Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 21: Midnight

That severed finger wasn’t longer than a standard finger. It was thrown ahead by Jiang Yunhuo into the darkness, but you could still see its appearance under the dim lighting from the yard.

It looked like a finger sticking out of the ground.

When Su Min said that, Jiang Yunhuo was even more afraid.

He had thought it was just internal organs that were thrown out, but he didn’t expect to see something like this. How did this happen whilst he was just killing off a fish?

Jiang Yunhuo asked: “Is that an animal finger?”

Because it was already rotten, you could see its tendons and joints. Jiang Yunhuo wasn’t certain what it was. After all, they weren’t medical students.

Su Min shook his head: “I don’t think it is.”

Jiang Yunhuo’s face turned even more terrible. He thought of something and whispered: “Is it a human-eating fish?”

Human-eating fish do exist, so he felt a little suspicious.

Su Min touched the severed finger with a stick and his heart gradually sank: “I was wrong earlier. This is indeed an animal’s finger.”

Under animal classifications, humans are also animals.

Jiang Yunhuo thought that he was referring to real animals. He breathed a sigh of relief and threw away the fish, “I’m not cleaning it anymore. I’ve lost my appetite.”

Su Min thought for a moment, “Wait. Kill the rest of the fish too.”

Although he didn’t know what his intentions were, Jiang Yunhuo did as he was told. He dug out the rest of the fish in the bucket.

Only the first one had something in its stomach. The rest of them were normal fish.

But this didn’t make Su Min relax.

Was “Murder Island” referring to these man-eating fish? It does sound plausible. So, the fish is the dangerous entity here?

Then this would be like those gruesome horror movies from foreign countries. He didn’t like those types of movies very much and these types of movies weren’t popular in his country.

If it really has something to do with the man-eating fish, then the sea was too calm when they came over by boat.

Su Min wasn’t certain whether this horror movie was about man-eating fish.

This was just beginning of the horror movie.

They stood on the side discussing with each other. Chen Xingzhuo and the others also noticed that something wasn’t right. They came over and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Su Min pointed at the thing on the ground.

Zhao Mingya immediately covered her mouth: “What is this?”

Although it was dark, they could still see the bloody severed finger on the ground. No matter how she looked at it, it looked like a human finger………

Jiang Yunhuo rubbed his eyes and said with a sigh: “This is something that I just cut out from the fish’s belly.”

Chen Yixing was afraid: “What’s going on?”

Chen Xingzhou frowned: “I’ll give Uncle He a call. This is a fish he gave us. He should know something.”

Su Min stopped him: “Don’t ask.”

This island isn’t an ordinary island and they didn’t know whether the islanders were good or bad. It is best to act like you don’t know anything.

He had a bad feeling about Uncle He.

Chen Xingzhou looked at him and finally lowered his phone: “Fine, I won’t ask. What should we do about this?”

“Leave it aside first.” Su Min said. “The other fish are clean. Are you guys still going to roast it?”

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin shook their heads.

What a joke. There’s a finger in the fish’s stomach which look likely to be a human finger. How could they still dare to eat it?

And this incident would surely leave a small shadow in their hearts.

After that incident, they no longer had any interest in eating. As for the fish, no one dared to touch it.

They cooked up the vegetables and then ate some of their snacks to fill their stomachs.

Chen Xingzhou was a little frustrated, “Do you think we were thinking too much? When I looked up this island, everything was normal. There weren’t any news about man-eating fish.”

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If there was such news, he wouldn’t have come.

Jiang Yunhuo guessed: “Maybe the islanders here all eat the man-eating fish. I respect them for their bravery.”

Su Min thought more deeply. Did this fish eat a living person or a dead person? He wasn’t sure. All he knew was that this island was very dangerous.

Chen Xingzhou pulled out his phone again: “I’ll get them to pick us up tomorrow. Let’s not stay here any longer.”

Su Min didn’t stop him. If they could leave, it would be the best option.

It’s just that things aren’t so simple.

Chen Xingzhou said that he wanted to return tomorrow and started to argue with the other party: “I can’t even pay you more? What do you mean money is out of the question……..I need to wait that long?”

After a full minute, he hung up.

Su Min could guess what had happened just looking at his expression: “The other party said that we need to wait a few more days before they can pick us up?”

Chen Xinzhou nodded: “He said the boat was already rented out and we need to wait until the other person returns it first.”

So even if you have money, it’s useless.

Su Min expected this outcome, “If that’s the case, lets go take a rest. We can figure out what to do tomorrow.”

Chen Xingzhou nodded. That was all that they could do now.

Despite originally booking three rooms, they decided to use two rooms tonight.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin shared a room, and the three men slept next door. If anything happened, they just needed to shout.

Su Min pointed out the location of the bathroom and warned them: “It’s over there. Uncle He showed me where it was earlier. I don’t recommend going.”

Several went to look and returned scared.

How is that a bathroom? It was more like a haunted house. The words on the door looked like it was written in blood. No one dared to go in.

Chen Yixin spoke timidly: “I…..I guess I won’t wash up.”

Although she couldn’t stand not washing up, if you asked her to go shower in a bathroom like that in the middle of the night, she would probably lose half her life before she’s even done.

Zhou Mingya also said: “Forget it, let’s just boil some water.”

We’ll wait until tomorrow and see.

Chen Xingzhou said: “I’ll boil some water for you and we’ll just have to endure it for the night. Tomorrow I’ll go and see if the bathroom is okay.”

Zhao Mingya nodded.

They still had water here. Using the water pipe, they filled up a few buckets. By the time they were boiled, it was already late at night, and the moon was right above them.

The two girls naturally used it first.

When the new batch of water was boiled, Chen Xinzhou and Jiang Yunhuo washed up in the room. Su Min on the other hand stood in the hallway.

Their surroundings were empty. It was as if they could be eaten by the darkness.

The strange looks from those men earlier was still vivid in his mind. Su Min return to the room and washed up using the water before lying down in the bed.

There was originally only one bed but Chen Xingzhou and Jang Yunhuo had moved a bed over too so they didn’t need to squeeze into one bed.

The three of them laid in their beds.

Jiang Yunhuo was aggrieved: “I only ate a bag of potato chips tonight.”

He would usually down two bowls of rice and add onto that various delicious snacks. With how things are going tonight, he would definitely lose weight.

Su Min asked: “Do you want to eat fish?”

Jiang Yunhuo: “………..”

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Chen Xingzhou had a serious expression. The response from the boat charterer wasn’t good and they had to stay here for a few more days. He didn’t know what was going to happen later.

The fish could eat humans. What else can’t happen?

Su Min was very calm. He once again reassured him: “You should just sleep. We can go find something to eat tomorrow.”

Chen Xingzhou nodded: “Okay.”

After traveling on a boat for several hours and walking up a mountain, he was indeed exhausted. Very soon, he fell asleep.


Late at night, Su Min was awakened by the cinema’s prompt.

【Audience Member Su Min, congratulations for successfully changing your script. Please keep up your good work. As a reward for your achievement, you will receive keyword hints. The first hint: Bedroom.】

Su Min immediately woke up.

The hint the cinema gave him was too shocking. The place they were staying at currently was the bedroom.

He still remembered that the first hint that he received in “University Thriller” was the bathroom and Liu Lili soon died in a bathroom.

Does this hint mean that someone will die in the bedroom?

Su Min no longer had the urge to sleep. He perked up his ears and listened carefully. Both Chen Xingzhou and Jiang Yunhou’s breathing came one after another. They were still well and truly alive.

As for Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixi, he wasn’t sure.

He had only just arrived here and things were still confusing, especially the man-eating fish. The storyline was more meticulous and nerve wracking than “University Thriller.”

Su Min still remembered the blind granny.

When there is such an existence in a horror movie, they must know something. Tomorrow he would go and find that granny and see if he could find out something from her.

At this moment, rapid knocking on the door was heard.

Su Min’s heart jumped. He instantly imagined all kinds of horror movie scenarios including what had happened before in the bathroom.

It was just too shocking.

Su Min didn’t dare open the door. He heard that the sound didn’t stop and hesitated over what he should do.

The knocking on the door suddenly stopped.

This change allowed Su Min to breathe a sigh of relief. Before he could close his eyes and sleep again, the dull knocking sound started again.

The sound was very urgent and in the middle of the night it was even more terrifying.

Su Min thought of the hint “bedroom” and had a new though process. Could it be that the moment he opened the door, the three of them would be instantly killed?

He looked at Chen Xingzhou who didn’t budge and internally thought that, as a movie protagonist, he shouldn’t be encountering an accident so easily.

Su Min carefully got off the bed and nudged awake Jiang Yunhuo and Chen Xingzhou.

Jiang Yunhuo was a little annoyed to be woken up. When he was getting ready to curse at them, Su Min covered his mouth: “Be quiet.”

Chen Xingzhou also woke up in confusion.

Just as the two were still confused, the knocking sounds started again. This time the three of them heard it clearly.

Chen Xingzhou was silent for a while. He then asked: “Who’s knocking?”

Su Min shook his head: “I don’t know.”

Jiang Yunhuo trembled. He said in a small voice: “Is it Zhao Mingya and them? They’re afraid at night so they came to find us?”

They didn’t know if this guess was correct.

Chen Xingzhou didn’t dare go out alone: “I’ll call and ask.”

Before sleeping, he had advised them to keep their phones on and to keep it on vibrate.

He called Zhao Mingya. After about ten seconds, the other party connected the call. Chen Xingzhou asked directly: “Are you both in the bedroom?”

Zhao Mingya looked at Chen Yixin next to her and asked with confusion: “Yeah. Yixin is asleep. What’s wrong?”

Before Chen Xingzhou could answer, she heard the knock.

Zhao Mingya’s heart fell. All kinds of terrible thoughts came to mind. “What………”

Chen Xingzhou also heard it: “You also have that noise on your side?”

Zhao Mingya no longer cared about the fact that they were in a cold war. She asked: “What on earth is going on? You’re not the one knocking?”

Chen Xingzhou said: “No, we thought you were knocking on our door.”

Zhao Mingya was afraid: “No. Yixin and I were sleeping.”

The safest guess was wrong. Both sides thought that the other party was knocking on the door when in fact they were each in their own rooms. It wasn’t the workings of any of them.

A question appeared in all five peoples mind.

———If it’s not them, then who’s knocking on the door?

The atmosphere suddenly turned tense. Jiang Yunhuo was both angry and scared. After enduring for a long time, he said: “Let open the door and see who it is. You guys guard me from behind.”

Chen Xingzhou held him back: “What if there’s something?”

Jiang Yunhuo: “……….I’ll peek through the crack first. If something isn’t right, I’ll close the door. There are three of us here.”

The thought itself was good but the situation before them wasn’t looking too optimistic.

Su Min listened carefully to the knocking that stopped and started. He slowly moved closer to the source of the sound and noticed that something wasn’t right.

It didn’t’ seem to be the sound of someone knocking on the door.

Su Min planted his ear against the wall and confirmed that the sound came from inside the wall.

There’s someone inside that’s knocking on the wall?

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