Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 82: Prison

If Su Min decided on something, he would do it.

But on the day of release, the person in charge of the cinema called and asked: “Mr. Su isn’t coming to experience the movie this time?”

Su Min originally wanted to wait a few days before going but he suddenly changed his mind, “I’ve been busy lately, so I don’t plan on watching.”

The person in charge hesitated.

It was public knowledge that Su Min was a student. It wasn’t long until the exams so there was nothing wrong with that reason of his.

But he was in charge of asking, and the answer Su Min gave wasn’t something the cinema wanted to hear.

The person in charge hesitated for a moment and said: “This morning someone just successfully cleared through the newly released movie “Unknown Prison”.”

Su Min said calmly: “Congratulations.”

Person in charge: “…………”

This response wasn’t right. Why aren’t you reacting to it? With him being so calm, how could he continue the conversation?

The person in charge could only continue and say: “But after he came out, he said that he would not watch horror movies anymore. We hope that Mr. Su can come and take a look.”

Su Min asked in return: “Nothing will happen if I don’t go, right?”

Why was the cinema so keen for him to watch? He didn’t go for one day and they’re already calling him and chasing him up about it.

The person in charge said: “Mr. Su, your clearance rate is 100%. It would naturally benefit us if you manage to clear it this time too. Afterall, even if someone in another city cleared it, it’s not someone from our side.”

Every city would have someone powerful, but they naturally would want their city to be recognised as the best.

Su Min considered it, “I’ll think about it.”

After getting this answer, the person in charge could tell that it was basically an affirmative response, so he didn’t continue. He politely said a few more words before hanging up the phone.

After Su Min hung up, he threw everything to the back of his mind.

He just happened to have something he needed to discuss with a teacher, and he would also be spending the rest of his time in studying in the library after class so the movie would have to wait until he was free.

The next day, Li Wenxin returned from the cinema.

Because Su Min didn’t go, this time he went by himself. When he returned, he collapsed.

Wang Di went with him, but he went and watched the romance movie. On the way back, he was practically carrying Li Wenxin.

Su Min went over and helped support him over to his bed, “What happened?”

“He was scared stiff for more than an hour at the cinema and the staff had to help him out. We almost had to call 120.” Wang Di wiped away the sweat on his face, “I saw him like that after finishing my movie, so I have no idea what happened.”

He was shocked at that time. He had thought he had died.

Su Min patted Li Wenxin’s face, “You still okay?”

Li Wenxin, “I’m already dead.”

Su Min retracted his hand, “Since he can still speak, he should be fine. Leave him there. He’ll recover with time.”

After another half an hour, a loud shout filled the dormitory room.

Li Wenxin got up from his bed and said to Su Min: “Su Min, I won’t watch horror movies anymore wuwuwu.”

Su Min felt goosebumps forming, “Speak normally.”

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His words were ignored. Li Wenxin whined for a long time despite not a single tear falling from his eyes.

Whilst he whined and moaned, Su Min found out what happened.

Li Wenxin had gone to watch the horror movie and his luck was quite good. The script that he received specified that something would happen to him only after he entered the prison.

He thought that he would be able to see a lot of the movie plot like this but he was called out on the first night and killed.

He wasn’t killed by ghosts and was tortured to death.

As for what exactly happened in the prison, Li Wenxin didn’t see anything. When he woke up again, he was already miserably lying on the theatre floor.

Li Wenxin said: “I have always thought that it was quite easy since you were able to clear all the movies. I didn’t expect it to be this terrible.”

Sure enough, the disparity between people can be very large.

Su Min who heard this wanted to laugh but he also felt sympathetic. He said: “Why didn’t you wait so that we could watch it together?”

Two-person viewing could be selected for couples or friends. No matter what your relationship was, even if you’re strangers, as long as both parties agree you could watch it together.

Hearing this, Li Wenxin suddenly became spirited.

Watch it together!

This would mean that he would be able to appear throughout the movie and would even have a possibility of appearing in the rereleased movie. It was very tempting.

But when he recalled what happened in the movie, he was a little resistant. He had died too miserably in there and he didn’t want to go in.

Li Wenxin hesitated: “Next time.”

Su Min raised an eyebrow: “Okay.”

Li Wenxin laid back in bed. He recalled his own experience and reminded: “You should be careful. They’re especially terrible when they torture people.”

Afraid of spoiling the movie for Su Min, he didn’t go into detail.

Su Min nodded: “I know.”

He had already checked the plot of this horror movie. There was no female protagonist this time and the only female role in this movie only lasted for about ten minutes.

The main protagonists were two men. One was Fang Shu Juan and the other was Yin Ze. They were classmates but have always been incompatible.

Yin Ze entered the prison first. After being detained for a few days, Fang Shu Juanfollowed. The two just happened to be kept in rooms opposite each other so they could occasionally converse with each other.

The name of the movie had the word prison so the story would naturally be closely related to the prison and not just what happened in there.

According to the introduction, every night, there would be screams. It got closer and closer and, eventually, fewer and fewer people were left in the prison.

Even the arrogant head of the prisoners who had been detained in the prison for a long time died.

Fang Shu Juan and Yin Ze realised that something wasn’t right and began to search for the truth during the limited time that they have left.

As for the result of this endeavour, you would only know after watching the movie.

The most important thing was that the director this time was new. Not just for horror movies, it was his first time directing a movie.

Seeing this, Su Min was a little worried.

An unknown, newbie director could easily do something unexpected. Although it wouldn’t be like that for all cases, their style was difficult to discern, and it was usually difficult predicting what route they would take.

The filming site for this movie was a former abandoned prison that had also received news coverage in the past. It was a very sturdy prison. There once was a criminal who wanted to dig a hole out but was unsuccessful.

Probably because they didn’t see him come, the cinema once again sent him a message to remind him of the movie that day.

Su Min grew more and more intrigued by this movie.

But he didn’t notify the cinema.

It was only three days later that Su Min ended up going to the cinema.

It was a weekday so there weren’t many people watching movies.

The staff there saw Su Min and their eyes instantly brightened. They immediately informed their superiors and greeted him: “Mr. Su.”

Su Min didn’t recognise this staff, “Hello.”

The staff asked: “Which movie is Mr. Su watching today?”

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Su Min pointed at a poster.

The poster had the movie title written on it and the headshots of the two protagonists. They faced ahead, looking through the prison bars.

The staff smiled: “It just happened that it will start in ten minutes.”

Su Min nodded and went to the counter to buy a ticket. Although it was more expensive online, he didn’t buy the tickets earlier, so he didn’t hesitate buying it now.

The staff brought him over to a rest area and said: “We thought you weren’t coming, Mr. Su.”

Seems like the staff had discussed this.

Because Su Min frequented this place, everyone remembered him. Having not seen him recently, they thought he might not come this time.

Su Min said: “Just a little busy recently.”

In any case, no one knew if he really was busy or if he was faking it.

After chatting for a while, the staff left. Su Min waited for another few minutes before going in to get his ticket checked. There weren’t many people this session. At most, there were a dozen or so including himself.

Su Min found a seat by himself and sat away from them.

A pair of lovers sat diagonally behind him. He was worried that they would wake him up halfway through the movie. That would be really terrible if that happened.

The movie soon began. Su Min put on the helmet and the lights in the cinema dimmed. The introduction of the movie started to play.

At the beginning was a scene depicting Fang Shu Juan getting handcuffed. As he walked past the numerous holding cells, the people inside looked out. The entire scene was grim, oppressive and scary.

Then the camera moved to show Fang Shu Juan getting locked up. The name of the movie appeared —— Unknown Prison.

The cinema’s prompt appeared before Su Min’s eyes: “Audience Member Su Min hello. Are you ready to experience the movie “Unknown Prison”?”

He replied: “Yes.”

As soon as that word was uttered, Su Min fell into a deep sleep.

The rest of the audience in the theatre also entered the movie at the same time.


Just after leaving the courtroom, he was taken away by several police officers.

“Here, here. Take him away.”

“This guy will be locked up in room 8. Hurry up.”

Following those words was a strange smell.

When Su Min opened his eyes, he saw that he was getting handcuffed. There were several policemen before him carrying very realistic weapons.

It was his first time seeing a real gun. It had to be said that, for a man, it was very attractive.

The other party saw his eyes and spoke with annoyance: “What are you looking at? Hurry and get in the car.”

Su Min asked: “Where are we going?”

The other party froze. He then laughed out loud: “Are you stupid? Of course you’re going to prison. Where did you want to go?”

Su Min subconsciously thought of that unknown prison.

He casually asked: “What is the prison’s name?”

The other party patted his back, “It has no name. Go and spend two years in there. If you do well, they may reduce the sentence.”

Su Min made a sound of acknowledgement.

Because the prison wasn’t located in the city, they had to take a car. Every time he turned his head to look back, he was forced to look ahead again so Su Min couldn’t see the road outside.

Su Min decided to accept the movie script while he was in the car.

This time, perhaps it was due to the movie plot, his character didn’t die very soon. After entering the prison, most of his stay there involved him chatting and the rest of it was spent on eavesdropping.

This time Su Min was going to stay with Yin Ze. There were usually four people staying in a room but, because they were special, only two lived there.

Four people lived in Fang Shu Juan’s room opposite his. They all died in the end, leaving Fang Shu Juan alone.

But Su Min was just a cannon fodder so he would die much earlier than them.

And this time the cause of his death was ———– Because he was too good-looking, he died just as he was about to be taken advantaged of by the prison’s arrogant big brother.

Su Min couldn’t accept dying like this.

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