diary was not exposed to Cheng Zhi Chu. Otherwise even the sketchbook could not be saved.

But Bai Yi wanted to kill them more than ever.


Occasionally, there would be some accidents happening during the struggle for control for the body. Sometimes the competition would be too intense, and an unexpected personality would gain control.

This time Cheng Zhi Chu met a personality that loved to sleep. It was because he used to be a god, and a sleep god at that.

There was no Cheng Zhi Chu in the sleep god’s original world, nor did he have Bai Yi’s memory before this so when he met Cheng Zhi Chu who he had never met before, he didn’t feel anything. He was one of the few personalities that was not interested in Cheng Zhi Chu.

Compared to Cheng Zhi Chu, he liked to sleep more. Using his own words, he was just sleeping quietly in the body and for some reason got into control.

“But it’s okay. It’s just changing the location where I’m sleeping.”

The sleep god said this and then revealed a tired expression. He moved away from Cheng Zhi Chu and laid on the other half of the bed.

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Cheng Zhi Chu whose clothes were almost completely stripped off breathed a sigh of relief. He secretly felt glad that he got lucky and had once again survived.

Fortunately, he had used the coin to increase his luck before going to find Bai Yi —— Yes. Now, if he didn’t have good luck, he didn’t even dare go find Bai Yi.

………..Thank you Chelman.


The man’s sleeping face was gentle and quiet. Cheng Zhi Chu saw this rare look of his and couldn’t help but sit down next to him and watch him for a while. He even reached out to gently touch the man’s hair.

The sleep god who was sleeping peacefully opened his eyes and looked at him for a while.

Cheng Zhi Chu thought that he had disturbed him and immediately took back his hand. He said belatedly: “Sorry, did I disturb you?”


The man pressed his hand back and his eyes were bright. It was as if he had discovered something new. Holding his hand, he said:

“Touch me more. It feels good.”


How did things become like this?

Being pressed down onto the bed by the sleep god, Cheng Zhi Chu was dumbfounded. He only helped be a lap pillow for the sleep god so why did this guy suddenly say that he feels comfortable and wanted to feel more?!

“No, no……Calm down!”

Cheng Zhi Chu’s face was coated in cold sweat as he pushed away the other party’s chest: “Don’t forget your identity. Aren’t you a sleep god? It’s not appropriate doing this kind of thing!”

“No, it’s very appropriate.”

The handsome man said with a smile.

“It’s more appropriate for me than anyone else.”


Sleep god. The god whose purpose is sleeping with Cheng Zhi Chu.


Bai Yi, with an icy cold look on his face, took control of the body. He kicked the sleep god away and said:

“Like to sleep? Why don’t I let you sleep forever?”


After a long time, even the few personalities that initially had no feelings for Cheng Zhi Chu fell for him. There was only one last personality that was still stubborn.

He was a rich young master, a flirt, and he couldn’t understand the behaviours of the other personalities. He felt that it was a very stupid of them vying over the same person.

“Although his looks are the type that I like, I’m not willing to give up a whole forest for him.”

The young master’s tone was playful as he said this to the several soul fragments that he is closer to: “But I also want to take control of the body. I’m about to go crazy staying in here. I want to go out hunting.”


He got lucky and managed to go out for a while. When he got out, he was filled with ambitions but when he came back, he was crying his heart out.

“Why did he have to reject me and even say that he only likes Bai Yi………..Why can’t he look at me?”

From then on, he was constantly depressed and filled with tears. Every day he would think about Cheng Zhi Chu.


This time, the one who was hunted was the young master himself.


Facing Cheng Zhi Chu, all the personalities would say the word “smells good”.


Bai Yi’s control of the body had been getting longer and longer. He had also successfully fused together with a part of the fragments.

Cheng Zhi Chu was delighted to hear this but when he thought about never being able to see those personalities again, he felt a little lonely.

“Zhi Chu………..”

On this day, Bai Yi’s personality once again took control of the body. Holding Cheng Zhi Chu’s waist, he lowered his head and kissed his lips.

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“………Bai Yi?”

Although the other party claimed to be “Bai Yi”, Cheng Zhi Chu sensed that something wasn’t right and subconsciously refused.

The next second the real Bai Yi appeared. With a cold expression he spoke frostily: “You dare pretend to be me?”


The personality pretending to be Bai Yi was “Winter Branch”. Because Cheng Zhi Chu likes Bai Yi and, in order to be closer to him, “Winter Branch” began to pretend to be Bai Yi’s personality.

Since then, it was as if the other personalities have disappeared. Other personalities started to claim that they are Bai Yi.

“………..Joshua, don’t think that I can’t recognise you.”

“Oh? You can tell? What a pity.”


Of course, there were also personalities that would rather die than pretend to be Bai Yi.

For example, Su Ling. Don’t even mention pretending to be Bai Yi, whenever he takes control of the body and he sees his own reflection in mirrors or glass, his expression would change.

He would then support himself by the sink and retch.

………Just looking at his own face made him want to vomit.


However, if he took control of the body, he could meet Cheng Zhi Chu. Su Ling felt that it was worth it.

No matter how he changed himself, Zhi Chu would never change.

He would always be there.


Cheng Zhi Chu’s system K29 and Bai Yi’s system B47 are good friends.

When they didn’t need to serve the players, they would often gather together to chat. K29 also gave the video of Cheng Zhi Chu in a wedding dress to B47 so that it could give it to Bai Yi. It could be considered as Bai Yi’s game clearance reward.

On this day, while they were chatting K29 accidentally slipped out the fact that it also had other videos.

Every time Cheng Zhi Chu kissed the fragments, the scene was recorded, and it was taken from eight different angles with no blind spots.

It panicked when it accidentally leaked out this information. It begged B47 to keep it a secret. As it’s good friend, B47 naturally agreed.

But it is also because their personalities are very similar that they are good friends. B47 also accidently let slip this fact and all the personalities found out.

Once again, the personalities in Bai Yi’s body rioted.


Knowing that such recordings exist, Bai Yi’s expression darkened. He spoke coldly:

“Take out the recordings. Let me have a look.”

Bai Yi’s system trembled. Although it didn’t understand why he would want to watch those recordings since it was equivalent to angering himself, it got the recordings from its good friend K29 and played it for Bai Yi.

The moment Bai Yi saw it, cracks could be heard coming from his fist and his chest heaved heavily. He was already on the verge of exploding. The personalities depicted in the recordings were very pleased. They even deliberately said some mocking words.

But soon the tide turned.

Because right in front of the personalities, Bai Yi followed the scenes in the recordings and once again kissed Cheng Zhi Chu multiple times.


It wasn’t just Bai Yi. Even the personalities who had not encountered Cheng Zhi Chu in an instance suffered from double attacks.


Cheng Zhi Chu would sometimes take Bai Yi home as guest. His parents like Bai Yi very much and would praise him nonstop. Later, once Bai Yi’s situation is almost completely stable, Cheng Zhi Chu intended to find the right time to reveal the fact that they were dating.

“That’s right, remember those friends you met through a game? Su Ling, Joshua and the others. They haven’t come over for a while now. You should invite them over some time.”

His parents said this to Cheng Zhi Chu. Cheng Zhi Chu could only remain silent and quietly glance at Bai Yi next to him. In his heart he silently thought ——

If you want to see them, just tell Bai Yi and he can call them out……..


The soul fusing days continued, and Bai Yi and Cheng Zhi Chu have gradually grown used to it.

Bai Xi Xing who was originally very uncomfortable because all his cousins disliked him also became used to it.

The only one who was still very scared was the little bear. It couldn’t get used to the fact that it had 180+ daddies.


Their future will be even better.

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