Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 81: Sexy

After watering the flowers and plants on the balcony, Su Min returned to the room. The old lady was already asleep.

Mother Su was organising the clothes. She whispered: “You have class tomorrow so go home for tonight. You still need to get up early tomorrow.”

She herself didn’t notice the urgency concealed in her voice.

Su Min didn’t understand why she so anxiously wanted him to leave. Unless there was something she didn’t want him to know about? Did Xiao Su do something?

 But there was no such person in his memory. It was either because Mother Su and the others was hiding something, or it was because of something else.

For a moment Su Min couldn’t find the answer to these questions.

He replied casually: “I’ll go back this afternoon.”

Lunch was made by the nanny. Because there were more people, there were also more dishes. Due to mobility issues, the old lady stayed in bed waiting to be fed by the nanny.

Su Ying’s parents had already left and would pick her up after work, so she continued to hang around.

Mother Su didn’t have work on the weekends, so she also stayed behind.

During lunch at noon, Su Min deliberately said: “My elementary school classmates had a reunion lately but I didn’t go.”

Mother Su answered casually: “What point is there for elementary school classmates to have a reunion?”

“That’s what I thought too.”

He was just testing her out. Seeing her response, it seemed that it probably had nothing to do with his elementary school so that would also mean that he wasn’t one of his elementary school classmates.

Then was it a child who used to live near grandmother’s place?

Su Min couldn’t think of any children living nearby. This place was a residential area and he knew practically everyone here.

He had also played with the children here, so he was familiar with their names. Not to mention the name Chen Su, there wasn’t anyone with the surname Chen.

If not for the name Su being so special, Su Min wouldn’t have been this sensitive to it.

Perhaps it was just grandmother randomly calling out a name.

After eating, Su Min went to the bedroom.

Mother Su was instructing the nanny to feed his grandmother.

Su Min suggested: “Why don’t we let grandmother come live with us. It’s inconvenient staying here all the time.”

This place was far from where they lived. If anything happened, it would take more than an hour to come.

Grandmother was also quite old so it definitely wasn’t easy for the nanny. If there were other members of the family around, it would probably be better for her.

Mother Su sat on one side: “We’re working all the time so even if she moves in, we can’t take care of her. You grandmother is also unwilling to leave.”

The old lady eating on the side probably heard their conversation. She spoke up: “Not going! Not going!”

Su Min: “…………”

With that, he no longer asked.

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Mother Su thought of something. She said warmly: “Don’t worry about your grandmother. We will come visit more often. You should just focus on your studies.”

Su Min let out an “en”.

After leaving the room, Su Ying whispered: “Cousin, I have to go home now. I’ll help you ask next time.”

Su Min nodded: “Okay.”

Su Ying: “Cousin, don’t worry. A person can’t have no traces left behind. As long as he exists, I will definitely find out.”

Unless that person wasn’t there.

Su Min once again rubbed her head: “I know.”

“Don’t keep touching my head.” Su Ying avoided his hand. “If I end up bald because of this, I’ll look for you to settle things.”

Hearing that, Su Min retracted his hand.

He didn’t want to be responsible for making a young girl bald because of his actions. He would be scarred for life from that.

At a little past two in the afternoon, Su Min and Mother Su left together. He had gone home and brought his luggage over so this time he could just go straight back to school.

There just happened to be an important class tonight so he couldn’t skip it.

Li Wenxin sat next to him. After watching him for a while, he asked: “Why do you look so down after taking a trip home?”

Wang Di answered for him: “Grandmother is sick. Of course, he would be down.”

They only later learned of the reason behind Su Min’s sudden leave. Afterall, they were the ones who helped him submit his absence slip.

Su Min didn’t tell them about what happened at home.

Life at school continued as usual.

Time slowly passed and, because it was early winter, every now and then it would snow. The weather was getting colder so most people opted to stay indoors.

During this time, apart from attending class. Su Min also visited the library.

On his way back from the library, a female classmate suddenly stopped Su Min: “Su Min, wait a minute.”

Because she wasn’t someone in his class, Su Min didn’t recognise her. He asked: “Do you need something?”

The female classmate quickly said: “I’m from the Foreign Language department. My name is Zhang Yin Xu. I want to ask you a question. Would it be okay?”

Su Min asked: “Go ahead.”

 She didn’t say what type of question it was, so he didn’t know if it was okay for him to answer.

Hearing this, the female classmate quickly took her phone out of her pocket and it revealed a picture after she unlocked the screen.

Su Min had seen this picture before. Because he had personally experienced and revisited every movie, he still remembered very clearly every scene.

It was the final scene of the movie.

What appeared at that time wasn’t air but instead a figure. Although it wasn’t very clear, it was distinguishable.

Su Min speculated that this was probably the reason behind the appearance of the little yellow book.

Zhang Yin Xu asked: “Su Min, do you know where that Chen Su is? I want to interview him. I’m from our school radio station.”

Su Min: “I also don’t know.”

Zhang Yin Xu stopped for a moment. It seemed that she didn’t expect this type of answer so it took her a while to form a response.

She pressed on: “You really don’t know? You two have experienced so many movies together so you———–”

Su Min replied calmly: “We didn’t experience it together. We just ran into each other by chance so even if you ask me who he is, I don’t know.”

Zhang Qin Xu: “Really?”

“Really.” Su Min said: “So I don’t have anything I can tell you.”

After that, he walked around her and left.

To be honest, if she could interview Chen Su, he would like to get her to ask him where he is and who he was.

It was only after Su Min’s figure disappeared in the distance that Zhang Qin Xu processed the meaning behind his words. She remembered something.

The cinemas did offer two-person viewing and had emphasised that solo-viewing will definitely be solo. Without the consent from the audience, a second person will not be able to join.

So how could they just run into each other? That was completely impossible.

Zhang Yin Xu had a good impression of Su Min but this answer of his puzzled her. Afterall, there was no need to hide things. Everything had already been exposed through the movies.

Su Min got thirsty on his way back, so he left the school campus.

There were small snack stores outside the school’s south gate, and this naturally included milk tea shops. He stepped into the closest one and came back out with a cup of juice.

When he reached the entrance to the dormitory, Su Min heard noises coming from inside.

“…..I think this is good. Fortunately, it stars the goddess. Don’t you want to go into see and listen to the other person’s voice?”

After that, it was Li Wenxin’s voice: “But I haven’t experienced a horror movie before. I want to give it a try. Don’t be like this.”

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Wang Di said: “Anyway, I won’t watch horror movies. I want to watch this one. I heard there’s a stripping scene too. I can’t believe you don’t want to watch that. I don’t care if you end up scaring yourself from watching the horror movie.”

Su Min pushed the door open and entered.

Hearing his return, the voices in the room stopped.

Su Min raised his hand, took a sip of his juice and said incoherently: “Continue discussing. Don’t worry about me.”

Li Wenxin turned around and leaned on the table, “We’re discussing about the two new movies. Do you want to watch?”

Su Min placed his book down, “What movie is showing?”

Li Wenxin was very well prepared for his answer. He immediately sent the screenshot over to Su Min via WeChat, “Take a look. I have already sent it to you.”

Wang Di who was unwilling to be outdone also sent his screenshot over.

The two of them were discussing the movies that were about to be released over the next few days. At this stage, they had pre-release promotions, so it was a little cheaper.

But the only downside to this was that you don’t know about the movie’s reception.

No one wanted to watch a crap movie so if you buy in advance, you would be relying on your luck. If you got the right one, then you’re blessed.

Su Min opened the screenshots in turn.

The first screenshot was a horror movie about prisons. He rarely watched horror movies about prisons, and he couldn’t recall many. At most, they were old movies such as “The Shawshank Redemption” or “The Silence of the Lambs”.

From the introduction, not much was revealed. It was just about the male protagonist getting locked up in prison and strange things happening soon afterwards.

Li Wenxin moved over and said: “Are you interested in this one? It’s also a horror movie. All the movies that you’ve watched were horror movies.”

Su Min opened the next one.

Wang Di sent over a romance movie. Probably in an attempt to attract more viewers, they had invited a goddess famous for her sexiness to stay in it. The cover was attractive, and the plot was very simple.

He had no interest in something like this.

“You’re going to watch a movie, yet you have to go to prison.”  Wang Di wasn’t pleased: “What’s so good about going to prison? It’s better taking a yacht.”

Li Wenxin said: “It’s fun because we haven’t tried it before.”

Domestic prisons and the prisons abroad are very different. The movie this time had take inspiration from the foreign movies, but it was set in China.

“Don’t you know that things can happen easily in prisons?” Wang Di recalled some news he read about online, “It is said that you will need to be taught a lesson by the big brother there. With Su Min being so good looking, he would easily be targeted.”

It was a sin being good looking in a prison.

Su Min said: “This is a movie. It can’t be that bad.”

If they really did film something like that, it most definitely wouldn’t have been allowed to be screened.

Wang Di said: “So you’re going to watch it? Can’t you just give up horror movies this one time? You love horror movies to much.”

“You don’t understand.” Li Wenxin spoke wisely: “It’s more exciting watching a horror movie through holographic viewing.”

It naturally is exciting experiencing normal movies, but it was nothing compared to horror, fantasy or sci-fi movies.

This kind of experience was completely different to reality with some set in the future or set in a mythical setting,

Su Min placed his phone down and took a sip of his juice: “I’ll see. If I don’t have class, I’ll go.”

In fact, he had wanted to take a break for a while, but the prison setting was quite novel, and he didn’t really want to miss it.

Su Min decided to wait until the movie has been shown for a while before going to watch it.

And as for Chen Su’s situation, it could wait.

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