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Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 20: Bathroom

Perhaps it was because they were nearing the island, a sense of danger replaced his seasickness.

Su Min’s entire body stiffened.

Chen Xingzhou was still happily planning out his future: “After staying here for 10 days or half a month, Mingya will definitely reconcile with me.”

Su Min had the urge to beat him up.

Dream on. He was afraid that before they could even reconcile, everyone on this boat would die on the island.

This time, a total of five people came. Apart from the male protagonist Chen Xingzhou and the female protagonist Zhao Mingya there was himself, Jiang Yunhuo and Chen Yuxin.

Jiang Yunhuo is their other roommate, and Chen Yuxin is Jiang Yunhuo’s girlfriend and also Zhao Mingya’s classmate.

It was the two of them and Chen Xingzhou that decided on coming to this island. 

Su Min sighed. He thought internally that it was too late to turn back now. The horror movie still needed to go on.

After half an hour, the boat finally reached the shore.

There weren’t many houses on the island, but the scenery was indeed quite good. It was covered in abundant greenery that you could see from the beach.

And since it was almost evening, they could see the sun setting. It was extremely beautiful and wouldn’t pale in comparison to the photos in the magazines.

They got off the boat and Chen Xingzhou went to find the organiser.

After a few minutes, he came back, “Okay, the other party will come and pick us up. We just need to go a little further in. The house is on the mountain.”

Zhao Mingya spoke curiously: “There’s no one at the pier.”

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Jiang Yunhuo said: “This island is sparsely populated and isn’t very famous. What can we do if there are many people around?”

Su Min followed behind them without saying anything. They only thought that it was because Su Min as still suffering from seasickness.

They walked down the pier and soon reached the foot of the mountain. At this point, the roads had become a little complicated.

Chen Xingzhou stood at the intersection waiting for someone to come pick them up.

At this moment, Chen Yixin suddenly screamed and jumped: “Why are there so many toads? Scared me to death.”

Hearing this, they noticed that there was indeed a lot of toads hopping around along this road. It was as if they had reached their nest.

At first glance, it looked like the road was completely filled with them. The girls refused to move.

Su Min wasn’t afraid of these things but when he saw the road ahead completely covered in them, he also felt his scalp going a little numb. He could tell that something wasn’t right with this island.

This new horror movie is more psychologically stimulating compared to the previous “University Thriller”.

Su Min heard a noise and turned around: “There’s a granny coming over.”

The granny slowly waddled over along the road while supporting herself with a stick. Soon, she reached where they stood.

Chen Xingzhuo whispered: “She looks like she’s blind.”

Su Min was about to say that something wasn’t right and he realised that that was indeed the case. This granny is blind so that was why she was looking at them like that.

Granny asked: “Why did you come here?”

Chen Xingzhuo stepped forward: “We came here to play.”

The granny coughed: “Play? There’s nothing fun here. Hurry and leave. This place is not fun. If you don’t leave soon, you won’t be able to go back…….”

Chen Xingzhou frowned. He didn’t know what to say.

He had already booked a time for the boat to come back to pick them up so he wasn’t worried at all.

The granny was still muttering: “There’s nothing on this island. Nothing fun. There’s also nothing in the mountains. You should go back………”

Su Min’s heart trembled.

In horror movies there would always be a grandma or grandpa who would live until the very end or play the role of someone warning the movie protagonists. This granny was probably one of them.

He thought about it and whispered: “Granny, why can’t we play here? Did something happen?”

If they asked about it at the beginning, the rest of the journey might a little easier.

Just when the granny was about to respond, a middle-aged man’s voice travelled over from behind: “Were you the ones who contacted me earlier?”

The blind granny turned around and hobbled away with her stick.

Chen Xingzhou quickly answered: “Yes, it’s us.”

The middle-aged man spoke with an unpleasant expression: “Why did you only tell me that you’re coming today? I haven’t prepared yet.”

Chen Xingzhou scratched his head: “We agreed before and said that it’ll be today.”

The middle-aged man wasn’t flustered: “The one who contacted you before was my younger brother. He left the island so I didn’t know about this. You can call me Uncle He.”

Since he said that, Chen Xingzhou didn’t ask any further questions.

He indeed had contacted another person and arranged it so that they would stay in the house and leave when time was up. He had already transferred the money over.

Uncle He led the way and they bypassed the road filled with toads. Instead, they went up the mountain from the other side.

Su Min looked back. The blind granny had disappeared and he didn’t know where she went.

After about ten minutes, they finally saw the house.

This meant that the people who had been on the boat for an entire afternoon could finally get some rest.

Uncle He opened the door with a key. It was a very ordinary bungalow. There were only beds and a desk. Even the light was an ordinary lightbulb and the walls were painted white.

After they settled in, Su Min finally fell asleep in the room.

The script the cinema gave him mentioned that an accident would happen to him while he took a shower. Since he would be safe before then, having a nap now wasn’t a problem.

After waking up, he felt a lot better. He got up and went outside.

The sky was already dark. Chen Yixin outside was preparing the tools needed for an outdoor barbeque whilst humming unknown songs.

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Su Min went outside and wandered around a little. When he was about to go back, he had a feeling that someone was watching him, but he couldn’t see anything.

Within the pitch-black darkness of the night, there seemed to be an unknown monster hiding in waiting.

Su Min recalled a movie called “The Fog.”

In that movie, there were supernatural monsters hidden in the fog whilst on his end it was darkness. The ending of that movie was extremely terrifying. The ending of this one must also be equally terrifying.

Your heart is tested when you’re faced with unpredictable danger.

The feeling of being watched grew stronger and stronger. Su Min once again looked up and saw several men looking down at them from the hillside.

Because of the darkness, he couldn’t make out their appearances.

Seeing Su Min look over, the men quickly turned around and disappeared into the night.

Su Min was certain that they were humans, not ghosts. His intuition however told him that something wasn’t right, so he didn’t chase after them. Afterall, the first casualty in a horror movie will always be the one who leaves the group.

Jiang Yunhuo walked over and asked: “What are you looking at?”

Su Min answered honestly: “There were several men watching us earlier. It didn’t feel right.”

And their reaction after noticing that he saw them made him feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Yunhuo frowned and guessed: “Maybe the island residents saw that we’re new and were a little curious.”

Su Min said: “I hope that’s the case.”

When they returned to the grassy area in front of the house, the barbeque was already set up and the charcoal inside burned lively whilst emitting smoke.

At this moment, Chen Xingzhou and Zhao Mingya returned whilst carrying a bucket.

Su Min could tell that the male protagonist appears to be in a very good mood. The reason for that was probably because he could be alone with the female protagonist.

Chen Yixin greeted them: “The ingredients are finally here. Great!”

Chen Xingzhou placed the bucket in the centre, “I’m exhausted carrying that all the way back. Tonight, we’ll be having this – seafood barbeque.”

They went out specially to buy some vegetables and the rest of it were things that they picked up from the beach. Feelings may have developed as they did this.

Jiang Yunhuo rushed over and let out a cry of approval.

He then tilted the bucket over to Su Min, “Look at these razor clams they’re about the size of a palm. It must be super fresh.”

The one barbequing later would be tempted to death.

Su Min had not gone to a beach before and doesn’t eat much seafood, but he has heard of razor clams. With the sea surrounding the small island, the seafood here would naturally be better than the ones you buy in store.

He asked: “Do you need me to help?”

Chen Xingzhou refused: “You’re a patient. Go to bed and lie down. You can come and eat when its ready.”

Su Min didn’t persist. He left them and walked around the house where they stayed only to notice that something wasn’t right.

This house had a yard and a total of three rooms placed side by side. It was like one of those communal buildings where there were three wooden doors lined down the hallway.

Su Min couldn’t see where the bathroom was.

When he was about to turn away, he saw a figure from the corner of his eyes. It was Uncle He who was bringing some seafood and vegetables over.

Uncle He said with a smile: “I’m here to give you food.”

Su Min nodded: “Thank you. Oh right, Uncle He. Where’s the bathroom here? I couldn’t find it.”

Uncle He paused and said: “It’s a little hard to explain. Follow me.”

Su Min followed behind him. Uncle He is bald and quite tall. Although he didn’t look good, he is someone who smiled often.

After walking for less than a minute, Uncle He pointed ahead, “There, that’s the bathroom. It’s not very convenient on the island so all those rooms share the same bathroom.”

Su Min looked at the direction his finger pointed at and saw a door with “Bathroom” written in bright red.

That word looked like it was written in red paint and it was still dripping down leaving behind red stains.

It looked a little like the bloody writing on the movie poster.

Su Min who suddenly thought this felt a chill run down his back. He turned and saw Uncle He looking at him. He smiled and said: “Okay, understood.”

Uncle He also smiled: “Well then, I’ll head back first.”

After he left, Su Min started to seriously examine the bathroom located not far away from him.

Seeing those red characters, he felt even more determined to endure it for tonight and to wait until tomorrow to shower.

When choosing between showering and life, his life was naturally more important.

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After the cinema gave him the character script, they didn’t give him a hint. Su Min guessed that he would probably need to survive through tonight first.

Su Min carried the things Uncle He gave and went back to the area where the barbeque was.

Chen Xingzhou accepted them and happily cleaned up the seafood. He pulled out a fish that Uncle He had given them. It was a very large one, and very fat.

Jiang Yunhuo bravely volunteered to kill the fish.

While descaling the fish, he mumbled: “Just grilling this one is not enough. I’ll kill another one after this.”

How could one fish be enough for five? They could easily finish off one each and, what’s more, wild fish tasted much better than the store-bought ones.

Su Min squatted down next to him and watched.

The water here was led over through a water pipe from the bathroom so they had to use it carefully to avoid not having enough water for showering later at night.

After washing off the scales, Jiang Yunhuo cut open the fish’s belly with a knife.

He did this as he showed off his knowledge to Su Min: “In fact, there are lots that you can eat from a fish. If you handle it well, fish eggs taste very good. I’ll let you taste my amazing skills later.”

Jiang Yunhuo dug out the intestines and threw them aside.

Su Min subconsciously looked over. Seeing those bloody organs, he looked away, but he quickly looked back again.

He picked up a twig from the ground and poked at it.

The organs spread open and Su Min blinked. There was a bad feeling inside him, “What’s this?”

“What?” Jiang Yunho stopped his action of cleaning up the fish and looked over. He used his hand to directly rummage through.

Something small fell out.

Su Min’s eyelids twitched.

Because it was dark, they couldn’t see it clearly. Jiang Yunhuo could only pick it up to examine it closely. He felt that it looked quite familiar: “This looks like………”

He placed it next to his hand to compare. He suddenly realised something and threw it away like he was shocked by electricity.

Su Min replied directly: “If I didn’t see wrong, that is a finger.”

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