Arc 5: Unknown Prison
Chapter 84: Name

A social meetup was impossible. He wouldn’t do it in this life, let alone in a prison.

Su Min refused: “I don’t want to. Not going.”

The men in room five across the corridor called out: “Hurry up and come! If you don’t come, you’ll suffer tomorrow!”

“It’s just a meet up. We’ll make you happy!”

“Hurry and come. Don’t waste time, Brother Hao can’t wait any longer. Quick, quick, quick. Bring him over!”

The scene before him looked a little strange. Arms were stretched out from the bars but the person behind it couldn’t get out.

The prison guard said: “It’s just a meetup. You won’t die.”

He had received a promise from Brother Hao that he wouldn’t get into trouble for the next week. It was quite a tempting offer, and a meetup was no big deal.

Su Min eyed the corridor, “Okay then.”

If he really died, then he would take it as it is. He might even be able to find out something with this little trip.

Yin Ze belatedly reminded him: “Be careful.”

He was just his roommate for the afternoon. He knew very well what would happen to Su Min but he wouldn’t do anything to stop it.

Su Min followed the prison guard out.

It had been a while since dinner and the smell had become even stronger. He found it very strange.

Su Min nudged the prison guard, “Do you smell something?”

The prison guard didn’t look back, “What smell?”

Su Min didn’t continue asking.

Room 8 and room 5 were only a few metres away. When they moved over to the other room, the lights suddenly went out.

In an instant, the prison was filled with shouts and yells and there was even someone singing.

It only lasted for a few seconds. The surrounding sounds then suddenly disappeared. There was someone calling out Su Min’s number. The voice was very small and faint.

At first, Su Min thought it was just his imagination. After he listened carefully, he realised that the voice was indeed calling his number.

It obviously wasn’t a good sign.

In horror movies, there would often be scenes where someone’s name was called out in the dark. If you answered to that call, you would be taken away by the ghost.

Su Min quietly called out for the prison guard, but no one answered.

The entire corridor was quiet. He couldn’t see anything in the darkness but soon he heard a dull sound. It sounded like someone hitting the wall.

This was followed by someone once again calling out Su Min’s number. The voice was clearer this time.

Not only that, a hand also pulled at Su Min’s arm. It was very cold, like he had just touched something metallic. It wasn’t the same cold feeling ghosts gave.

Was it some kind of transforming ghost?

Before Su Min was able to shake off the hand, the hand suddenly disappeared.

He called out: “Chen Su?”

“I heard you’re going to a social meetup?”

Su Min’s earlobe was bitten, causing his entire body to shiver. He asked: “Did you ask the cinema staff about me?”

Chen Su didn’t answer. He released his hold of him, “The lights will be on soon.”

Su Min still had handcuffs on but it didn’t stop him from grabbing him, “You’re really not going to answer?”

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Chen Su said: “You will know in due time.”

He walked away from Su Min. Su Min could sense that he hadn’t left, but he didn’t know where he had gone.

After a few minutes, his vision suddenly brightened up.

Su Min wasn’t able to adapt to it for a while. He blocked it using his hand and, when he lowered his arm, he saw the prison guard from earlier standing before him.

All that darkness from earlier was gone.

The prison guard was stunned for a moment. Then, as if nothing had happened, he knocked on the door to room 5 and got ready to open the door with his keys.

A voice came out from inside: “Not meeting up!”

The prison guard who was played with immediately opened the door and cursed at them: “You were the one who fucking wanted the meet up, and now you don’t want it. Do you find it fu——–”

The rest of his words were gone.

Su Min was taller than the prison guard and he was a little curious. He walked behind him and looked inside to see what had happened only to be surprised by the scene inside.

The almighty Brother Hao was crying.

The prison guard returned to his senses, “Why are you crying?”

The other three people living there were terrified, “I don’t know. Brother Hao suddenly cried. We don’t know what happened.”

Just as they said that, Brother Hao from inside suddenly rushed over and clung onto the prison guard, “Ghost! There’s a ghost!”

The prison guard thought he was going to attack him and directly shocked him with the electric baton. Brother Hao once again fell back to the ground and continued to tremble.

Su Min: “…………”

He almost felt sympathy for Brother Hao.

The prison guard felt that he was probably unstable and called for people to take him away. He then locked the door.

Su Min naturally returned to room 8.

As for the sudden lights out incident, they never mentioned anything about it. It was as if they didn’t see it happening.

“You’re one lucky rascal.”

“Damn lucky. You managed to get away from Brother Hao.”

“Do you want to play with this brother tonight?”

Su Min ignored the various outstretched arms. He felt a lot more comfortable after the handcuffs were removed.

There was a smell of smoke in the room.

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The only person here was Yin Ze. He was lying on the bed and showed no signs of smoking, but Su Min knew it was him.

Smoking was prohibited here, and cigarettes would be confiscated. As for how Yin Ze managed to procure and hide them, it was his own business.

“I heard what happened just now. You’re really lucky.” Yin Ze sat up from the bed and said this.

Su Min sat on the bunk opposite him. He changed the topic and asked: “Are there any other night activities here?”

Yin Ze said: “No, just sleeping. Tomorrow we will gather together to weed.”

Su Min was surprised: “We do weeding in the afternoon and we weed again in the morning?”

Yin Ze shrugged, “There’s a lot of grass here. Weeding must be done every day.”

Su Min: “……………”

That must be really boring. He finally understood why prisoners would change so much after staying a few years in prison. It was because of a life like this.

There were still two hours left. Su Min went over to wash up.

The movie didn’t say that something would happen while he showered, and he had also just escaped a disaster, so it was unlikely for something else to happen. The first person to die would naturally be another cannon fodder in the movie.

After he came out from the bathroom, the door was just locked by the prison guard.

Su Min asked casually, “What happened?”

Yin Ze returned to the desk, “Lost a pair of scissors.”

Su Min didn’t understand at first. He then quickly came to a realisation.

The most feared thing in a prison was a prisoner escaping so they would naturally be rather strict with the tools. A scissor was one of the more important ones.

Yin Ze warned him: “If you get caught, you will be punished.”

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Su Min dried his hair and asked: “Since they know that, they still stole it. Was it because they wanted to use it to kill someone?”

It was naturally impossible escaping. Prison guards were watching your every move. As soon as you leave your room, and unless you were eating or working, you would be handcuffed.

In a situation like this, unless something big happened, it would be difficult to escape.

Yin Ze sighed, “I don’t know.”

There were often fights in prisons. Most of the prison guards would turn a blind eye to that. As long as it didn’t put anyone’s life in danger, they didn’t care.


Suddenly, there was a scream.

Following this scream, there were more screams coming from the other rooms. It quickly alerted the prison guards and they only stopped after a scolding.

Su Min’s expression changed. He walked over to the door and saw countless people doing the same. They all looked over through the metal bars.

The prison guard who left not too long ago had returned. This time however, their expression changed when they saw what happened inside.

Soon, many prison guards rushed over. A few minutes later, a dead body was carried away.

When they passed by room 8, Su Min was shocked.

The other person had a pair of scissors stabbed into his throat.

Yin Ze’s expression turned pale, “They really killed someone?”

Su Min looked down. The corpse suddenly turned its head over and faced him. Blood flowed out from the wound made by the scissor.

It dripped onto the floor, leaving behind a long trail of blood.

The limp hand that was hanging out reached over towards him.

Su Min calmly took in this change.

It didn’t take long for two of the prison guards tor return. They opened the door to one of the rooms and instructed: “You mop the ground.”

Su Min continued to observe the situation outside.

The blood on the ground had not yet dried. With a mop, it was easily cleaned up but there was still a faint smell of blood that lingered in the air.

The incident was soon resolved. Several rooms discussed what happened and soon uncovered some information.

The deceased was someone who had entered a month ago. He had probably stolen the scissor himself and so they had deemed it to be a suicide.

Yin Ze went back onto his bed. He was completely silent.

It was Su Min’s first time seeing a male protagonist like this. He didn’t care about anything and only did as he pleased. The only thing he did apart from lying in bed, was lying in bed.

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The cleaning prisoner was once again locked up.

It didn’t take long for the speaker to announce that it was time for lights off.

Lights were all simultaneously turned off so there were no lights in the room. Everything was dark. There were various sounds mixed together.

Yin Ze’s advice wasn’t wrong.

Su Min listened on and felt that he had just watched several movies. Romance movies, action movies and there were even literary movies and opera.

Life in a prison was very rich.

Su Min laid back in bed. It didn’t take long for a familiar ghost to lie down next to him. He even nuzzled up against him.

Chen Su laid next to him: “Xiao Min.”

Su Min: “………What did you just call me?”

Why was he suddenly changing his way of calling him after so long? What did he want to do? Improve their relationship?

Chen Su said solemnly: “With our relationship, we naturally should call each other more intimately. You don’t like Xiao Min? Then how about Min Min?”

Su Min: “……Min your sister.”

Chen Su pinched his face and said gently: “Don’t swear.”

It wasn’t pleasant having his face pinched. Su Min pushed his hand away, “Speak normally.”

He had unconsciously increased his volume.

Yin Ze opposite him asked: “Were you talking to someone just now? Or did I hear wrong?”

Su Min fell silent for a moment. He then explained: “……..Sorry, I have a habit of speaking to myself.”

Yin Ze said: “That’s not a good habit.”

Fortunately, because he was used to the noisy prison, he wasn’t bothered by Su Min.

Chen Su bit Su Min’s ear, “Nervous?”

Hearing this, Su Min angrily turned over and faced his back towards him.

The bed here was a single bed, so it was quite crowded with the two of them on it. With him turning to one side, it created some space between them.

Chen Su shamelessly stuck to him. He suggested: “You don’t like that name. You can also call me…….Xiao Su.”

In a noisy prison like this, that sentence was loud and clear.

As soon as that name was uttered Su Min’s heart skipped a beat. That strange feeling that was similar to the one he felt when he was at his grandmother’s place once again overwhelmed him.

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