Arc 2: Murder Island
Chapter 37: Comment

The movie’s introduction wasn’t long and very soon the movie started.

Because the beginning was very calm and they were only chatting on the boat, they had cut the several hours long boat ride into a scene that only lasted a few minutes.

Su Min noticed that the sounds of popcorn being eaten had reduced when the island appeared in the distance.

When they thought that something dangerous was going to appear, they only saw a wave of toads.

Girls naturally don’t like this and quietly complained: “Is that real or fake? It’s probably real?”

Su Min’s phone had been switched into vibrate mode so that he could also receive messages from Li Wenxin.

The following scenes were very normal, and this persisted until the incident that night at the barbeque.

The movie revealed the several men that Su Min saw watching them in the distance allowing the audience to keenly sense that there was something wrong with this island.

When the severed finger appeared from inside the fish’s stomach, there was an unanimous gasp of horror.

There were horror movies in the past that were quite grotesque, but they rarely used this trope. Seeing a scene like this, it felt rather fresh. This was particularly the case after associating it with Uncle He’s smile.

The first thing they suspected was whether Uncle He and the others killed people and fed them to the fish.

A man in the front muttered: “I originally thought that they would all die but then I remembered that everyone survived in the end. Did they manage to successfully fight back?”

Then that’s really amazing.

Although only several minutes and seconds passed for Su Min in the theatre, the movie fast forwarded through the scenes and soon it was night.

Although the audience had mentally prepared themselves, they didn’t expect to see them calmly go back to sleep despite the knocking on the wall.

Su Min heard someone shout out in the movie theatre.

“Damn, they could even do that?! How can they go to sleep without worrying about it? I broke the wall apart and ended up getting killed by the corpse inside!”

His angry outburst was quickly controlled by the audience.

Su Min heard his experience and internally thought that he had made a smart decision back then. Fortunately, he didn’t break open the wall.

Dawn broke and the next day it was the beach incident.

Before the scary part, everything was normal. They even revealed a hand reaching out to grab Chen Xingzhou’s ankle.

After that it was Jiang Yunhuo’s turn and Su Min rushed over to save him.

The movie continued until Su Min sank into the water. The others couldn’t help but worry if he would die like this, but the situation suddenly changed.

For the first time, Su Min saw the event that happened in the sea from a different perspective.

On the big screen he had his eyes closed in the water but there was a hand supporting his face. The hand was long and slender with sharply defined joints.

One person said: “Is it going to bust his head?”

Su Min: “…………..”

Before anyone could answer that, simultaneous gasps could be heard in the theatre.

Chen Su’s face wasn’t shown in the movie and, because it is taking place under the sea and everything is dark and hazy, they could only faintly see that they were kissing.

The man who commented about busting his head exclaimed in shock: “The fuck is this?”

“Of course it’s a kiss. There must be a mermaid in the sea!”

The girl next to Su Min spoke excitedly: “I knew I made the right decision to come. With this great master involved, there will definitely be sugar to eat. It’s so thrilling!”

“I feel like I’m in the theatre room next door………”

“Ghosts nowadays are so unprofessional. Instead of scaring people, it goes and kisses people. I need to go report the movie director.”

Su Min touched his face. It was a little hot.

The tragic brother who shouted out earlier once again exclaimed loudly: “Why did I get killed when I fell into the sea?! I can’t accept this!”

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“Can you stop being so noisy?’

Hearing his words, Su Min was curious about why the man who earlier said that he had died because of the wall is suddenly saying now that he died in the sea.

The kissing scene in the sea only lasted for a moment and soon it moved to the beach.

It then reached the scene where they needed to go to Uncle He’s house for dinner and Su Min said that he was going to take a shower. The shower scene was naturally not broadcasted.

Su Min could hear the girl sitting next to him sighing.

She sounded very disappointed.

Minutes and seconds passed. They reached the moment when they witnessed a man eat a toad as well as their encounter with the lantern dress.

When the blurry lantern dress rushed over to Su Min, the entire theatre was very quiet. Then they saw the lantern dress be scared away by a dark shadow.

“Ah, I think I got it now.”

“Wuwuwu………..I also want to be protected by the great master. This is such a superficial world. Do even ghosts only pay attention to appearances?”

“Am I the only one worried about that lantern dress?”

Su Min at that time thought that the lantern skirt had wanted to hurt him but now that he thought about it, it probably wasn’t the case. Afterall, it even turned around as it ran over……

A familiar voice rang out: “What is this? Why did I end up dying when I got covered by that lantern dress?”

Loud audiences are extremely unbearable when watching movies.

A person near him couldn’t hold back anymore and asked: “Didn’t you die because you knocked down the wall? And then you said you drowned but now you’re saying you got killed by the lantern dress?”

The tragic brother said: “I watched it five times!”

Passer-by: “………………”

That person had nothing to say in response to that. A staff outside heard the commotion inside and came in to take him away.

The tragic brother felt extremely wronged.

Su Min also felt bad for him. Afterall, this brother died five times in his experiences, so it is normal for him to feel cheated.

It’s just that he didn’t think much of it while he was experiencing it.

Su Min pushed those thoughts out of the way and continued to watch the movie.

Every time he saw himself moving on the big screen, he felt very strange and even a little ashamed.

The camera really didn’t reveal Chen Su’s true appearance.

Su Min heard a couple of people discussing Chen Su’s identity. Both their opinions were reasonable, and they even started to debate with each other instead of watching the movie.

“He must be another experiencer. Otherwise it’s impossible.”

“No way, there’s no name on the list. I think it must be some rich second generation who deliberatly got the cinema to take out his name and wanted to enact a Cinderella and prince love story.”

“……….You watch too many fairy tales.”

“If it’s not a fairy tale then can you explain to me why they kiss after just a few minutes?”

Su Min who is classified as “Cinderella” expresses that he is happy if they’re happy.

As the movies reached its climax and Uncle He’s well as well as the headless ghost appeared, everything that happened earlier was forgotten.

The plot was very densely compacted making it hard for people to guess who the person responsible was.

And then it was the bed sharing scene.

Su Min wasn’t the protagonist so he wasn’t shown on the screen and they could only hear their voices.

In the theatre, their voices were loud and clear.

Everyone could hear him and Chen Su talking about whether or not he’s scared, and they even smiled happily at this from the bottom of their hearts.

Naturally, this was just what Su Min himself thought.

He had always felt that the smiles of the audience members are very strange. It was very similar to the smile Li Wenxin gave him as he wriggled his eyebrows.

The sister next to him grabbed a fistful of popcorn and shoved it into her mouth.

“Why isn’t the camera moving over? Is it jealous of the socially acceptable brotherhood between a human and ghost?”

“How nice. He can even sleep together with a ghost at night.”

“What socially acceptable brotherhood? Have you seen brothers who sleep together after kissing?”

“I haven’t seen hehehehehe.”

Su Min controlled his expression. He internally decided that he wouldn’t indulge Chen Su next time.

He felt a strange sense of familiarity with Chen Su and even during the first movie he wasn’t averse against Chen Su’s touch.

It was an indescribable feeling.

Su Min had not dated before and had only heard a few things from Li Wenxin’s end, but he at least knows that all those kissing and hugging isn’t normal.

Yet subconsciously he didn’t resist.

He was still thinking about it when time passed, and it now reached the scene when the power was cut off.

Someone whistled.

“Wow, they’re so daring to even include this plot in the movie. Is this a romance movie or a horror movie? I don’t even feel scared.”

“I have to calm down by posting something in my friends circle.”

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“Hahahaha I saw insiders posting about this on Weibo. I’ve finally seen it myself now.”

“I want them to star in a new movie that’s focussed on romance.”

Su Min let out a breath. Seeing himself tilting his head up in the movie, he felt like he was watching a forbidden scene.

It’s no wonder Chen Xingzhou asked him those questions back then.

Because he is not the protagonist, the following scenes that occurred in the woods were not broadcasted.

Su Min let out a sigh of relief.

Su Min felt that if it was actually broadcasted, the sister next to him would probably crush the popcorn in her hand.

Soon, the movie ended and the lights in the theatre turned on.

The reversal at the end once again drew the audience’s attention to the plot and, like him, many weren’t certain about some things.

Su Min lowered his head and followed them out.

Fortunately, no one in the cinema was paying attention to those that are around them so they didn’t realise that their topic of discussion was right next to them.

One complained: “I thought it would be the same as last time. I didn’t expect it to end after they reported it to the police. Sigh.”

Leaving the crowd, Su Min left the cinema.

Naturally one would check the movie reviews of a movie that you have starred in. However, the first article that came up instead was a review video.

Because it was posted not a long time ago, it only had a few hundred comments and shares.

Su Min didn’t expect a review to be posted online so soon.

It was a review posted by a blogger who specialises in commenting on horror movies and the video itself was only a few minutes long.

Su Min decided to watch it.

“Hello everyone, today I will be talking about the newly released “New Murder Island”. I have already talked about the original movie, so I won’t be talking about that. I personally think that the new movie was better than the original.

Altogether, there are five protagonists; two couples and a single dog. This was a very good set up. After going ashore, they met an old granny as well as countless toads. They were then taken away by the bald Uncle He. There were only a few names in this movie, so I won’t talk much about that.”

“Afterall, this is a horror movie so there were quite a few iconic scenes. During dinner, the single dog found a finger inside a fish’s stomach. That finger was pretty realistic. Anyway, it isn’t my finger.”

“Aiyaya, this is a wonderful scene. I have specially downloaded it to show the fans. The scene is beautiful. A deep sea kiss. It doesn’t pale in comparison to those idol dramas.”

“The movie has taught us something. Don’t be too curious if you see a woman running at night. Because you might accidentally be skinned and that girl running in front of you might be the skinned woman’s body.”

“I know you all want to see the shower scene, but we can’t do that. I don’t have insider information so I can’t see it either.”


It was just a few minutes long video, so Su Min very quickly finished watching.

The review was basically going through the story and the it included a few quick screenshots.

What Su Min was more concerned about were the comments.

“Praying for future idol dramas to be filmed like this. Kiss scenes should be like this one! Don’t play around with those useless soft filters!”

“Why are my eyes red?”

“Pleading for someone to release the bathroom scene!”

“Pleading for someone to release the scene that Chen Xingzhou saw! I want to eat sugar so can the director please give me mercy!”

“Heeheehee I want to lock him with a bunch of ghosts so that he would get scared and voluntarily throw himself into that ghosts arms.”

“@Director, look at those clouds there. Doesn’t it look like the two of them in the bathroom?”

“I don’t get it. What happened in the bathroom?”

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